My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 402


Pingliang Main Office Building, Top floor.

Director Pingliang sat in a rocking chair, overlooking half of the shelter through the floor-to-ceiling windows as if everything was in his pocket. But he was no longer in his element… His right hand was bandaged, and the scar which had not yet faded on his face snaked from his forehead to his right cheek.

Across from him stood the intelligence minister who had come to report on his work.

Director Pingliang coughed dryly and turned slightly sideways, from sitting to half leaning on the desk.

During the cult siege, Director Pingliang was severely injured and attacked by a special energy, which could not be cured by the healing ability.

“There is no significant change in the “Adventurer’s Guild”. Although a decent number of hunters registered there, due to the lack of available mission, the number of people coming in and out of the “Adventurer’s Guild” was decreasing steadily.

Lacking a mission source, unable to form a complete chain, those Hunters who had registered were gradually disappointed. In the past two days, there was a significant decrease in the number of hunters coming in and out of the guild.

The “Ultimate Martial Arts Center”, although doing moderate business, is only a relatively popular martial arts center, far from being competitive at governing this region.”

“Very well, keep an eye on it.”

Director Pingliang nodded his head.

Tree Shade Shelter was very powerful. Those losses previously suffered can only be swallowed by themselves, but now, at least, he felt pretty good.

“The people in charge of Tree Shade are still too naive. Having strength is not the same as having everything, connections, resources, management, rules …… Although we can’t stop the “Adventurers’ Guild” from moving into Pingliang due to pressure. With little tactics, we can keep them from developing and make their investment completely watered down and lose a lot of money.”

The price of the land was estimated exactly according to the market price.

The “Adventurer’s Guild” and the “Ultimate Martial Arts Center” are two magnificent buildings that were quickly built, and the cost was obviously not low.

And the cost of transporting large quantities of supplies ……

Director Pingliang was looking forward to seeing the look of defeat on the face of the person in charge of Tree Shade. He had made a lot of money from the sale of the land.

“Still too young. Pingliang is our land. We can control which quests to issue to the Tree Shade for every quest that is completed. Tree Shade will have to lose a reward as our land tax. The operation cost is too high…… And meaningless. As long as we do not publish quests in the “Adventurer’s Guild”, it will never be possible to form a virtuous ecological chain.”

Officially, it is obviously impossible for Pingliang to issue orders on the side of their competitors. Under the hint and warning of the Ministry of Intelligence, some larger forces in the shelter will not have business dealings with the “Adventurer’s Guild.”

As for Tree Shade, it was already complicated to extend the branches here. It was impossible to free up manpower to understand the surrounding area. It was difficult to generate missions that truly meet the needs.

The director of Pingliang thought so and immediately felt relieved, and his injuries were vaguely healed a little.

However, he was happy for less than two seconds when there was a sharp knock on the door.

The person who pushed the door was the vice minister of the intelligence department.

“Urgent news, Director!”

“The transit station to the west of our shelter was destroyed by the cult remnants, and no one survived the entire assault!”

Pingliang Shelter has limited strength and only built two transit stations in total. However, these two transit stations had a significant impact on the geographical area controlled by Pingliang, the transportation of supplies to neighboring shelters, and even the missions issued by the “Mission Center”.

The sudden destruction of one of them was as serious as the onslaught of a level 5 demonic wave.

“The strongest person stationed at the staging area, who I remember was a member of the top battle group, also failed to escape?”

The deputy minister shook his head, “During the site survey, there happened to be someone with the ability to backtrack. I have seen the backtracking scene. It was a group of ghosts who attacked the transfer station. The leading ones are more powerful than… than our top combat power. “

This means that even if Director Pingliang took a shot, he might not be able to win… Not to mention that Director Hirara’s disability DEBUFF has not yet expired.

The “Final Cult” remnants, due to the heavy losses, the shelter hierarchy agreed that they should now rest and tend their wounds. The eradication of the will become the responsibility of any shelter that wanted to go.

However, the remnants of the cult have made the first move themselves!

The transport group that was previously traded with the Yangcheng Sanctuary was destroyed in the wild. Then, it was suspected that it was the hand of the evil cult’s remnants. Now, they actually destroyed the transfer station.

Director Pingliang’s bandaged fist slammed on the tabletop, the original hard and thick tabletop snapped to pieces, and the ground also spread with spiderweb-like cracks.

Director Pingliang: “……”

He coughed dryly, “We can’t let the remnants of the cult continue to run rampant. We don’t need to care about other places, but the cult remnants within our Pingliang territory must be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, God knows what they will do!”

The intelligence minister nodded, but his brows knitted, “According to the available information, there are at least five of the remaining enemies who are stronger than our top combatants …… So it’s not easy to do.”

The whole Pingliang, the original top combat power, is only two hands, now is a palm of the hand to count, to deal with the strength of the residual team, has been somewhat overwhelmed.

The Pingliang’s Director frowned and was deep in thought.

At this time, the deputy minister of intelligence, who had just left, went and returned.

Seeing the minister and director’s gaze on his face, the deputy minister was a little embarrassed.

‘Another bad news?’

Immediately, the deputy minister showed up the green airplane that ignored their anti-aircraft artillery attacks and landed directly in the open space behind the “Adventurers’ Guild”, one by one.

“Not only that, there is an additional item in the “Adventurers’ Guild” that can be designated to a commissioner, which contains the battle power ratings of adventurers. I sent someone to check and saw several… hunters who exceed our top battle power.”

“Tenth level? Or eleventh?”

“No, only the ninth level. Some of them are not even the peak, but their adventurer status information has a battle power increase that is said to… is said to be able to cross the third level to battle demonic beasts.” The vice-minister gulped, “There is also video information attached. I checked, there are images of those adventurers’ battles. So it does not seem to be faked.”

“Moreover, with the appearance of these adventurers, the “Adventurers’ Guild” has released several new quests in one breath, just that moment, there are many hunters in the guild hall to register and ask the situation.”

The director of Pingliang wanted to say that it was impossible but did not say it.

The atmosphere was heavy, but suddenly his eyes lit up, “Wait, since those adventurers are strong, can’t we… lend the hands of these people to eliminate the remnants of the cult?”

“But wouldn’t that give the ‘Adventurer’s Guild’ a chance to grow?” The intelligence minister frowned.

“No.” Director Pingliang said, “Those people are just adventurers, not subordinates who follow Tree Shade’s orders. We can contact them privately, and with the financial power of our large shelter, floating the mission rewards by 30% to 50%, how can some adventurers not be tempted.”

“This is a bad move by Tree Shade.”

Director Pingliang laughed loudly.

At his command, the intelligence minister immediately proceeded and prepared to contact those adventurers.

In the end, as the minister left, Director Pingliang seemed to remember something and pointed at the crack-strewn ground, “Remember to get someone to fix this place.”

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