My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 403


More than two hundred adventurers were stepping out of the airplane. Some of their legs were still weak, some had motion sickness and felt awful, and others were excited. They traveled all the way from Tree Shade to Pingliang. They were considered pioneers.

To open up the situation, the adventurers’ guild released a lot of quests in one breath. Some of them were taken by the adventurers from Pingliang. They were attracted by the appearance of the airplane. In contrast, some of the higher grade ones with star requirements were taken by the adventurers from Tree Shade without exception.

He Yuanhang and other adventurers, instead of immediately leaving the city to complete their quests, wandered around in the Pingliang shelter.

It was hard to visit a new place without experiencing its local specialties, such as restaurants and teahouses.

At this time, after using the ubiquitous intelligence network in Pingliang shelter to learn what these Green Shade adventurers were doing, Director Pingliang, who was in charge of the overall situation, smiled.


Inside a club.

A very charming woman who was in her early thirties was talking with several adventurers from the Tree Shade.

The fragrance in the room was scented, and the young woman from the intelligence department had great temptation between her gestures. The few adventurers who were facing the woman could not help but look at her supple white skins from time to time.

Young women promptly threw out the conditions they could provide.

“…As long as we can kill those cult remnants, we can come up with three thousand source crystals as a reward.”

“If you are willing to stay in Pingliang, we can provide permanent residence such as villa for free.”

Although Pingliang and Tree Shade were far apart, they were the intelligence network of a large shelter after all. They found out that in Tree Shade, the accommodation price was very high. It was said that an ordinary guest room in the hotel requires 10 units of crystal every night…. Equivalent to a middle-to-upper-class apartment for them in Pingliang, one month’s rent.

And in Tree Shade, whether to rent a room or buy a room, were extremely expensive. In contrast, the price of Pingliang was more affordable. However, the head of the adventure group did not hesitate to refuse. The other members of the group also agreed.

Pingliang’s female intelligence agent frowned, “Four thousand source crystals, this is the highest condition I can give! If you want rune equipment, you can also exchange them for the same price… For example, the “Dragon Knife” on my left hand, the “Yin Dao,” is worth a thousand source crystals…Of course, there is a quantity limit for exchange. “

This kind of condition could be considered very generous.

In addition to inviting green shade adventurers this time, Pingliang officials also released related missions in the local “mission center”. The rewards were at least a 30% cut compared to the ones she just proposed.

However, the head of the adventure group refused.

The Pingliang female intelligence agent was a bit confused when she heard what the other party say.

“Four thousand source crystals is indeed a lot. But without merit, even if we give more source crystals, we can’t exchange the weapons and equipment in the “Adventurers’ Guild”, so what do we need so many source crystals for?”

In the past, the “Adventurers’ Guild” could also use the source crystals to exchange points, although the more exchanged, the higher the ratio and the greater the cost, but now after the reform, the points are only “experience points”. For one purpose, when exchanging equipment, it requires “contributions + source crystal”.

Most of these adventurers already have a large amount of source crystal. —The source crystal reward was standard for completing the adventurer’s guild commission. There was a considerable amount of source crystal income for hunting demonic beasts in the wild.

The merit was more like a limited purchase, and the only way to get a reward is to complete a difficult task.

Even if other forces publish quests in the guild, the rewards are provided by the publisher, but one of the jobs of the staff of the “Adventurers’ Guild” is to assess the difficulty of the task and add additional merit rewards on top of the original rewards.

‘If you Pingliang posted the mission in the “Adventurer’s Guild”, even if there are only 3,000 source crystals, I would take it. Otherwise, even if it is 5,000 source crystals, I won’t!’

The leader of the adventuring group did not say what he was thinking too frankly but just continued after a pause, “The Dragonknife and housing policy you brought out, to be honest, for us, that is nothing attractive…. The Dragon Knife is forged with starburst steel, right? The material is good, but unfortunately, your forging technique is too rough. So for this weapon, I give a maximum of E3 rating, not more…. Don’t look at me like this. I’m very familiar with the weapons variety in Tree Shade. It’s only a starburst steel weapon. I can easily recognize it.”

“….As for housing, Tree Shade Accommodation, although high, it’s not something that we can’t afford.”

Outsiders only saw the high consumption of Tree Shade, but they didn’t know that it was precisely because of Tree Shade weapons and equipment and Tree Shade training venues that they could have combat power far surpassing the same level, and their income level was much higher than other places.

It’s worth it!

Pingliang Intelligence did not believe in these adventurers and approached other adventurer groups once, twice…one after another, and got almost the same result.

Only source crystal reward? No deal!

The Dragon Knife? A cheap weapon, and you want a thousand source crystals?

Stay in Pingliang? Hahahaha, no way ……

It was said that the sound of breaking tables came from the office of the Minister of Intelligence that night.


Tree Shade, main office

“At present in Pingliang, Kuncheng and other five large shelters, the “Adventurer’s Guild” has successfully opened up the situation. In addition to other forces starting to issue orders within the guild, we have deliberately released some tasks with lower difficulty before. It was completed by local adventurers. When they exchanged D-class rune equipment, we took advantage of this to make a wave of publicity. “

Chen Haiping said, “In those remote shelters, the names of the green shade rune equipment have gradually changed from rumors to real, and there are more and more awakeners registered as adventurers.”

Tang Yu nodded with a satisfied look.

Everything was developing in a good direction, and his crystal vault was once again full.

The only problem was that the equipment inventory has not been able to go up. Before, I planned to save up to 10 to 20 million rune equipment and then enter the Northern Court market in one breath. Now it seems… it would be delayed for a while.

The new merit system was an excellent way to promote the “use of other people’s resources to feed their own vegetable patch”.

The guild itself would not lose money. After all, merit was only a virtual item, the value of which was entirely up to the “Adventurer’s Guild”.

The commissions issued by other forces in the “Adventures Guild” have to be charged a part of the commission. If the rewards provided by the publisher are raw materials such as minerals and plants, they will be transformed into more suitable for adventurers under negotiation by the staff.

Source crystal.

Most of the source crystals obtained by the Adventurer’s Guild were consumed when they were exchanged for weapons and equipment.

A small part was also circulating in the shelter, which promotes the development of various industries in the Tree Shade.

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