My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 387


Deep in the crescent mountain.

Withered scenes were more frequently seen, the dry earth was strewn with cracks. Although there were still many withered trees still standing tall, it gave a desert bleakness and dead silence.

A quiet village, nestled within the Crescent Mountains, with layers of small two- and three-story buildings, built right next to the mountains in a terraced shape.

Smoke curled up.

There weren’t any demonic beasts close around either. It was a calm and peaceful village, but if someone could see the people in the village, they would inevitably frown.

Some people wear black robes and masks, some with indifferent faces, walking in a hurry, more just ordinary villagers, full of fervor like devotees.


The east end of the village.

Two Fourth Awakening hunters were wearing retro tawny robes hiding under the shade of a tree. Looking at the crowd of people coming and going. One middle-aged, the other in early thirties. Both with a badge on their chests representing the bishop of the Final God Church.

“Uncle, when will it be our turn to offer sacrifices? I can’t wait to break through the Transcendence!” The man in his early thirties spoke up.

The middle-aged man gently shook his head, “Blood sacrifice breakthrough is only the next best option, the strength after the breakthrough is no better than a true Transcendent. Moreover, it will exhaust all potential, it’s not worth it.”

“But… didn’t the divine religion promise us that if we achieve great feats, we will be granted the opportunity to breakthrough? And the divine religion often orders people below to bring highly qualified children, so if it’s not for blood sacrifice, it can’t be to train dead soldiers, right?”

“Dead soldiers?” The middle-aged man patted his eldest nephew’s shoulder, “You are still too young. With the strength of the Final God Cult, what’s dead soldiers for? I guess those highly qualified children were also for sacrifice, but not to improve strength.”

“The blood sacrifice method of the family is for high-level hunters. People like us would require at least ten thousand hunters if we want to break through the Transcendent. With other materials, the sacrifice requirement can be reduced. It’s impossible to get all the current conditions… it will be possible in a few years. The sacrifices chosen by the gods are just the opposite. Instead, they choose low-strength and younger children. I don’t understand at all. I don’t understand how gods teach those sacrifices. The strength of an adult is not difficult to get in the Tiannan Province and Xilin Province, but they don’t seem to be in a hurry…”

“It’s for better rules, right? Right now, the Cult has limited personnel, and when it continues to grow, it can even be taken without bloodshed.”

The youth said his opinion.

The middle-aged man stomped his foot, and the trees behind him trembled, and the leaves fell in a flurry, a withered yellow visible to the naked eye.

“Look at the environment under our feet, and think about the doctrine of the Final God. It’s not to rule, but… to destroy.”

He sighed and then lowered his voice, “Don’t you find that since the Final God put the main tribe here, it has never been harassed by demonic beasts? The lord of the divine religion’s faith, I guess… is also real.”

The youth’s pupils shrank.

The middle-aged man’s words gradually with fervor, “The world is doomed to destruction, even as strong as the ancient spirits of yesteryear can not reverse the fate, but we on the contrary, as long as we can truly become a part of the divine religion and break through the transcendent, ascend to a higher peak. We all have boundless possibilities…”

The murmuring voice, gradually faintly inaudible.

The frenzied expression, too, returned to calm. So was those expressionless people in the village. The only thing that lingered was the madness deep inside their eyes.


In the crescent mountain.

In order to eliminate the “Final Cult”, the Pingliang Shelter dispatched 8,000 hunters this time. In addition to the 1,500 people who stayed behind, there were more than 6,000 people who entered the mountain.

If there was enough time, it would have been enough to turn the vast area of Mount Crescent upside down.

“We have limited time, we must find the cult headquarters before the other shelters!”

‘By then, our own strength, including the strength of the shelter could soar.’

The director of the Pingliang shelter thought so.

He even personally took command of the group and led a thousand of the most elite hunters to speed up their trek through the mountains and water, cleaving through the trees and rocks in their way and advancing.

“There’s someone over there!”

The Pingliang director looked over.

There was a small hill in the distance, without trees. Only a boulder stands on the top of the hill. At this time, two people wearing yellow-brown robes were standing on the giant boulder.

Their eyes were distantly facing each other.

Director Pingliang’s face was happy, “It must be someone from the cult.”

He has not lost his head, knowing that those who dare to show up at this time must be strong, and immediately ordered, “Don’t give them a chance to fight guerrillas, one team and two teams. From the two wings, you follow me, pay attention to restricting the other’s actions. It’s best to catch them alive, and torture to extract the location of the cult headquarters from them!”


“It doesn’t matter if we capture the live ones or not, quickly crush them and prove that we are better than the others.”

“Yes, Uncle.”

As he spoke, among the thousands of hunters in the distance, dozens of them rushed forward at a breakneck speed. They ran like flat ground among the rugged mountains and rocks. One of them raised his hand.

On the boulder, under the feet of his uncle and nephew, a huge chessboard emerges.

The two wearing yellow-brown robes were like two pawns on a huge chessboard. They move freely, but their mobility was greatly restricted. No matter how they go, they can only advance a small square on the chessboard.

Special ability, heaven and earth chessboard.

“A little interesting, but the strength… is too weak.”

The middle-aged man snorted coldly, the rules binding force on the chessboard shattered with a bang. The owner of the chessboard covered his chest and fell to his knees. Blood spurted out from his mouth.

He stomped his foot, and the boulder sank down into a bowl-shaped crater, littered with dense cracks.

The middle-aged man was like a low skimming eagle. In less than a few seconds, he appeared in front of Pingliang’s expert group. With a finger tiger fist swing, a Ninth Awakening peak expert beside him, splattering blood. That expert was like a balloon drained of air, limp and fallen. 

The middle-aged man keeps moving with one move.

Even if it was the top combat power, they could only see a flash of afterimage in their eyes. Ordinary Ninth awakening peak masters weren’t his match.

The young man also flew down from the boulder. Instead of rushing to the master group, he jumped over and rushed into the rear hunter legion. The sheep entered the tiger group, his sword-light flickered, and several people were divided into corpses in an instant. 

Pingliang Director eyes were red with rage.

Doesn’t it mean that there are only one or a few powerful Fourth Age people in the Final God Cult?

It was clear that they were only one of the 18 forces besieging the Cult, but they ran into two by chance.

Tree Shade and Yangcheng were not enough, but now, even the Cult is targeting them.


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