My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 356


Playing with the magnificent fire source crystal in his hand, Roger’s torture also finally came to fruition.

Those people were still the people of the Li family in Jingcheng. They were not prying into the secrets of the mines but to draw in trouble and bring the Jingcheng forces and Tree Shade into conflict.

On the one hand, they threw out benefits to make the major forces of Jingcheng City eye-catching. On the other hand, they made Tree Shade feel bad about the people of Jingcheng City.

Once Li Guming escaped, and other captives were killed, they failed to understand each other’s purpose… at the same time, the existence of many strong and unsuspecting spies in the shelter, it was just a matter of time until a conflict broke out with a trigger.

“Li family… These people did not choose the most heavily guarded castle, perhaps precisely to facilitate the escape, and thus they chose the next best important place of the mine area… from the outside, the arrow tower layout and surrounding patrol members of the guard corps was visible.”

“Unfortunately, they underestimated the defensive power of the mine… Tyron alone is enough to bring down an army of a thousand hunters on the front battlefield.”

Li Guming’s power was strong, and he was loyal to the Li family. With his good quality, he was no longer suitable for becoming a miner. Tang Yu no longer cares how Roger and the others deal with this matter.

Tang Yu was still baffled. How could Li family hate him so much?

“The young master of the Li family was slaughtered by me? When did this happen, I’m obviously a civilized person.”

Tang Yu racked his brains; he can’t seem to remember doing such things.

Then he remembered that he once had a good quality rune battle sword that he had destroyed hard, that heartache, that hatred…

It seemed that the young master really was slaughtered by Tang Yu.


Late night, Castle, cultivation room number two.

Tang Yu closed the door and leaned his back in a comfortable position on the soft sofa, cupping the pebble-sized, magnificent fiery red spirit stones in his hand.

A few meters away.

On the source power pool, the source power was dense and visible to the naked eye. 

A mist-like source of power was inhaled by his mouth and nose with his deep breath seeping through his heart. In an instant, the soreness of his legs disappeared. He could stay up all night to cultivate.

It was as if the difference in source energy concentration between the hazy days of the Northern Court and the fragrant countryside of vanilla scent was more than the difference in feeling brought about by the difference in air quality.

“Sometimes when you stay in the cultivation room for a long time, you can’t even let go of it.”

He stopped thinking. Then, he used his own source power as a guide. He pried the fiery red source crystal and sucked the high purity source power inside.

The source energy was very pure. With a bit of refining, it can be integrated into his body. He senses his body’s source power ocean grows more and more, and cultivation progress has significantly improved.

“Compared to normal cultivation, the efficiency has increased by about 260%… no, it has to be 280%!”

He was quite elated.

Normal and casual cultivation speed in the second cultivation chamber was already incredibly fast at 10% accelerant. A 10% increase was not a small improvement, let alone now he had reached more than two or three times. 

Absorbing and refining soul power was not even comparable to the speed of improvement now – partly because the quality of soul power is too poor, and there was less soul power escaping from high-ranking demonic beasts.


Tang Yu smiled bitterly.

The originally radiant fiery red spirit stones in his hand had dulled quite a bit at the moment. According to estimates, it could only support his cultivation for half an hour at most.

The source power value contained in a pebble-sized high-purity fiery spirit stone was equivalent to about fifty units of spirit stones. However, this was a high-purity source of power that can be directly absorbed. Its value was necessarily far beyond.

For example, 1=500, or even higher.

“That is to say, I have to spend at least one thousand spirit stones to cultivate for one hour? I can’t cultivate all day long. In five hours, it will still be 5000 spirit stones.”

In the past, spirit stones were needed for combat. But even now, it was needed for cultivation. Even “Tang -1000 spirit stones daily income- Yu still couldn’t support it. 

After all, he also needs to provide the cultivation resources for his followers. 

“It’s impossible to completely cultivate with high purity spirit stones. But when hitting the bottleneck, supplementing it with spirit stones cultivation should increase the probability of breaking through and reduce the time needed.”

“I hope that there are more high purity spirit stones in the mines that can be mined.”


The next day.

To Tang Yu’s surprise, early in the morning, he received several official call letters. They came from five forces in Jingcheng, respectively.

With the Li family incident in front of him, he was already too lazy to receive them personally. He had Chen Haiping meet with the representatives of several powers one by one for him.

Some of the representatives of the forces sidled up and tried to pry out certain secrets of Tree Shade…. in less than two minutes before they were invited out.

“There are three forces that have offered to trade rune equipment with us and sell these equipment to Jingcheng City.”

Chen Haiping paused, “These three forces are more sincere, but the negotiations failed with the specific distribution of benefits.”

Tang Yu thought about it, “Wait for tomorrow, separate these three and talk one by one. In addition, spread the news quietly.. such as our Tree Shade is about to reach a million spirit stones level and deal with the same party.”


Shelter, official hotel.    

Eight parties of forces, half of which were hunters, are staying here. Some have bumped into each other but pretend not to know each other.

While pretending to be adventurers, they took some quests, preparing to break through the Tower of Trials while secretly meeting with the top of the Tree Shade and talking about the trade of rune equipment and sneaking into the shelter. 

They felt that they had succeeded in gaining the trust of Tree Shade. Moreover, Minister Chen agreed to their trade request, leaving only the specific price and the division of benefits which were still under negotiation. So, there’s no way that it’s not a success, right?

However, they had no idea that Chen Haiping had received five forces separately. All of them had sold their teammates thoroughly.

‘Probably… they are still not aware that they have been sold out, right?’

Tang Yu laughed, thinking about this.

There were still the last three, still naively spying on information, with ‘I don’t know anything’ written on their faces until news reached their ears.


“What?! The Wu family people sold us out and now our every move is under Tree Shade’s control? The Wu family even used this to make a million dollar deal with Tree Shade? This is outrageous!”    

“We agreed to force Tree Shade to hand over the rune technology and the secret realm together, but those guys betrayed the revolution, we can’t let it go like this!”

“Ancestral Dragon War Regiment Commander Blade… We can’t afford to mess with one family. But even if we unite several other families, we can’t let them do it alone!”

The initial purpose of coming to Tree Shade?

They have left it long behind.


The hunters who were sent as a spy were not fools. Their intelligence level was at least above average. They didn’t get angry easily but continued to investigate and soon discovered that… these unintentional messages were deliberately passed on to them by the Tree Shades. 

It was not unique to one family. Every faction enjoyed the same treatment.

However, having learned the truth, they were even more unable to unite and carry animosity towards each other.

Selling teammates was true.

But the deal worth millions was also true!

Perhaps only one of them can really reach a deal and get this benefit for one’s own force.

… And everyone else was a competitor.

Tree Shade was not a child holding a gold brick but a strong man with a sharp weapon. The eight families were not at the same thought, and there was no way to talk about persecution. They were worried that, on the surface, they were united to persecute. But, secretly, someone sold them for millions of dollars in a blink of an eye.

The Li family, who proposed it the earliest, was nowhere to be seen.


The next morning, before the castle gates were opened, eight family factions were already waiting outside the gate. One by one, the forces entered the door to negotiate, but soon they came out with a sullen face.

Commodities were in short supply, and several forces cannot sit back and watch Tree Shade sit on their hands, but they want to win the competition and get the big bucks themselves.

In the end, Jingcheng City’s major families decided to join forces.

“60!. We will take 60% of the revenue and the Tree Shade takes 40%, it’s already very high!”

The other side was aggressive.

Chen Haiping was calm and unconcerned. “Just now the Wu family proposed a four-six split. We take six, Wu family four. Jingcheng sales are fully represented by the Wu family…”


The hunters immediately glanced at the Wu family people.

Wu Mian could only return an awkward and unobtrusive smile.

Blade turned his head to look at Chen Haiping. His compelling aura was like a rolling wave as he said word for word, “So what do you guys say, how are you going to split it?”

“Eight-two split. Us Tree Shade eight, you Jingcheng City, two.”

Suddenly, the door of the meeting room was pushed open…

Tang Yu walked in, ignoring the compelling aura, lazily sitting on the main seat, glanced at them, and spoke indifferently.

Followed by Nancy and Yan Dingtian, standing behind him on his left and right side.

Blade fiercely stood up at once, and the faces of the other Jingcheng hunters were ugly.


“No matter how good it is, it is impossible for your rune equipment to enter the Jingcheng City market without our consent. In addition, the security of the equipment store, as well as the transportation from Tree Shade to Lindong, all require a lot of manpower and resources. Fifty percent, we want a minimum of fifty percent!”

Tang Yu smiled, his eyes swept from the Jingcheng hunters and slowly stretched out a finger. “First of all, you must understand that our rune equipment can be distributed to Jingcheng City, but we can also sell it at Shancheng, Hucheng, Lancheng and other places. You have a choice. Accept the deal, or leave.”

He slowly erected the second finger. “We intend to do the transport things by ourselves. Lastly, the hunters stationed at the equipment stores… you guys didn’t think Tree Shade can’t do it, right?”

After a pause…

“Of course, you guys may still lack some intuitive understanding of our Tree Shade…”

Saying that, Tang Yu gave Yan Dingtian a wink.

Grand Counselor Yan understood, stepped forward, and smiled warmly. “My fellow Jingcheng friends, do you really think you are the strongest shelter in Tiannan? Do you really think you’re qualified to negotiate with Tree Shade? For us, selling rune equipment to you is a charity, don’t you understand?”

Blade was furious, his body glowing with a metallic luster.

There were streams of light turning in Wu Mian’s eyes.

However, the next moment an indescribable aura erupted from within Yan Dingtian’s body.

“Your Jingcheng City can’t even withstand one mutant eagle. You know, the golden one. This old man can fight one… no, five! Think for yourself. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t even give you 10% of the benefits.”

The suffocating aura soon dissipated after the proper display of muscles.

Blade was dripping with cold sweat. He opened his mouth but did not know what to say. 

They have no confidence in the negotiation. As the forward battalion commander, they know some secrets, and Blade has a vague guess about what this momentum represents.

“You… must be the strongest person in the Tree Shade.” Blade can’t help but bring up a respectful word.

Yan Dingtian laughed, “Of course that is…  ahem, no, but the strength this old man in the Tree Shade is also among the top. Maybe can be ranked second… three, err, probably fourth….”

His ranking in the “Tower of Trials” had risen to fourth but could not advance any further.

It was finally set on the 82nd floor.

The production of the equipment and transportation was taken care of by Tree Shade, while the sales were left to Jingcheng’s full responsibility, with Tree Shade only sending a small number of people to supervise.

Tree Shade ate meat, and Jingcheng could also drink a few mouthfuls of soup.

The sales scope and the distribution of benefits of the major forces are left to themselves.

Tang Yu only mentioned one sentence. After all, he and the Li family are not very good… The Li family cannot be destroyed easily, but for a small Jingcheng force, they are enough to be handed over to the followers and to the hunters under his command.

Tang Yu just needs to be in the territory, quietly waiting for the news, that’s all.

During this period, Blade also raised an invitation to explore the Mirage View Mountain Range together. As he spoke, his gaze constantly skimmed over Yan Dingtian’s body.

Tang Yu didn’t say yes or no; he just told him to wait.

In the end, when he was about to leave the castle, Blade still reluctantly asked. “If you leave the transportation to us, the Tree Shade goods can be shipped to Jingcheng in three days, and you only need to give us 1.5% profit.”

Tang Yu smiled, “You’d better hurry up and send the message back. Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, the goods will appear near your second transit station in Jingcheng, remember to do a good job of receiving them.”

With that, the puzzled Jingcheng City hunters were sent out of the castle.


The next morning, just after dawn.

The first batch of trained Air Force stood straight on the playground, waiting for orders. There were twenty people in total, and Lu Xiaopeng stood right in front of them. Each wearing a full set of equipment and carrying a black flight bag.

After a few days of training, they may not be able to exert the same combat power in the air as on the ground. However, their control of the flight backpack was already very adept. The wall-hitting incident never happened again. Some hunters can use their flying backpacks to show off their skills and perform gorgeous aerial performances.

Their skills were at least 80-90%.

“Today, you’re here for the first time as the Air Force on the battlefield. But you’re not rookies, you should pay more attention. You don’t need to hear from me anymore. There’s only one goal, perfect completion of the task. Do you understand?”

“Understood!” The Airmen answered.

“All follow me.”

Sky turned around, and his wind power manipulated the wind around his body. With a swoosh, he shot up into the sky and was only a tiny dot in the blink of an eye.

The twenty Airmen didn’t dare to slow down. Their flight packs immediately activated, and they all flew into the sky, following Chief Captain “Sky”.

The target was to fly to a certain place towards the mountains behind the shelter.

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