My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 388


The speed of Lu Yin’s party was neither fast nor slow.

As long as the “Final Yan Cult” did not evacuate in advance, then at this moment, early discovery and late discovery would make little difference… at least Tang Yu did not think that before they arrived, there was a shelter that could take away the headquarters of the cult.

Neither can Yangcheng.

Tang Yu is more concerned about safety than speed.

Nancy, Elaine and the others’ perceptions were dispersed at all times, and it is impossible to be attacked by surprise. But in case “Final Cult” arranged some large formations in Crescent Moon Mountain, and they accidentally strayed in again… This is what Tang Yu didn’t want to see.

From time to time, he opened his “Eye of Insight” and swept through the far and near but found no cultists lurking, nor any sign of the existence of rune arrays, but ……

Tang Yu walked to a small plant with purple eyes and stared with his “Eyes of Insight” for a few seconds before saying, “Put this herb away.”

Immediately behind him was the awakened member of the investigation Corps team, holding an exquisite wooden box for medicinal herbs. They came to the purple grass, squatted down and carefully dig out the roots of this precious medicinal herbs, together with the surrounding soil and put it in the wooden box.

They are waiting to return to the territory to transplant it into the medicinal plantation area.

This took more than a minute.

Tang Yu is not quite willing to admit that he walked slowly because of the medicinal materials digging.

It was for safety!


In the distance, a red flare, rising high into the sky, exploded out.

Like blood-coloured fireworks.

“It’s an emergency flare for help!”

He turned his head to look. The flare rose from the front side.

It was Lindong’s team asking for help!

“Speed up the support!”


One whole person turned into a shadow, flying through the complex mountain environment. A demonized beast was alarmed and pounced over. Tang Yu did not draw his sword. Instead, he pointed his finger, flying to the demonized beast in mid-air, burning it into charcoal.

Elaine, Nancy and others, followed closely behind him.

The Awakened investigation team and the Cavalry team flew at full speed.

After pouring a bottle of recovery medicine potion into his mouth, He quicky recovered the one-third of his power that has been consumed. Tang Yu throws away the empty bottle. His pupils are still indifferent without the focus. This is The state when the “Eye of Insight” was opened.

The cultists are likely to be ahead. This is no time to be careless.

Not long after that, the sound of shouting and killing came to the ears.

A large area of vegetation and rocks were destroyed, smoke and dust filled the air, and a fast figure could be seen bursting into the Legion of the East.

He took one step, which was hundreds of meters. A huge fireball blasted and hit him with a punch. The awakener holding a tall shield was also kicked. The rune shield was torn apart. The awakener even flew dozens of meters, hit the mountain wall, and got stuck.

The smoke and dust were thick, the energy lights and shadows of various colors flashed continuously, the rumbling sound is resounding.

The breath of the figure in the Lin Dong battle formation can be seen, but it is difficult to see clearly. Tang Yu use his “Eye of Insight”. He finally sees clearly through the layers of fog.

With a height of more than two meters, its upper body is naked, its skin is gray-black, and its chest muscles are firm. However, the most interesting thing about the black-skinned humanoid creature was its four knotted arms!

Two arms were empty, constantly waving their fists and bursting the air.

The other two arms, pulling the bowstring apart, shot arrows like a cannonball, exploding the ground into a deep crater two to three meters in diameter!

At this time, Zhou Zhenglei was holding a battle sword, his body flashed with lightning, he had broken through to the tenth level of awakening, the power of thunder and lightning surging out could almost wind the blade of the sword out ten or twenty meters.

With him as the leader, together with the other top combatants of Lindong, all wearing C3 or even B-level rune equipment, even when cooperating with each other, they could barely block the attack of the multi-armed black devil, they can’t trap the enemy, in just one or two minutes of engagement, several of the Awakened of Lindong, was dead and wounded.

Zhou Zhenglei was relieved when he saw Tang Yu appear.

They were very lucky if they were farther away …… such as on the other side, even the flare will not be seen, then, it is really ……

He quickly shouted, “Leader Tang, address him together, don’t let him run away!”

“I’ll go.”

Lorraine called out, without waiting for Tang Yu to answer. She made a move to accelerate her battle skills, bringing up the shadow to fly forward, “For one bullet, I bet 10,000 Spirit Stone!”

Tang Yu paled slightly, “Five thousand.”

At the same time, his footsteps accelerated and flew.

“Eight thousand.” Lorraine said.

From the central battlefield, the distance shortened rapidly, only two or three kilometres left, but during the period, Lin Dong, another peak ninth-weight expert, was seriously injured, and he eerily exited the battlefield.

The sniper rifle had already been reloaded and was in her hand when she was running. “You can’t renege on a bet!”

Tang Yu responded quickly, “Deal… it’s a bet!”

Lorraine took a few steps out, stepping on the jagged rocks and leaping, reaching a higher position and stopping abruptly. She bent her knees in a half-crouch and leaned back slightly, her two-meter-long rune sniper rifle, its muzzle aimed at the four-armed black demon that kept changing its figure in the distance, barely taking the time to aim.


The bullet inscribed with advanced armour-breaking runes, bursting runes, spun and spurted out from the muzzle. The air was like fragile paper, pierced through layer by layer; it did not even ripple.

A shot was fired.

Lorraine did not stop, the source of Qi surging in her body. A steady stream of it pours into the rune gun.


Several rounds shot out one after another.


In the distance, the four-armed black devil who had avoided the trap of the Lin Dong group and burst into the midst of the legion had his dark face change colour abruptly.

The bullet that was spinning through the layers of air was continuously magnified in his pupils.


The black devil’s muscles spurted again, while in mid-air, it seemed there’s no escape, but it kicked down, surprisingly stepped on the air, its whole body pan to the side several meters.

However, the rotating bullets unexpectedly turned in the air and continued to shoot at him.

The black devil changed colour again, its gnarly muscles bulged, its palms became harder than extraordinary metal, with a palm shot, the air trembling burst!

The surrounding boulders all burst apart one after another.



The bullet shot through the black devil’s palm, but it lost most of its kinetic energy and became easily avoided. The black devil had just breathed a sigh of relief and was already planning to retreat. Suddenly, his face changed drastically again.

Several bullets were fired from a distance, a fiery red, an ice blue, a deep purple…

Like several brilliant beams of light, the four-armed black devil exploded.

Orange-red flames shot up into the sky.

Frost condensed the ground.

There was even a layer of purple spreading out, emitting an unsettling aura.

Lorraine took the sniper rifle back and skimmed her lips, “Five hundred Spirit Stone for one bullet, it feels like I lost money again!”

As a full-time bartender and a sniper, Lorraine is most adept at killing enemies from a long-range. Besides Tang Yu, she is also the most Kryptonian.

All this happened in less than a second or two.

Zhou Zhenglei was still holding his weapon, a fourteen-meter long thunderbolt maul, and was raising it high into the air, but it had frozen.

One of them created a fireball but forgot to throw it. It exploded around him, getting him covered in black soil.


Tang Yu took the others and came to the somewhat fragmented square formation of Lin Dong, looking at the awakened ones who were injured or even dead, and sighed silently.

A handful of healing abilities renewed the lives of those injured whose lives were hanging by a thread.

Winnie also came forward to help.

Every now and then, you can see them unscrewing the recovery potion from Tree Shade and pouring it into the injured mouth.

On the other side, the team from Shuohu shelter had arrived after seeing the flare from Lindong. Several people with healing ability came forward to help.

Zhou Zhenglei and Lin Dong experts finally put their hearts down, their bodies swayed, and they almost failed to stand still.

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