My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 395



Tang Yu walked into a wide stone room inside. The ceiling height was more than ten meters and in an area of more than 500 square meters, but there was nothing inside, except for some scattered debris on the ground.

They have abandoned this place.

“This place was originally… a place to construct a spatial channel?” Tang Yu guessed.

“The space channel and the abyss crevice…at least they look different, and there are no alien species emerging from the abyss crevice. So is it possible to think that alien races and demonic beasts are not on the same planet? Or the same space?

There is also another possibility that the abyss can only accommodate the demonized beasts to pass through, so the aliens need to build their own passages? But the channel should also have a limit, limiting the number of people… no, more likely the strength. the more transcendents passed through, the more it causes the spatial channel to shake, either waiting for it to become stabilized or…raising the level of the channel.”

Tang Yu propped his chin, using his knowledge to guess the possibilities of what happened.

“The channel of the Ghost Hand clan should only be able to accommodate senior transcendent…..”

The alien race exists for an unknown time. Tang Yu could only try to estimate them as high as possible. The skeleton clan had appeared as the second-order transcendent. The ghost hand clan might also have.

The formation and materials used to construct the channel might have been taken away by the elites of the ghost hand clan who stayed behind at the headquarters. After all, it took more than ten minutes from the killing of the transcendents to discover this village.

—It also meant that The Ghost Hand clan also has a means of communication.

It was just a very hasty deduction, picking up clues left behind.

“With the materials, doesn’t it mean that the Ghost Hand clan will soon be able to reconstruct the space channel and transport a steady stream of soldiers to Earth?”

Now the stakes got higher than ever.

The two ghost-hand tribes who escaped are transcendents, and the one they hated the most was definitely the Tree Shade Shelter. Once they came stronger and with more reinforcement, they were likely to take revenge on the Tree Shade Shelter first.

But there was nothing to regret.

‘When the “Final Cult” develops and grows… sooner or later, I will run into it..’

‘But this time, the harvested soul crystallization can at least give birth to two more transcendent figures within the shelter. When the ghost hand clan hits the door, we will get more transcendent than before. That won’t matter.’

Tang Yu then lightened up.

Tang Yu searched several more important stone chambers one after another, and it was messy. So many artifacts were scattered on the ground. Obviously, the ghost-hand clan elites only took away some of the most important items.

Some of the paper documents that could not be taken away were completely destroyed.

From this, it could also be seen that they did not have space equipment or were not big enough.

“I knew they were poor… but at least they should have left behind something good.”

Fortunately, after some exploration, Tang Yu finally got what he wanted.

The parent-child transmission crystal was found here.

One crystal ball (parent) and five crystal balls (child).

In addition, there were some runic equipment, props, etc. However, the most important to him was a dozen books on the shelves, which were written in the unique text of the Ghost Hand clan, could not be read for the time being, but it did not matter.

The rest were some source crystals, materials, etc., which he didn’t like. So he threw them directly into the spatial backpack ……the important books and the parent-child crystal ball, was placed in the spatial ring.


There has been a bloody smell in the underground passage, making people frowned. Following the smell, Tang Yu came to a hall where the smell of blood became rich, mixed with the smell of corpses, and it came to his face.

In the center of the stone room hall, there was a mountain of bones. The top was close to the ten-meter-high ceiling. Blood and water were flowing. Countless flies were buzzing and flying. Some broken skulls are rolling down from the bone mountain, and the surface was covered with maggots.

He could vaguely see the children’s faces within the corpse, full of panic and despair.

—It was a blood sacrifice.

It was the orphans who were taken away by the cult.

Tang Yu clenched his fist, and a sword Qi swept through, cutting open the few captured elites of the Ghost Hand tribe, but not fatally.

They groaned in pain.


The Investigation Corps, the Fiery Horse Cavalry Regiment, and the four large shelter coalition forces, including Lin Dong, finally arrived outside the village.

Thousands of Hunters launched a carpet search. But the Tree Shade Shelter had already searched this cave. —People knew that they had taken the valuables. But what remained might still have some value.

Tree Shade ate the meat. They drank the soup.

Without these people in Lindong, it would not be easy to destroy hundreds of thousands of high-level demonic beasts.

According to Kong’s report, when the coalition forces marched here, they also encountered some fleeing Ghost Hand clansmen. Some were killed, and some were captured. Among them, the thirteen strongest were also easily defeated by Yan Dingtian.

There should be no fish that escaped in the direction of the coalition forces.

But the ones fleeing to other directions… Tang Yu did not expect all the major shelter legions to intercept the Ghost Hand Clan elites. It would be good if they were not destroyed by the group.

There must have been quite a few who managed to escape from Crescent Mountain. However, regardless of whether they are in contact with the transcendent, these ghost-hand tribes will inevitably cause trouble to Tiannan Province for some time in the future.

But this was a trivial matter.

A mission can be issued for the adventurers to solve, and perhaps other shelters, to pay this commission fee.

What’s the idiom?

Use other people’s fertilizer to water your own vegetables.


The other side of the Crescent Mountains.

The legion of the Pingliang Shelter blew two of their precious secret treasures, got several of their top-level combatants dead, and more than two dozen masters of the 9th peak injured. Pingliang’s Director, who had broken through to the tenth level of super combat power, was also badly injured. But finally defeated two fourth-level transcendents, one dead and one wounded, the injured middle-aged man finally fled.

Pingliang’s legion was badly damaged but did not withdraw, still advancing deeper into the Crescent Mountain.

“We lost a lot of money before killing the cult’s top brass. If we left at this point, we would not get the spoils of war!” Chief Pingliang said as such, “Not only do we have to stay, we have to find the cult headquarters as soon as possible to make up for this loss.”

“Anyway, in the face of our eighteen-allied army, the cult headquarters must have exhausted their resources too …… as long as we can be the first to find the cult headquarters, the spoils of war will be ours, even if other shelters ask for their part, we can say that our shelter has sacrificed so much to get this treasure!”


Deep into the crescent mountain.

After a short while, Pingliang’s Director saw a small village in the distance.

‘It is definitely not a normal village.’

‘That must be the cult headquarters!’

He fastened his horse. He did not directly rush in but lying on the high ground, observed for a while.

In the distance, within the village, there were more than a few people. It seemed to be bustling with activity.

“This cult, they got more people than expected, a little tricky ……” Pingliang’s Director murmured, but he suddenly widened his eyes. The more he looked, the more he felt that the figures within the village were somewhat familiar.

“Those combat uniforms, isn’t it exactly the uniform of a certain shelter among the eighteen-allied army?”

“Why do they look like they are partying??!!”

Pingliang’s Director was dumbfounded, his internal injuries worsened, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.


‘every time…’

‘My plan is always failed!!!!

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