My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 404


The emergence of the airplane was mostly just for a talk.

At present, most of those who were eligible to travel to other shelters on an airplane were high-star adventurers.

After that, most adventurers were just audiences.

Ordinary survivors were farther away. They could only eat or drink, and at most, they exclaimed, “Ah, something is flying in the sky!”

They didn’t expect to be able to ride an airplane one day to overlook the earth’s landscape from the sky and left the Tree Shade region… As ordinary people, such a beautiful and fulfilling life was nowhere to be found… But even ordinary people have access to the news of the outside world.

“Here is a daily newspaper of the Tree Shade.”


The vendor stopped his bicycle, feet propped up on the ground, leaning forward to take out a newspaper from the basket and hand it over.

The plainly dressed young man took the newspaper, took out a neatly folded food stamp, and paid the vendor.

Zuo Chaoxue arrived in Tree Shade just a few days ago.

The name of Tree Shade spreads among many survivors in Nanqing. Rumor has it that it was a sacred sanctuary where you didn’t have to worry about food, clothes, and safety, just like the utopia, so beautiful… unreal.

Many people could not believe it, and Zuo Chaoxue was also one of them.

But he had nothing to worry about in Nanqing. He set his mind on this train as soon as he gritted his teeth.

The third-class compartment was very crowded, crowded like sardines, and the smell inside the compartment was also unusually unpleasant. Even the black-clothed hunters who patrolled wore masks.

But Zuo Chaoxue was at ease.

Covered with a thick armor layer, the fully enclosed train carriage, as well as those powerful hunters patrolling back and forth, before long, the train steadily stopped on the edge of the Tree Shade station platform.


When the door of the carriage opened, a large group of people bursts out.

Zuo Chaoxue learned that many people, like him, were longing for Tree Shade, hoping to start a new life here.

Fortunately, everything in Tree Shade was true, as the rumors said. There was no shortage of jobs here; anyone who works hard didn’t need to worry about food or clothing.

Zuo Chaoxue was wearing this oversized cotton jacket, although some broken and was just a piece of third or fourth-hand goods, but compared to many survivors who could not afford to buy winter clothes and could only nestle in the corner shivering, he was most fortunate.

Now Zuo Chao learned to work at a waste recycling station… The reputation was not good, but this was the department directly under the shelter. Although it was not big, the benefits were relatively high. After only a few days of work, the ticket money has been earned back long ago with some surplus food.

He also didn’t buy new clothing. He prefers to spend food stamps in newspapers to learn more about the outside world.

Tree Shade Daily was the largest newspaper in the shelter and the most authoritative.

One newspaper was one pound of food stamps.

Fifteen pounds of food stamps can be exchanged for one unit of source crystal.

It may seem expensive, but the truth was that a pound of grain in Tree Shade was nothing. His weekly salary was up to three source crystals.

What an excellent pay grade.

This condition was much better than in Nanqing. He remembered all of the hard work he had done there and only got a fraction of what he got here.

Shaking his head, Zuo Chaoxue did not think about these distant things to him. The first thing he needs to do was to take advantage of the lunch break. So he picked up the newspaper and read it carefully.

[The latest news from the Ministry of Agriculture: grain production is expected to increase by 30% this quarter.] [The Tree Shade Railway, expected to be opened in two weeks. Due to the longer distance, the ticket price will slightly increase compared to the Tree-Lin Line and Tree-Qing Line.] [The Tree Shade Academy of Arts and Sciences was officially established today, and the head of the Logistics Department, Elaine, is also the president of the Academy.] [The recruitment of several major regiments in Tree Shade is in full swing: become a part of the regiment, with free time every week for training facilities such as cultivation rooms, gravity rooms, and spirit spaces, with high benefits and good treatment, come and sign up, maybe you’ll be the next master.] [Recently, under the leadership of Director Tang, Tree Shade, united with seventeen large shelters, eliminated the “Final Cult”, which is a huge force in Tiannan Province, and successfully eradicated this huge problem.]

Zuo Chaoxue was stunned and hurriedly read on. The name “Final Cult” was not new to him. Some time ago, a cultist launched a suicide attack and caused panic. At that time, a high number of hunters died in the South Clear Shelter, and Zuo Chaoxue was impressed by what he witnessed. Later on, the “Final Cult” seemed to disappear and was eliminated by the joint team of the major shelters.

The more Zuo Chaoxue looked, the more surprised he was.

It turned out that what he knew about the “Final Cult” was only the tip of the iceberg, and that cult even had the ability to subvert large shelters.

“Fortunately, there is Tang director and a few hunters to fight. Otherwise, it would be the end ……”

“Yes, Director Tang is really a model for my generation, powerful and good-looking. I heard that the battle was amazing, there are many victims during that battle, but our shelter still won because of Director Tang. Everyone hunter in Tree Shade is elite. I am still waiting to pass the test to join the investigation corps. “

Passing hunters shook their heads and left.

“Hunters are so nice ……”

He murmured, bundled up the newspaper and put it away, touched his full stomach, and got up to walk to the scrap yard.


The pure white ‘100m*100m*50 m’ practice field.

Tang Yu stared at him solemnly, a figure exactly like him.

Strength, speed, and source power were all taken from his own data. As a result, he has adjusted his combat experience to the top, and various skills were even more refined.


The mirror image of Tang Yu’s right calf shook slightly and appeared silently in front of him. A sword stabbed out, and when the sword light passed, the mirror image appeared on the other side of him.

“Simultaneous stabbing” broke out. In an instant, nine phantoms appeared next to Tang Yu, layer upon layer of sword light. He blocked the first eight moves but was still killed by the ninth sword.

Damn, I lost again!”

Tang Yu didn’t know whether he should complain that the mirror image was too strong or he himself was too useless. His combat experience was not bad at all. His physical quality was able to overwhelm the same level, according to the combat power evaluation rating. —Although he has not tried, he should be at 18+, at the level where if he were to encounter a demonic beast with the same level, he could instantly kill it.

The only drawback was that his battle skill mastery was not profound enough.

He could be killed in seconds when there was an opponent with similar quality to him and more profound battle skills.

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