My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 40


Chapter 40 – Reading makes me happy

At this point, Tang Yu didn’t know if it was a bad luck or good luck.

This was his last refresh attempt and the products that appeared amazed him. Maybe his prayed worked.

It could be said that at least half of the 20 items in the refresh grid were top grade items.

To put it simply, Tang Yu couldn’t help but felt the urge to buy them all.

In the end, he still restrained himself with his strong willpower. The point was, even if he spent all his spirit stones, it’s useless if he couldn’t buy all the things he wanted to buy. But there were two items that Tang Yu finally bought while biting down his lips.

Basic knowledge of power source. Price: 500 spirit stones.

Description: Contains the basic knowledge of power source.

Remaining quantity: 1

Scroll to increase the summoning rate. Price: 2500 spirit stones.

Description: When used in the pub, it can increase the summoning rate of a high-ranked adventurers. (Note: It’s still possible to summon D rank adventurer)

Remaining quantity: 1

Basic knowledge of power source was a book. From its appearance, it’s not different from an ordinary 9 year compulsory education textbook.

This book was very cheap.

The description said that this was a book about power source. In Tang Yu’s view, it’s very important. Even those items with a price of tens of thousands of spirit stone couldn’t be compared with this book.

The crack of the abyss appeared, resulting the doomsday. However, the ground-breaking changes on earth were closely related to another thing.

Gas source!

Tang Yu heard that the gas source began to germinate before the doomsday. At the time, scientist who discovered the gas source called it the discovery of genesis. But for various reasons, the discovery wasn’t released to the public until the doomsday.

Other version of the story said that the gas source was brought over to earth by the crack of the abyss. Precisely, it’s because the crack of the abyss connected the earth to another world. The gas source also brought by it.

Tang Yu didn’t know which one was the correct statement, or maybe both statements were wrong. But there’s no doubt that the power source contained the nature of energy. And not only that, its nature could be infinitely changed and extended.

Whether it’s the human’s awakening, spirit stone mines, mutated plants and other changes that occurred after the doomsday, they were inseparable from the gas source.

Unfortunately, this was a completely different new force that the previous scientific system couldn’t recognize.

The value of power source was self-evident. But people didn’t know much about it. Power source was a treasure box but the humanity lacked the key to open it. Even no one knew about the treasure itself.

Scientist once doubted the existence of the gas source.

That thing could not be detected and couldn’t be effectively proved. Even a hunter couldn’t perceive the power source. Only a person with ability could feel the certain element roamed freely in the air which was consistent with the special energy possessed inside their bodies.

This proved the gas as power source.

So the ability was high.

Similarly, spirit stones also contained abundant energy source, hence it became the highest valued currency.

Even if Tang Yu was only an ordinary survivor, he had heard about power source even if only a little bit.

‘Research and use power source? It’s never been done before!’

Small and medium shelters didn’t meet the requirement. Even if they were capable, the use of their own source abilities was in an instinctive stage.

Tang Yu had asked Elaine and Roger about this, they had little knowledge of power source.

In Elaine’s case, her two spells, Ice Spike and Ice Storm which she learned from a broken grimoire belonged to the development and application of source abilities. Although they were only preliminary applications, they were certainly much stronger than only relying on instinct.

The instinct to use the source ability might be magnificent. But in fact, if it’s not condensed enough, the power produced was not strong and the energy consumption was even greater. If Elaine’s ice power was released, the surrounding environment would be covered in a thin layer of frost which only lasted a few seconds.

The grimoire involved the development and the use of source abilities. Tang Yu also had read the book, but he couldn’t figure a thing. Obviously, Elaine read the book every day. It looked relishing, maybe he should do it too!

That applied for Roger too. Although Roger had more knowledge than Elaine, he was no mage. A warrior’s job was equivalent to an ordinary hunter. Tang Yu also picked up some combat skills from Roger. Although he didn’t learn about it, Roger’s known combat skills didn’t need to be applied with the source power, but could only be urged from the power of Qi and blood.

Roger’s knowledge of power source was also very little.

Holding the basic knowledge of power source book, Tang Yu slowly opened it.

Suddenly, he froze.

There weren’t many words on each page of the book and there were also graphics. However, he widened his eyes to find that the words were all distorted and the graphics were also weird. It’s obviously not something he could understand.

This would be just like the grimoire. He couldn’t understand a word at all!

Basically, it’s the same.

Tang Yu focused his mind on these words. Suddenly, there was an enlightenment in his heart.

“The source, the beginning of all things, is the root, the most essential force…”

As long as he focused his mind on each text, the corresponding information appeared involuntarily in his mind. This wasn’t exactly a text, but it’s directly converted to a meaning he could understand.

Tang Yu was completely absorbed in it, completely immersed in the ocean of knowledge.

‘Reading makes me happy!’


“You are the very first soldier of the patrol. Leader Tang has already said all I want to say. There are only two things I want to say, obey the order, and get stronger!”

In the valley behind the mountain, a clearing was cleared of the ruins. It’s not the training site for the patrol team.

Roger, as always, looked stoic. He looked at the new recruits’ faces.

The first batch of nine people had joined the patrol team. It consisted of four hunters and five ordinary people with combat qualities.

The amount of people was beyond Tang Yu’s expectations. Among the hunters except Peng Bo and Lu Xiaopeng, the remaining two were the survivors rescued by Roger before. Fortunately, after using the awakening headband, they had successfully awakened.

According to the international practice, they were automatically placed on patrol. There were no doubts on their faces. Otherwise they wouldn’t help to resist at the city gate before.

Nine people listened to Roger’s words and looked surprised.

It’s not because of the training. The patrols of other shelters were also in charge of the security of their perspective shelters and contributed their strength during a demonic beast attack. It’s impossible for a training. Considering the food stock at the shelter, could a hunter eat enough on weekdays and still trains? Who’s gonna take responsibility for the increased food consumption?

But it’s different here. The members of the patrols knew that the shelter they’re staying now couldn’t be compared with other shelters. The only thing they were surprised about was…hearing Roger said so many words at once. Ever since they came to the shelter, this was their first time hearing Roger spoke so much.

Suddenly they felt honored.

“The essence of training is to give full improvement for everyone’s combat power. Look at your lousy posture, let alone to guard the shelter. Even on one to one combat with demonic beast, you could never win.”

Peng Bo raised his hand weakly.

“Two? Three? Or the double awakened demonic beast?”

Peng Bo weakly put down his hand.

“But as long as you are trained, in facing an ordinary demonic beast, a normal hunter could face one to two enemy without a problem. Even an ordinary person could slay the head of a demonic beast in a combat.”

The patrol members sighed heavily.

Some of them joined the patrol team out of gratitude, and some for welfare. But there was no doubt in their heart after they saw Leader Tang waved his hand and crushed the demonic beast wave. They were full of expectations of the shelter’s development progress. At the same time, they chose to join the patrol team for a life and death friendship, not just the high status.

Even for the ordinary member who couldn’t awaken, they weren’t willing to only eat and waiting for death like ordinary survivors.

 Lu Xiaopeng had the deepest feeling. Even a self-awakened hunter like him wasn’t a match for an ordinary demonic beast. But if he could train to combat one to three enemies, he would be able to punch the demonic wolf and kick its ass. Who would’ve miss that chance?

It’s awesome!

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