My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 361


Nancy was wearing pajamas, and her eyelids were half shut. She looks half asleep.

Tang Yu understood it well.

Nancy’s cultivation method was sleeping. In a high concentration of source power environment, her body doesn’t need to cultivate. The source power would be absorbed into her bodies on their own and would run, refine and turn it into her own strength.

Compared to her, his own daily cultivation and source power absorption and cultivation method were far less efficient than Nancy.

She’s a follower, a child who hasn’t grown up yet. So, he can’t say that, but he can’t contain his jealousy.

Nancy walked towards him and stared at him for a while. Her small nose shrugged slightly and followed the scent step by step into the kitchen like sleepwalking.

“Smells.. yummy…”    

Tang Yu held his forehead, took Nancy’s hand and grabbed her back, holding her down and making her sit down on the chair.   

Another quick step into the kitchen.    

“I don’t know how long the crystal corn has to be steamed. But the smell is so strong, it should be cooked, right? As a source plant, perhaps without processing, crystal corn can also be eaten directly.”

He glanced at Nancy, who looked silly at his side. She couldn’t help but drool.        

After thinking about it, he stopped waiting, opened the lid, and a steaming pot of crystal corn rice appeared in front of him.    

After steaming, the large and full crystal corn kernels and expanded a lot. A total of dozens of hundreds of crystal corn rice made the pots look full. Each crystal corn was like a small rice ball.    

Glittering white colour, round and full, thick fragrance…

The first time he looks at it, he can’t take his eyes off it.    

Tang Yu served two bowls of crystal corn rice and took them to the table. He intended to make some more dishes to go with the meal, but at this time, he put out his mind and could not put down the crystal corn in front of him to do other things.   

Nancy clumsily used chopsticks and had already caught a crystal corn and put it into her mouth.    

Seeing her squinting her eyes, full of enjoyment, Tang Yu could no longer hold back. With chopsticks, he picked up a crystal corn. If he increased the force, chopsticks would make the crystal corn deformed, but it didn’t happen. From the middle of the dent, it did not break open. Seems very tough.

He put it in his mouth. 

One bite down.    

At the same time, the source power contained in the crystal corn entered his mouth, partly nourishing the body and strengthening it, and partly remaining in the body as if it could be directly absorbed by the source power as soon as the cultivation method was run.    

A grain of crystal corn was sent into his mouth, chewed. His clip chopstick hand movements were moving non-stop. In the end, he brought the bowl near his mouth, grunting at the last few bit of crystal corn grain pouring into his mouth.

This bowl of crystal corn was already equivalent to a lunch. Just from one bowl, his stomach was full.

As a high-level hunter, Tang Yu can eat several days worth of food at once as backup energy to store it in his body with just a slight feeling of fullness, far less from filling up his stomach until full.

He didn’t give himself an excuse.     

He can still eat another bowl.   

Once he looked up, he found that Nancy had long since emptied the bowl of crystal corn rice and was looking at him with eagerness until he had finished eating, then he called out, “You can still have it…”    

Tang Yu went into the kitchen and served two more bowls. The pot was already empty, not a single grain of rice left.   

After that, he carried it to the table. The two did not say much, just chewing. In just a few minutes, a bowl full of crystal corn rice was emptied. This rice containing source power that would require a certain amount of digestion time. If it were ordinary rice, overeating wasn’t a problem.

At this time, his mind sinks into his body. There was a source power cyclone at his abdomen from the source power contained within the crystal corn. The original free source power in his stomach moved.    

As the cyclone rotated, this source power was little by little into the source power cyclone, strengthening the cyclone into its own power.    

Running the cultivation method can speed up this process!

From the Tenth Awakening stage upwards, the cultivation of the condensed source realm was to grow the cyclone and improve the quality of their own source power. Until the cyclone condensed into a liquid state and converged into the ocean of source power, which marks the great completion of the Awakening Stage.

The process of impacting Transcendence was also the process of weakening the bottleneck as the ocean of source power forms waves, one higher than the other. 

“Two bowls of crystal corns. I feel today’s cultivation speed can be faster. If I eat crystal corn for all three meals maybe I will be able to climb towards the Awakening Order Grand Perfection and start impacting Transcendence.” 

Tang Yu was lost in his thoughts, then he looked up and saw Nancy looking at him again.

“Yummy… I want more…”

Tang Yu looked at his own empty clean bowl with no residue left and then at Nancy’s bowl, imagining that there was a pot of fragrant crystal corn rice waiting for him. Yet, he could only helplessly show his hands, “No more, not a single grain of rice.”

Tang Yu gazed at Nancy and asked, “The source power that strayed in your body after eating the crystal corn, did it help you in your cultivation?”

If it did not help, he could not spare the precious crystal corn and give it to Nancy only to satisfy her appetite.

Nancy froze for a moment, seeming to be thinking, speaking in a small voice.

“Source power, absorbed, my strength, should be improved…a little.”

She stretched out her tender white palm, gestured with her thumb and index finger, pulling it apart. After reaching a certain distance, it seemed that it was too long. When she retracted, she almost touched the tip of her thumb and index finger. “It’s not too big, only a little bit.”

But Nancy was a Transcendent. A little progress in strength was not easy to get.    

Tang Yu looked at that little distance between Nancy’s two fingers, probably containing a universe.

He had to admit Nancy’s absorption of crystal corn beat his own. 

It’s a good thing, though. As a battle power pawn, the stronger she was, the safer the territory will be.    

The source power contained in the crystal corn was similar to high-purity spirit stones. Very pure, suitable for direct absorption, and no attribute tendency of chaotic nature, Nancy digested the crystal corn and gained the strength to improve. If Elaine relies on the crystal corn, she should be able to significantly shorten the breakthrough time to Transcendent.   

The premise was that she could eat crystal corn at all three meals.    

When he thought of this and then looked at Nancy’s slightly open mouth, like a puppy waiting to be fed, his heart burst with helplessness.

Just a few grains of mutated rice eaten with an empty stomach, all the crystal corn will be absorbed completely in three days. 

The most urgent task is to expand the scale of crystal corn cultivation.


The next morning.

Without Tang Yu telling them what to do, the Agriculture Department officials and Chen Haiping could understand the importance of the mutated rice by judging Tang Yu’s attitude this morning in the rice field.

Someone was fined a weekly salary, and several people were dismissed from the Agriculture Department. The rest of the people didn’t dare to do the slightest carelessness.

Because the name ‘crystal corn’ was weird, the mutated rice was renamed crystal jade rice.

For several days in a row, Tang Yu was concerned about the crystal jade rice.

A piece of tertiary farmland was specially cultivated, and the seeds have been sown. Fortunately, the growth rate of crystal jade rice is far less than ordinary rice, but it germinates successfully after all. The awakening fruit that cannot be planted has an unknown value several times higher.

The only trouble was as a source plant, crystal jade rice needs to absorb a large amount of source power during its growth.

At first, after a patch of rice seedlings grew out, they appeared a bit sick. He didn’t notice until he approached the crystal jade rice planting area and felt that the source power concentration around him was significantly lower.

There were only a few mutant crystal jade rice plants, and the surrounding source power has not been squeezed out, but when more crystal jade rice is planted, each plant couldn’t get the source power nourishment they needed to absorb to grow.

Finally, Tang Yu established three more source power pools in the crystal jade rice planting area. The source power that continued to flow outwards barely met the growth requirements of crystal jade rice.

The dream of planting crystal jade rice all over the mountains and plains cannot be realized.

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