My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 397


Stepping into the No. 1 Cultivation Sanctuary was like being bathed in a dense ocean qi. The air was filled with a dense fog, and if the concentration of qi was higher, it would likely become raindrops.

No. 1 and No. 2, these two puppet guards, wearing blue and white full body armor, carrying a lance, with the mask on their helmets pulled down, unable to see their faces. —Tang Yu once tried to pull up the mask and saw…well, there was nothing inside the helmet, including the armor. As for the helmet itself, he couldn’t pick it up. It seemed that the entire armor was already connected.

These two puppet guards have made great achievements since the beginning of the domain.

The incoming demonic beast, the enemy sneaking into the territory, the raging demonic wave… if No.1 and No.2 weren’t with him, he should’ve died a long time ago.

However, as the strength of his followers increased and the transcendents appeared, the puppet guards who were originally responsible for territorial combat gradually withdrew from the front line.

Tang Yu was reluctant to let them go… Although the two puppet guards had no emotions, they had always been his battle partners, remembering the early days when they formed a three-person squad to hunt demonic beasts.

“After promotion, you can still shine in the future.”

Tang Yu’s spatial ring flashed, and piles of materials appeared in front of him.

Half of them were Transcendental Metals, all of which were of rare quality or above, and a few of them were also traded with other shelters this time.

The other half was the crystal-clear leaves of the ancient soul tree – this material was the best material found so far that could withstand soul power.

Finally, Tang Yu took out two transcendent soul crystals with great value.

The promotion of No. 1 and No. 2 did not require a special arrangement. Everything has its own system guidance. In the previous few promotions, when the territory was upgraded, there were no notable changes for them; the armor of No. 1 and No. 2 was still the same as it was first seen.

This time they were brought to the 1st cultivation sanctuary, just in case. After all, whether it was Elaine or Nancy, they need to absorb a large amount of Qi when breaking through the Transcendent Order.

[Do you want to consume materials to upgrade the level of the puppet guards: Yes/No?]


The next moment, an invisible power enveloped all of those materials laid out in front of them. Then, finally, it was liquefied and merged into the bodies of the two puppets.

As a puppet, No.1 and No.2, there was no movement coming out from either of them, but Tang Yu gradually felt the pressure from them.

—To make him felt pressured… there was no doubt that the two puppets are progressing towards becoming transcendents.

“Transcendent rank puppets, even in the fourth era literature, there is no record, it seems that giving this much power to a puppet was an outrageous proposition.”

Even going back to ancient times, only combat weapons like airplanes could reach the battle power comparable to that of a transcendent.


It didn’t exist.

Tang Yu immediately opened his “Eye of Insight” to observe the change process of the promotion. Still, this time, the “Eye of Insight” could see very little information, except for the increasing hardness of the armor and the appearance of a cyclone inside the puppet. The rest was completely incomprehensible.


Time passed.

The oppressive force coming from the puppet guards became heavier and heavier. The qi within the No. 1 Cultivation Sanctuary suddenly swarmed into the two puppet guards. In the blink of an eye, the rich qi in the air was absorbed.

There was still a steady stream of source qi being extracted from the outside world and the qi pool.

If you have the ability of true vision, you could see that the source energy of a dozen kilometers nearby, centered on the mountain behind the sanctuary, continues to flow in like a funnel.

Tang Yu flew up into the sky and took a glance, ‘This absorption range… seemed to be exactly the area covered by the territory.’

At this moment, No. 1 and No. 2 were already wrapped in the high concentration of qi that had converged, looking like two giant white cocoons from afar. This absorbed qi was much more than the normal transcendental breakthrough.

Tang Yu opened the system panel and found the amount of source crystal storage at the bottom.

As expected, the amount was slowly decreasing.

“That is to say, in addition to absorbing a large amount of qi, No.1 and No.2 have swallowed a lot of source crystals?”

A normal person obviously couldn’t directly absorb the power in the source crystals, but the puppet guards didn’t have this limitation. —The pitiful system also didn’t specify at first that the advancement process also required the consumption of a large amount of source power.

‘Luckily…I chose the location at the No.1 Cultivation Sanctuary. Otherwise……’

Tang Yu secretly believed that he had the foresight, and this wave saved at least hundreds of thousands of source crystals. In other words, he made hundreds of thousands in a few minutes!

‘Finally, I managed to win once from the system.’


When the promotion of No. 1 and No. 2 was completed, Tang Yu landed to observe up close.

Compared to before, the two puppet guards did not change greatly. The only visible change was that the armor was brighter. You could even detect a layer of mysterious energy attached to the upper side, similar to the transcendent force field, but different.

And the two puppets became more agile.

Tang Yu ordered them something, and No.1 took a step forward, did not take out the spear behind its back, and just clenched a fist with one hand and punched.


The majestic force came out, blasted on the distant mountain, and saw No. 1 slowly lift off the ground and then rushed into the sky.

“It can fly, and it can use the source force. So compared with the real transcendence, it shouldn’t be much different.”


The back mountain, the deserted area.

In order to verify the fighting power of the puppet guards, Tang Yu had sought out Yan Dingtian. —Because of his good performance during the battle with the evil sect, Great Advisor Yan had recently received a considerable reward and had been soaking in the spiritual space. He had created his own Transcendent Battle Technique and was eager to test it.

“Test their combat power? Don’t worry, I’m good at this. I’m sure I can control the power just right so that these two puppets can bring their strength out perfectly.” Yan Dingtian rolled up his sleeves and was a little surprised to see No. 1 slowly walking across the room, “Aren’t you two together? Oh, I understand. Director Tang needs separate tests to get the most accurate data.”

Tang Yu held back a laugh, retreated hundreds of meters, and waved to the combatants.


Number One broke through the sound barrier and rushed forward into the careless Yan Dingtian.




In front of his eyes was a sky of smoke and dust, and the mountains were constantly trembling.

Two minutes later, Yan Dingtian’s figure was woefully flying out of the smoke and dust. He stayed in the air and tried to catch a breath, then unleashed dozens of rounds of gas missiles. Being attacked like that, No. 1 did not dodge them at all. Instead, it clenched its fist and punched the air, blowing away those missiles and old man Yan together.

Yan Dingtian was blasted far away.

His protective force field has long been broken. No. 1 quickly chased and followed it up with a violent beating.

From afar came the eager voice of Yan Dingtian.

“No more fighting. I admit defeat, admit defeat!”

No.1 flew back to stand behind. Its armor was still shiny as new. Not even a trace of dust was visible.

Yan Dingtian flew down in the distance, not daring to come closer. His skin and face were swollen.

Tang Yu’s face baffled, ‘it was over in less than three minutes?’

Old Yan was so wasted Tang Yu felt bad for him.

The battle was completely overwhelming. Tang Yu roughly estimated that the combat effectiveness of No.1, although not comparable to Nancy, but it was at least twice stronger than Yan Dingtian.

—The test was very successful; looking for old Yan was really the right choice, or else how could there be such an obvious battle power comparison.

“The advantage of the puppet guard, as always, are in speed and strength that is far beyond the same level. Not to mention their defenses are overwhelmingly sturdy, and now, with the power of the puppet guard, does it mean that you can learn battle techniques? If it is possible, the combat power of No. 1 and No.2 can still be substantially improved in a short time.”

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