My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 38


Chapter 38 – Demonic Wave Defensive Building (Part 2)

After the artillery construction was completed, visible to naked eyes, red light began to gather in the muzzle.

The hunters on the scene could felt that a huge amount of energy was gathering from the cannon’s muzzle. They were silently in shocked, such an energy, when it blasted and exploded must be deadly.

The red light that was blasted from the cannon was gorgeous. It crossed high to the sky like a meteor and exploded into the demonic wave.

At that time, the demonic wave had come to the mountainside, one or two kilometers away from the shelter. The red light hit on impact accompanied by violent vibrations. The explosions roared through everyone’s ears. Orange-red flames bloomed in the demonic wave like a crimson flower leaped in magma.

Beautiful, but deadly.

The center part of the demonic beast wave instantly turned into black ash, not even leaving a bone or carcass. Tang Yu felt a bit painful, the materials from the demonic beast’s carcass were also valuable.

In the distance, the hot air, shock wave, raging flame damage from the powerful energy burst out at the moment made a big hole in the demonic beast wave.

The cannon’s launching speed was not fast, but after a few rounds of explosions, the whole demonic wave which originally made the heart of the survivors hopeless looked ragged.

Of course, the survivors knew that this was not a temporary illusion. That meant Leader Tang’s ability were too powerful that a condescend energy cannon could cause such a massive casualties to the demonic beast wave.

Among them, those who had experienced the demonic beast wave like Chen Haiping and survived were even more aware of the power.

Countless shelters were destroyed by demonic beast waves. They couldn’t kill the demonic beasts until their entire shelter was destroyed.

The crisis did not just end here. The remaining demonic beast had leapt into the small square, only a few hundred meters away from Tang Yu. Their number was still alarming.

A humanoid demonic beast with bloody-red flesh wings and horns on its heads led the demonic wave. Its speed was extremely fast. Its wings’ span covered a dozen or twenty meters.

Ordinary survivors couldn’t feel it, but the hunters inside the city walls were terrified. They could feel a powerful and vicious aura from the winged demonic beast.

This was a demonic killing monster.

Sometimes, a whole hunter squad encountered this level of demonic beast in the wild. Everyone was killed without any exception.

Every hunter, including those who joined and didn’t join the patrol team knew it in their hearts. Even if they combined their power, they had no chance of winning against the winged beast. Although the cannon’s destructive power was lethal, its charging speed was too slow. For a demonic beast with such a godly speed, it’s almost impossible for the cannon to hit it.

The beast roared-

The piercing sound almost tore their eardrums. The hunters were stunned as they saw a cloud of bloody red mist in the battlefield.

Blood mist?

What about the team destroying demonic monsters?

What happened in the battlefield? In the blink of an eye, how did the high-ranked demonic beast disappeared and only leaving a gradually dissipating blood mist?

They were confused. At that time there was another sound, the hunter with a sharp eyes saw a shadow flash in the air,

The invisible black shadow penetrated through many obstacles, leaving only a white mark in the air. At the end of the black shadow, a powerful demonic beast running at the frontline of the demonic wave exploded into a bloody mist.

The speed was too fast. It’s difficult for the hunters to see anything with their naked eyes.

They gazed closely at the a few demonic beasts and finally caught a glimpse of what just had happened.

Arrows penetrated from the head of the demonic beast. Under strong penetration and squeezing force, the entire demonic beast body was deformed, squeezed and completely burst, leaving only a bloody mist.

The arrow penetrated the demonic beast as if it was just a balloon.

Poked with a needle.

The ordinary survivors were speechless. Air was sucked into their wide open mouths, making them uncomfortable. But they were still staring closely at the scene. These people thought how could the demonic beast be this easy to be defeated?!

In front of the city wall.

Tang Yu felt distressed again. Could these building save some energy? Leave some loots for him?!


The most terrifying thing about the demonic wave was the quantity.

The power of the arrow tower and the cannons were certainly lethal. But some of the remaining beasts from the magic wave were still approaching the city wall.

Tang Yu retreated to the city wall, chose a location and constructed an arrow tower near his feet.

With the slowly rising arrow tower, Tang Yu jumped to it and he gently leaped onto the city walls.

Roger also leaped into the city walls with his sheer strength, leaving only the hunters and a few basic people on the ground.

The faces of those people instantly turned pale.


The demonic beasts rushed into the small square halfway up the hill, roared and soon ran into the city walls.

Some survivors were frightened, they were afraid that the city wall could not withstand the attack.

A survivor covered her eyes and glanced down silently, “Thank God the city wall is strong.”

“That’s wrong.” The sharp-eyed person shouted, frightening his fellow survivors.

The man pointed down, “Not only the city wall is strong, but it also broke the demonic beast’ claws!”

With so many demonic beasts, they were worried that the city wall couldn’t protect them. The demonic beasts had an incredibly sharp claws and strong bodies, so powerful that they could even trample on a building. They thought the city wall couldn’t hold them back.

Who would have thought that the demonic beasts rushed forward, slammed their body against the wall. The wall was remained unscratched, but the demonic beasts were injured and dizzy, some of them were trampled down by other demonic beast.

This was…a stampede.

Tang Yu felt his heart beat rapidly. Fortunately, he had climbed up to the city walls. What would happen if he stayed in the front line just to absorb some spirit power?

As the Lord of the Territory, the demonic beasts which were killed by defensive buildings, the spirit powers would still be absorbed by him although the absorbed amount was relatively small, probably only 10 or 20 percent which was already good enough for him.

On the city wall, Chen Haiping also began to organize the patrol members to fight back.

He had distributed the guns. Although these people had poor marksmanship skills, if the shooting range was this close, they didn’t even need to aim at all.

Da da da-

The muzzle of the guns spitted out flaming tongue, bullets burst onto the demonic beast, splattering its blood.

Lu Xiaopeng was surprised that these demonic beasts’ furs were really thick.

He who had just seen the arrow tower easily burst the demonic beasts into bloody red mist thought that these demonic beasts were relatively weak. But they’re not weak at all.

In dealing with ordinary demonic beast, an ordinary bullet couldn’t kill a demonic beast. Unless it hit its vital organs with multiple shots.

If it’s a double or triple awakened demonic beast, their skins were even more dense. Only a bullet from a sniper rifle could do the job properly.

Lu Xiaopeng looked at his side, Chen Haiping was carrying a sniper rifle, and he shot a bullet on a demonic beast with a strong aura. Blood burst as the bullet penetrated through its body. But the demonic beast didn’t die because the bullet didn’t hit its vital point. It just flinched and continue moving.

He looked at his other side, the arrow tower was still firing arrows continuously. Each arrow shut down a demonic beast. Occasionally, some demonic beasts were resistant. But even if they didn’t die from one arrow, the next arrow would finish the job.

This arrow tower wasn’t just extremely powerful, but it also aimed critical attacks. That was simply… Lu Xiapeng lost the words to describe it. Its abilities were so powerful. It left no demonic beast alive.

In the demonic wave, there were also some powerful beasts. When they leaped up to the city wall, they could cause casualties. Fortunately, Roger and two guard puppets defended a section of the city wall, him and the puppets slayed every demonic beast that leapt up.

Relying on the defense of the city wall and the shots from cannon and arrow tower, the demonic wave that was about to destroy the entire shelter was gradually wiped out.

The survivors slumped on the ground, thankful for their lives.

The patrol members also had their hands and feet trembling, they leaned on to the city wall and looked at the demonic beast carcasses on the ground below and still couldn’t believe what just happened.

The demonic wave attack was finally over.

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