My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 358


Transit station.

This is both an intermediate station deep into the wilderness and the front line of the war… There are a total of nine transit stations in Jingcheng City, most of which have been destroyed and rebuilt again.

The existence of the transit area was to serve the war, spreading out the reach of Jingcheng City, around which several small satellite cities comparable to medium-sized shelters have been established.

The satellite cities have also suffered damage from the golden eagle attack, almost destroying one of the satellite cities, but because of this layer upon layer of defense Jingcheng City shelter established so far, the outside of the city has not been breached.

Naturally, there was no hotel or restaurant at the transit station, just a war fortress made of steel.

The scattered hunters can only simply rest at the transit station. The top-ranked mercenary regiment and other large forces have a dedicated staff stationed in the transit station. Regiment members can enjoy more treatment.

The eight forces, representing more than two-thirds of Jingcheng City’s official power, were originally the owners of the transit station, and they entered the only large building at the transit station. A five-story fortress doubled as the command headquarters. They found a certain conference room there to discuss while waiting.

After the underground fortress, this was the second-highest security level area of the transit station area.

However, the paper airplane with a mediocre folding method flew directly through the third-floor window. It landed on the table in front of them.

A hunter under Blade hurriedly went downstairs and quickly pushed the door back into the conference room.

The man shook his head, “I asked the warriors stationed outside, they did not notice anything different… without making a big deal of it, I have instructed them to pay more attention and patrol, but still nothing was found.”

In the conference room, a sensing spiritual ability opened his eyes and shook his head in frustration.

“There’s no one hiding within the range of my perception.”


Not far from the fortress, within the shadow of a small building.

Noticing a mental power sweeping by, Lorraine raised an eyebrow, “This level of mental power is not enough to spy on the ‘Subterranean Shadow Technique’ I cast.”

The hunters who were patrolling back and forth looked around again. These people did not notice when their eyes swept over the shadows of the small building as if this was just an ordinary corner of the small building. There were no cover to hide, let alone suspicious people.

This is the “shadow art”, blending completely into the shadow.

“That’s a good move, but I’m just a bartender!”

Lorraine complained, and saw the patrolling officer’s gap, and flew out from the shadow of the building. She stepped lightly and instantly comes behind a large tree, hiding into the shadow of the tree.

After using the shadow technique on buildings, trees, and the fortress, Lorraine quickly walked out of the fortress area, patted the dust on her clothes, and turned around to blend in with the scattered hunters. 


After fruitless research, the eight forces of Jingcheng City were restless but no longer waited. 

Tree Shade has sent the detailed coordinates of the convoy, just a few kilometers away from the transit area.

But the eight forces were quite surprised… Since Tree Shade’s convoy had already driven to the Jingcheng border, why not simply drive into the second transit area, or at least do some resupply there?

Under the astonished gaze of the casual hunters, the joint convoy of the eight forces of Jingcheng City slowly drove out from the open steel gate of the transit station.


A wet and cold wind blew through.

A torrent of steel traveled on the crumbling road. Several tanks acted as road openers, knocking aside the obstacles blocking the road.

Except for the transit area, even if it was only a few kilometers away, there were demonic beasts everywhere. Blade and the others held their blades and cut down any incoming demonic beast to protect the convoy from traveling.

“How much rune equipment worth eight million is there?”

“Tree Shade sent a trade caravan before they made a deal with us, and carried such exorbitant goods, their nerve is extraordinary, right?”

“Eight million worth of goods? I admit that there are many Tree Shade masters, but a caravan that big, it would be difficult to bring it to our Jingcheng City intact, right?”

During the conversation, Blade estimated the approximate distance against the coordinates. He opened his mouth, and his voice spread throughout the convoy, “It’s probably nearby. Everyone, look out for it.”

White feathered wings instantly opened up from the back of Gu Le’s combat suit, accompanied by a few white feathers shedding down. 

Feathers fluttered, flew up into the sky.

With a slight glance, he immediately found it, “Over there!”

Blade and others ran and darted in the direction Gu Le pointed.

Soon it could be seen from a distance…

Thousands of meters away, there were giant wooden boxes stacked into a small mountain. Next to them, there were hunters wearing Tree Shade characteristic combat suit guarding. 

It looked like those people were bored.

Some of them teased the demonic beasts and honed their skills.

Some were leaning on wooden cargo boxes, smoking cigarettes.

There are also some…

Blade and others looked up. Above the cargo box, several hunters with black backpacks seemed to be discussing with each other, maintaining their state mid-air.

“They have so many flying abilities?”

“Where is Green Shade’s convoy? There is no reason to throw the goods here and drive away, right?

A face full of black question marks emerged.


The first trade with Jingcheng City was complete.

The first two million spirit stones have arrived, greatly filling Tang Yu’s dry sore spirit stones bank. The subsequent income depends on the sales of rune equipment. The supervisory staff will be the people from the intelligence department of Jingcheng.

“Perhaps, in the future, we can change the strategy. Sell the runic equipment to the eight forces of Jingcheng at a fixed price, and how the people of Jingcheng sell it later, and how many spirit stones they sell, they can make their own decisions, and it will save the manpower for supervision.”

Jingcheng citizens would definitely not buy it if it was expensive, and he felt that it was a loss if it was cheaper. Tang Yu also couldn’t figure out the market price of rune equipment in Jingcheng. At present, the price of rune equipment sold by the territory, even if it is doubled, the sales volume will not be small.

Setting the first batch of rune equipment sold in Jingcheng City as a benchmark, for the second transaction, there will be a scale to measure.

The shipment to the Yangtze Delta area was scheduled for five days later.


During this time, the territory was calm and quiet. The only thing worth noting was the Mirage Mountain Range outside of Jingcheng City.

Eight forces’ invitation to explore was rejected by him. When Nancy’s strength growth entered a slow period, he intended to let Nancy run the Mirage View Mountain Range, just along the direction in which the joint expedition group advanced last time.

It can lead to an intact palace.

But the journey is bound to be dangerous, and Nancy may not be able to successfully reach it. Fortunately, the extraordinary strength cooperates with the Town Portal Scroll. Even if she encounters an extraordinary second-tier or third-tier enemy, it is enough to escape.

Tang Yu’s life returned back to his usual regularity.

Instead of sleeping, he started cultivating at ten o’clock every night, until six o’clock the next day.

In the morning, he reads the Book of Runes, with knowledge of pharmacy as the main focus, and conducts corresponding potion research.

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