My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 365


The transformation of the train was not in the equipment production area but outside the factory area and temporarily widened a large area as a manufacturing plant for the source power train.

The factory was temporarily built and somewhat rudimentary. The external building materials were mainly iron and gray steel plates with different specifications of steel plates, put together in one piece, like an old dress with numerous patches sewn on.

Workers do not care as long as it’s warm and has sufficient shelter from the wind and rain working environment. They didn’t have to worry about the heat or rainstorm or about the threat of demonic beasts. But now, as long as they work hard enough, they don’t have to worry about supporting themselves.

When Tang Yu came here, he saw a scene of heated activity.

The tame mutated beasts were pulling flat carts, loaded with a large amount of materials, under the control of the driver, yodeling and driving into the plant.

The fighter puppets and basic puppets act as hard workers, busy going back and forth.

Both tamed beasts and fully automatic puppets did everything, all highlighting the extraordinary Tree shade Shade; the only eyesore was only that patchwork appearance of the plant.

“How about using custom architecture to build a high-end factory?”

And then quickly denied, “No! Customization is charged by the square, this plant area is so large. God knows how many spirit stones will be sucked away!”

But the temporary plant was really unattractive, and perhaps the quality was also worrying.

If only one source power train is transformed, the plant is sufficient to simply cope with it. But he does not only want to restore the Green-Lindong Line. For now, the railway line leading from Green Shade to the Rinshan Shelter was also being built and repaired.

The distance was much farther than the line leading to Lindong, the road was more dangerous, but now the territory has this strength.

Not only Nanqing, but Tang Yu also wants to connect by rail to several surrounding shelters.

For long distances, he relies on airplanes. For short distances, he relies on the source power train.

In the future, if he managed to crack the teleportation array technology, he didn’t need to rely on the sub-territory construction. He just needs to set up some teleportation array on some important areas to make it the key hub.

But he still has a long way to go.

Tang Yu’s arrival was not a big deal, but he was still spotted by sharp-eyed officials from the Equipment Department.

One of the officials introduced to him, “This source power train have 8 cars, the power has been transformed and static and dynamic tests have been conducted. Everything is running well. Currently, we’re trying to reinforce the outer armor, once the transformation is completed, the speed of the source power train will reach two to three times that of the original Tree-Lindong Liner train, and it is a real mobile steel fortress. The weapons added to the train will be enough to kill small demonic waves.”

Tang Yu looked away.

Although the source power train was only partially remodeled with the main body of an ordinary train, the appearance changed drastically.

The outer layer was covered with a mix of alloy, transcendent metal, and iron and looked like a sharp black luster. Like a giant prehistoric black python slithering on the ground, daunting. 

The car’s outer armor also has been reinforced. At this time, the front and rear of the train had been designed with a sharp angle to achieve high-speed travel. Not only was it stable, but it also had the function to pierce through demonic beast flesh.

Fierce and powerful!

It was a moving steel fortress.

Tang Yu takes a look around.

Kevin was not here, he was only responsible for tackling technical problems, or some conventional issues that technical means can not solve, or manufacturing precision don’t have enough parts, whether rune inscription or other means.

Two months ago, Kevin began to design the most difficult source power output device. Until half a month passed, he could pull out a flawless blueprint. This was also one of the reasons he started the “source power train’ transformation project.

The output device was manufactured through the workshop.

Other parts that were not very difficult and could be mass-produced, such as the outer armor layer, were manufactured by the equipment department.

Tang Yu approached the official in charge of the plant and asked for a while longer, finally nodding his head quite satisfactorily.

The millions of spirit stones he invested were not wasted.

With the first train of source power train, the second train, too, will soon take shape.


Leaving from the plant, Tang Yu took another trip to the train station.

The Tree-Lindong Liner was closed. 

The train station, which was originally bustling with survivors, became empty again with no one at the ticket window and only two hunters of the Guard Corps stationed here.

He waved his hand and let the two continue to stand guard; he walked to the platform.

Initially, this was both the starting and ending station, and now the railroad was spread out further away. 

A bright green weed stubbornly grew out from the gravel surface under the paved railroad, although the shelter had stationed someone to clean the train station every now and then.


Nanqing Shelter.

As one of the large shelters, Nanqing was similar in size to Lindong. Due to its proximity to the Tree Shade, the caravans that travel between the two places bring a lot of runic equipment to the area.

Looking around, at least seven or eight of the ten hunters walking down the street carried rune weapons produced by Tree Shade. The remaining two or three belong to the poor ones who can’t even afford E-level equipment.

Wearing crude animal skins, holding worn-out weapons, walking on the road with their heads down.

People who couldn’t afford to buy Tree Shade equipment won’t even be recruited by the mercenary regiments. 

Turning down the street, the alleyway suddenly became secluded. No pedestrians were seen. At the end of the small alley, there was a poor business cafe with its wooden doors hidden.

With a creaky sound, a pale and strong palm pushed open the old door, making people wonder if the door would fall apart.

Lan Qingya walked inside the cafe.

There were no customers, only the middle-aged man with stubble and a leather jacket at the bar. His face was full of melancholy, gazing at the ceramic cup in front of him. His right hand pinched a small silver iron spoon, stirring slowly, the iron spoon and the ceramic cup clashing with a crisp sound.

“Hey Qingya, want a cup?”

The middle-aged uncle, whose face plus temperament could score ninety points, opened his mouth and pushed the mixed coffee forward.

Lan Qingya glanced at the coffee. The colors were mixed, and bubbles appeared from time to time, like dangerous goods often seen in chemical experiments. She moved two steps to the side and coughed lightly, “Uncle Hai, can’t you make some normal coffee? run the store properly and it won’t be this miserable.”

“What does a little girl know? You either don’t do it or make the best. My goal is to make a coffee that makes the customer’s taste buds sublime.” Hai Hong Hui waved his hand, “What about you, what brings you here?”

Lan Qingya sternly said, “I have brought a task. The shelter intends to screen out the survivors with rune talent in Nanqing, and then take them away directly. Your cooperation is needed.”

Hai Honghui shook the coffee cup, “Our Nanqing branch has not had a decent mission for a long time, and people are about to get rusty.”

He looked up, smiled, brought the cup of mixed coffee to his mouth, and took a sip. But his face changed violently, twisted his head to the sink next to him, could not help but open his mouth and spitted out, and hated the coffee in his hand and poured it out.

“Bah, baah, how come it tasted worse!”

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