My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 391


The “Instantaneous Step” was a short-distance explosive battle technique, which to a certain extent complements his current shortcomings in speed. —The moment he rose to the sky, he took one step out, and in an instant, he appeared a hundred meters away. Far away from the battle formation, in the middle of the demonic wave.

Both the sky and the ground were filled with these hideous creatures.

A demonic beast with a sharp beak froze when it saw Tang Yu, realizing that Tang Yu was different from its kind. It fluttered its wings and tried to peck Tang Yu with its beak, but its target was already gone.

In this chaotic war, where breaths intertwined with each other, no one could perceive in detail what actually happened in this ground zero, but under the gaze of the “Eye of Insight”, Tang Yu could pinpoint the highest energy source emitted from these demonic beasts and Ghost Hand Clansmen. He felt a source of power that was slightly different from the source power of the demonic beast. It was undoubtedly the strongest ones from the Ghost Hand clan.

Probably the transcendent who has achieved the “Great Perfection”…and most likely to be the commanders of the Demonic Wave, including the other Ghost Hand clan members!

The silhouette flashed past, leaving a trail of residual shadows in the demon tide…

A thirteenth-level Ghost Hand clan leader calculated the next landing point after the instantaneous step, lurking and observing for a long time, he finally dashed out, with his four thick arms spread out, clutching four grey-white bone knives.

He then felt a presence of a high-powered transcendent, his gnarled muscles bulge, he swung four of his bone knife at the same time, a trail of light appeared behind each of his slashes. Several demonic beasts were struck by his attack and died instantly. In the end, these demonic beasts were just cannon fodder. If he could kill a high-powered transcendent, then these demonic beast has served their purpose.

The ghost hand clan’s strongman smiled with excitement, grinning from ear to ear, revealing his sharp teeth like a fierce beast, with some flesh foam remaining on his teeth. Tang Yu felt bad chills. Although the Ghost Hand clan were, in a way, also a living being, he felt that even the skeleton of a skeleton tribe looks better than these black skin creatures.

The light created from the Ghost Hand strongman’s knife was now reached, Tang Yu.

Tang Yu did not hide. He couldn’t.

“Instant Step.”

With a flash of 100 meters of movement, he has used this skill to its limit. If he drove on without any preparation, he will definitely lack the ability to fight against this man.

After he pondered about it for a bit, he decided to recklessly go over and kill the puppet master as soon as possible. His right foot stomped hard, the feathered shoes stomped down heavily, the air under his feet solidified like a hard floor. Both of his legs trembled rhythmically, and the source force filled the meridians of his legs.

His body began to shiver unnoticeably, “Instantaneous step unleashed!”

And in an instant, he flew out a hundred meters!

However, it was too late after all!

The light of the sword had already reached him, tearing the air and making it wail!


A layer of wave-like transparent shield appeared before him. —Like a flowing shadow, the four bone sabers slashed at the thin, transparent spherical shield that seemed to break open with a single blow and was blocked, unable to advance an inch!


Tang Yu’s figure swung past, leaving only a residual shadow in place, maintaining the posture of bowing and bending his feet on the air.

With a brilliant fire red, it flickered away in the tide of demons.


A hundred meters away, the crimson flame dissipated, revealing a silver-white sword body covered with arcane runes. —Behind him, the ghost hand tribe strongman was stunned and had his head down, looking at the cracked bone knife, and then see his chest and abdomen had already disappeared, cut cleanly by Tang Yu’s move ……

The power of gravity took action, and his body fell down straight into the demonic wave, the forward-moving demonic beasts trampling him all over.

What a tragic end.


Tang Yu went against the current and crossed two or three kilometers in a few seconds, but he also drew the attention of the commanders of the Ghost Hand clan. The wave of demons rushing towards the rear of the awakened human battle formation suddenly paused and turned their heads in unison to look at him.

As expected, using “Instantaneous Step” repeatedly drained his power. He once again drunk the power potion to replenish his strength. Then, he directly pounced into a group of demonic beasts.


Red-red flames swirled like a fiery dragon, the demonic beast that was pounced on was scorched and burned to ashes. However, some magical beasts managed to extinguish the flames and swung their huge claws at Tang Yu.

The outermost layer of his protective barriers was destroyed. He felt helpless. The “instantaneous step” was not an instantaneous movement but only a short-distance sprint battle technique that was a momentary burst of power. —It was not teleportation. An obstacle could still hinder his movement.

And at this moment, under the control of the Ghost Hand race commander, these already large high-level demonic beasts nearly blocked every inch of space around him.

He was thinking of moving quickly to burst in, but now it seems that it won’t work.

“Then let’s push across.”

Tang Yu opened his arms, and the space around him rippled like water waves.


From a distance, countless flying demonic beasts swooped down towards a certain location, and the demonic beasts on the ground jumped up high, like wrapped into a ball, dense and impenetrable.

Suddenly, a beam of light shot out from within the meatball. The light bloomed, at the diameter of dozens of meters, surrounded by countless demonic beasts. This meatball burst open.

The pieces of flesh sprinkled down like rain.

Tang Yu took a step forward.

The fire cannon roared and blossomed into a gorgeous red light, orange flames pulsating in the tide of demons.

Huge balls of light flew out from behind, hitting every demonic flying beast with precision.

A beam of light…


Tang Yu casually leaped through the battlefield; each of his steps was a distance of a hundred meters. He opened his arms like embracing the whole world, but also like fighting against the whole world. His sword has not been sheathed, and his hand does not need to move… The surrounding demonic beasts were blasted into slag before they could get close.

The ground was strewn with pits and gullies. However, his footsteps never stopped.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between him and a few of the Ghost Hand Clan Great Perfection Transcendents…was already less than a thousand meters.

—The closer the distance, the clearer the “Eye of Insight” could see, and the source power reactions of those Ghost Hand clan Great Perfection powerhouses were like ovens, incomparably dazzling in the black and white vision.

When he looked at one of them, their source power color is even deeper, and the others differ greatly. Tang Yu’s gaze immediately locked the other party.

It was indeed the person he hunted.

The Ghost Hand clan commander panicked. —his insight, his eyesight, could see that Tang Yu was still in the Awakened Level, which was not relevant at this moment.


Tang Yu saw that the strongest Ghost Hand clan member with the most unique power force actually spread his legs without hesitation and ran wildly backward. There was not a bit of dignity of a commander.

Seeing that, the other few Ghost Hand Race Great Perfectionists also followed and fled. These commanders turned their heads and screaming at each other.

Tang Yu caught the sound but couldn’t understand it.

“It should be a language unique to the Ghost Hand clan. I thought they only spoke Mandarin ……”

He couldn’t understand, but it didn’t matter.

Tang Yu’s spiritual power spread out, with the spirit, to perceive those unintelligible words.

This was a special way of using spiritual power —language comprehension.

Just like songs sung in a different language, sad songs, even if you did not understand the language, you can feel the melody, the sadness.

At this time, focusing his spiritual power, Tang Yu immediately felt the emotional fluctuations contained in the ghost hand language …… a more detailed feeling, you could distinguish its general meaning.

“…… Quick, stop him! Give me time to escape!”

“Yes, young patriarch!”

It was the general meaning that Tang Yu translated to himself in his mind.

Apparently, several other Ghost Hand Clan Great Perfection was very loyal to the commander. These aliens were much stronger than the same level of demonic beasts and more than a grade beyond the same level of awakened humans.

Against the demonic beasts, Tang Yu just need to bombard them indiscriminately. However, these few ghost hand clan Great Perfection, some of the figures soared through the fire, some holding a battle bow shot an arrow straight at him and destroyed his outer shield. The arrows also shattered into pieces at the same time.

Several Ghost Hand Grand Perfections worked together. It was indeed a bit difficult to deal with.

But only a little.

In a short bout between Tang Yu and these people, most of them were easily defeated and now lying motionless on the ground. He didn’t check whether those who were in the ground really dead. Instead, he went straight after the big fish.

Tang Yu poured a power potion while instantaneously chasing his prey…… he drank too much, it made his face turned blue, a reaction caused by toxin within the potion.

The young patriarch of the Ghost Hand clan had strength far beyond the other great perfection, at least in speed.

Without the use of “instantaneous step”, Tang Yu felt that they might not be able to catch up with each other under full run. However, the “instantaneous step” consumes a lot of energy, not to mention he needed to maintain an “eye of insight” —needless to say, without these potions, his body won’t last.

It was also fortunate that his body was often hardened and cultivated in a high gravity environment. His body strength was enough to afford the instantaneous use of successive steps.

The demonic beasts that are blocking were also very annoying.

Tang Yu has experience in dealing with advanced demonic beasts. These beasts would never slow him down. He had prepared a few weapons to deal with these beasts. He reached out on his bag and took a power crystal!

This was the first time Tang Yu unleashed this grenade-like crystal outside a controlled environment. Saying that the explosion would be painful was an understatement…


A brilliant light flashed in Tang Yu’s eyes. His right hand snapped his fingers, and several ‘Mage Tower Crystals’ that had their heads exposed in his hand linked together and merged to form a large source power missile, which shot out under the control of his mind and blasted at the fleeing Ghost Hand clan chief.

Only to see the black-skinned young clan leader’s footsteps did not stop, and the two arms that were stretched out from his back, pushed forward, and a faint luster flickered.


The Black-skinned patriarch flew out; his two arms have been blown to pieces, his back was also damaged, revealing cold white bones and pulsing internal organs.

…… similar to a human.

The explosion blasted the patriarch, but he kept flying farther instead.

Although his breath has weakened, he is still flying to escape.

Tang Yu admired this strong fella a bit.

A few more seconds, Tang Yu again caught up.

But suddenly…

Ghost Hand Young Patriarch smiled.

The ground shook violently.

Tang Yu’s eyelids jumped and climbed up in height with a few steps. Just then, a long jointed-limbed monster, covered in crimson, rushed out from the ground. Its body length has exceeded a hundred meters, hovering on the ground, tentacles at its head constantly swaying.

Like an oversized centipede.

It was a catastrophe-grade demonic beast!

Tang Yu could not help but gulp his saliva. It was a very… very… disgusting creature.

Once the catastrophe-level centipede appeared, he immediately opened his mouth and spat out a large amount of venom. The purple venom covered the sky, from a distance, like a purple curtain of water, rose up abruptly, towards a small point in mid-air.

Tang Yu immediately manipulated the cannon, spitting out the cannon fire to collide it with the purple venom, emitting a sizzling sound. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he moved his barrier to the top of his head like an umbrella protecting him from this rain of venom…..

“Three-layer of the defensive spell has dissolved.”

Tang Yu frowned. He has stacked his shield to a hundred layers, three layers, which may not seem much, but this was the result of the artillery bombardment out of the weak point. If it directly penetrates his whole body, the loss of shield could be even more fatal.

A catastrophe-level magical beast, pseudo transcendent, and the difference between this being and a true transcendent was intelligence. However, if you compare the destructive power, a very large size catastrophe-level magical beast was even stronger than an ordinary transcendent.

The catastrophe-level centipede rose upright, and its sharp foot stabbed towards him. Tang Yu agilely dodged, ready to disregard the target first, when he frowned again and looked at the running Ghost Hand clan young clan leader.

At this moment, the ground beneath the black-skinned young patriarch’s feet rumbled, and a super-large demonic beast with a rock-like body and a snake-like body appeared. The length of the body is no less than the centipede. This big brown rock snake appeared, the mouth immediately opened, only to see the ghost hand young patriarch leap into the disaster-level rock snake’s mouth.

It’s not that he couldn’t think.

Through the “Eye of Insight”, Tang Yu could still see that there was a special reaction of source power in the body of the rock snake.

The black-skinned young patriarch was trying to run away in this way!

The thought had only just flashed through his mind…

At this moment, in the distance, three mountains crumbled, filling the yellow smoke cloud, three huge human figures step out from the smoke and dust.

Cloaked hair, naked, no gender……

It is a disaster-level humanoid demonic beast!

Each step was accompanied by the earth’s rumble. The highest giant was nearly sixty meters high. The other two also have about fifty meters. The giants’ scarlet eyes were fixed on Tang Yu, who was standing in mid-air.

The catastrophe-grade centipede hovered, its step feet plunging into the ground, its abdominal armor rustling with friction. The brown rock serpent also stood tall and upright, the pair of eyes larger than a car stared deadly at him. It seemed to be silently saying that he was going to kill him.

Five immense and incomparable disaster-level demonic beasts surrounded him.

With a manipulator, each one, only slightly worse than an ordinary transcendent.

Tang Yu swept his gaze over several super-large demonic beasts. His gaze finally landed on the brown rock serpent and sighed silently, “MMP, it’s time to burn my little crystal vault!”

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