My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 364


With the chaos in the Yangtze River Delta, it was difficult for new forces like the Silver Hand to survive because they didn’t lean to any side.

Those who were a little weaker will either be exterminated or will not be able to carry the pressure and submit to one side or the other.

Du Pontway exclaimed, “With this batch of equipment and weapons, not only can the mercenary regiment’s combat power be raised a notch or two, but we can also use this to attract more hunters to join us.”

Shay looked at the weapons in the hands of the members of the black canine Knights, mostly polished from transcendent minerals, the hardness is okay, but the sharpness is far from the same.

“Rune weapons are scarce in the Yangtze Delta? Does it mean that the rune technology over here is very backward?”

“Neither.” Du Pontway shook his head, “It’s just that the rune equipment here is all held by the big powers, and the only thing that can be set aside occasionally is one or two pieces on the black market.”

A dozen wagons followed in the rear, containing most of the goods brought in.

The team from the Voyage and some of the air soldiers remained on the airplane. With the runes turned on, the Voyage stays invisible.

With a short conversation, Shay had a more in-depth understanding of the Yangtze Delta area.

He frowned, “Octagon Alliance is just an alliance of eight small shelters. From what you said, it seems that they all have quite a lot of rune equipment?”

“Octagon Alliance naturally can not build rune equipment, but this alliance, in fact, is a large shelter. The pawn of Long Jiang City has a large number of forces in the Yangtze River Delta. Every large shelter has some kind of relationship. If it weren’t for their tacit approval, so many chaotic wars would erupt between small and medium shelters.” 

Du Pontway warmly smiled, “But now with this batch of supplies you sent would break the wall… recruiting, there will be little difficulty.”

A group of people arrived at the premises. The members of the canine Knights was the first to get their own rune equipment.

Sharp and unmatched, with their own special effects and skills… this C-class rune equipment almost made their eyes pop out.

In addition to Du Pontway, there were other followers who stayed in the area.

The other two secretly lurked into certain large shelters.

“What about Gretel?” Shay asked.

“Him…” Du Pontway looked up at the ceiling, “He has already made a great success, touched that heavy bottleneck, and started to charge.”

Shay’s mouth opened slightly.

The same followers, some have already broken through Transcendence, and some are heading towards Transcendence. While he, on the other hand, was still only at the Eleventh Awakening Stage.

Even though they were all followers, strength still determined status. He was the one who was contracted by the lord in the early days, but now he was gradually falling behind, and a sense of urgency suddenly came to Shay’s heart.


The territory.

Tang Yu opened his eyes and ended the cultivation for the day.

From the contract information, he saw the messages from Shay, Du Pontway and others. And it was clear that the supplies had been successfully delivered.

With the environment of the Yangtze Delta, it is not suitable for direct trade. But the Silver Hand can use this to expand rapidly, and likewise, can bring him a large number of minerals, source crystals. And it was said that Shay and others have already identified a spirit stone mine, ready to implement the quickest means to make a fortune.

“I would like to rob, but unfortunately, can not lay hands on it.”

Tang Yu thought of the large surrounding shelters. Each one was rich. Worth of ten or twenty million spirit stones he could claim.

However, growing as a good man, he still has some morals in his heart. Except for enemies, he wasn’t willing to make a move on others for no reason.

Especially when the territory has been getting along well with the surrounding shelters.

“Forget it, it’s proper enough for sustainable development. Anyway, the rune equipment produced by Tree Shade has ruled most of the rune equipment market in Tiannan. The future goal is to occupy the national market, and to develop our own equipment rating standards so we can promote it to the world.”

He vaguely remembered this sentence.

First-rate enterprises make standards, second-rate enterprises make brands, and third-rate enterprises make products.

Not only to develop runic equipment rating standards, but Tang Yu also intends to develop potion standards, job standards, and demonic beast naming standards…

Maybe he thought too far ahead. The road is still far.

The sky outside the window began to dawn.

Changing into a set of casual clothes, Tang Yu pushed open the door of the cultivation chamber.

It had been several days since he tasted the taste of jade crystal rice again, and it seemed that his stomach was rumbling in protest from time to time. Every morning when he ran into Nancy, he always saw her eager eyes asking, ‘When can I eat fragrant rice’.

Her words made people misunderstood that Nancy was living a miserable life and couldn’t even afford to eat white rice.

“However, I really can’t even afford to eat rice anymore, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.”


After simply coping with breakfast, he ran to the crystal jade rice planting area again to inspect the growth of the source plants.

It would take about a month for the first crop to mature, which wasn’t slow, but Tang Yu could not wait a bit.

During this time, he formulated a strategic layout to occupy other countries with rune equipment.

Regions with better order could follow the Jingcheng model. And after properly showing their muscles, he could cooperate with local forces to reduce resistance and unnecessary troubles.

For regions in disorder such as the Yangtze River Delta, he could consider developing their own forces or funding a certain party to harvest the corresponding supplies – the territory’s manpower was limited, and he could not take care of every region.

Regions that are threatened by demonic beasts can appropriately adjust the selling price of equipment a bit lower. After all, he was a person who had the whole humanity at heart.

Regions with sub territories established, which are key regions, would implement a similar model as Tree Shade, establishing direct sales stores, selling equipment in a graded manner, by membership or otherwise, and establishing martial arts schools to earn source crystals while selecting good seedlings suitable for training.

“However, I didn’t expect to have a transportation like an airplane before, and I had hoarded a lot of rune equipment and moved it all at once. With the current production speed of the Equipment Department, how long will it take to sell rune equipment to the entire Grand Xia Country?”

He frowned tightly.

He had ordered to expand the scale of the production line. Yet, workers, especially those in the rune workshop, were extremely scarce.

With the current population of the territory, it was also difficult to select talents with sufficient runic talent. After all, the newly arrived survivors had mostly undergone runic talent tests, and very few talents were left out.

“When the transformation of the source train is completed, even if the survivors are abducted from the major shelters. How many can be abducted? And then screened from it talent enough, there will be even less…. How about, we do screening first in the major shelters secretly, and then the qualified talent to abduct to the Tree Shade? After all, talents in runes are different from those in the conventional sense, and other shelters do not guard them strictly.”

Tang Yu thought it was feasible.

Anyway, many survivors with runic talent were still living a miserable life. They didn’t have enough money to eat, and this was the way to save their miserable lives and guide them forward.

After some thought, the general direction of development had already taken shape in his mind.

And the first step is the transformation of the source power train.

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