My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 393


The injured people were appropriately placed. Some of the more seriously injured were taken out of Crescent Mountain after the emergency treatment was resumed.

Several shelter leaders were terrified.

The “Cult of the End” and its strength have constantly been increasing. From the very beginning, the main force of anti-evil was reduced to being unable to even play a support position. At best, just a passerby, watching epic heroes fighting!

His heart was tired.

His body was even more tired.

God knows whether the “Endless Cult” will cause more problems, so they quickly arranged for the weaker hunters to retreat. Tang Yu walked past the injured with a smile on his face, and frequently the hunters nodded at him from time to time.

The hunter who had been hanging his last breath immediately rejuvenated, and there was a complete opportunity for someone by the side to pour the medicine in, giving him a new hope to live.

He was acting as a mascot, a spiritual belief.

Wherever he goes, he has an aura of invigoration.

People forgot about the pain, forgot about the sadness ……

After walking around, with the healing ability these people originally have and the awakened life force and tenacity, most of the injured were saved and are being sent to the Crescent Mountain one batch at a time.

There were still many people left outside to receive his power.

Although recovering quickly, the awakened who have been badly injured were also kind of overexerted themselves; they need to recuperate for most of the month before returning to the battlefield.


At this time, Tang Yu lifted his head.

Two transcendent fought in the sky, but they gradually descended to the ground. He could see the gorgeous light and shadow of the battle, as well as a thunderous ear-piercing explosion. Tang Yu could see clearly it was Yan Dingtian and a Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent.

The next moment…

With a loud bang, a silhouette smashed down heavily.

Based on the previous transcendent battlefield… Tang Yu knew that it was impossible to kill the enemy with the same strength, so he asked Nancy and the others to make their enemies busy and stay as far away as possible.

However, at this time, Yan Dingtian looked very embarrassed and suffered a severe injury. His breath was obviously weakened, and he was obviously unable to fight the opponent anymore. In contrast, the Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent was still brimming with power and had not received any major injury.

If the fight were to be continued, Yan Dingtian could die…

A stage one Transcendent was still far from being immortal.

Through the “Eye of Insight”, he could see above the clouds the other two transcendent battlefields.

On Nancy’s side, it was evenly matched. Unlike Yan Dingtian, who has been beaten out of shit.

“The old guys are really unreliable ……” Tang Yu sighed, stepping forward.

‘I can’t watch old Yan being beaten up.’

At this time, that Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent, instead of chasing after Yan Dingtian, charged towards the side of the human army as if to take the opportunity to finish off this group of threatening potential.

However, halfway through the flight, the Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent froze.

‘Where are our 100,000 demonic beast legions?’

‘Where are the hundreds of elite warriors of our Ghost Hand clan?’

‘Shouldn’t we have the upper hand!’

‘We don’t fly in the wrong direction! It’s not like it’s the other side of the mountain!’

‘Where are the five pseudo-transcendent demonic beasts? Where are they? Only the wounded human legion could be seen, and the huge bodies of the Pseudo Transcendent Demonic Beasts are not even seen at all.’

The Ghost Hand Race Transcendent was dumbfounded.

At this time, Tang Yu had already rushed forward, surrounded by fifteen six-sided crystals behind him, and a blue-violet beam of light formed a circle of light behind him.

It’s a man with a halo.

Tang Yu stretched out his hand, palm facing forward, and a “Heaven Destroying Super Magic Cannon” blasted out. In an instant, the entire sky seemed to be split apart.

The blue-violet beam of light shot out countless miles away before it gradually dissipated.

Looking around, huge cavities appeared in the hidden cloud layer, and the cloud layer was scattered and dissipates.

“It’s a pity ……”

Tang Yu glanced the far side. The Ghost Hand Race Transcendent had been scared silly fleeing frantically.

Obviously, it was a sneak attack when the opponent was not vigilant. However, the transcendental perception of danger was still a bit unexpected… Before the “Destroy the World Super Magic Cannon” reached him, the opponent had quickly shifted his body…

It was only slightly rubbed by the beam of light, and the force field of the guy was immediately shattered, and he was seriously injured.

But he escaped quickly…

Tang Yu wanted to catch up, but after walking a few steps, he found that he had been thrown a few blocks away, and the distance was getting farther and farther. He could only stay in the air, raised his head, and climbed the height step by step as if to support other people.

He kept his facial expression calm.


“Director Tang is mighty!”

“Director Tang is invincible!”

“The enemy that defeated Advisor Yan was actually forced back by Chief Tang in one move, amazing!”

The hunter who witnessed all this was all looking at him in awe.


Tang Yu looked at a small black dot in the distance, very helpless. Yan Dingtian had already chased after him, but the Ghost Hand Clan Transcendent was scared. It had no intention of fighting again and ran away one after another.

People thought that if Director Tang Yu joined the fight earlier, this situation where their enemies had the chance to escape would not occur.

This was actually an overestimation of him.

Tang Yu knew this. He didn’t have any hope of joining the Extraordinary War if he were to fight against the normal Transcendent. Instead, if he was against a catastrophe-level demonic beast. Although not much weaker than the Extraordinary, its huge size was like a fixed target, most suitable for his type of cannon.

He originally intended to raid the cult headquarters, turn around and then find a way to destroy the Ghost Hand race transcendent, but now ……

The frightened Ghost Hand race transcendent was fleeing. The other two transcendents also have begun to retreat.

It would not be good.

High in the air, the Ghost Hand clan elder desperately injured himself to get rid of Nancy, and his body flashed towards the bottomless pit where the first Transcendent had fallen.

Tang Yu squinted his eyes while walking like a leisurely court, while in his heart, through the follower contract, quietly ordered.

The Ghost Hand clan elders rushed back from afar, shuttling between the clouds.


A gust of wind blew by.

A drifting white cloud abruptly revealed its true face, a huge floating boat of fifty meters long, revealing its menacing cannon muzzle.

The “Sailor” had been hidden here for a long time! When the concealment rune array was removed, the two main cannons, “Inferno Dragon Roar” on the left side and “Thunder God’s Spear” on the right side, were humming with source energy visible to the naked eye.

The Ghost Hand clan elder was shocked and flipped several times in the air.

The “Voyager” flew closer at full power and spewed out with intertwined flames and lightning.


The air burst into brilliant fireworks, and the violent air currents hit the airplane shield, flashing brightly. The whole sky was dyed with clouds of crimson and blue and purple.

Thunder clouds sizzled…

Tang Yu poured his source power into his eyes, running the “Eye of Insight” and gazing at it. Endless purple-black magic flames blasted out from the clouds and enveloped the airplane.

In a turbulent flow of energy, the Ghost Hand clan elder’s skin was scorched black and cracked, but his aura, however, did not weaken much. On the contrary, under the magic flame envelope, the energy of the shield of the “Voyager” decreased dramatically.

Not a match for a senior transcendent!

Tang Yu sighed, “it was originally an airplane to transport goods, could not expect it to match the power of transcendent, huh……”

But blocked for a split second, Nancy has arrived in time, the pretty face became severe and cold and stern …… failed to fight the ghost hand clan elders, Nancy was guilty and angry! The black ghostly power wrapped around her body became more viscous, “Calamity Great Sword” was frequently waved. For a time, the ghostly hand clan elder was suppressed and could not raise his head.

Tang Yu turned his head to look at the fleeing Ghost Hand clan transcendent and jumped onto the deck in one leap as the airplane approached.

At this point on the deck, except for the Bamboo Rat Chestnut, who was acting as a liaison and glaring at him with a puffy face, everyone else was hiding in the cabin to prevent being affected by the battle.

Tang Yu reached out to hold down the little chestnut’s green hair and pushed her into the distance while ordering the floating boat to accelerate the pursuit.

At least one more Transcendent should be left behind!

Under the command of Ma Li Guo, the “Voyager” was extremely fast. Its agility might not be comparable to that of a Transcendent, but its straight-line speed was definitely beyond. —It didn’t take long to catch up with the wounded Transcendent. Yan Dingtian chased after it with all his might, blasting out a few source power missiles every now and then.

The two main cannons were fired.

Yan Dingtian was deadly entangled with the Ghost Hand clan transcendent.

Tang Yu even increased the number of crystals in the super magic prism tower to twenty – this was already the limit of what the spiritual power can control.

Twenty of them, divided into three parts, “six, seven, seven” linkage.

The pronged multiplex attack.

The powerful Ghost Hand race transcendent only lasted a few seconds. Then, finally, the tattered body was annihilated in the air.

His aura disappeared utterly.

The “Eye of Insight” also determined that there was no possibility of faking death to escape.

Tang Yu couldn’t take a second glance and immediately turned his head to look at the other side of the battlefield, where Yi Lian was.

“Go there…wait, where’s the Transcendent!??!”

At this point, even with the Eye of Insight, you can only see several small dots far away in the sky.

Nancy and Elaine tried to chase them, but it was too late…. After chasing for a while, they could only return in depression.

“These transcendents are so lame, cowards ……”

The thought of going through all the trouble to slaughter two Transcendent Mortals, five Catastrophe-level Demonic Beasts, hundreds of Ghost Hand Clan transcendent, and more than 100,000 high-level Demonic Beasts …… Tang Yu’s heart was dripping blood.

After fighting so many monsters, was there any benefit?!

Soul power was of no use to him now!

‘I couldn’t get any experience. I need loot… But the transcendent corpses were all turned to ashes, and what loot can you have——’


Tang Yu froze and looked at the distant place where the transcendent body had just been annihilated. But, nevertheless, there was a certain tiny particle that was shining with light.

Tang Yu jumped out of the airplane and stepped on the air to fly over.


He saw that it was a pebble-sized, white translucent, somewhat irregular crystal.

Although irregular, it was very magnificent. At a glance, there was a fatal attraction. He wanted to get the crystalline crystal in his hands or even swallowed it.

Tang Yu’s heart was shocked and quickly suppressed the thoughts in his heart. He didn’t dare to reach out and touch it immediately but kept the speed about the same, and the translucent crystals fell to his hand.

While opening the “Eye of Insight”, the stream of data continuously flashed under his eyes.

[Soul Crystal (Transcendent) (Magic Flame)

[Soul crystals are the essence left behind by the convergence of the remaining soul power after the death of a strong person, and soul crystals must appear when a transcendent falls, and soul crystals may also be produced by a strong person in the Awakening class].

 [Soul crystals contain part of the ability of the deceased in life, absorption can get soul crystals in the inheritance, including skills, experience, awakening class absorption transcendental crystals can significantly increase the probability of breakthrough ……]

Tang Yu’s jaw dropped.

‘No wonder it’s so attractive.’

He took two steps closer.

The fatigue made Tang Yu need to consume the power potion constantly. The light blue color on the cheeks of his face was getting deeper and deeper, already visible to the naked eye.

More and more data was being analyzed.

[But because it is the soul force condensed from the remnants before the body of the transcendent, after absorbing the soul crystals, it has side effects, the soul may be contaminated and produce a variety of symptoms such as schizophrenia, the serious ones will be ‘replaced’ by the original Transcendent.]

Tang Yu’s outstretched hand quickly retracted as if electrocuted. However, he didn’t dare to rush and waited patiently for the “Soul Crystals” to be resolved. And besides, Tang Yu had already figured out a lot about using the “Eye of Insight”, and the information given during the analysis was largely influenced by his will.

It could be the surface consciousness or the subconscious.

Tang Yu tried his best to strengthen his consciousness of getting the “Soul Crystals” to work or circumvent the side effects.

[Role] [1. Through special means, stripping the influence of residual soul power, weakening the effectiveness of soul crystals, absorbing them to obtain the special ability “Magic Flame”, but cannot gain experience and increase the probability of transcendental breakthrough;] [2. to create pseudo-transcendent, absorbing transcendent soul crystals can force the awakening of thirteen major perfections, upgrade to the pseudo-transcendent stage (1 transcendent soul crystals can form 2~3 pseudo-transcendent), will not produce soul pollution and schizophrenia, but the pseudo-transcendent can not continue to get stronger and will be subject to a certain degree of intelligence reduction;] [3. as a core material for the advancement of the puppet guards, after the improvement of the puppet guards, comparable to the real transcendent combat power, and with the possibility of enhancement, no side effects].

Option 2 was ruled out by him directly. The pseudo-supremacy was still dregs. He could destroy it with his backhand.

The “magic flame” was similar to the special ability and may also be a unique talent of the Ghost Hand clan.

Even if there were more than three options, he was still tempted to choose 1.

The first thing you need to do was to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Reaching out with the help of soul crystals, Tang Yu directly threw it into the spatial ring, shielding that fatal attraction, and flew directly to the bottomless pit where the Transcendent fell in the beginning, looking for a while, and found another soul crystal on the tattered corpse.

The core material that hadn’t been figured out since rising to the fourth level of territory was finally found.

The promotion of No. 1 and No. 2 was just around the corner.

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