My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 357


The oncoming wind roared and was blocked by the combat helmet and mask. The strong levitation and propulsion of the flight pack allowed them to fly freely in the sky.

Lu Xiaopeng and a cadre of newly promoted airmen followed closely behind the Chief Captain Sky.

“What do you guys think? Where are we going? Chief Sky seems to have said that the test mission is to escort a shipment of goods….”

The words didn’t finish. Sky had already lowered his flight altitude and landed towards a place in the mountains.

Twenty air soldiers controlled the backpack source power output and likewise dropped altitude.

The floating platform hidden in the mountains gradually came into their eyes, including the huge, magnificent airplane that hit their eyes.

Immediately, they couldn’t look away.


“This batch of rune equipment prepared for trade including 100,000 pieces of E-class equipment, 20,000 pieces of basic longswords, 20,000 pieces of basic combat swords, 40,000 pieces of ordinary combat suits, and all kinds of E-class equipment. 10,000 pieces of D-grade equipment, mainly also with swords, knives, lances, shields, battle suits, no C-grade rune equipment in this trade, plus several hot spell scrolls with a total of five thousand copies.”

After listening to Chen Haiping’s report, Tang Yu lightly nodded his head.

Jingcheng’s equipment sales are not suitable for the Tree Shade method. The establishment of an adventurer’s guild in Jingcheng is unrealistic and practical. The Tree Shade is the base camp, and the individual hunters also belong to the fresh blood of the reserve, making money while cultivating. Jingcheng does not need to consolidate the foundation of the territory… Just to harvest a sum of spirit stones.

According to the market price estimates, this batch of goods worth seven or eight million spirit stones… after deducting manufacturing cost and then divided into 20% interest from Jingcheng…. It’s reduced by more than half.

That’s four million spirit stones!

It can greatly alleviate the current dilemma of the lack of spirit stones in the territory.

“It can also be appropriate to raise the price of the equipment, I believe that the eight forces in Jingcheng have no opinion. After all, raising the price is also equivalent to increasing their earnings… we have to limit the flow of advanced rune equipment and can not be measured in spirit stones alone.” Tang Yu thought.

Next to him, Chen Haiping continued, “Jingcheng has more than half a million number of hunters. This batch of goods, although looked like a lot, certainly can not meet the needs of the Jingcheng market. According to our speculation, half a month later, the first batch of goods traded will be enough to sell away ninety percent, by then, it will be possible to transport the second batch of goods.”

One hundred thousand E-class equipment may seem like a lot, but those hunters who can afford it will definitely have one weapon and battle suit in hand.

At most, it can only satisfy 50,000 hunters, one-tenth of the number in Jingcheng, plus the eight major powers’ own internal consumption, the real flow into the market of Jingcheng was perhaps less than half.

“As long as the eight forces can quickly sell the equipment, the interval of this half month’s time could change. We still have a lot of equipment remaining in the hoard, can you consider dumping it to other shelters, do you have any good ideas?”

Chen Haiping pondered for a while, “within the Tiannan province, our Tree Shade has now radiated several large surrounding shelters. In Jingcheng, there are those eight local major power channels, I believe that after a while, rune equipment can also be dumped into the surrounding regions, so I think there is no need to put the transaction in the province of Tiannan.

At present, the rune equipment of our shelter is far from being able to meet the demand of the entire Great Xia Country. I think we should prioritize selling to the affluent regions to facilitate us to raise the selling price. There are two considerations, one is the Northern Court, and the other is the area around the Yangtze Delta.”

Tang Yu was also thinking about it.

The Northern Court was located in the center of the Great Xia Country. Tang Yu heard that a lot of secret areas had been unearthed, and there were some techniques that even he coveted, such as transmitting messages to various shelters.

Shaking his head, “Northern Court and Tiannan Province are too far apart, one in the south and one in the north of Great Xia Country. Even an airplane can’t guarantee absolute safety.”

A shipload of goods worth ten million, plus the airplane itself… Once an accident occurs, it is no longer pain the word ‘heartache’ can describe. It may even break the territory’s spirit stone chain, affecting the development speed of the territory.

“After this deal, the next shipment will be to the Yangtze Delta ……”

He remembered that Gretel and five other followers, who are currently developing in the Yangtze Delta area and have formed a considerable amount of small force, were complaining to him in the transmission two days ago that the hunter equipment underneath them was too poor and too useless compared to the rune equipment, which was like paper mache.

“In addition ……”

Tang Yu looked to an equipment department official who was a few steps behind and in a listening position, “The market is expanding, and the production line of the equipment department also needs to increase its capacity. If there is anything you need, just mention it to Minister Chen and Minister Elaine.”

As he spoke, several people walked towards the airplane…

The bottom hatch has been opened, a loaded truck filled with boxes of goods was transported to the airplane. The staff, as well as the airplane team that just came on board, unload the goods with the cooperation of the combat puppet, putting them in different categories.

Tang Yu walked onto the deck and made his way to the control room.

The newly appointed captain, Ma Liguo, was a young man in his early thirties. Sensing the arrival of several people, he hurriedly walked to the cabin corridor to greet them.

“Director, the airplane is really powerful. With this airplane, the so-called demonic wave is simply beatable.”

Tang Yu could not deny it.

From the initial enemy, the demonic wave was now more or less cannon fodder, never the main enemy. 

“How is the airplane running? There is no problem for your team to cooperate, right?” He asked.

“Everything is running well with the airplane. We are currently able to make full use of the beam cannon, the external cannon, and the two main cannons, and the call rate for the airplane energy can reach up to eighty percent.”

Tang Yu nodded approvingly.

It was clear that he was a very considerable figure.

Once when he was controlling the floating boat, the energy call rate was only thirty percent – the reason was that he was controlling it alone, even though his spiritual power was strong, the weapons he could control at the same time were very limited.

It was even more impossible to control the defense runes while distracted from the control of weapons.

Ma Liguo is only an ordinary Triple Awakening hunter who can only control one or two beam cannons at a time, far from being able to compare with him.

However, Ma Liguo, who had been a pilot before, was extremely talented in this area and became familiar with the airplane very quickly. Controlling the team to grind, and even had a set of his own methods, making the airplane run in order within a few days.

He was a talent.

For this reason, Tang Yu did not hesitate to consume a contract scroll, signed a contract with Ma Liguo with strict terms – to prevent Maliguo, who is the captain of the boat and holds a high position of authority, from defecting.

“During this period of time, apart from a few trade voyages, all you have to do is to continue to hone your team. Maximize the combat power of the airplane, and train the other two boat captains and share your experience with them.”

Ma Liguo answered, “Voyage around the world has always been my dream, now, driving an airplane for me is like a dream, I will not let you down… But Director… It’s a shame such a magnificent airplane surprisingly has no name. Or have you given one yet?”


Tang Yu pondered for a moment.

As the first airplane, from this moment, it will set sail and Voyage far away.

“…then let’s call it the Voyage.”


Aboard the airplane, the control team consisting of more than 50 people stayed in various positions in the cabin, responsible for their posts.

Lu Xiaopeng and twenty other air soldiers stood on the deck patrolling around.

Sky stood in the highest part of the ship, observing the four directions.

In the distance, a group of flying demonic beasts attacked in the dark, and Sky took a look and spoke, “Use this group of demonic beasts as the first battle for the air soldiers to test the water.”

In the control room.

Ma Liguo, who had the highest authority, learned Sky’s idea and immediately passed the command to the person controlling the inner runes, “Open the inner shield for ten seconds.”


Sky’s voice reached the ears of every air soldier.

Lu Xiaopeng and the others stood at the edge of the deck with their faces expressionless.

In a flash, the invisible transparent shield in front of them swung open in a circle of lines, not completely open, but a ten-meter diameter hollow appeared.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Xiaopeng’s feet stomp the ground, he jumped out like a cannonball and blinked through two layers of rune shield – the inner layer to the inside, the outer layer to the outside. There’s no need to open the outer layer of the shield, and it can be directly passed through from the inside to the outside out.

He was in mid-air, the flying backpack burst out thrust to fly out at a faster speed.

The distance with the demonic flying beast was rapidly approaching.

Five hundred meters…

Two hundred meters…

One hundred meters…

The hideous face, ostrich-like long neck with a root burr, was clearly visible.

Lu Xiaopeng did not panic at all, let alone slowing down. When the two sides were close, only less than two meters away, his hand on the hilt suddenly pulled out the arc sword, and the blade was drawn in the air. A wonderful arc, with the momentum brought by the high-speed flight, effortlessly slid across the long neck of the ostrich-like demonic beast.

One head, two heads, three heads…

He did a series of bloody blade strikes until the back of the flying demonic beast’s mouth spitting out venom. He turned the direction, swooshed to the side, and continued attacking. His other hand reached the air soldier’s gun hanging on his waist, a beam of light coming out of the gun burst the ostrich-like demonic beast’s head. 

The other air soldier didn’t do too badly either.

Both sides’ strengths were at least the Sixth Awakening Stage. With 20 air soldiers against more than 500 demonic beasts, they had the upper side. 

A few minutes later, the platoon returned to the deck. Only an air soldier suffered a small injury due to a slight error in control.

The battle wasn’t that hard. 

The flying demonized beasts encountered in the subsequent encounters were all blasted into dregs by the powerful firepower of the airplane.

Lu Xiaopeng and many other air soldiers stared in disbelief.

‘Is the airplane really that strong?’

It always felt like there weren’t that many demonic beasts!


The existence of air soldiers as an internal force to prevent emergencies from happening in unexpected situations.

Although the airplane is strong compared to Transcendent mortal in terms of destructive power, the airplane’s main cannons might be even more powerful than the full force of a Transcendent strike. However, the airplane was a dead thing. There were weaknesses and flaws, so air force soldiers were to make up for those defects. 

Lu Xiaopeng and others were still a bit depressed.

But soon, they looked at the view outside the airplane, overlooking the ground mountains and rivers, and got excited.

At this point, the airplane started to descend. 

“The Voyager is ready to land, you guys are not complaining that there is no opportunity to strike. Well, clean up the demonic beasts near the landing site! It’s your turn!”

Lu Xiaopeng was delighted and then surprised, “So soon? It seems to have only flown for less than an hour.”

So this is a short trip?

“Below is already the boundary of Jingcheng City.” Sky said indifferently.


Jingcheng City Shelter.

Since yesterday, some people have left to stay in Tree Shade. Blade and the others rushed back to the shelter. 

The giants were shocked to find out that the Tree Shade does have the ability to manufacture advanced rune equipment. D-class rune equipment, in the eyes of the people in Jingcheng, was already advanced rune equipment. But the E-class and other ordinary basic system equipment’s quality was far better than their own production.

Since they can’t rob them, they had no choice but to trade with them

This deal, it’s worth it!

The production of rune equipment far exceeded their imagination!

Blade and the others told all the things they had seen and heard in the Tree Shade and basically had learned all about the Tree Shade Shelter.

“Unfortunately, you guys had no chance to ascend the magical Tower of Trials. You guys will be stationed in Tree Shade on another day. Send the information and analysis after breaking through the Tower of Trials.” A certain big boss said so.


At this time, at the second transit station.

After receiving the news, all eight forces sent convoys and arrived in Tree Shade overnight. 

Blade, Wu Mia, and others hurriedly followed the convoy to arrive at the second transit station again. 

“Goods worth millions, even precious rune equipment would also need a large convoy in order to transport it… In the end, I can not figure out what method the Tree Shade used to transport the goods to Jingcheng City with a distance of hundreds of kilometers away within a day.”

“Yeah.” Ye family representative frowned, “In order to catch up, yesterday we ran non-stop back to Jingcheng City, and were a little injured… trucks were not as fast and flexible as we are, and it is easy to attract the attention of the demonic beasts. A day is simply impossible, replaced by the strength of ordinary large shelters to take this trip, they’re bound to lose more than half of the manpower.”

“Could it be that the Tree Shade originally had the intention of selling the equipment to our Jingcheng City? The convoy actually left a long time ago and happened to be able to arrive today?”

No one could guess the reason.

They were just waiting, waiting for news from Tree Shade.

The distribution of interests has already been negotiated by the giants if there was any regret…..

“Although there is a lot of equipment worth millions of money, it is divided into our eight forces and looks so small.”

“Come on, your Wu family accounted for 10% of the share, we Miao only 8%.”

When they were discussing, a paper plane suddenly flew from the window. It was hovering before finally landing on top of the table where the representatives of the forces were sitting.

Blade gaze at it, “There’s source power attached to the paper plane.” He looked out the window but found nothing.

After a thought, the paper plane was disassembled and opened up.

Ordinary paper with some ‘wild cursive’ script written on it.

Blade’s pupils first shrank, then leaned over and was speechless.

[The goods have arrived. A total value of eight million rune equipment. Hope that all of you … you all will get the spirit stones for the mother ready. Coordinates % ¥ # @ ……]

Wu Mian and other representatives of the forces took the paper and looked at it. Their faces changed. They opened their mouths… eventually fell into a fascinated silence.

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