My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 405


“In the end, it’s because my strength is improving too fast.”

Tang Yu found a suitable reason for himself.

Followers like Luo Zhe, although their strength has also increased rapidly after being summoned to the earth, they have a solid base of skillset after all. Luo Zhe has practised for several years with a single blade stroke, whether with a sword or a knife. Hands, feet, fists, or any other parts of his body could unleash a perfect blow.

“And I, in addition to the busy daily cultivation work, the time to practice battle techniques is already less, and the number of mastered battle techniques is really too ……”

“Wait, Yi Lian mastered battle techniques is not less than me, her strength is also improved faster……”

Tang Yu felt like giving up.

In fact, the lack of mastery of battle techniques could not be considered a real shortcoming …… more than 99.999% of the hunter did not know what battle techniques are…… in large shelters, some martial arts schools with real heritage have only the remnants of the cultivation method, battle techniques that do not exist.

But the hunter from the fourth era has a lot of combat skills/spells. Yan Dingtian has contributed more than twenty, exchanged into source crystals and other training resources. Still, Yan Dingtian himself only cultivated seven or eight. The rest were the accumulation of Nan Lin country for hundreds of years, at least With thousands of years of history, there were even more, combat skills/spells.

At least much more than what he has on hand now.

The territory’s heritage was still not quite enough!

That’s why Tang Yu established the Institute of Sorcery, with the aim of creating more spells …… As for why it’s not called the Battle Technique Research Institute, compared to spells, battle techniques were much less diverse and more difficult to research.

And sorcery… which originally came from the most talented people.

Hunter’s special ability and the prototype of spells. These talented people could unleash their ability out of instinct, but they didn’t understand the true nature of their ability.

Tang Yu thought that the most useful was not the combat abilities, but similar to the retrospective type and the mental domain perception type… Once you could understand the release principles of these abilities and turn them into systematic techniques, most people could learn to master them.

 It wasn’t until the last time he dealt with a cult that he was about to become a Smurf by taking too many source power potions that Tang Yu realized that his use of combat skills was too crude!

The “instantaneous step” can cross a distance of 100 meters in an instant, but was this really the limit of the “instantaneous step”?

Obviously not.

Tang Yu was very crude when it comes to exerting force and the operation of the source crystal. In contrast, the mirror image that has just emerged, using a large amount of data to simulate the scene of “Instantaneous Step” the mirror image showed no useless movement on its body, focusing all of its force into its feet, not anywhere else, standing still while releasing all of its power from its legs.

Fewer power leaks and the source power consumed could be reduced accordingly.


The pure white space unfolded in front of his eyes, and with the “Eye of Insight” opened, what he saw was the constant interweaving and spreading of lines and lines, from line to the surface and then to three-dimensional space.

The exact same silhouette appeared in the distance.

This time, Tang Yu expanded the space of the practice area to 5,000 meters in length and width… It was not that he did not want to be bigger but that the scene’s construction required the consumption of source crystals. It’s a bit too much to consume and really inefficient.

The mirror image was still the same routine. Its first move was “instantaneous step”, a leap across two or three hundred meters and appeared in front of him.

The magic longsword of light flashed, “Instantaneous Continuous Stab” was ready to be fired.

“I can’t fall twice in the same place ……”

Tang Yu’s eyes narrowed, his right foot stomped on the ground, and his body appeared in a flash at the height of a hundred meters away.


A sword light followed like a shadow, and a sharp pain suddenly came from his heart. The next moment, the grey space was already in front of his eyes.

“Surprisingly, the combination technique of “instantaneous step” + “instantaneous, continuous stabbing”, although both have an instantaneous word, cannot be…..” Tang Yu muttered with his brow frowned.

Since the mirror image was able to do it, theoretically, it was also feasible for him to do it himself.

Starting over again, Tang Yu was more careful and cautious. The battle was no longer the main thing, but the observation of his own mirror image, gazing at the mirror image’s movements, with the “Eye of Insight”, he could also see the general trajectory of the mirror image’s source power and then compare it to when he used his own battle technique ……


He thought about it.

When he died 20 or 30 times, Tang Yu gradually got some ideas.

By the 40 or 50th time, Tang Yu could already support ten seconds in the hands of the mirror image.

After a few clocks, Tang Yu had already made significant progress.

“My original use of battle techniques was too moderate. There is still a lot of room for improvement.”

“The “Tower of Trials” is purely because of my physical quality in all aspects, which is too much stronger than the hunter of the same level, and my control of power is far from being comparable to people like Khong.”

It wasn’t bad, but it could have been better.

His muscles contracted and tightened, source power was attached to the palms of his feet, leaping more than a hundred meters in an instant, the air was not an obstacle, and the range of movement was much reduced.

According to his own division of the depth of skill mastery, there were multiple levels.

Acquired, skilled, proficient, and fully mastered.

Most of the previous skills were at the skilled level, but now, the “Instantaneous Step” move should have reached proficiency.

The power consumption was one or two per cent lower than the original, and the distance across was farther each time. If his “Instantaneous Step” had been at the level it was today when he was chasing the young leader of the Ghost Hand tribe, he wouldn’t have been so far away from the other side, and he wouldn’t have become a Smurf on drugs.


When Tang Yu reached the achievement of “dying a hundred times a day”, the newly established Institute of Sorcery also gathered the manpower needed.

A few core employees transferred from the logistics department followed closely behind.

“How many abilities are currently registered in the shelter?”

“A total of 782 of people with ability, of which 342 are elemental, 121 are transformation, 56 are spiritual, 12 are solidification, and the rest are special, but among these people, some of them are resident in other shelters, and then excluding the adventurers who are out on missions, those who are still staying in the shelter are about less than 300 people.”

“There are also 96 of these people who belong to the ability of our system.”

The number of registered adventurers was increasing, counting only the Tree Shade headquarters, nowadays there were several tens of thousands, but the ability people are too few. Even for the highly gifted hunter, there were many who do not possess special abilities.

“The awakening of abilities must be influenced by certain factors.”

Elaine secretly thought and then asked, “Among the elemental systems, which element has the highest number of users?”

“It’s the earth element. There are 88 in total.”

“In that case, first gather all the earth element ability holders and post the relevant quests in the adventurers’ guild.”

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