My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 382



It was already the next day at noon when Tang Yu received the news from the Pingliang shelter.

“The speed is too slow, if it’s urgent information, it won’t arrive in time.”

At present, the most convenient way of contact was the follower contract contact, which was a special function that came with the top-level contract, and the contract developed by the territory itself could not do this.

The communication between the intelligence department in various regions was not much different from other large shelters. They were all hand-delivered… The difference was that those shelters were real human errands, while the information transmission between the intelligence departments relies on floating chariots.

It only takes a few minutes to traverse the entire Tiannan Province—without encountering danger.

However, Pingliang’s Intelligence Department is not equipped with a floating chariot. When the news was transmitted, the letter was first sent to another large shelter more than 100 kilometers away. Then the personnel of the intelligence department over there will drive the floating chariot to move the surrounding area. Then intel of several shelters was sent back to the headquarters.

Last night, one of the apprentice teams in Pingliang got a head-on combat with Final Cult. This kind of intelligence wasn’t a high priority, so the letter was not sent with a floating chariot.

Tang Yu felt it was too slow, but it’s better than having people delivering letters running for a day and a night from Pingliang to Tree Shade.

“Forget it…”

After reading the information from the Pingliang shelter, he opened the other letters and perused their contents.

Mostly related to the investigation of the “Final Cult”.

After reading it, Tang Yu frowned.

“There is still no clue about the cult stronghold, but the strength displayed is getting stronger and stronger… It seems that this cult is collecting experts, but what makes the top hunters side with the cult?”

In addition to Pingliang, there was another group of apprentices who have found clues to the cult.

In conjunction with the local shelter, they directly ghosted the cult’s nest in the city, with an even higher record than Sun Yu’s group.

Tang Yu took these apprentices who performed brilliantly and kept them in his mind… Depending on individual performance, the apprentices might enter the major regiments, enter the intelligence department, and enter other departments in the future.

“However, this batch of high-quality apprentices may be snatched away by the intelligence department.”

He heard other departments reflect that people from the intelligence department took advantage of the apprentice training period to pull in talents. The people who thought of this trick method were the real talents, and being an intelligence officer was a bit condescending.

After reading a dozen intelligences, Tang Yu picked up a fist-sized crystal ball.

The crystal ball does not look magnificent. On the contrary, the surface was a bit rough, like a cloudy glass ball. No one would pick it up even if it was thrown to the roadside.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this was the only thing recovered from the cult leader, it would not have attracted the attention of the Intelligence Department…

Tang Yu placed the crystal ball in his hand, staring intently at the end. After a moment, he took out an initial detection crystal and started testing it against the cloudy crystal ball.

[???? crystal ball] [Composition: ????] [Role: ????]

The detection result came up empty. Tang Yu was not surprised. The people from the intelligence department had already tried it long ago, which provoked his curiosity even more.

With a flip of his wrist, he took out an eight angle crystal stone that was larger than the previous one.

[Detection Crystal (Intermediate)]: Can perform deeper detection analysis on items/creatures, one-time use item.

Market price 500 spirit stones.

To him, the price was very cheap. He could buy as much as he wanted without the fear of being broke. However, there were some things that you couldn’t buy just because you wanted them.

The market refreshed item has never been regular. The probability of Detection Crystals (intermediate) showing up was not very high. Excluding those he had already consumed, he only had 20-30 intermediate detection crystals and 3 advanced detection crystals.

After all, he couldn’t buy them as he like 

“It would be great if I could buy the blueprints of the intermediate detection crystals. The market price of the basic crystals is 50. After the blueprints are available, the manufacturing cost is only 10 spirit stones. The materials are also very common.” 

It can be seen that the system market was very greedy.

Tang Yu subconsciously ignored the basic detection crystal he sold to hunters at 100 spirit stones price. He took the intermediate detection crystal on the cloudy ball and injected source power to activate it.

[Sub-Master Crystal Sphere (Sub)] [Composition: ?????] [Function: With the crystal ball (Master) as the core site, the expressed meaning can be transformed into spiritual power, and then through the crystal ball (Sub) transferred to other crystal balls and transformed into Language or text message within 500 kilometers range… The crystal ball (Sub) has a limited service life. When the crystal ball (Sub) is completely turbid, it will lose its special function and become an ordinary crystal ball.]

While the detection crystal analyzed it, Tang Yu’s eyes changed for a while as if there were countless streams of data crossing in his eyes.

Having opened the “Eye of Insight”, he instantly gained a deep understanding of this crystal ball that could transmit spiritual power.

“Good stuff–“

Tang Yu’s eyes glowed. Wasn’t this the transmission item he wanted the most?!

He injected the source power into the crystal ball (sub), controlled the source power and rotated the crystal ball a few regular turns. This was the analysis of the detection crystal and Eye of Insight’s analysis of the opening method.

With the naked eye, the fist-sized crystal ball glowed slightly and gradually stabilized – a sign of successful opening of the crystal ball.

The moment the spiritual power was dispersed and came into contact with the crystal ball (sub), a strange feeling appeared in his mind that there was a door at the other end of the distance, just waiting for him to push it open.

Tang Yu then went up and pushed it.

…nothing happened. He knocked again.

“The crystal ball (sub) function is restricted, including contact with other sub balls. It seems it needs to go through the consent of the master ball.”

While the electromagnetic waves are being jammed nowadays, this spiritual band transmission will undoubtedly become mainstream. If he had the tools and method of using the spiritual band to transmit information.

Initially, because his own leeks were robbed by others, Tang Yu took a brave step to combat the “Final Cult”. But now… with the existence of the master crystal ball, he has a million ways to find out the core stronghold of the cult.

The crystal ball (master) must be stored within the cult’s stronghold!

When thinking about pushing the cult stronghold and harvesting a lot of loot, Tang Yu’s face suddenly changed.

The crystal ball on the table was still open, his spiritual power still attached to the crystal ball. Even a few seconds ago, he also knocked on the door at the other end of the distance.

And at that moment, the door opened.

Unexpectedly…. A cold, majestic spiritual power, diffused out from the open door.

Instantly came into contact with his spiritual power.

Both of them were stunned.

The owner of the opposite spiritual power, sensing that Tang Yu’s spiritual power trait was different from his subordinates, realized the problem.

In an instant, the gloomy spiritual power that penetrated from within the gate became tumbling, like a continuous wave, lapping down toward the other end of the spiritual bridge.

Tang Yu’s face changed slightly.

The originally scattered spiritual energy instantly condensed into a single stream, like scattered soldiers forming a formation and charging towards the enemy under the leadership of the general.

The raging waves slapped down, and a sharp sword formed by the momentum of the charge struck through the waves and struck out.

But the wave stretched on and on, one wave higher than the other, the sword was constantly pounded, emitting a trembling chirping sound!

Tang Yu’s face turned red, his spiritual power exploded again, and he used his concentration method, a sharp sword made of spiritual power merged into a sword formation, fighting against the waves.

The sub-master crystal ball constructs the spiritual bridge.

A silent encounter erupted…

A few seconds later, blood dripped down from the corner of Tang Yu’s mouth, and his spiritual power retreated from the crystal ball (sub) strategically.


He was about to get Nancy, but the crystal ball on the table suddenly cracked… And, more and more cracks formed. A few seconds later, the entire crystal ball shattered with a bang, turning into a ground fragment.

Tang Yu was stunned.

Although not usable. This crystal ball has a very high research value.


It was a huge loss.

Why did he have to be so impulsive?!

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