My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 383


For a few days, Tang Yu was paying close attention to the situation of the Final God Cult, apart from cultivating and studying potions.

Several other groups of apprentice teams, as well as large shelters under the main responsibility of the Intelligence Department, have received news one after another.

The major shelters have deployed a lot of manpower to investigate this issue. Even if the Final God Cult hides deeply, there was still a lot of success.

The cult’s raid was blocked by the city’s defence forces, who had anticipated it. Killing most of the cultists immediately and even capturing some of them, but he heard that no information could be pried out.

The traitor that appeared among the high officials of the shelter was also uncovered several times.

The biggest one was the discovery and destruction of a stronghold of the Final Cult located in the wilderness. —It was a small village where over 500 cultists lived, not all of them hunters but also ordinary people working in production. All of them, without exception, were deeply brainwashed.

Some of the cultists were captured and even killed themselves on the spot.

In the hands of the major shelter, they all have a lot of clues about the Final Cult.

These clues were collected and were very helpful in understanding the cult and even inferring the search for the cult headquarters.

A meeting about the “final cult” unfolded in Yangcheng.


Yangcheng Shelter, one of the twenty-one large shelters in Tiannan Province.

It was first attacked by the “Final God Cult” and was also the area most severely poisoned by the cult.

Today, the gates of Yangcheng Shelter were open, and city guards can be seen patrolling the streets.


Yangcheng central office building, the highest level meeting.

Many giant figures arrived one after another.

“Minister Lan, it’s been a long time. That last batch of supplies was good, and our shelter wishes to continue trading.”

“Commander Gao, you have made another breakthrough. Congratulations!”

“Commander Ram, I heard that you recently discovered a red copper mine, can you… sell us some.”

During the conversation, a transaction worth hundreds of thousands of spirit stones was reached. 

“Tree Shade… the people from Tree Shade shelter are coming!” Someone whispered.

The hunter with sensitive hearing immediately looked toward the door.

Thirteen large shelters participated in the meeting this time. Tree Shade was the only non-large shelter.

In addition to the few shelters in Lindong and Hengcheng, the other shelter’s knowledge of Tree Shade was still limited to rumours.



Good equipment.

Some were skeptical of the rumours, and others were jealous of Tree Shade’s chances.

Wearing a corset black leather jacket, Lorraine walked in the forefront with her long legs. Following her were several Intelligence Department personnel, including Lan Qingya, and a group of martial arts school apprentices who were assisting in the investigation in Yangcheng.

A line of a dozen people walked into the conference room.

Lorraine’s aura didn’t explode. But the others had no restraint. The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Awakening aura mixed together. Making the hunter from other shelters couldn’t look away.

Indeed, Tree Shade had quite the strength. 

Lorraine and her group walked towards the location arranged by Yangcheng.

At this time, several hunters stopped in front of them.

The leader of the group, whose aura was at the peak of the Ninth level, burst out without reservation, causing the air around him to distort. He said in a deep voice, “Five days ago, the cloaked hunters who appeared within the Pingliang city, were they from Tree Shade?!”

The dozens of hunters stationed at the orphanage were knocked unconscious, but he didn’t ask about that. He was sure that it was Tree Shade’s doing. Those who were knocked unconscious didn’t realize who did it. When questioned, it looked as if they were weak.

He turned his anger into momentum and pressed towards the Tree Shade group… They suspected Tree Shade sent several cloaked men who appeared in the mirror backtracking. But the big men didn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe Tree Shade would send out top combat power so casually. 

Ninth Awakening hunters were also divided into three, six, or nine levels. Among which the strongest one was qualified to be called the top combat power. In the mirror that day, there were at least two people who can be called the power of this level.

This strong man was one of Pingliang’s top battle forces, he asked in a deep voice. At the same time, his eyes swept Lorraine and her party —as if trying to determine if one of the cloaked people was in this party.

Unexpectedly, the Pingliang’s strong man’s aura, who killed mountains of corpses and sea of blood mixed with Ninth Aura oppression, didn’t affect the Tree Shade. Even some of the Seventh Awakening people walking in the back had no change of expression.

Lorraine laughed lightly, her voice clear as a bell. “The person who appeared in your Pingliang asked me for my identity…? Might as well let me take over your Pingliang intelligence department. Anyway, your stuff is useless…”

Behind her, a martial arts school apprentice suppressed his laughter. 

The people from other shelters swept their gaze towards the Pingliang party with odd expressions.

The owner of the person who appears in their house doesn’t know the identity of the other party. If they want to talk about sneaking in, pretending to be… a large-scale shelter, even the intelligence on their own shelter was not good enough, which makes it hard to believe how they could investigate a cult.

Even if it were a spy, they could only swallow their bitterness if they can’t catch them.

The Tree Shade’s leader made sense. Isn’t a useless intelligence department should be taken over?

The top power of Pingliang just thought of this. His expression changed even uglier. His sight lingered for a moment on Lorraine’s face. “How dare you insult my shelter!” He shouted, suddenly rushing forward with his fist. His fist was carrying a strong wind. 

The faces of the other shelter’s representatives changed; apparently, no one expected that someone would start a fight in the middle of the meeting room.

Lorraine’s long brown hair was blown backwards by the strong wind and spread out like a flower in the sky. Her face did not change, her eyes did not blink, and she did not even move.

It was as if she was stunned.

The Yangcheng officials thought the young woman was in distress because they couldn’t sense a strong aura from her. As the representative of the Tree Shade shelter, things will be ugly if she gets attacked. As the conference organizer, Yangcheng should interfere.

His eyes saw it, but he couldn’t teleport to the leader of the Tree Shade in a short time. He could only watch as Pingliang expert’s huge fist got closer and closer to her beautiful face.

When he was just about to witness the destruction of such a beauty.



The strong wind blew the surrounding seats into disarray, and knife scratches were visible on the table top.

A pale, delicate arm and a sandbag-sized fist collided with each other.

The Yangcheng officer stared in disbelief.

It was not the Tree Shade leader who reacted, but, rather, another young woman standing at her side who struck out and deflected the incoming punch.

The young woman herself, did not move a muscle.

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