My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 394


After rummaging around in the pit crater that he had created after battling the Ghost Hand Clan transcendent for a while, Tang Yu failed to find anything more valuable than the soul crystal. The two Ghost Hand clan transcendents were very poorly equipped; there isn’t even a single transcendent equipment, one of the bodies was blasted into slag, and the other did not differ that much…

A few catastrophe-level demonic beasts were in a more miserable condition, a pile of organs scattered everywhere.

“Obviously, there were still some precious materials left before……”

Tang Yu could only pin his expectations on the cult headquarters.

With this in mind, he hurriedly greeted Nancy and Elaine aboard the floatplane. Then, the “Voyager” lowered its flight altitude and flew in the direction of the Ghost Hand Race Transcendents.


The pontoon was only a few dozen meters from the ground, very close, looking up at the massive thing with a cold metallic hue.

The senses of several people on the deck had spread out, from the ground, underground. Even by checking the surrounding mountains inch by inch, Tang Yu could not be sure where the “Final Cult” headquarters was built.

He was left at the back of the line and followed the group slowly.

Even after the injury, with at least 50%-70% transcendent combat power left on old man Yan, the old Yan could still fight for a while if they were to encounter a surprise attack.

Tang Yu leaned on the edge of the deck handrail, eyes looking around, focusing his power on his body and neutralizing the power potion’s poison effect. His blue face gradually went back to normal.

The more they move forward, Tang Yu realized something strange on the ground.

This was already deep in the Crescent Mountain, it was reasonable to say that the trees should be lusher, but most of the trees have withered.

“Something is not right.” Elaine looked to the side and frowned.

The “Voyager” shifted its direction and flew to where Elaine pointed out and stayed in mid-air. Tang Yu looked out, but it was just an ordinary maroon hillside with some vegetation covering it. It was not different from other areas. But with a keen sense of perception, he still vaguely perceived that there was a slight sense of incongruity.

He immediately opened the “eye of insight”.

On the hillside, there were many small buildings two or three stories high. The buildings were ordinary, self-built bungalows, and as far as the eye could see, it was a small village without people. But the village is intact… There was an illusion spell formation that covers it. It speaks volumes.

Tang Yu, behind the construction of a cannon muzzle, shot its fiery red meteor-like cannon, accompanied by a “boom” sound. The hillside exploded to a three-to-five-meter diameter crater.

However, his “eye of insight” managed to capture the truth. The explosion that he saw earlier was just an illusion created to trick ordinary people. The barrier surrounding the village absorbed all of the impacts, and the village was unscathed.

‘Perhaps we need an attack strong enough to exceed the threshold of the barrier to break it.’

Nancy raised the calamity great sword, ready to strike, but Tang Yu stopped her.

On the faint film of light outside the village, the “Eye of Insight” could see some flowing energy routes, which keep changing, but always in certain areas, converge into a point and separate again.

The Eye of Insight could see the trajectory of the runic array!

If he wasn’t limited by his knowledge of runes, he might be able to see through the essence of the barrier and even copy it.

The deeper he understood it, the more he realized the power of “Eye of Insight” was worthy of the reward for passing the Lord Mode.

Tang Yu controlled the fire cannon suspended behind. The fiery red meteor fell, hitting the node of the energy intersection directly, the light barrier shaking violently, the energy flow inscribed on its surface started to glow erratically.

“It’s working!”

Another artillery shell smashed down. This time the energy nodes burst open, visible to the naked eye. The entire rune formation had shattered like a glass, instantly crumbled open, revealing the small mountain village inside.


Tang Yu flew down from the airplane, followed by Elaine, Nancy, and Zhu Shu Li. Their feet have stepped into the village pavement, look around, and did not see any people.

Tang Yu threw out dozens of fighter puppets, ordered them to explore around with him along the village road.

A moment later, Tang Yu arrived at the end of the village and saw a dark cave, seemed to lead underground. Tang Yu’s eyes lit up, the data stream flashed from the bottom of his eyes, and after a pause, he quickly walked into the cave.


As he went deeper, a faint fishy smell came to his face. He spread out his senses, encapsulating the deep underground, there was the breath of the Ghost Hand clan, and he could faintly hear some panicked footsteps.

They were fleeing.

Tang Yu had expected this.

He sped up his pace.

There should be another exit to the outside. But there were not many forks and junctions, mostly consisting of a straight line passage with the occasional appearance of some stone rooms – the clan certainly did not expect to be beaten to the door, so it was not necessary to build like a maze of underground tunnels.

Not long after, several dark-skinned, four-armed ghost-handed people appeared in sight. Unlike those who attacked the humans before, the strongest breadth of these ghost-handed people was only the fifth level of awakening.

They were not tall, one meter, one meter two, one meter three…… the tallest awakened ghost hand clan was only two meters tall. Tang Yu noticed that “her” chest has a significant bulge, with human clothing on the body, and looked a little tight.

“A woman of the Ghost Hand clan? And children? …… Could they really be a full-blown family? Or a race?” Tang Yu hesitated for a moment.

Several Ghost Hand clansmen who were hurriedly preparing to leave, perhaps seeing that the number of pursuers was small and did not perceive a powerful aura, actually revealed a fierce and sadistic look and turned themselves to charge up.

Flames emerged from the palm, blazing fire sword instantly formed, the sword swung and created a sea of fire within this enclosed space, a few ghost hand clan retreated, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

Yi Lian stayed outside to look for other Ghost Hand clan members.

Tang Yu, as well as Nancy, was still on a pursuit in the underground tunnel, some ghost hand clan just out of the stone room, some are already fleeing …… all found ghost hand clan in addition to a few that was seemingly higher in status, Tang Yu will take them as a prisoner and.

There were still many stone rooms under the ground that have not been explored yet. Tang Yu checked out a few, should be the Ghost Hand people’s residence, roughly built, but there were a lot of human furniture and artifacts …… as if the Ghost Hand clans were some civilized people, they have organization and understand strategy, also seems to know a lot about human …… Tang Yu could not guess where did these aliens come out from.

And what was their relationship with the demonic beasts?

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