My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 385

[Target: Elaine] [Qualification: A++ (Natural talent demon, compared to you… you are still a curly-haired baboon)

[Level: Awakening Stage Grand Perfection 10000% (critical)] [Job: Frost Mage (advanced job, rare legacy, the only inheritor)] [Skills: ice prism, ice storm, ice crystal shield, frost fall, ice path, instantaneous step, a thousand miles of ice, extreme cold permafrost …… (master more than thirty spells and all proficient, in terms of number and depth of sophistication, you are completely trampled)] [Physical condition: height 165cm, weight 45kg… the following eight hundred words are omitted for indescribable description)]

Elaine has been in retreat for more than a month. Not in the castle, but in the mountain’s number one cultivation sanctuary retreat. So, they haven’t seen each other for a long time.

During this period of time, he either let the puppets cook automatically or do it yourself and occasionally ask the hotel to send them… It’s been a long time since he has tasted Elaine’s supreme cooking skills.

Tang Yu felt a little hungry.


He blurted out, “Are you sure about the breakthrough?”

Un.” Elaine nodded her head.

“Then it’s not too late, let’s break through today, I’ve prepared all the materials you need.”


Elaine’s natural talent was high, A++. Tang Yu was curious how many ‘+’ could be the highest after qualification.

But in the end, it can’t be compared to Nancy.

S-class Nancy doesn’t need to cultivate, no need to become an adult, she can directly enter the Transcendent… The biggest difference was Nancy’s body contains an extremely terrifying energy. She doesn’t need effort to breakthrough the last stage of transcendent partition.

This was also one of the reasons why Nancy had a hasty breakthrough in the first place, but it still went smoothly.

Tang Yu asked Kevin to temporarily set up a source gathering formation for Elaine at the number one holy place.

With two hundred thousand spirit stones laid as the chassis, together with the rune array underneath the No. 1 cultivation sanctuary, when Elaine broke through, the source gathering formation directly extracted two hundred thousand spirit stones which could greatly increase the concentration of source power around.

Another hundred pounds of cooker crystal jade rice, hundreds of high purity ice spirit stones this already existing in the territory.

Supplemented with various potions to maintain the state and protect the spirit and source power pool to ensure that the rush was foolproof.

For Elaine, Tang Yu was confident.

At the moment, a decisive battle with the “Final God Cult” may be launched.

The locked location of the “Final Cult” headquarters was only two or three hundred kilometers away from the territory. For the transcendentals, I’m afraid it won’t take more than one hour to make the round trip.

The threat was too great.

This chaotic evil cult cut off his leeks and even uprooted them. It doesn’t match his philosophy, so he needs to eradicate them for good.

Tang Yu intends to personally lead the Investigation Corps and the newly established Fire Horse Knights to besiege the “Final God Cult”, with his “Eye of Insight”, and bring some intermediate detection crystals. He believes that when scavenging the spoils of war, he won’t miss some hidden treasures.

Especially the crystal ball (master) that can be transmitted spiritually.

Nancy, Elaine, Yan Dingtian… they’re the territory’s most cutting-edge battle force, so he had no reason to leave them behind. Plus, he himself can be comparable to 0.9 transcendent. Tang Yu thinks the safety was okay.

All things were ready. He just needed Elaine to breakthrough.

He took a deep breath and prepared to absorb the fire attribute high purity spirit stones and enter the Thirteenth Awakening in one fell swoop.


Every breakthrough was a double sublimation of body and soul, so soothing that one wants to moan.

Tang Yu was looking forward to the real transformation into the transcendental realm and what kind of scenery it will be.

But… it’s still a bit far away.

The members of the investigating corps from missions have returned one after another, and the fire horse knights were also ready to go. Except for some fire horses, they were transported to the Yangtze River Delta through the teleportation array. The territory headquarters here has formed a knight group of three hundred people!

The three Carmen brothers, their legacy was the advanced job “Heroic Knights”. They were good at cooperating with mounts… The strongest fire horse was Seventh Awakening.

Single-handedly, it couldn’t exert all of Carmen brothers’ strength. But as an arrow, it could make three hundred knights the size of cavalry!

Carmen’s third boy was also asked by Shay to go… Shay didn’t want to go out on his own and even poached away from the only remaining assistants.

Only eldest Carmen was left alone at the Extreme Martial Arts School in Luoxia.

Especially the recently joined new apprentices with high cultivation levels were going out on missions, and even no one could help.

Tang Yu even felt a little pitiful.

The contract information was another shock.

Tang Yu opened it and saw the 99+ unread message on the contact column of Carmen’s boss and silently retracted his previous thoughts.

He planned to transfer two male followers from the Yangtze River Delta and then transfer the two female followers who followed Fannie to move over. Now… well, he should slow down.

He heard that the pressure of work can best stimulate a person’s potential.

The team finished preparing and was scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon at a large shelter adjacent to Yangcheng, Shancheng City Shelter, which was said to produce many high-quality logs.

Shancheng City was also the closest large shelter to the cult’s headquarters, just under 100 kilometers.

After the rendezvous at Shangcheng City, then they set off for the large mountain that had been locked into position.

Two days were given, apparently taking into account that some shelters were far away and would take a short time to get there.

For Tree Shade, there would be plenty of time, and it would take less than an hour to travel to Shangcheng City by aeroplane.

Tang Yu can still continue to house in the territory… and prepare for some time.

He refreshes the market and equips the crowd with some life-preserving rune scrolls.


Time passed, and while he waited, Kevin suddenly brought good news. Tang Yu immediately rushed to the equipment manufacturing factory area.

“Nancy’s weapon blueprint design came out?”

In the workshop, he was more or less surprised.

Nancy could coalesce armor and weapons with her Ghost’s power. But she could still use weapons to wear armor – her companion equipment, a type of energy equipment, could either be used alone or attached to weapon armor to increase its power.

What Tang Yu entrusted Kevin to design was a Transcendent weapon that was powerful enough for Nancy to use.

Those who have the ability to design and build transcendent weapons were qualified to be called equipment masters.

Kevin has only made three transcendent weapons in the ten years since he became a master, which shows the difficulty of casting this level of equipment… And now, just over a month since Nancy was summoned, a design drawing took shape, so Tang Yu had to be surprised.

Kevin stroked his long white beard, his face could not hide his excitement, but still very modestly said, “Well well, it’s all thanks to My Lord for those books of runic language, so I have made a lot of progress during this time.”

He treated it like a treasure and brought a piece of thick leather paper about A2 size, made of high-grade demonic beast fur. The drawing was placed on the wide workbench and slowly spread out.

Tang Yu took a step closer to look at it.

On the blueprint, he can roughly see the appearance of a broad-edged sword. The sword was composed of countless twists and turns, as small as tadpoles. —Each tadpole rune was extremely complicated. The originally mysterious rune patterns have been condensed to the extreme in this blueprint.

The archer’s office is…

Hot rooms in front of…

Some of the more difficult jobs…

After staring at it for a while, Tang Yu became dizzy. Shaking off his head, he averted his gaze but saw Kevin take out another long box.

Once the box was opened, there was a depressing power that emanated from a silver-white arm bone inside the box.

“Calamity Great Sword’s main material was this arm, but do not underestimate it. According to my analysis, the owner of the arm bone is strong and was at the second stage of Transcendent. Every drop of blood, every piece of hair are extremely precious materials… This silver-white arm bone also condensed the essence of that Transcendent. With this as the main material and a variety of high-level minerals, you can maximize the arm bone of the dark energy out. The energy can be used as a weapon, which can be used by Miss Nancy before entering the second stage to increase the combat power by two to three percent. It’s not impossible to say.”

At this point, Kevin was very stunned, and the white beard was about to curl up.

But then, he shook his head, “The main material as the core of the blueprint is relatively easy to draw. But manufacturing it myself would at least take three or five months. It’s far from being able to compare with my Lord’s workshop.”

Finally, Kevin blew a wave, Tang Yu was very satisfied.

After taking the blueprint and the silver-white arm bone away, Tang Yu ordered the logistics department to send the other materials marked on the “Calamity Greatsword” blueprint.

Such as secret silver marrow liquid, Moiré Fine Gold, Tuo iron was extremely precious. It can be used as the main core material of A-grade rune weapons.

On the “Calamity Greatsword”, however, it can only serve as a trivial ingredient.

The more Tang Yu looked at it, the more satisfied he was.

No matter what, it would be a divine weapon if it was made of huge chunks of spirit stones.

He came to the workshop, entered the blueprint into it, and the black box was activated.

There was only one blueprint for the “Calamity Sword”, which was much easier than making an airplane.

Surprisingly, after putting in the materials, the Great Sword of Calamity was not immediately transported out. Instead, the light screen next to the black box showed a progress bar of ‘in progress’.

The progress bar lasted about ten seconds before Tang Yu saw a silvery-white two-handed sword with a black hilt appear at the other end of the black box.

The blade of the sword can be seen vaguely, inscribed with rows of arcane runes.

When he picks it up and weighs it, there was no question of it being too heavy or too light. A weapon of this level can change its weight depending on the amount of source power injected.

However, the moment his palm touched the hilt of the sword, Tang Yu sensed an extremely dense dark energy that resonated with the source energy in his body. The sea of source energy boiled up in an instant.

A surge of power wanted to gush out.

Without even thinking about it, Tang Yu turned his wrist and swept his sword blade across. In an instant, thick dark energy erupted from the sword blade, turning into a column of energy and blasting out in front.


The sturdy wall of the fifth level workshop was blown out by a big hole.

Looking out along the hole in the wall, a hundred-meter-long gully, winding beyond the garden. The surrounding ground eroded by the dark energy, becoming as black as ink, farther away the beautiful flowers all bent down and withered grey.

Surprised, Elaine and Nancy in the castle immediately flew out.

Four eyes were facing each other.

The scene was very awkward.

Tang Yu: “……”

He didn’t want to take the blame for this. It was clearly the “Great Sword of Calamity” that did it!


Shancheng City, military camp outside the city.

This was the area that was deliberately set aside by the Shancheng City Shelter for all the shelters to repair.

In order to facilitate the departure tomorrow morning for the big mountain where the “Final God Cult” is located, the regiments from the major shelters will need to spend the night outside of Shancheng City – not allowed to enter the city, Shancheng City was afraid about attracting wolves into the house – even if this is not very likely.

“Probably the hotels in Shancheng City can’t afford to accommodate so many people with their daily and weekly rooms.”

The airplane landed more than twenty kilometers away from Shancheng City and then Tang Yu, Elaine, Nancy and a dozen other followers plus the investigation corps that came with five hundred people, as well as three hundred people from the Knights of the Fire Horse, a total of more than seven hundred people, came to Shancheng City.

The number of people was quite a lot, but compared to other large shelters, it may not be enough for a tenth.

When Tang Yu arrived, there were already several large shelters on the scene. In the area divided by Shancheng City, they set up camp. A field military tent was set up, people come and go, it looks like a small gathering place.

Shancheng City promised to sell a certain amount of food. Many vendors in the shelter saw business opportunities also flocked out of the city. They sold supplies and specialities. 

But the major shelters rarely buy. 

It’s impossible to trust food to outsiders. Tang Yu looked around and saw large trucks carrying food and other supplies. 

It was also the first time he saw such a spectacular scene.

The real legion of hunters was no longer the previous mix of ordinary soldiers and hunters. 

At least five or six thousand, and some were more than ten thousand. 

The aura was entangled together, like a hot pot with various ingredients, very tasty.

When Tang Yu arrived, he drew frequent glances from other shelters. Mainly from the 300 cavalrymen riding on fire horses. Their manes fluttered like flames with the wind, which surprised them.

This was the first time he had seen an established cavalry regiment.

Although the number of people was small, they were indeed elite. A lot of people were measuring the strength of the Tree Shade in their hearts.


The two regiments of hunters were instructed to set up camp.

Tang Yu idly strolled around and walked towards Lindong’s camp.

The leader of the team was an old acquaintance, Zhou Zhenglei. During this period of time investigating the “Final Cult”, Zhou Zhenglei did not stop running to Tree Shade, and Tang Yu could see that Old General Lu intended to train Zhou Zhenglei as his successor.

Before arriving at the camp in Lindong, Zhou Zhenglei also arrived on the news.

He was wearing a colourful combat suit, walking with striped pants. His strength seems to have improved again.

Zhou Zhenglei arched his hand, “Director Tang, how are you?”

“Chief Zhou…”

Into the Lindong camp, Ancestral Dragon warriors figure everywhere was busy. According to Zhou Zhenglei, this time, Lindong came with a total of five thousand people. Tang Yu perceived the strength of these people. They weren’t weak; they had orders and quite iron-blooded. 

Next to an unknown shelter. Although there were many people, the strengths were uneven. In contrast, Lindong was also considered strong among the major forces.

Wandering around and returning to the campsite belonging to the Tree Shade, the field tent has been set up by this time.

The logo of Tree Shade is drawn on it, a practical and comfortable field tent.

Tang Yu got into one of the luxury tents, Elaine and Nancy lived next door to him… in the tent.

One after another, the caravans of the major shelters also arrived at Shancheng City.

Outside, the walls of Shencheng City was bustling with activity.

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