My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 400


Yi Lian managed to hand-picked the eight strongest apprentices from the Martial Arts School. So what could Tang Yu say?

When Elaine asked him about the personal guard and what did he want from them, he replied, “to be imposing, to be able to show the strength of the territory…..”

And that was what he got.

That’s right, they all had such a fearsome aura. However, when he thought of the future travel, eight fierce men will follow him left and right, he felt a little uncomfortable.

‘What I want is actually a secretary ah!’

‘Note to myself: don’t let Yi Lian pick my own personal guard.’


But if he were to pick it himself, it would be embarrassing.

He contemplated for a moment. The eight members of the personal guard were looking at him as a shelter “legend” and were all admired him, so he couldn’t even say no… The main thing was that when you go out, these guards will undoubtedly help, but you didn’t need these people regularly.

Tang Yu nodded slightly, “good, work hard ……”

He just said some words of encouragement to fire up these people.

The martial arts school’s cultivation strategy was successful.

After a slight motivation speech, the guard team left.

Tang Yu raised his head, looking at the bright chandelier on the ceiling, thinking.

‘Anyway, sooner or later, the personal guard will have to expand. Next time…when the martial arts school has more apprentices, I will let Nancy pick ……’

‘Nancy is also the head of the guards, she will be in charge of them, so there is no way she picked fierce men again, right?’

He turned his head to look at Chen Haiping.

Old Chen was lamenting that his strength was gradually being exceeded by a new generation of young people, although the old generation had more time to practice.

“I’m not building those Martial Arts Schools for the sake of making money and profit. I want to discover good seedlings and send them to Tree Shade shelter to cultivate them and strive to have a group of qualified apprentices come out every two months, and in increasing numbers.”

“In addition, all kinds of professional talents are also needed. Whether it is scientific research talents. —Management talent, or other talents, we must at least reach the average level of large shelters… if you can’t find them, then look harder. We can spare a tremendous amount of source crystal with our Tree Shade Shelter as long as the field is lush and bountiful. I really do not believe that many people wouldn’t want to move here.”

“Now is the best time. Only all aspects are up to par, no shortcomings, we Tree Shade Shelter can become a substantial shelter and beyond, it is only a matter of time.”

“Yes!” Chen Haiping clenched his fist in excitement.

There was a time when large shelters were still giants that one could only look up to. Still, now, Tree Shade was steadily growing, and it was only a matter of time before it reached the scale of a large shelter, and moreover, would exceed them.

In the future, becoming a mega-shelter like King’s City, or even become a super shelter comparable to the Northern Court, is not impossible!

“The major shelters for cutting-edge talents are very tight, and it takes time to cultivate them, and there is no shelter capable of conducting screening method to the rune literature talent. If it is transported, we need to send adventurers to various shelters. The two airplanes that we have ready aren’t enough.”

There were three airplanes in the territory, at least one must be left on standby, and the other two could not immediately carry passengers when they go… There was only one set of crystal balls, which was still under study, and it wasn’t ready to transmit information.

Old Chen has a point.

“We recently traded a lot of mineral materials with other shelters. As a result, we can build three more airplanes. They should be able to meet the passenger demand …… As for this period, the focus is first on Pingliang, Kuncheng, and other weak shelters.”

These shelters have severe losses of high-end combat power, and it was the easiest to open up the situation.

As for Yangcheng and Jingcheng, they had such a large number of hunters and strong shelter. However, it might take more time.

But Tang Yu wasn’t rushing anyway.


The next day.

There was an endless stream of hunters before the Adventurer’s Guild. More and more adventurers who have received the news participate in the evaluation of combat power.

Tang Yu didn’t know if it’s useful or people just followed the trend.

The results of the combat power evaluation ranged from +1 to +12…… There was actually a zero-level increase, which means that the battle power was equal to that of the demonic beast, but the guild seemed to have ignored this level.

The adventurers, however, have no doubts…

What qualification was there to be a Tree Shade adventurer if you couldn’t even reach +1 increase?

Know your place!

The adventurer who wore magical equipment, although just ordinary people, had their combat power evaluated to be +2, +3 increasement.

The assessment speed was fast, and nearly a thousand awakened adventurers had completed their assessment battles in one day. There were no dark horses, and not many people were disappointed with their own battle power levels and how strong they really were.

“Impossible, how can I not even +15–!”

An angry roar full of resentment against the world drew the sideways glances of others.

He Yuanhang sensed the other person’s aura, A second-level hunter. Glancing at it, that person only had one of the most basic E1 war swords, and his evaluation was only +1. This wasn’t a forced number.

He Yuanhang’s adventure group did not have a mission today. Yuan has a strong team of more than 20 people, as well as top teams such as the Purple Mountain Adventure Group, the Silver Wolf Adventure Group, the Kamikaze Adventure Group, etc., all gathered outside the Adventurers’ Guild this morning.

It was not a tacit agreement.

It was the guild that released the news, and newly established adventurer branches in various places invited top adventure groups to settle in.

The adventurers were very realistic. They often didn’t do things that were not profitable. If the branch couldn’t shelter them, they will go…. After all, they were adventurers who yearn for freedom.

However, in the branch, there were rewarding tasks waiting for them, and in the Tree Shade Headquarters, as the number of registered adventurers continued to increase and the total number of commissions was limited, there weren’t any chances for more adventurers to get money and eat good food.

To make money, buy equipment, and become stronger, you must go to the branch office.

They also needed to be fast. Surely they didn’t want to get their preferred quests taken away by the local adventurer.

At this moment, the adventurers were more anxious than the local mercenary.


He Yuanhang waited a little anxiously. The guild notice did not state the exact time but only mentioned that “the guild is responsible for sending them safely to the local shelters”.

“The actual guild’s plan is to send them all the way to the shelters. You’re not going to form a convoy to escort them all the way to the major shelters, are you? Then we might as well go ourselves.”

With their strength, as long as they had a map, it wasn’t difficult to travel hundreds of kilometers across the wilderness as long as they didn’t trespass into certain forbidden lands.

But it was troublesome and time-consuming.

Fang Qiang shook his head, “I didn’t know the specific information through my channels, but I heard that this shelter has a means of transportation that can send us hundreds of kilometers away in just a few minutes.”

“A few minutes? How is this possible! Even before the doomsday, driving hundreds of kilometers on your own takes a few hours, let alone now, unless you take a plane. But these days, high altitude is the territory of flying demonic beasts, whether it’s a fighter jet or a flight department ability, they don’t dare to touch the high altitude domain, let alone an ordinary carrier passenger plane -“

He Yuanhang entirely disbelieved, suddenly he saw Fang Qiang raised his head. Others also raised their heads in unison, looking behind him with eyes full of disbelief.

The sunlight was covered, and a huge shadow loomed over him.

He Yuanhang was abruptly startled, looked up sharply, and saw …… dozens of meters in the sky, a huge ship, was slowly sailing past.

The shadows faded away, and under the sun, the armor coating of the huge ship floating in the Air was shining brightly.

After this huge ship drove away, it slowly landed in the distance, on the open space outside the commercial area.

“Is that ……?”

He Yuanhang was still wondering what exactly was flying in the sky, and he saw a lot of hunter hail and ran towards the place where the huge ship landed.

These people were speedy, some were running on the roof of a house, and some were stepping on the street lamp poles like a ninja.

Soon, the open space in front of the guild suddenly become sparse, and many of his acquaintances were gone.

The number of people rushing into the ship was mindblowing.

A sea of people made He Yuanhang lost track of his acquaintances. He Yuanhang’s face was baffled!

‘Have you put me in the eyes of this adventure leader!’

He also started to run in the ship’s direction; his legs flew with power, immediately surpassed those ordinary hunters. Then, when he saw a huge blockage in front of him, He Yuanhang’s sight swept around, he gently jumped, landed on a street lamp, and then, through the street lamp and the sides of the tree, he jumped.

His movement was so subtle that not a single leaf on the tree trunk was shaken off.

Only a master with strong control like him could take this unusual route. Other hunters, even if their jumping power were enough, once the leaves are shaken off the tree, the branches would break, and thus made them fall.


When He Yuanhang arrived, the huge ship rested in the clearing, and a slanted ladder was lowered from the deck. The adventurers who arrived first surrounded the area but could not get close. Many garrison hunters in combat uniforms were guarding around the ship to maintain order.

A captain figure was shouting loudly, the power of qi and blood contained in his voice, which spread throughout the room, silencing the noisy chatter.

“…… The destination of this flight is Pingliang Shelter! The limited passenger capacity is three hundred people. The flight does not charge any fees for the time being but is only open to adventurers with two stars or more. So those with high stars have priority …… adventurers who can’t get a ticket do not have to be frustrated. There will be more and more similar flights in the future……”

There is no doubt that they will take this airplane carrier and fly from Tree Shade to Pingliang.

He Yuanhang did not expect that Tree Shade was really taking them to fly there.

Some of the top adventure groups have boarded the floating boats in an orderly manner under the command and coordination of members of the garrison.

More adventure groups were still waiting and watching. On one hand, Pingliang was just one of the many large-scale shelters in the branch. Naturally, not all the top adventurers went there and competed in the same place.

…. And there were some people that still worried.

“The sky is the domain of flying demonic beasts, not to mention the airplane is an obvious target. Once flying up, I’m afraid that we will immediately provoke those demonic flying beasts, and the airplane itself is very large. So it might not be able to escape.”

“Flying is indeed convenient and fast, but safety is a problem, even fighter jets have not seen for a long time…..”

He Yuanhang saw many people shaking their heads, a look of wanting to get on, but worried that the safety measures had not been done the right way.

The 300 passenger limit has not been exceeded. The number of adventurers willing to join the first flight wasn’t that many.

The airplane will set sail in five minutes.

He Yuanhang hesitated for a moment and finally stepped out heavily, striding towards the sloping ladder to board the airplane.


He Yuanhang swept his eyes over. In this first batch, there were about two hundred and twenty-three people. He saw Fang Qiang, Zhou Jianhong, Chen Feng, and other familiar people.

There were about a dozen adventuring groups and a few solo adventurers.

Inside the airplane cabins, there were enough seats and even private rooms. —but private rooms, viewing cabins, and other VIP rooms were not open yet.

Most of the adventurers stayed on the deck.

Looking out at the receding misty white clouds, it was so relaxing that even the top-flight department abilities rarely dared to fly to heights of several thousand meters.

He Yuanhang clutched the handrail at the edge of the deck, his legs were a bit weak at this moment, and he didn’t even dare to stretch his head out to look.

“Brother Qiang, the safety of the airplane should be guaranteed, right?”

They were full of confidence when they walked into the airplane and getting on board, but now after the airplane flew a thousand meters, they started to become worried.

Fang Qiang pondered for a while, “…… it should be?”

He Yuanhang became more and more worried.

At this time, Chen Feng came and patted his shoulder. That confident smile made He Yuanhang immediately relaxed a lot.

“Don’t worry, even if something happens to the airplane, I can fly anyway. I’m not afraid.”

He Yuanhang: “……”

Fang Qiang also patted his shoulder, “Yes, rest assured, even if something happens to the airplane, I can’t fall to my death. I’m not afraid.”

He Yuanhang could only avert his gaze and look at the Tree Shade Hunter patrolling on the deck of the airplane.

‘I heard that they belonged to a regiment called the Air Force, which was newly formed …… so the full name was “Aircrew Combat Regiment”?’

He Yuanhang was not sure, but at this height, only these Air Force Hunter could provide him with some feeling of security.


Only after three or five minutes of flight, the demonic flying beasts appeared in the view of the adventurers. The alarm of the airplane also sounded in due course.

Some adventurers began to panic.

Fang Qiang, as the leader, behaved calmly, Chen Feng too. —But their weapons have been unsheathed, war knife longsword held in their hands.

“Adventurers with long-range attack power, you can hit a wave first, others should not be careless, the quality of the airplane should be guaranteed, for our safety’s sake, I hope we can work together to resist the impact of flying demonic beasts ……”

The adventurer calmed down after hearing those words.

Fang Qiang glanced at those Air Force Hunter, and their weapons had not been sheathed. Instead, they seemed to be full of disinterest and were still chatting.

“Are they that confident in the airplane?”

Click click click click-

A polygonal cannon stretched out from all parts of the airplanes, revealing the black hole cannon’s muzzle.

In just less than a second, countless highly condensed beams of source power shot out from the cannon muzzles. In an instant, the swarm of flying demonic beasts was like pouring down like rain, with countless corpses spilling down from high in the sky.

The number had become sparse in the blink of an eye.

The adventurers who were preparing to strike were frozen and stared.

‘It feels like this is not a passenger ship but a battleship?’

The first thing you need to do was to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

“So the war has entered the era high powered technology?”

“Am I accidentally out of touch with the world?”

“The shelter already dominated the sky?”

The pride of being a top adventurer vanished without a trace in an instant.

The Tree Shade Shelter’s power and technology were absolute!

Force Hunter that were laughing and talking suddenly unsheathed their sword and soared through the remaining demonic beast. They singlehandedly wiped out the demonic beast without the help of this adventurer. This was their power, the power of Tree Shade Shelter.

But, how were there so many hunters that could fly?

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