My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 399


“The combat evaluation is to rate the true strength of our territory’s adventurers, understand?”

Nancy stared at him for a moment and then shook her head.

Tang Yu sighed.

Although Nancy was already sixteen years old, she was sealed for ten years. Even if she has become transcendent, her mind was still at the level of a child. —The first thing you need to do was train Nancy to be your right hand, a long way to go. It was better to let her learn all the nine years of compulsory education first.

“If the adventurers only take commissions in the territory, there is little difference whether there is a combat rating or not.”

As many adventurers perceive, the star rating, to a certain extent, represents the combat power of the adventuring group.

“But now, we have established branches of the Adventurers’ Guild in a dozen or twenty other shelters, and the main branch that issues missions will no longer be us, but the local shelters, the various local forces.”

“And the hunter level of the adventurer in our territory isn’t that high compared to other shelters. So the increase in combat power is added to personal information to reflect the truth of the adventurer. Once there is a difficult task that mercenaries cannot complete; naturally, they can only find our adventurer guild, and the way they can evaluate their skill is by this rating.”

The company’s main business was to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first was to expand the influence of the Tree Shade Shelter. You could either use the resources of the local branch to do whatever you want or borrow the resources of other shelters to train our people.

In Tang Yu’s vision, the followers were:

  • The core force.
  • The investigation regiment.
  • The guard regiment.
  • The cavalry regiment.
  • The air regiment.
  • Other combat regiments belong to the territory’s first line of force.

And a large scale of adventurers could hire this force by issuing guild quests.

The major shelters also used similar means to drive unofficial hunters in the region.

Tang Yu’s ultimate goal was to intend to develop and grow the Adventurers’ Guild into a national, or even worldwide, organization.

The difficulty was, of course, very great. Even Northern Court could only control a few large shelters in the surrounding area. As for the other shelters in the Great Xia Kingdom, it was nominally under the jurisdiction of the Northern Court, but in reality, the Northern Court did not have the ability to order. Therefore, it was very difficult even to deliver messages.

If it were not for the fact that the crystal ball for spiritual communication has been cracked and successfully utilized for their purpose, and there were airplanes and other fast-moving vehicles that could accommodate the movements of the major shelters, it would be difficult for Tang Yu to set up multiple branches all across those shelter.

But the local forces were not stupid. The arrival of the Adventurer’s Guild might compromise them, but it will inevitably curb the development of the Adventurer’s Guild on their local shelter.

Tang Yu sought out Chen Haiping and asked, “Has the framework of the adventurer branches around the region been built?”

“The framework has been built, and the guild building has been roughly constructed with the cooperation of the earth system, gold system, and other abilities, but currently, there are very few registered adventurers. The local forces have commissioned them in the adventurers guild, and none of them isis capable of clearing all of those quests due to the lack of adventurers. So it is very difficult to develop and grow.”

This was expected for Tang Yu.

“After the adventurer information is updated, I will get a group of top adventurers to go to various shelters to open up the situation.”

It just so happened that the aftermath of the “Final Cult” was not over. The elites of the Ghost Hand clan who fled outside, the traitors who took refuge in the cult… There were so many problems. For the sake of Tiannan Province and the stability of the major shelters, the remnants of the cult must be engaged. Killed, especially those who know a lot of secrets.

However, these people were not weak. The resources available on the major shelter were used to reconstruct or heal the damaged facility or hunters. They might not be able to capture or kill these cult remnants at the moment.

At this time, adventurers with top combat power “coincidentally” appeared in their eyes. Not only by using the newly added “combat power evaluation”, in order to better use other shelter resources to cultivate adventurers but some systems such as adventurer star ratings must also be changed in due course.

In the future, the main body of the task will be transferred from the Tree Shade Shelter itself to the various shelter forces. Then the rewards were used for settlement, which was not appropriate.

The reward for the commission, provided by the task issuer, could be source crystals, materials, equipment, etc. Points will only be used as the experience value of star ascension, no matter which side of the task is issued by the forces. The completion of this task would give the adventurer who cleared it a point. This move was to facilitate some large contributions, but the lack of adventurers.

The points in the adventurers’ original accounts will be converted into source crystals and other items.

The original C-level equipment exchange voucher, B-level exchange voucher, etc., Tang Yu intended to convert the success points uniformly. Merit points and source crystals can be exchanged for advanced rune equipment. As for the stars, in addition to appropriate discounts, you have the right to redeem goods.

The specific reward amount and conversion ratio, Tang Yu left it alone and left it to other professionals.

“How is the martial arts school?”

“Martial arts schools everywhere are built next door to the Adventurers’ Guild, compared to the Guild, the martial arts school has the group of core apprentices that had gone out, The newly opened business is okay, but because of the lack of those training facilities, it would become a problem sometime in the future.”

Tang Yu nodded, ignoring Old Chen’s confused look.

Without establishing sub territories and training camps, there was no way for him to get these facilities like gravity chambers!

Chen Haiping thought of something at this time, “martial arts school has dozens of apprentices, most of them serve as coaches in martial arts schools around the world after leaving the division, a few joined the Ministry of Intelligence, and the other, I heard that Minister Yi Lian personally selected eight outstanding apprentices to form the squad of your future personal guard.”


Tang Yu was intrigued.

Soon, he would also become an important person.

Not much time later, Chen Haiping had people from the municipal ministry, bringing eight members of the personal guard.

The weakest aura was at the peak of the seventh level. The strongest has crossed into the ninth level. The “Tower of Trials” battle record is on the 60th floor up, mastered a number of battle techniques and combined attack techniques. Eight people stood there, with their aura spread out, enough to rival a legion.

Their strength was good.

The problem was ……

Tang Yu’s gaze swept from these eight people. They excitedly raised their chests. Tight combat clothing under the thick pectoral muscle outline was clearly visible, looks very intimidating.

They were all fierce men.

Not what he had imagined!

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