My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 36


Chapter 36 – You know nothing about power

It happened so quickly that many survivors believed that the shelter could only helplessly compromise.

At the next moment, they saw that one of the hunters who wanted to negotiate with the shelter actually died, and the rest also fled.

Did he die?

They were shocked and didn’t even see what was happening on the square.

Just when they thought the hunters would take advantage of the shelter, they solved the matter regarding those men who threatened the shelter. The steel-faced Roger put away his claymore and stood behind Leader Tang.

They were a little confused.

It’s true that they’re just an ordinary survivors. No matter where they went to, they’re always at the bottom of the food chain. But they’re not stupid. Since the hunters already showed so much hatred to the shelter, it’s impossible to let the rest of them go.

The survivors could only speculating what’s going on.

The survivors witnessed as the fleeing hunters had been brought back awkwardly. These hunters’ clothes were ragged, some of them were heavily injured. They vomited blood while they were barely able to stand.

Behind every hunter, there was a round puppet following them closely.

Survivors with sharp eyes also noticed there’s blood dripping from the long sword in the puppet’s hands.

They were already familiar of the puppets. Weren’t those puppets the one that cutting rocks into pieces for the survivors to porter during the weekdays?

Although everyone knew that the puppets’ weapons were sharp, no one had ever thought that the puppets were that strong.

Judging the situation, it seemed that the hunters who were escaping weren’t worthy opponents to the puppets after all.

How long had it been since those hunters escaped? Each of them had to face a single puppet. It seemed that they were defeated in a short period of time. Even if some of them were able to defeat the puppets, there were many other puppets in this shelter.

No wonder that the shelter didn’t care about the hunters’ threat.

Leader Tang had Steel-faced Captain Roger. If ever Captain Roger felt overwhelmed when facing many demonic beasts, there would still be the puppets as aids.

Sure enough, those hunters were too naïve to believe that they can rebel and overtake the shelter. Now, who’s the weak one?

The survivors watched the scene and couldn’t help but swallowed their saliva.

They were afraid, but no one thought the shelter was cruel. If any, some people felt that these hunters were wrong and it was only wasting the foods and resources to keep them alive.

The hunters who had been brought back with force stared at Tang Yu with full of hatred.

The bearded-hunter growled loudly, “Come! Kill me! A shelter with a few hunters can’t escape the fate of being destroyed by demonic beasts! I have seen such a tragedy before. Hahaha. I’ll be waiting for you all in hell.”

He laughed wildly, as if he finally found a way to vent his frustration and anger.

Some hunters were crying and weeping, begging for forgiveness to the shelter.

Tang Yu was expressionless and waved to Chen Haiping. “Continue the registration process, if you want to join the patrol team, apply to Roger.”

The bearded-man’s still barking, “Patrol? Hahaha, do you think other hunters would sacrifice their lives for you?”

In his mind, he was sure that no hunters would join the shelter’s side. No hunters would join the patrol and obeying the regulation of the shelter, sacrificing their lives for the shelter. Who else would join except for Peng Bo who was secretly recruited?

That’s impossible!

Suddenly a voice came from his side, “No other hunters would join? Are you kidding? You think your voice represented all hunters?! I’m a noble self-awakened hunter!”

The bearded-man saw the source of the voice. It was a young man. When he first met him, he was a little impressed. He was indeed one of the few hunters in the shelter. But after a while, he found out that their personalities didn’t match, so he didn’t know him personally.

Unexpectedly, he actually stood up.

The notice board stated clearly. Joining a patrol team meaning they had to go out to deal with demonic beasts, they also had to abide the regulations. With the terrifying Steel-faced Roger as their leader, disobedience’s impossible. You could only obey and face the demonic beasts. It meant that you would be on the front line and face the danger. In that manner, who would even join the patrol team?

That’s ridiculous!

Much to the bearded man’s surprise, aside of Lu Xiaopeng, several survivors stepped forward and applied to join the patrol team.

They were not just hunters, but also ordinary survivors.

The bearded man could not understand.

Lu Xiaopeng scolded, “People like you can’t understand the strength of Leader Tang and Captain Roger. A demonic beast is nothing to them. Only coward hunters like you will be afraid of facing demonic beasts. You’re stubborn and you probably won’t understand in anyway. So stop saying empty words!”


The bearded-man went silent.

His face turned black like a charcoal.

He hadn’t done anything to offend this person, right? But the other party had spitted on his face. He couldn’t hide his anger but he resisted and didn’t dare because the mining puppets were staring at him. His face was already pale with fear.

After some ups and downs, the survivors’ emotions were also gone ups and downs. When it finally calmed down, the survivors’ confidences in the shelter had increased by a few percentage points.

Those survivors who originally followed the hunters were trembling in fear. Their boss ended up being a cold corpse on the ground. What else they could do but trembling in fear and feeling desperate?

That was Tang Yu’s main purpose, to exclude the people with ulterior motives and squeeze the value of the remaining people.

It went down perfectly.

Of course, all he wanted was to make the territory a real proper shelter. He wanted the survivors to have a real sense of belonging to the shelter. It didn’t have to be now. They still had a long way to go anyway.

Without the nuisance from the hunters, the registration process went down smoothly. Most of the survivors obviously chose to be permanent residents of the shelter. A few didn’t join as they didn’t trust the shelter, or they didn’t want to be restrained by the regulation. At least these people had registered their basic information such as name and age on the registration form honestly.

They were terrified.

After the registration’s completed, the workloads were also redistributed.

In addition to the previous porter team, 2 more teams were added. It was construction and farming team.

No matter which team, the welfare benefits would raise. But food was distributed according to work’s performance.

The current management staff was still inadequate. Tang Yu intended to group the applicants into a group of three or four. Their performance would be judged based on the whole team.

It’s not a random grouping, but they were separated according their past performances. The hardworking people were grouped together, while lazy people were grouped together with other lazy people.

Just like the ordinary survivors who followed Ding Qiang.

Ding Qiang and his followers were used as an example. There’s no need to waste these ordinary survivors. They were organized into groups or two or three. As a punishment, Tang Yu reduced the welfare and benefits of these people. Unless they worked hard, they would be able to fill up their stomachs. As to whether these people would be lazy or not, as long as they didn’t want to be hungry, they could only supervise each other in the groups.

On the other hand.

Chen Haiping had called a few trustworthy survivors to assign work to the others.

Suddenly, the ground began to tremble.

Chen Haiping’s face changed.

He had experienced the same feeling as a few days ago.

Tang Yu commanded, “Let the survivors return inside the city walls.”

Many survivors didn’t respond, they didn’t know why they had to return inside the city walls.

The tremble became stronger and stronger. The rubble on the ground began to shake as the rumbling sound was heard from afar.

The sound was thunderous and howled continuously.

Many survivors turned pale. They saw countless figures appeared on the horizon from the distance.

Those figures were shaped in bizarre forms and varied in sizes, some even flew mid-air. Without exception, the demonic beasts came rushing to the shelter’s direction.

“It’s the demonic wave!”

The demonic wave was definitely the most horrible word in the doomsdays. There were countless shelters destroyed by it.

Many survivors had only heard of the demonic wave and had never seen it with their own eyes. At that time, in the face of vicious demonic wave, they understood how small humans actually were when facing such danger.

The desperate, pale hunter looked at the approaching demonic wave, his face gleamed with excitement, “Hahahaha… your shelter is about to be destroyed soon!”

He knew that he would die too, but it didn’t matter. Seeing others’ pale face for a while was enough to burst the excitement in his heart.

He wasn’t afraid of death!

That was the first time the bearded man felt so much bravery inside him. He looked up, he wanted to see Tang Yu’s face at this moment. Tang Yu was calm with a little spark of joy inside him. He looked over his head, and an inexplicable smile was raised on the corner of his mouth.

“Oh, you know nothing about power.”

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