My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 362


In order for the crystal jade rice to take shape soon, Tang Yu could only hold back his appetite for food and fast cultivation. He would not touch even a single grain of crystal jade rice until the next batch of crystal jade rice was ripe.

On the other hand, the airplane, the Voyage, was once again fully loaded and ready to go. This time the target was the prosperous and chaotic Yangtze Delta.

In a few days, the ship had experienced many battles. The team members were better integrated, and the airplanes could play a higher level of combat power. But unfortunately, every time the airship fought, they had to consume a lot of spirit stones, and there were few captures, so they lost money and could not organize too many combat drills.

The leader of the team was replaced by Shay. The Air Force Special Warfare Regiment also expanded to fifty people from the size of twenty people.

Roger and Sky were working on expanding the members of the Guard and Investigation corps. 

Especially the Investigation Corps. Although the expansion of the scope of exploration had reached three hundred people, it has long been unable to meet the requirements. And this time by the Air Force Special Warfare Regiment pulled away twenty to thirty people.

Recruiting new members was urgent.

But in line with the principle of preferring shortage to be indiscriminate, the scale still can not expand too much.

The two corps belonged to the official force of the shelter. They were different from the mercenary regiment and the adventure group. There were many masters, but either could not enter or were unwilling to enter due to the strict requirements, non-mission period and stipulated the need to participate in training on time. Not every registered adventurer had the same assessment of character indicators. 

The initial estimate of the formation of a thousand people regiment was already the limit.

The two corps together, that was two thousand people… plus the martial arts school apprentices, the intelligence department of the intelligence officer, the people he could call the manpower, was in fact not a lot.

Many senior adventure groups which belong to the territory can be called outside personnel. Through cooperation, through the task, they are not excluded from doing certain things for the shelter.

The problem was these people were not loyal enough. In many cases involving confidentiality, Tang Yu did not take these people into account.

The air soldiers had already boarded the airship, and the boxes of supplies, too, had been carried.

Different from the supplies shipped to Jingcheng City last time, in addition to a large number of D to E-grade rune equipment, there were also C-grade equipment and even B-grade weapons.  There were about ten pieces of them, and the resources needed for cultivation were even more available.

“After handing over this batch of supplies to Gretel, don’t forget to search for a suitable location over there to establish a sub-territory.”

Tang Yu did not follow on the airplane and said to Shay next to him indifferently.

Wearing a B-class combat suit and carrying a flying backpack, Shay laughed warmly, “The environment of the Yangtze Delta is quite suitable for me. And since the Lord has ordered me, I will stay there for a while before returning.”

“Let me know when you’ve chosen a location, and also, keep an eye out for news of the spirit stones mine.”

Shay nodded and soon boarded the airplane.

With a light buzzing sound, the hovering runes inscribed on the bottom of the airplane lit up. The huge and spectacular airplane slowly rose up. When it reached a certain height, it began to accelerate and disappeared into the Sky with a whoosh.

“The Chaotic Triangle….”

Tang Yu looked at the Sky for a moment, turned around indifferently and returned to the castle.


Shay stood on the deck, smoking a cigarette, looking out over the great mountains and rivers, “Such a shame that there is not a bit of wind on the deck.”

After smoking a cigarette, he returned to the cabin, found Ma Liguo and asked. “How long do we have to fly before we reach our destination?”

“About ten hours. This is the first time we flew to Yangtze River Delta so the estimated time may not be accurate.”

“It took that long?” Shay was surprised.

He had heard that it took less than an hour to fly from the territory to Jingcheng City. While the Yangtze Delta was certainly much farther than Jingcheng City, it was not ten times the distance.

Ma Liguo momentarily observed the situation outside and shook his head, “To travel to the Yangtze River Delta, we have to pass through multiple dangerous zones along the way, especially that area on the periphery of the Yangtze River Delta, which is a warzone with a danger level of six stars, if the Voyage can’t cross that area, we can only consider a detour to cross from the sea and then take the location of the entrance to the sea and enter the Yangtze River Delta. “

Shay nodded knowingly.

About the Yangtze River Delta, he already knew a lot from the Lord about that. There was both prosperity and chaos.

Just like Luoxia.

The three surrounding prefecture-level city areas, in addition to the Luoxia shelter, there were very few small and medium-sized shelters, nearly none.

Lin Dong, Jingcheng and other areas, in addition to the large shelter established satellite cities, transit stations, most of the small and medium-sized shelters also have been incorporated into the large shelters.

The Yangtze River Delta was different. Except for a circle of six-star warzone that encloses almost the entire Yangtze River Delta area outside the region, the internal density of demonic beasts was not large, small and medium-sized shelters can survive well as long as they are not close to the edge and do not need to be pressured to integrate into large shelters.

Survivors were numerous, the exchange between the various shelters trade was very frequent.

But also chaos and attack between shelters were not uncommon.

In addition to a few large shelters with a more supreme status, small and medium-sized asylums annex each other and plunder resources…..

“The Lord seems to have said that when human beings are not threatened by external threats, internal conflicts will inevitably erupt. It seems that this is the case, this kind of environment is much more interesting compared to staying in the territory every day to cultivate or go out looking for supplies.”

Shay felt excited.

Ma Liguo meticulously commanded the airplane and repelled several waves of incoming demonic beasts.

Shay felt bored and returned to the deck.


Several hours of the trip were spent playing cards.

Not facing the Protoss sisters and the Carmen brothers, Shay rediscovered his style as a poker emperor.

Gradually, the airplane was getting closer and closer to its destination, and Ma Liguo’s voice spread throughout the airplane.

“The Voyage is about to pull up in altitude and cross the Six Star Warzone, please prepare all sectors. Stay alert and vigilant!”

Shay looked at the slag sign in his hand and instantly got up, “All air soldiers enter the first alert level.”

He walked to the bow position.

In the distance, he could see a red fog over the tiny city at the end of the horizon ahead.

The airplane was pulling up in altitude, crossing the clouds, and soon the ground below had disappeared. Yet the billowing red fog was still visible at tens of thousands of meters, coloured the clouds red.

As if the airplane was sailing above the red sea. 

So red that it was frightening.

Unusual Crack of the Abyss released red fog, with light red. But this area was dyed entirely red and even deep red in some parts. Shay could see clearly the countless large and small Crack of the Abyss.

The route they took this time was a safer one. More than a month ago, Gretel and the others drove through the six-star warzone with the floating chariot.

The difference was the floating chariot could only fly at low altitude, while the airplane could fly above 10.000 meters and was much safer.

“I don’t know how Gretel and the others went through, they had to break through the six-star warzone. It feels like they went on a suicide mission, but they succeeded.”

Shay looked down at the bottom.

Ten thousand meters above the Sky, there are still many flying demonic beasts in single or in groups to attack the airplane.

“Fortunately, no transcendent existence has appeared. It’s not my turn to strike.”

But on second thought, it seems that if a Transcendent appeared, it would be useless for him to make a move.

After sailing for most of an hour, the group of crew members were quite frightened.

Finally, the red sea of clouds below gradually faded away and returned to the colour of normal clouds.

The ship flew for a while longer before it began to drop in altitude.

Shay, who ran to the stern of the ship, saw the red line of fog that filled the air fading away. Except for the flying demonic beast chasing them at full speed, the others were easily left behind by the Voyage.

The land below was devastated, and there was no sign of any hunter activity.

The flight continued for more than a hundred kilometres, during which they only met a Crack of the Abyss, which was only fifty meters long.

There were not many demonic beasts on the ground.

The airplane was flying at hundreds of meters altitude, opened the rune concealment hull and penetrated into the area. Shay finally saw signs of survivors, a shelter with the size of thousands of people.

And they were about to arrive at their destination, the area where Gretel and others operated in the Yangtze Delta.

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