My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 386


This time, those who participated in the siege of the Final God Cult were a total of 18 parties from various forces. Some shelters joined the siege only after the Yangcheng meeting.

Some of the shelters joined the siege only after the meeting in Yangcheng. Not all of these forces came from Tiannan Province, and a few came from the neighbouring province, Xilin.

The area of activity of the “Final God Cult” was located in the western part of Tiannan Province. Xilin Province was also affected, but the eastern part of Tiannan Province was not much affected. Including Jingcheng, several shelters did not participate in the operation to eliminate the cult. However, Tang Yu seems to have heard that Yangcheng initially approached Jingcheng, but seems to have mentioned that “Tree Shade also participated in the operation” and then Jingcheng, led by eight families, refused.

What can he say? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

After the arrival of all the forces, the organizer of the fight against evil, Yangcheng, held a pre-war meeting.

This kind of meeting of little value, Tang Yu wasn’t really interested in. He said he was just a symbolic leader and continued to push the chores to Lorraine.

After some bullshit, not long after, Lorraine re-entered the camp with an obscure look.

Mpphh! All the content is useless. I will not participate in this kind of meeting next time!”

“1000 spirit stones.” Tang Yu glanced at it and said back indifferently.

Lorraine looked solemn and bowed deeply with her legs closed together. “No matter what meeting there is next time, please make sure I can attend, I like meetings the most.”

Then Lorraine said, “The meeting was basically about the distribution of the spoils after the elimination of the “final god cult”. Many shelters believe that the cult has at least one powerful secret treasure in its hands, in order to fight for the spoils, many people at the meeting fought to the death but finally decided to eliminate the cult, and then talk about other stuff… … That is, the process of eliminating evil, such topics like who grabbed what obviously not that important.”

She skimmed and said.

“And then tomorrow, according to clues, the location of the headquarters of the final god cult pointed to the crescent mountain. But because of fear of alarming the snake, Yangcheng did not send people deep into the crescent mountain. So it is impossible to determine the specific location of the cult headquarters. So Yangcheng proposed that tomorrow, the major shelters, respectively spread in the crescent mountain in all directions, deep into the mountain to ensure that the cultists have nowhere to escape. “

Mount crescent was not large.

Eighteen shelter forces, a total of more than 100,000 hunters, it would not be difficult to surround Mount Crescent.

Only, Tang Yu felt that these people… were they a little too optimistic?

The level of secrecy of this joint operation was very high. People who joined the operation didn’t know they were going to exterminate the cult but to jointly explore a newly developed secret realm. Only a very small number of shelters high level knew about Mount Crescent and the purpose of the operation.

But after all, the operation was so powerful that there are no traitors from the “Final God Cult” among the top brass.

Shaking his head.

Tang Yu didn’t deny this strategy was much more efficient. By going into different directions to find the exact location of the headquarters, at least someone would eventually run into the cult experts, and the combat noise would occur.


The night was getting slightly cooler.   

The wind rustled.

Tang Yu did not sleep. He cultivated in the tent all night, only to feel… the efficiency was too bad! Five, six, seven, eight hours of cultivation and the progress was even less than 0.5%. Next time he went out, he wouldn’t choose to cultivate!    

When lifting the tent door, the sky outside was already slightly light.

Counting the time since the doomsday, it would be winter soon. The sky has a thin layer of small snow drifting down.

It wasn’t that cold yet, but exhaling his breath exudes white mist before gradually dissipated in the air. Tang Yu wondered if he could develop a sword move to spit fire?

It’s still quite amazing.

Unfortunately, he still needed to acquire the combat skill first, repair to the proficiency degree and even perfect control before he had enough insights to create new moves.


Outside the tent, Sky has organized the members of two regiments in batches for breakfast with Tree Shade compressed food as the menu. It tasted quite good. Just a few mouthful bites would maximize a hunter’s energy. It’s also useful in indulging power in combat.

A dozen other camps were equally busy.

Soon, the army started to move.

Shangcheng City was only less than a hundred kilometers from the crescent mountain. The most dangerous on the way was probably the three or four areas. The hunter army pushed all the way. Not long after, they came to the foot of the crescent mountain.

The top of the mountain was very sharp and has a slight curvature like a crescent moon, hence the name.

Yangcheng once again summoned the top brass of the shelters to discuss the direction of the attack.

This time, Tang Yu did not give Lorraine the opportunity to earn spirit stones and attended personally.


Inside the tent, at a glance, there were familiar faces such as Zhou Zhenglei, as well as Hengcheng and other shelter chiefs or military chiefs. Also, he saw Yangcheng’s director for the first time, a middle-aged man with a majestic face and a very strong aura.

Wearing silver and white armor, he was powerful and said to be the first person in Yangcheng’s battle power.

Yangcheng’s director pointed to a detailed map covering the area around Mount Yueyang, which had been roughly divided into eighteen areas, just like a cake cut into eighteen pieces from the center.

It was up to each party to choose.

Some of the shelters hoped that the one they chose would be lucky enough to discover the cult headquarters, while others looked to the Yangcheng director and Tang Yu.

Yangcheng and Tree Shade were the two strongest recognized among the eighteen forces.

Before the end of the world, there was a saying that as the second-largest city in the south of the country, with a large population, Yangcheng’s strength after the end of the world was far beyond the average large-scale shelter.

That’s why they had the ability to pull the strings of major shelters.

Only a few hundred people come from Tree Shade. But several large shelters such as Lindong and Hengcheng were pushing Tree Shades. And after seeing Pingliang and Tree Shade fought the other day, no one dared to underestimate them.

Lindong’s strength was not weak. They can be ranked third. Someone in the tent was already asking Zhou Zhenglei’s opinion.

Zhou Zhenglei pondered for a while but turned his head to Tang Yu and asked, “Director Tang, which way are you going?”

There were eighteen roads with complicated and flat mountains, but to the hunters, it didn’t matter.

Tang Yu glanced at it and casually pointed to a relatively gentle route.

As soon as Zhou Zhenglei saw it, he immediately stretched out his hand and pointed to the adjacent route on the left side of Tree Shade’s route, as if he was afraid of being robbed, “Then we’ll take this road.”

The others were surprised.

They contemplated, frowning and gazing, was there something special about the route Lindong chose? Is the cult headquarters on this route?

At this point, the director of Hengcheng squeezed forward and slapped his bushy palm on the map, “We in Hengcheng will go… go to…” He hastily changed his palm into a finger and pointed to the route on the right side of the Tree Shade, “Right. That’s the one!”

Shuohu, Huiyang, Nanqing, several shelters reacted half a beat slower and were suddenly baffled.

“Wait, we in Nanqing want to go this way.”

“This route is our Huiyang’s!”


A route choice that clearly had little dispute of interest erupted into a fierce argument.

Yangcheng and other shelter executives looked dumbfounded. It feels like… there must be an unspeakable secret between these forces!

The argument did not take long and was finally settled, Lindong and Hengcheng’s route just on both sides of the Tree Shade. Shuohu and Nanqing were next door, only Huiyang, a little far apart.

The leader of the army, looking at Shuohu with a dark expression.

Zhou Zhenglei wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead and sighed in faint relief.

Before arriving here, General Lu had urged that they shouldn’t stay too far from Tree Shade. This was a matter of the safety of thousands of warriors, but fortunately, they started early.


After the route was selected, the eighteen forces detoured from the chosen location into the mountains.

Each shelter with a number of a couple thousand people had the task to blockade the crescent mountain to prevent the cultist from escaping.

Walking in the mountain, the grass and trees are lush, dozens of hunters of the Investigation Corps holding war knives in front of them to open the way. The path opening skill has been ordered to the MAX. They were very familiar with it. They walked through the place and cleared out a path.

Some of the spies who are good at speed and concealment stepped on branches and shuttled between the tall trees. Scouting for the team just in case the Final God Cult really had the intention of withdrawing.

Tang Yu doesn’t think so.

If there were Transcendental in the Final God Cult, then they had no reason to evacuate. Not every person among the 100.000 joined forces were brave. Transcendent beings weren’t ordinary human lives. Once the deaths and injuries exceed 30%, no matter how well-trained they were, they will surely flee. Many of the hunters in the joint forces were recruited after the end of the world.

The “Final God Cult” pays to have the strength to eat the coalition forces, and it is likely to fight back, but they certainly don’t know that there is extraordinary in the coalition forces. “There

The “Final Cult” pays itself the strength to eat the joined army and will probably fight back, but they surely don’t know that there were Transcendents in the coalition army.”

There was more than one.

Tang Yu looked back at Elaine and Nancy.

In addition to the Transcendents, there were Sky, Lorraine, Fanny, Red Moon, Carmens, Bamboo Rat Oguri, Winnie. All of them were at Twelfth, Thirteenth, and even Great Perfection Awakening.

Most of the territory’s high-end battle force was out. Only Roger stayed behind. 

Tang Yu wasn’t worried about accidents in the territory. There were contractual links, there were Town Portal Scrolls. In case a big accident occurs, he was able to rush back. 

The size of the luxurious expert group was to deal with the possible existence of the cult experts.

“However, how come the high-end battle force seems to be all girls?”

Recalling the vaguely odd and admiring gaze of the other shelter executives, Tang Yu realized only after a bit of hindsight that this lineup of his own seemed a bit mocking.


After walking for ten minutes, in addition to the investigation corps hunters in front to open the road, from time to time to kill the attack of the demonic beasts and mutated beasts. But they haven’t seen the cultists.

Suddenly Tang Yu’s gaze fell on the ground not far away.

He took a few steps forward, looking at the withered flower, and then looking around, the lush leaves were a bit yellowish. And as the wind blew, the dead leaves rolled down.

With source power nourishment, flowers and trees were extremely prosperous. Even if the temperature drops again and again, it also does not affect the outside lush scene. But Tang Yu always feels the foliage in the crescent mountain was a little absent. As if the vitality was not enough. 

It’s too weird to be true. 

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