My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 396


Five days have passed since the “Final Cult” was exterminated. During this period of time, the cult storm in Tiannan Province gradually subsided. However, there were still many follow-up matters caused by the cult.

In the two villages of the cult headquarters, the major shelters followed the traces and used some backtracking and tracking abilities to find out the identity of a hunter who had secretly defected to the Ghost Hand clan…

The shelter leaders even stayed in the army to eliminate the cult.

A very few had already disappeared before their identities were discovered. Nevertheless, most of the human traitors who were uncovered were caught and imprisoned.

All the major shelters also launched a power shuffle. The traitors were all-powerful people, either the top of the asylum, the head of a large mercenary group, deputy head, the top hunter, etc… According to the information from the interrogation, these people were suddenly approached by the Ghost Hand clan at different times to give the children as a sacrifice. In turn, the Ghost Hand clan will bestow great power upon them.

Strength, indeed, there was.

Those who betrayed have a way to easily become stronger in a short time, and they were even more knowledgeable because they have a new source of information, the Ghost Hand Clan…

“Are there any side effects from this forceful power boost?” Tang Yu asked.

The newly built prison in the domain held nearly ten human traitors, one of whom was also a fourth-level transcendent with twelfth-grade battle power and would not have been caught if the other party had not run into the Tree Shade Shelter rushing to the village when they escaped. It’s simply because the other shelters were not capable of stopping them at all.

The one who also served as the warden was Luo Zhe.

He frowned, “In these people’s bodies, there is a strange power, this power incessantly transforming their bodies, and make them have far combat power. For the time being, we cannot see the side effects of this power, neither overdrawing potential nor corroding vitality… But their bodies have been transformed; There is a tendency to gradually move away from being a human and becoming a monster.”

Back in Luoxia, the Skeleton Clan also used power as bait to make a group of ordinary people stronger and sold their lives for them. But that kind of power, the side effects were extremely strong, forcing ordinary people up to three times stronger than hunter level cutting their life expectancy to only a year, forcing up to a quadruple, cutting them to about eight months, and so on.

It was a forced ascension at the cost of their own lives.

The ghost hand clan has given the power to the traitor, although the speed of improvement was much slower but compared to cultivation, this speed was much faster, this kind of advertising… how could people believe that there will be no side effect?

Tang Yu was baffled.

His current strength was obtained through diligent practice step by step, and his strong combat skills have also been improved after many fights and hard work.

There was no shortcut to becoming strong!

“Is there any more information to dig out?”

“The humans who defected to the Ghost Hand clan, the information learned is very little, including those of the fourth-level transcendent, but a few captured Ghost Hand elite, know a lot.” Luo Zhe paused and said, “The total number of these ghost hands is more than six hundred, and there are indeed four transcendents. The strongest transcendent has the position of elder in the ghosts. As for their patriarch, they are second-level transcendents but not necessarily the strongest in the clan… However, it is also confirmed that the spatial channel has a capacity limit. Therefore, the stronger the strength of the people passing through, the more unstable the channel will be.”

“About the blood sacrifice, it is said that the younger the age and the lower the strength, the higher the qualifications, the more favored by the world … This is also the reason why the Ghost Hand tribe chose children, but the blood sacrifice is not to enhance the strength, but those who were interrogated, no matter how painful the torture is, won’t tell a thing about this matter.”

Hmmm,” Tang Yu pondered.

‘There is too little information to guess. It would be great if I could catch the extraordinary of the Ghost Hand clan.’

After Luo Zhe left, Tang Yu turned his attention elsewhere.

The major shelters have suffered heavy losses this time. Therefore, it is estimated that the high-end combat power will be reduced substantially. However, that might not be the end since there were traitors within this shelter who we need to take care of, making the high-end power even weaker.

For this siege, the “Final Cult”, Although Tang Yu’s inner organ was now blue because of how many potions he drank, he also showed some gratitude to his comrade who has given a helping hand. Otherwise, the shelter allied force’s destruction was inevitable.

This time, the name of Tree Shade Shelter really resounded in the south of the sky and also spread to the next province of West Forest.

Four Transcendentals!

In the era when other shelters did not even have one, Tree Shade had four transcendental powerhouses that were even more terrifying than strategic weapons!

They couldn’t afford to mess with them.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Tang Yu began the layout of the Tiannan Province. They established the ultimate martial arts school and the branch office of the adventurer’s guild in major shelters.

The main shelter has several similar halls and about the Ultimate Martial Arts School. It might not be most people’s cup of tea, but the number was low, so there was no need to worry.

As for the adventurer’s guild, the impact was bigger. A number of mercenary associations went there to do some business. Mercenary association has the power to manage and control the idle hunter and give them quests and so on.

The main force of the shelter was personally rescued by the Tree Shade Shelter, which now opened a small guild branch in their place. Sure they didn’t have any objection, right?

Pingliang and the other shelter could only agree to it.

Tang Yu had secretly decided to grab business and start with shelters like Pingliang. —As for shelters such as Lindong, the cooperation was quite good, and the distance was close. So it didn’t matter whether to build a branch or not.

In addition to establishing a martial arts school and an adventurer’s guild, Tang Yu also asked the intelligence department to cooperate with the municipal department officials to recruit survivors in major shelters. This time, there was no need to sneak in. It was completely blatant.

“There is still a transportation problem, with the current reputation of Tree Shade. If it weren’t for the dangers in the wild, the survivors and the hunters would definitely be able to run into the Tree Shade by themselves.”

Fortunately, the airplane could transport the survivors to the Tree Shade from hundreds of kilometers away. If it was transported by ordinary vehicles, the escorts would not know how much time they need. It would be a slow journey. —It might last more than a week.

Arranging everything down, Tang Yu summoned No. 1 and No. 2 and brought two puppet guards to the No. 1 cultivation sanctuary.

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