My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 390


The battle of transcendental mortals unfolded in an instant. 

From the time Yan Dingtian soared to the sky to confront Nancy’s sneak attack and the Ghost Hand clan’s transcendental power appearing one after another, until the transcendent fall. —All this happened in just 20 or 30 seconds. If the initial confrontation time was removed, it would not even be ten seconds from Nancy’s shot.

In less than ten seconds, a lot of things happened.

Nancy and the elders of the Ghost Hand clan, fighting fiercely. It almost made the sky cracked.

But on the ground, what the barely standing awakened people felt was a compelling aura clashed and watched the twisted light and shadow swaying in the sky. They could feel the earth trembling, saw the sky full of smoke and dust, and heard the endless rumbling sound. They could not see clearly and dare not think of the two figures fighting above… it’s like a god overlooking them.


The Ghost Hand clan transcendent…..


The last thing they saw was a pillar of ice blue light rushing up into the sky. —And the one who did it was the one they secretly called the Goddess of Cold Ice, the head of the Logistics Department. They never thought she was really a goddess

….And also a transcendent!

The awakened people near Dongshuo Lake looked sluggishly at the sky. Even the people of the two major corps of the Tree Shade did not expect that the excitement of witnessing this fight was beyond words.

‘I couldn’t wait to be able to immediately cultivate to transcendent level and to have the power to destroy the heavens and the earth with a throw of the hand.’

Tang Yu lifted his head and looked at the sky.


On the other side was Nancy’s battlefield. While another side was Yilian and Yan Dingtian’s, fighting against two other Ghost Hand tribe Transcendents.

Nancy and the strongest Ghost Hand Transcendent were fighting back and forth. From the roar of the collision, the sky was overflowing with various colors of energy. Tang Yu could judge that Nancy’s strength had grown rapidly in just one or two months of breakthrough. From the look of it, she already has the power to overtake the general Transcendent.

However, Yan Dingtian was at a disadvantage. Sure, his strength had improved a lot compared to the last time when he was beaten by Nancy… but right now, he has also been taking hits even more. —The Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent, despite being only an ordinary Transcendent, has crossed this stage for decades.

Ghost Hand clan’s unique magic flame, as well as the unique eight arms, made Yan Dingtian overwhelmed. Just in a short while, his protective field was easily destroyed. Then it was instantly destroyed again after he rebuilt it.

The Counsellor had already had the intention of retreating. However, hearing a sentence from below, “If you don’t involve in this matter, ten weeks of salary will be deducted,” his eyes became red with anger. He could never survive if he had his salary deducted!

Yan Dingtian fought for his life. But, even if he was beaten into a pulp, he still battled the other party fiercely.

Tang Yu withdrew his gaze in satisfaction but then shook his head and muttered, “Old Yan still can’t do it.”

Then he looked at Yi Lian’s battlefield. Unexpectedly, Yi Lian, who had only broken through for a day and whose realm had just stabilized, was slightly gained the upper hand?

Tang Yu focused his mind and used his “Eye of Insight”, everything in his vision has changed, high in the air, constantly turning and shifting. He saw two figures wielding the power of flames and ice. He is barely able to capture the sight with his enhanced insight.

It was true that Yi Lin has the upper hand.

It’s not that this Transcendent of the Ghost Hand clan was weak, but Yi Lian’s foundation was very stable. Moreover, she also received the perfect heritage. Hence why her control of the art was extremely high. Yi Lian was the second person to cross into the “realm of intent” level.

Every bit of power was used to the extreme. But, in the inheritance message, he also has transcendental combat experience, plus heritage equipment that perfectly matches the power of this soul outfit that can be integrated into the soul. Kevin doesn’t know the level, but Tang Yu knows.

During the battle, Yi Lian realized that her strength has improved rapidly. From a slight disadvantage, she has begun to suppress and even break the ghost hand’s transcendental protective force field, hurting her opponent.

As expected of Yi Lian.

You couldn’t conclude the result of a transcendent battle in just a short time.

Uh… or for a long time too.”

The transcendental life level has been completely changed. The source of energy in the body was endless. Even if it was exhausted, it could quickly recover.

Tang Yu thought that his power was barely equivalent to a Yan Dingtian and hesitated to join the battlefield. It was useless for him to join. —In the face of those transcendental, if he were to fight mid-air against these types of opponents, he would probably just became a sand sack, a balloon slapped away by a bunch of kids.

Decisively extinguishing this idea, he could only be thankful that the sneak attack succeeded at first. Otherwise, it would be worse now.

“Strength… we still need strength! If there are dozens of transcendents under my seat, with a few numbers of second and third level of transcendents, it would only take a minute to destroy this cult!”

After waiting for another two minutes, the roar of fighting still remained. The crescent-shaped mountain top at the tip of Crescent Mountain in the distance has been razed to the ground by the aftermath of the battle… This mountain will be called Pingtou Mountain in the future.

Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief. The transcendent power of the Ghost Hand clan could not be felt anymore.

Thinking about it, taking advantage of the high-end combat power of the Ghost Hand clan, it might be possible to take the cult headquarters away.

Following the direction where the Ghost Hand clan just flew beyond, he believed that he would be able to find the cult headquarters hidden in the mountains. So he prepared to go one step further. But suddenly, his face was startled…

In the distance, countless auras are quickly approaching from all directions, full of destructive auras.

‘Demonic beast!’

The ground trembled, sand and gravel flew, and trees were pushed down in the distance.

Other people had also noticed this. Zhou Zhenglei jumped into a tall tree to get a better vantage point. He looked into the distance, and his face gradually became grave.

The number of demonic beasts was not particularly large, visually estimated no more than 100,000 —just about the scale of the second and third levels of the demonic wave. But the strength of the demonized beasts in the wave wasn’t weak. Almost there are no low-level demonized beasts present. The weakest of the bunch was level 5. It was almost as if they were hand-picked by someone!

These demonic beasts did not rush up like usual, but instead, they surrounded tens of thousands of awakened people. With scarlet eyes, they were staring at everyone, exuding a frightening aura.

It’s like these beings were manipulated, which was frightening since now they could move in unison and have someone strategize their movement.

“Those alien races really have the ability to control the demonic wave!”

It has been verified that in the information that has been received, whenever the transcendent level demonic beasts broken through the shelter, there was always a large demonic wave. —In the video, the four-armed ghost hand clan was mixed in the demonic beast group, and it was unharmed.

Tang Yu’s gaze swept over, and indeed he found that there was a ghost hand clan figure mixed in the demonic wave. They all have four arms and were large or small in size, the taller ones were close to three meters, and the smaller ones were only two meters tall.

With the “Eye of Insight”, Tang Yu could analyze any data very quickly and instantly judged that the number of four-armed Ghost Hand clansmen was over three hundred!

‘Even if these Ghost Hand clansmen were not all above the 10th level of Awakening, such numbers and such strength could easily annihilate any large shelter!’

‘Not to mention the large group of high-level demonized beasts!’

‘These Ghost Hand clansmen are obviously ordered to come, no doubt about it. The demonic wave is under their control and in charge to attack us.’

The large, rough-skinned demonic beasts were in the front. While the long-range attack demonic beasts stayed far behind the attack. —Venom, bone arrows, flame have been unleashed and fall from the sky like rain.

It was the first time they have encountered this kind of demonic wave that understood strategy. The awakened people in the two shelters in Lindong and Shuohu recovered from the transcendent coercion and suffered losses immediately.

But the Demon wave rushed closer. Hundreds of Ghost Hand clansmen, hiding inside the Demonic wave, attacked from time to time. The top combat power of the large shelter was targeted, and it was difficult to survive.


A few kilometers away.

The distress flare launched by Lin Dong was not only seen by Luyin and Shuohu but also by Hengcheng, who was a bit further away, and another shelter legion further to the right of Shuohu, who could also see the red flare that rose high up.

They rushed towards the location of the flare.

The clouds floating high in the sky and the brilliant light and shadow made them a little puzzled. But Nancy and the others deliberately stayed away, and the transcendental battle was getting higher and higher. The endless rumblings are getting closer and closer… Hengcheng, and the people who rushed to the other shelter, did not know what happened.

They ran in the direction of the distress signal.

They drew closer and closer, curious about what kind of trouble Lindong had met, wondering whether they had met the “Final Cult” lair… However, they did not see that around Crescent Mountain, the Eighteenth Road deep into the mountain legion, there are at least four or five places, which also shot a red flare into the sky.

But not everyone has support.

Just a few kilometers left, Hengcheng was on the left, and the other regiment of refuge was on the right. So they approached more slowly and fell behind. At this time, the two regiments met, and then they saw the Demonic wave at a distance. Their magic waves overwhelmed the sky. —It dawned on them, and they finally understood the reason why Lin Dong asked for help.

‘It’s most likely that the people of Lindong had bad luck with the magic wave. —And it would be more troublesome without a city wall. But the total number of their large-scale shelter legions is tens of thousands of people, as long as they are not the fifth-level demonic wave, I’m not afraid.’

The director of the Hengcheng thought. He led everyone to keep up with him, and when he confronted the demonic wave, his face suddenly changed!

‘The weakest of them were above the fifth level?’

‘And what about those black-skinned monsters with four arms were in the wave?’

As the chief of Hengcheng, he was well aware of the existence of the multi-armed black demons. His body swelled, thick black hair emerged from places not covered by the battle suit, and the tight-fitting battle suit was propped up and bulged. He punched the 4 armed demons and flew out.

“MMP’S! THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP. IT IS CLEARLY A DEATH! I COULD NEVER SURVIVE AGAINST THESE DEMONS!” He roared when he saw a number of demonic beasts and four-armed black-skinned monsters rushing forward.

His face suddenly became pale.


At Luyin, which everyone was talking about, the crowd was at the forefront of the defense against the tide of demons.

Tang Yu was located in the center, his gaze swept toward the distance. He was looking for the Ghost Hand clan members who were controlling the demonic wave. —Most of the four-armed Ghost Hand clan members were hiding in the demonic wave to attack the Awakened, and Tang Yu judged that there were perhaps not many who had the ability to finely control the demonic wave.

One, or a few… at most.’

He concluded that these Ghost Hand clans were one of the few people controlling this demonic wave.

‘If we could finish of these people, the demonic wave will no longer advance and retreat, their combat power will instantly drop several notches …… at that time we could unite several shelter legions such as Lindong, and it would be possible to eliminate all the demonic wave, as well as these Ghost Hand clan.’

If Tang Yu himself entered his domain and burst out all of his power, at most, he could only wipe tens of thousands of demons, but not killing their chain of commands.

‘There are intelligent beings who controlled these demons, they were the elites of the Ghost Hand clan, and once they escape, it would be even more to track down and kill.’

‘We must kill them in one blow.’

His “Eye of Insight” vision constantly swept through the tide.


The sound of hissing, shouting, explosions continued.

The black waves kept crashing.

On both sides were the legions of Awakened Ones from Lin Dong and Shuo Hu. Further back, a good distance apart were the legions from Heng Cheng and another shelter. These large shelters also had a bunker that hid secret treasures and carried many high powerbombs, and they were under so much pressure. They all struggled to hold off the onslaught of the demonic wave and the Ghost Hand clan.

Luyin was located in the middle, although few in numbers, but like a most solid castle, the demonic wave were blocked dead.

An elite of the ghost hand clan made a sneak attack, but suddenly a rune bullet shot at a tricky angle penetrated into its body and exploded, blasting the blood.

Kong Shouchi rushed into the demon wave. He spread his five fingers, swept his palm from left to right, banging and banging countless demonized beasts together with the ghost hand clan people hidden in the demonized beast herd, his blood vessels protruding and bursting open. 

Holding two swords in the air, the wind whirled around him, flying in the sky to attack the demonic flying beast. —One by one, corpses of the demonic beasts fell from the sky.

Fanny suddenly appeared behind a ghost hand clan. Her slender palm has become fluffy wolf claws, slashing the ghost hand clansmen’s head wide open. Winnie was also within the battle formation. She put her hands together, golden light waved out, enveloped in a range of hundreds of meters within each awakened body.

A moment later, these people felt their power was bursting out.

The followers shot the demons one after another. The awakened members of the two major corps also performed well, which naturally attracted the attention of the strong Ghost Hand clan.

The demonic wave swarmed up, and the pressure became even more intense.

An Awakened thirteenth level Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent who was about to achieve great perfection rushed out from behind a huge-sized demonized beast, four arms spread out, blasting out layers of protective barriers, trying to break up the formation of the Luyin, allowing the demonic wave to dive straight in.

Once the battle formation of the front part of the Luyin was dispersed, the whole resistance line will collapse in an instant!

Taking advantage of Kong Shouchi and other experts being involved by other Ghost Hand clan members, this Ghost Hand clan strongman directly attacked the Luyin Awakened, who was holding a shield and was at the forefront.


Tang Yu saw it and crossed the distance of several dozen meters with an instantaneous step, but it was still too late.

The foremost members of the investigation corps, face to face shields pressed against each other, and the radiant runic patterns carved on the shield surface lit up, forming a circuit –


The explosion sounded like thunder!

The Ghost Hand tribe’s strong fist blasted on the shield. However, the scene of the shield being crushed did not appear in the eyes of Tang Yu. Instead, it held out like an impenetrable wall.

The recoil caused the Ghost Hand clan strongman to tremble and stiffen for a moment. 

Tang Yu took several instantaneous steps and appeared at the side of the Ghost Hand tribe strongman. The A-grade rune longsword blade swept by, and with a swoosh, the longsword fell back into its sheath.

A line of blood, from top to bottom, ran through the ghost hand clan’s body.

The first thing he needed to do was to get a bottle of power potion and keep the “Eye of Insight” open. Tang Yu’s eyes continue to sweep through the demonic wave, black and white in the eyes. He could only see a large or small clump of source power, showing different colors.

He looked straight over the demonized beasts, sweeping the ghost hand clan among them. Especially the ones with huge source power reactions. —The strongest of the Ghost Hand clan.

Some are involved in fighting against Kong Shouchi and others. Some were hidden in the tide of demons. Not far away, there was one that’s quietly approaching, seemed to have set eyes on him. All of a sudden, Tang Yu’s eyes lit up, his silent power erupted, his feathered shoes stomped on the air and rose to the sky.


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