My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 360


After arranging his work down, all Tang Yu had to do daily was to cultivate, research, and eat.

With the fire-attribute spirit stone, his cultivation progressed rapidly. A day ago, he broke through to the Eleventh Awakening Stage.

“Such a shame….” Tang Yu shook his head.

The improvement of his strength cannot be slowed down, but before entering the transcendent level, this improvement will not greatly improve the overall strength of the territory.

Currently, the territory has two Transcendentals. Yan Dingtian is not reliable enough; Nancy’s strength, although strong, is difficult to be left fighting alone.

There were two airplanes. One led by Ma Liguo, which can play at most 80% of the power output compared with Transcendent. The other was still in the breaking-in stage. The last one was still under development and had little use.

He had barely three transcendent combat powers. However, there were more and more suspected transcendent existence information showing up. Tang Yu can’t rest easy with just three transcendent combat powers plus large spells to guard the territory. 

“The most urgent thing will be to let Elaine break through the Transcendent stage as soon as possible.”

Elaine had predicted she would need three to five months to break through the Transcendent mortal. 

After the fire attribute of high purity spirit stones was mined out, Tang Yu sent a batch to Elaine first. But Elaine, whose ability and job were all pointing at the ice attribute, was far less capable of utilizing the fire attribute’s source power than he was.

With the second cultivation chamber as a comparative benchmark, Elaine can achieve a cultivation speed of 1.3 times faster.


The next day.

Tang Yu came out of the cultivation room.

The breakfast staple is made from several pounds of high-grade mutant meat, with milk tea made from the milk of mutated cows, which tastes delicious.

He has now rarely eaten ordinary ingredients. It’s not that they tasted terrible; he can make delicious food with it. But with his current increase in appetite to cultivate regularly, he needed a lot of energy. Compared to mutated beast meat, ordinary ingredients contain far fewer nutrients. 

Grains and cereals even more rarely appeared on the table. Occasionally showing up for the sake of nostalgic and hearty dishes. 

“Fortunately, fighting in spiritual space didn’t consume body energy. Otherwise…” 

The thought of sitting on the table eating for hours made him shudders. 

Food consumption must not be underestimated. 

For him, it’s nothing, but other hunters won’t be able to afford it.

“As the life level ascends, the physical consumption of resources would increase. Especially after the Sixth Awakening Stages physical body strength increases, with it, the appetite grows larger. Perhaps in the future, not owning spirit stones not only makes hunters couldn’t afford a meal, but also delays their cultivation progress?”

This possibility was not small.

He made several divisions of consumption.

Normal consumption; cultivation consumption; combat consumption… combat, hunting demonic beasts can also bring some revenue, while cultivation can be a bare-bones consumption.

Even for some people, ordinary ingredients were not cheap. He also has some guesses. Ordinary ingredients may be able to fill the stomach, but the nutritional value intake was not necessarily enough. 

Perhaps the intake of ordinary ingredients will affect the hunter’s cultivation speed.

“This is a subject, I should write it down, later on I can find someone to try and conduct multiple experiments, and draw conclusions… maybe even write a book “Nutrition Cultivation”?”

After eating breakfast, Tang Yu intended to start the project by comparing the amount of mutated beast meat he consumed every day with Elaine, Roger, and the others. 

However, at this time, Chen Haiping hurriedly came to the castle, bringing a piece of news that surprised him.

“The rice has mutated?”

“Yes, this matter was only discovered this morning. Since rice is grown without manual care, it is impossible to determine exactly how long it has been mutated. The Ministry of Agriculture discovered mutated rice, several experts, first I checked the mutated rice for a short time and couldn’t come up with specific conclusions in a short time. However, this mutation is a benign mutation. The mutated rice is very unusual in appearance and should have a relatively high value.”

Instantly, Tang Yu walked out of the castle and headed to the crop planting area at the foot of the mountain.

The shelter currently has three planting areas.

One is located in the back of the mountain valley, about thirty acres of land, planted with various types of medicinal herbs was the earliest planting areas opened in the territory, but also the most important piece of planting area.

The second area, located at the foot of the mountain, was planted mostly with ordinary crops, such as rice, wheat, corn.

Later, Tang Yu was not satisfied with the food production of the shelter – both to satisfy the growing number of survivors and to sell to the outside world to earn spirit stones.

Just outside the city walls, hundreds of acres of land have been reclaimed on the vast and flat land to grow grain. There is a tenfold increase in the growth rate brought by system farmland. The green shade is not infested by demonic beasts. It was a bumper harvest, sold to several large shelters in the surrounding area, and brought a lot of income to the territory.

“Crop mutation, does this kind of thing happen a lot?” Tang Yu asked with a sideways glance.

It suddenly occurred to him that many of the medicinal herbs grown in the back valley were varieties that had not been seen before Doomsday. And technically speaking, they were also the result of a mutation.

For example, the main ingredient of the body-hardening potion, the “fishy herb”. It’s just they weren’t clear what plant was mutated from.

It does not rule out the emergence of new plants that accompany the emergence of source gas.

“There are records that said it should have happened five times, but those few mutations are not large and do not have value. Speaking of which, the mutation of plants now is really very frequent, animals are also mutating. It seems that saying humans weren’t mutating was not right. Perhaps we mutated through awakening and cultivation.” Chen Haiping sighed.

As they speak, the two have come to the foot of the mountain. Many officials of the Ministry of Agriculture were waiting eagerly. Tang Yu followed the customary chit chat and then followed the Ministry of Agriculture officials towards the rice planting area.

At first glance, a golden rice field spreads in front of him—the wind blowing through the rice fields like golden waves. 

Plant mutation was not new. Sometimes they didn’t change that much. This time, however, Chen Haiping said the character changed greatly. 

However, Tang Yu glanced over and didn’t find the trace of mutated rice.

Having been a Lord for so long, he was calm and collected. He did not ask impatiently.

The Ministry of Agriculture official also did not dare to dawdle, stepping over the path between the rice fields and walking straight for a good distance again. Then he stopped and pointed his finger at a certain spot in the rice field.

“The mutated rice was discovered by chance when Xiao Zhang inspected the farmland in the morning, and this area, too, was inspected three days ago, but he could not guarantee whether the rice was mutated within three days, or that inspection three days ago was accidentally ignored.” The Ministry of Agriculture official said, his voice gradually lowered.

Tang Yu glanced at it.

Apart from sowing seeds and harvesting when the crops mature, the Ministry of Agriculture’s jobs only required some inspections on weekdays. 

The work was easy, the benefits were high, and the positions were mainly offered to the survivors who joined the shelter in the early days, but now it seems that some people may have forgotten their roots.

Determined to overhaul the Ministry of Agriculture, he stopped thinking about the issue for the time being.

They walked closer and observed up.

There were not many mutant rice plants, only a few.

When the rice matured, the mutant rice also matured. But compared with the surrounding golden rice fields, the difference was huge. It was a little longer, and the grains that came out of it were no longer golden but glittering white. 

The grains are large and full, and round with the size of a bottle cap.

Tang Yu plucked a few of them, held them in his hands to examine them, squeezed them, and was suddenly stunned.

“This is…”

Sending out his perception, staring intently at a few large grains in his hand, from which he felt the fluctuations of source power!

Looking at a few mutant ‘white rice’ again, there are also faint source power fluctuations emanating.

Surprisingly, it was a crop that contained source power!

Tang Yu was surprised.

He collected quite a few medicinal herbs, many of which have special effects in themselves…. such as fishy herbs; even if they do not make body hardening potions, people can crush it up and soaked in water, they can also give a similar body hardening effect.

For example, the main material of tranquillity potion, Ning Shenhua, can make the person’s ears and eyes clear.

The effect was extraordinary.

This type of herbs, previously named by him as transcendental herbs. It can be used as the main ingredient to make a potion that has entered the grade. However, in reality, this type of herb itself does not contain source power!

It was only nourished by the source power, more or less with some special effects.

With more understanding, Tang Yu gradually divided the plants into three categories, ordinary plants, higher plants (representing fishy herbs, Ning Shenhua), and source plants.

Since they contain source power, these rice plants in front of him were source plants.

The preciousness was undoubted.

Wild source plants are scarce, nearly non-existent. Tang Yu has not found any.

Only in the mirage mountain range where a clearer source plant exists. There was once a rumour in the Jingcheng City of fruit that could make people awaken certain abilities. It must also belong to a source plant. 

The awakening fruit was scarce. Once picked, the source power contained within it will continue to lose. After five or six days, the awakening fruit will degenerate into an ordinary higher plant.

He had gotten a few awakening fruits through channels and transplanted them in the back valley medicinal garden so that the plant could bear new fruits through the effectiveness of the farmland.

However, it failed.

Efficient farmland can only ensure that the transplanted plants containing source power no longer reduce but couldn’t make the awakening fruit trees grow again.

“But mutant rice is different, since it mutates during growth, it shows that the nutrients of the farmland are suitable for Mutated White Rice to grow.”

“The source of power contained in rice grains is far less than that of Awakening Fruit, but the quantity is higher. Many, once it can be planted on a large scale, the value will be more than the fruit of awakening.” 

His thought turned in an instant. 

“Rice is not a medicinal herb, not necessarily can be used in medicine. But since it is mutated from rice, perhaps it can be used as an ingredient for direct consumption?”

The possibility is high. Holding a few crystal clear, round and full grains, he had the urge to put them in his mouth and taste them.

“These few rice plants must be protected, and find a way to expand the scale!”

After thinking about it, Tang Yu also instructed Chen Haiping, who was standing at the side. “Tomorrow, no, later on, we will have to have someone come over to supervise, no mistakes can be made with any of the plants!”

Chen Haiping nodded. 

The Ministry of Agriculture official wiped his cold sweat and promised repeatedly that nothing would go wrong.


In the Castle.

Tang Yu brought back a small portion of glittering white grains.

After inspection, it was determined that there were no toxic side effects. He removed the shell, the grain was more crystal clear, and the faint fragrance seeped into the nose, making people want to bite the impulse.

“Although the size is a bit bigger, since it comes from rice, it should also belong to a kind of rice grain, how about calling it…. crystal corn.”

After putting a handful of crystal corn into the steaming pot, soon, a fragrant aroma came out from the kitchen, diffusing into the dining room. 

Staying in the castle to practice, Nancy, who was only two rooms away from the dining room, followed the fragrance and walked in in a daze.

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