My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 368


The wind was very noisy, whistling and slapping on people’s faces.

Witnessing the survivors wrapped in coats, fishtailing into the two-story-high chariot, the guard stood silently and stiffly in place. Just like a pillar.

The rhinoceros chariot roared, its tracks rolling up the dirt, and disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye. Leaving only twenty centimeters deep rutted marks.

The rusty bus was moving forward with a loud sound until there was no sign of it after two or three minutes.

The guard team remained silent until a soft “poof” sounded in the air, and a guard member blushed slightly, breaking the silence.

“Captain, we just let them go?”

A man was very reluctant, “Tree Shade sent out such a terrible war weapon, only to send these 20 to 30 people away. These people, there must be something special about them…”

“You think I don’t know about that?!”

The captain’s face was gloomy. He lifted his feet and slammed down to the side of the member who just spoke. 

The ground cracked with a boom.

He was breathing heavily, like an angry bull.

For a moment, the captain sighed in dismay like a deflated ball, “I can’t afford to mess with them. Even without that weapon of war, just the look in that woman’s eyes sends cold shivers down my spine.”

The words carried a deep melancholy.

He and his last stubbornness were pressed to the ground and crushed wildly.


The rhinoceros chariot’s speed was not as good as the floating chariot, but it only traveled for more than three hours to reach the Tree Shade.

The low and medium level demonic beasts met on the way could not leave the slightest trace on the rhino chariot’s armor.

The chariot slowed down, and the roar became muffled.

Not to take the main road into the city, the rhino chariot turned to the side of the stretches of the city wall. Entering through a side door specialized for the corps vehicles only, driving straight to the corps parking lot, the rhino chariot parked in a large parking space.

A total of three Rhino Chariots, two floating chariots, and a variety of modified vehicles were parked here. As if it were a chariot car show with hideous metal bodies and a dazzling sense of mechanical power and beauty.

Staying in the rhino chariot for a while and haven’t seen the scene of the outside world for some time, the survivors, such as Tang Wenliang, immediately froze on the spot once they got down the chariot. 


The municipal officials who had been waiting in the parking lot greeted the hunters of the guard corps and immediately took the survivors away.

The next step was to educate the minds of these people, finally arousing their vitality and stirring up their fighting spirit…

With the spirit stones and the lure of a good life, it was not difficult.

Lan Qingnya and the other Intelligence Department officers didn’t follow. The guard corps from the rhino chariot also stopped caring after a few glances.

“Mission accomplished. It seems there’s nothing else to do today so let’s break to the Tower of Trials.”

Another member of the guard corps shook his head, “Forget it, haven’t you been abused enough by the Tower of Trials? We have now reached the bottleneck, there will not be a breakthrough in a short time. It’s better to solidify the foundation and practice battle techniques….”

At this time, feeling a vibration in his pocket, he picked up the simple transmitter and took a look, “Gotta go. There’s something to do, the top wants to test our mastery of combined combat techniques.”


Tang Yu stood on the rooftop of the training camp.

The bitter wind whistled past, failing to ruffle a single thread.

Observing carefully, his body was covered with a faint, almost invisible layer of thin light. The wind blowing towards his body was separated by this layer.

This was the application of source power.

Since entering the source condensation realm, Tang Yu has become more and more comfortable with it.

Below, the hunters of the Guard Corps and the Investigation Corps had already assembled. Under the command of several senior captain hunters, five ten-man squads had come out.

Three from the Guard Corps, two from the Investigation corps, the rest was still stationed at various posts in the shelter.

The test of combined combat skills was not just a drill but a real battle.

The hunters of the five teams, all of them, were at the peak of the Fifth Awakening Stage level.

At this time, several corps captains dressed in equipment slowly walk to the front of the team out of line after calling out to their team.

The sharp flashing silver blade was slowly drawn out.

Their aura was no longer suppressed. Gushing out instantly like spring water. 

This captain stomped on the ground with his right foot, and the solid concrete playground ground shattered like a fragile muffin with a loud thud.

His whole body exploded out like a cannonball out of the chamber.

In the sword in his hand, a white flame like a wave rising up, wrapping the blade like gurgling water, and the momentum reached its peak at this moment.

On the rooftop, Tang Yu nodded slightly.

“Good, the essence is united. What is his name?”

Next to him, Roger replied, “His name is Zhao Songming, Eighth Awakening Stage. His Tower of Trials battle record is at the 63rd floor.”


In the field of view.

Zhao Songming rushed out, and the ten-man squad not far away, everyone was holding a tall shield, ten shields leaning against each other, like a metal city wall.

They let off a low cry, a thick stream of source power burst out from their body.

Ten people connected together, like a long pillar of vitality and blood, rose in an instant. On the ten-sided rune shield, bright rune patterns suddenly light up. From the first side to the last side, they were connected together to form a loop of source power, forming a simple rune array in an instant.


The sword wrapped in white flames and the shield with bright runes collided, like a huge truck at high speed, slamming into an impenetrable wall of copper and iron.

Powerful wind swept through, the ground cracked inch by inch, sinking deep.

The shields and runes in the hands of the group of ten have dimmed a little. Their thick vitality has also dropped a lot at this moment.


Tang Yu could observe that many people’s arms trembled slightly, and with one more blow, the combined battle technique would be broken.

However, the senior captain whose essence and source power was united. His strength could not be underestimated, his entire body flew backward tens of meters, and after barely keeping his balance in the air, he landed backward to unload the force. Small deep pit on the ground cracked upon his steps.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Although in real battles, the captain will not stand upright against the squad that was united by source power, but the combined combat skills were originally developed for the purpose of the war, especially in the wild, relying on the combined combat skills without a city wall. A team of a hundred people may also penetrate the level 2 or 3 demonic wave.

“What is the maximum number of people they can do to combine attacks?”

“This barrier can currently have up to 50 people in a combined attack, but a ten-person team can make flexible changes.” Roger paused, “Because the barrier has a specially designed rune shield, combined attack skills are easier to connect, but other Combination skills can often only be achieved by ten people, fifteen people can work together. But the more people linked, the strength of the connected vitality would collapse.”

After testing the barrier, Tang Yu saw the combined slash and the combined attack of continuous slash combat technique. The performance was indeed not as eye-catching as the barrier, and the cooperation of the hunters was slightly stiff.

“The easiest to practice and very practical combined attacking combat technique is that of Gretel’s charge. As long as there is a suitable arrow to form a sharp triangle formation, even if it is a combined attack of several hundred people, it is not difficult to achieve.” Roger said in an apologetic tone, “Unfortunately, without a mount, the combined attack of the charge is difficult to achieve. If we let them rely on running and charging, the combination was even worse than other combined attacks.”

Tang Yu also felt regret. 

Once the charging formation was formed, it was like an unstoppable torrent of steel. No matter what stands in the way, it will be torn to pieces.

But the mutated beast mount should not be too weak. At least the low-level mutated beasts currently domesticated, such as the mutated red deer, the mutated wildebeest, and the mutated buffalo, were not suitable… Moreover, for domestication, the hostility of these mutated beasts has been wiped out and been used to pull carts. But on the battlefield, it’s bound to be chaotic.


After watching the combined combat technique practice, Tang Yu said a few words to practice more combat technique and floated away. 

When he passed by the foot of the mountain, he deliberately took a detour to see the state of growth of the crystal jade rice. Although everything was good, there was still a long time before it matured.

Tang Yu was very greedy.

“Or I could go study potions, I feel it won’t be far until I reach intermediate level pharmacist.”


Walking beyond the city wall, towards the back of the Research Institute, and came to the Institute’s entrance. He stopped his track and glanced at the open pub and market door next to him.

“Should I go draw one?”

After hesitating, he came to the market first and refreshed the market’s goods with five hundred spirit stones at a time.

After ten swipes, he stopped in time, holding an ancient potion recipe in his hand.

[Cold Ice Potion: It can be taken to enhance the power of cold ice in the human body and can also be used as an ice material for the preparation of more advanced potions.]

“It’s a very common potion recipe, but I can’t say if it can help Elaine break through the Transcendence.”

Putting the recipe away, Tang Yu stepped into the pub next door. Rubbed his hands together, took a deep breath, and clicked on the summon after a minute.


A huge arcane summoning spell formation unfolded before his eyes, suspended at the height of about fifty centimeters above the ground.

A green aura burst in the center of the spell formation.

Tang Yu’s brain crashed for several seconds… for a while, he couldn’t remember what color green represented. 

There was gold representing S-ranked qualifications, purple representing A-ranked qualifications, and the most common blue for B-rank…

After frowning and pondering for a while, he remembered that the green light represents the C-rank qualification.

He didn’t remember how long he hadn’t seen it. 

Looking again at the center of the spell formation, the green light has been transformed into a human silhouette. A man dressed slightly fancy with a red suit, wearing a tall black bowler hat, appeared.

Tang Yu was amazed for a moment at this look, and the previous adventures looked either tough, mysterious, or ragged. He kinda looked… slightly comical.

He opened the adventurer’s profile.

[Carla Zamp]

Qualification: C-rank

Strength: Sixth Awakening Stage

Profession: Musketeer

Remarks: Beast tamer

Introduction: A man from a family of beast tamers with a long history of heritage…..

He frowned slightly.

The beast tamer, no doubt, was a non-combat job similar to the equipment maker and rune maker.

What puzzled him was that when he first summoned Kevin, the maker was labeled as master level, and his rune smith was labeled senior. While the profile of the beast tamer did not indicate the level…

If it’s just an ordinary level beast tamer, it doesn’t make sense. The profile would only mark a non-combat job above the senior level, which must also be a job with higher value.

Lorraine often claimed that she was a master bartender, but when she was summoned, there was no such job as a bartender in the profile.

Without making an immediate decision, Tang Yu pondered.

“Currently there are not many remaining contract slots in the pub, but my fit to the territory has broken through forty, it should not take long to reach 50% of the upgrade requirements. What I want most is the pharmacist, but the beast tamer is also a job currently scarce in the territory…”

After pondering for a moment, he eventually decided to sign a contract with Carla Zamp.

He selected the contract in his mind and summoned. 

The green human shadow instantly became visible. Carla Zamp walked out of the summoning circle. Tang Yu noticed a small white beast running around his feet.

“Greeting, my Lord. I am Carla Zamp.”

He placed his right hand in front of his stomach and his left hand behind his waist, bowing in a gentleman’s salute.

Briefly introducing the current overview of the territory, Tang Yu also had a more in-depth understanding of Carla Zamp. He had this circus-trainer-like appearance, and he wasn’t wrong. Before being summoned over, Carla really stayed in the circus as a part-time tamer.

He also learned that the world he was in was different from the previous summoned followers.

Elaine, Roger, Shay, and the others came from the same world. Their world suffered the Black Wave without daylight. It was even worse than Earth’s doomsday scenery.

Most of the summoned followers came from that world, but not all.

Protoss Star and Moon learned from a school of astrologers, their world wasn’t in the middle of doomsday. 

After some brief understanding, Tang Yu learned Carla Zamp’s world was different from the Protoss sisters. There were hunters as well as technology equivalent to the late 19th to early 20th century of Earth. 

Precisely because of this, Carla’s job was as a part-timer. 

It’s somewhat similar to the text of the Fourth Age, where the tide of source power fades, and the doomsday came. 

The followers came from three different worlds, including the Black Wave world, and were also willing to descend when he summoned Nancy. However, Tang Yu could not figure out what the pattern was or the reason for it.

He could only make up his mind to continue exploring when he had the chance later.

After then, he got straight to the topic, “Mr. Carla, follow me to the ranch.”


The ranch was not a system building. It was a fenced area with a fairly wide area. Many mutant beasts were either stocked or imprisoned in it.

As soon as you arrive at the ranch, they can see from a distance. There were crystal pillars more than three meters high standing outside the metal fence, looking quite magnificent.

The little white beast running around by his feet moved a little at this moment.

Carla was stunned, crouched down to pet the beast. After a while, he asked, “Those crystal pillars have the effect of driving away the beast?”

Tang Yu nodded and took the lead in walking into the ranch.

Cara followed closely. The little white beast calmed down its restlessness under his comfort, just a little unconscious, and followed into the ranch.

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