My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 384


The strong man who struck was stunned for a moment. But he didn’t stop. He raised his leg and swept out a foot.

His foot was still only halfway across the air when Lan Qingya already moved sideways up. Her fingers were like a knife around the arms, straight to the chest and abdomen.


The strong man was suffocated. His source power and blood stopped for a moment, his reaction became a bit slower, and his powerful leg sweep was slightly stiff.

There was a poke in his source power pool!

With a height of more than two meters tall, the strong man’s arms were thick and strong, covered with thick skin. His whole body was like a humanoid beast.

The 175 cm tall Lan Qingya was tall among women, but she looked petite standing in front of him. Her thighs were not as thick as the opponent’s arms, as if a giant and a weak little girl were standing together.

No matter what defence and attack move he makes, the strongman couldn’t keep up with Lan Qingya’s speed. He swayed like a large rag doll, accompanied by a muffled sound of fists and flesh clashing.


The strong man sat on his butt on the ground. Spider web cracks spread on the ground. 

Lan Qingya was holding back. Not for Pingliang, but if she didn’t hold back, the whole venue and even this building would collapse as a result. Moreover, they represented Tree Shade’s image. After all… Tree Shade has always been a civilized and friendly shelter.

Yangcheng’s officials were dumbfounded. 

The corners of the mouths of the other shelters officials twitched.

When Lan Qingya attacked, the fist wind did not leak at all, and the muffled noise was not very loud… They thought it was just a ‘friendly’ strike.

But once again, the Pingliang strong man sitting on the ground had been beaten up, and he didn’t react for a long time. The red blood leaked from the corner of his mouth… Anyway, it looked like he suffered quite serious injuries.

The other Pingliang rushed forward and burst out their aura.

The entire conference room was once again swept by a gale. The chairs and table were knocked down.

But large-scale armed fighting did not break out…

The Yangcheng principal, with a group of experts, stopped in the middle of the two sides.


He looked at Pingliang’s people with an unfriendly face, and his aura had locked them from afar.

The Pingliang’s people were even more agitated. Obviously, they were the ones being injured. Why were they the ones being reprimanded?

The other shelters also discourage the fight. But they all gazed as if it was Pingliang’s fault, not Tree Shade. 

—But they were the ones who were beaten… right?

A few of Pingliang’s strongest men wailed inwardly, but they could only carry the injured hunter to the side and no longer dared to blow up. They could only cower honestly in the corner.

After stopping the fight, the Yangcheng principal turned his head and climbed up with Lan Qingya, Lorraine and others.

The difference in treatment made the people of Pingliang in the distance had their faces gloomy for a while, and they felt that they had no human rights.

If the Yangcheng principal knew the inner drama of the people of Pingliang, surely they would say… weak scum has no human rights whatsoever.

The previous tall man from Pingliang was probably stronger than them, but he was beaten like this. Even so, under the attack of the Tree Shade, the Pingliang strong man still appeared to be defenseless.

From beginning to end, only one trait was displayed.


Scum to the core!

You were the one who caused the trouble first. It’s a good thing that you weren’t beaten to death.

The thought of Pingliang’s hunter aura broke out unscrupulously and messed up the conference room. He didn’t get out of his anger. If it wasn’t for the organizer, he had to restrain himself. He wanted to personally throw the Pingliang hunter out.

The person in charge of Yangcheng glanced at Pingliang with an uncomfortable expression. It was clear that the truth was not that the giant of Pingliang was too weak, but that the Tree Shade woman was too strong.

From the beginning to the end, she was able to perform well. Making people uncertain about her true strength and awakening stage.

Maybe comparable to the top battle power?

Or even higher?

The Yangcheng master did not know that the Pingliang giant was one of the top combatants of the Pingliang Shelter, nor did he know that the level of awakening of Lan Qingya was still a little behind the peak of the Ninth level.

The so-called three-six-nine levels of the Ninth Peaks, one was the difference in martial arts sophistication, and the other was the difference in ability.

Those who are reputed as the top battle power mostly possess special abilities excellent at fighting. However, what Lan Qingya showed, regardless of strength or speed, she was not even a star and a half from the usual Ninth Awakening peak.

Yangcheng officers can’t figure it out.

Except for a few shelters, such as Lindong and Hengcheng, who had in-depth communication with TreeShade, other hunters from all over the world could not understand the gap was so huge.

They looked at the leader of the Tree Shade, the brown-haired woman whose aura was collected and did not strike, and they became even more doubtful.

The young woman, who was said to be the head of the intelligence department, was so strong… could it be that she has broken through the boundary of the Ninth Awakening and touched the last realm of the Awakening Order?

All parties were secretly thinking.


The rubble in the meeting room was soon cleared away, the tables and chairs were also replaced with new ones. In addition to the cobwebby cracks, no one could see that there was once a top-level battle here.

The deal and other off-topic talk were quickly discussed.

The meeting started to get to the point, exchanging and exchanging information about the “Final Cult” from all sides.

Hopefully, the Cult’s lair can be locked and destroyed in one fell swoop!


After the Yangcheng meeting, Lorraine drove the floating chariot back to the territory first, and Tang Yu soon got about the content of the meeting.

Indeed, the power of large shelters can’t be underestimated. Perhaps in high-end power, they couldn’t be compared with the territory, but they had huge gaps in talents.

Although the core base of the “Final Cult” has not yet been discovered, the veil shrouding the Cult has been gradually lifted.

After listening to Lorraine’s report, Tang Yu frowned, “Are you saying that things like the Pingliang Orphanage being looted are not isolated cases?”

Some large shelters were tightly covered, or the cults caused little movement. The intelligence personnel hiding in the local area also failed to learn the news. It was not until the meeting that the major shelters were attacked by the Cult or found clues to the Cult.

“Not only looting official orphanages, but also targeting individual children. The targets are irregular. Children who are suspected of being looted have high aptitudes. There have also been many cases of disappearance of hunters in the wild, but it is not the Cult. It’s impossible to say what the Cult does.”

“In response to this, other shelters speculate that the “Final Cult” is the work of one or several Fourth Age powerhouses to improve their own strength through blood sacrifice, and with the strength of Fourth Age powerhouses, they are capable of netting Eight or Ninth Awakening. 

There is also a theory that the leader of the “Final Cult” has obtained a certain powerful secret treasure which can take away other people’s natural talents and improve their own qualifications… hearing the treasure’s talent is bound to make many hunter masters rush. This was valid speculation, but it’s still a speculation.” 

Lorraine casually brushed her hair. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail hanging down to her right shoulder, making her look less spirited, more charming and elegant.

When reporting on her work, her long and slender legs closed together. Her black leather jacket and leather pants completely outline the curve of her delicate figure, and her delicate body was slightly leaning forward as if she were a naughty secretary.

Tang Yu faintly expressed his respect, feeling the need for a few bottles of nutritional express to replenish the deprived body… he must have been too tired from last night’s practice.

He gave a dry cough.

And thought of the spiritual encounter before… Across the bridge constructed by the crystal ball and the person behind the curtain.

The person behind the curtain … may not be the Cult leader, but it must also be one of the Final God Cult senior. From a short spiritual encounter, Tang Yu can clearly feel the strength of the other party.

In terms of spiritual power, Tang Yu thinks he was no worse than an ordinary Awakening Order Awakening Great Perfection – this was the advantage of a solid foundation and spirit stones.

But on that day, even after choosing to strategically retreat, Tang Yu had to admit that the spiritual power of the person on the other end was stronger than his.

No, it was far more than him.

The two relied on the media to confront each other, and the spirit power they could input was limited. If it was face-to-face, the spiritual power would be exposed to the battle, he might not be able to support it for a few seconds, and he would be traumatized.

If it is a modern person who got the secret treasure… Tang Yu will have to admit that the other party was more open than him.

If it is a person of the Fourth Age with Great Perfection, half-step Transcendent or even… 

He shook his head. Even after unveiling a part of the “final cult”, it still feels mysterious.

Seeing him come back from his contemplation, Lorraine tentatively asked, “Um about that, can my debt be forgiven?”

Tang Yu glanced at her, “The vice minister of intelligence earns three thousand a week, and the debt you owe at present, there are still thirty-five thousand spirit stones, do the math yourself.”

Lorraine calculated with her fingers. With her barely passing grade in the crash course in arithmetic, she calculated for ten seconds, and then her facial expression changed. “My Lord…”

“My Lord~”

She pretended to look pitiful.

Tang Yu was not moved.

Which is more important, money or beauty? Of course, it’s money!

He glanced twice toward the bulging breasts and thought so.


The Final God Cult was left to the intelligence department, with the assistance of the martial arts school apprentices.

Tang Yu continued to be a cultivation nerd.

Every day in the cultivation room and research room, drinking boxes of auxiliary potion, swallowing a lot of high purity spirit stones, he just needs one more thing to complete the set, special rice. 

The days spending at home always pass quickly.

On the fifth day after the meeting in Yangcheng, the first batch of crystal jade rice finally ripened. Tang Yu could not resist eating three big bowls, and that night the cultivation drive could not be finished.

He is already at the Twelfth Awakening Stage.

With Eye of Insight’s observation, the daily cultivation speed progressed from 5% to 8%. With a sufficient supply of resources, it only takes 2 or 3 days to cross the last level of the Awakening Stage and then touch the mountain of Transcendence.

Hunters with better aptitudes, even if they have sufficient nutrition, their daily cultivation progress was less than 1%.

Tang Yu was satisfied with this.

“Shay in the Yangtze River Delta also recently occupied a spirit stone mine, which happens to produce ice-based high purity spirit stones. Just in time to send them to Elaine together.”

The spirit stone mine made from the convergence of source power essence in the air and earth was far rarer than he imagined. 

The territory continues to expand and explore outward, currently occupies only three spirit stone mines. There was no even news of other mines. On one hand, it was rare, but some shelters also hid it deeply. 

The territory happens to be built next to the spirit stone mines. Tang Yu can only lament his initial Emperor’s luck outburst.

But it was only at the beginning…

Three source crystal mines in the territory produced high-purity fire attribute spirit stones, and one in Tiannan Province not far away was difficult to mine and produced earth attribute spirit stones. The Earth attribute spirit stones have little effect. None of his followers was of the Earth attributes, so he would not bear it even if it was sold at a high price to cultivate for others.

“Perhaps it can be exchanged with a power that has a spirit stone mine?”

Spirit stone mines, secret realms and other secrets are generally hidden and not shared by several forces. But if he had an earth ability spirit stone as a knocker, it’s not impossible to exchange it with other types. 

The spirit stone mine that Shay and the others had just occupied in Yangtze Delta was an ice attribute spirit stone. 

Tang Yu had already taken the Voyage and made a trip to Yangtze River Delta to establish a sub territory next to the spirit stone mine. While the sub territory at resource point no.1 was cancelled by him, the defensive building wouldn’t disappear. But the repair would be troublesome.

With the help of the spirit stone mine and crystal jade rice, the time that Elaine needs to polish the bottleneck can be greatly shortened.

The northern court pushed to the foreground, that breakthrough to Transcendent martial arts master. He knew aside from edible source crops, they must have quite a lot of high purity spirit stones.

Perhaps there were other treasures.

“But the cultivation room in the Northern Court should not be able to compare with mine. The level of making rune equipment, although far higher than the general shelter, but also can not compare with the Tree Shade’s production…”

These were the information that Gray Blade learned in the Northern Court.

The scale of the production line was already expanding, and Tang Yu intends to wait for the stock to accumulate to a certain level before he makes a strong entry into the equipment market in Northern Court.

Use this to occupy a place in a short period of time.


Time was like flowing water, and the palm of your hand could only hold it for a moment.

Cultivation room.

Tang Yu slowly exhaled a breath of turbid air, ending today’s cultivation. He stood up, ran the “Eye of Insight”.

A stream of data flashed under his eyes. After looking down and gazing at it, the cultivation progress had surfaced in his eyes.

99% of the Twelfth Awakening.

‘Today, I can break through the Thirteenth Awakening in one fell swoop!’

Having cultivated continuously for five hours, Tang Yu walked out of the second cultivation room, ready to calm down for a while, and then put in all his strength to rush into the final stage.

At this time, he received a contract message from Lorraine.

The location of the Cult’s headquarters had been locked!

It was in a big mountain more than two hundred kilometers away from Yangcheng… In order not to alert the snake, the major shelters decided not to probe deep into the mountain but to directly assemble their teams, surround the mountain, and eliminate the Cult.

The time was set for two days later.

“After staying at home for so long, it’s time to go out and move my body, and then get the master-sub crystal ball….” Tang Yu murmured.

Suddenly turning his head, he sensed a familiar aura.

Wearing a long light blue dress, Elaine was standing by the door.

The morning sun shining down from the window on her full smiling face, cheeks with two small dimples. Her eyes were as bright as sapphire, blinking. Her lips slightly open seems to be impatient to share the joy.

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