My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 406


The Institute of Sorcery was publicized through the newspapers long before it was established.

People living in the Tree Shade, even ordinary survivors, were clear about what exactly battle techniques/spells are, and hunters know even more.

For high-star adventurers, the battle techniques that could be exchanged includes heavy cut and blood cut. The cost was equivalent to C-class equipment.

In addition, the knight cultivation method, the five hearts to the heaven method, dual-element one turn cultivation method … and other universal primary cultivation methods were also available in the Adventurer’s Guild.

The use of battle techniques could condense the power of qi and blood scattered throughout the body into a single point and explode into a power far beyond the norm.

Even the “heavy cut”, which was said to be the easiest to learn, need to practice the individual movements and broke them down step by step, then integrate their own qi and blood. Finally, they could achieve the integration of qi and blood and movements in a short period before they could be considered as the user of “heavy cut”.

Spells were more complex than battle techniques and require the invocation of source power to perform them.

Why was there such a massive gap between people?

If Tang Yu knew what the adventurers were thinking, he would also let out a sigh of relief. How on earth did those people before him create battle techniques without any foundation?

Now in the territory, at least one or two hundred skill books are still included, and there were multiple books of runes to lay down the foundation. Tang Yu only sprouted the idea of creating spells …… for others to create.


Situated next to the equipment manufacturing plant area, the newly built area covers ​​tens of acres and belongs to the Institute of Sorcery.

For the time being, there was only one main building. More buildings will be built in the future or used as experimental areas for spells in other regions. If they were not enough, they could continue to be expanded. In short, the most essential thing was the land.

The experimental site.

There were crystal walls that could absorb energy on all sides. A source qi pool was buried under the ground to ensure that it was easier and more convenient to release spells.

Behind the crystal walls and ceiling, there was a shadow crystal that records the casting process-this was Kevin’s modified version. The original one-time shadow crystal was transformed into continuous use. The disadvantage was that it becomes very large and not suitable for going out.

Elaine came here early, stretching out her white and slender palm, the ice blue cold current flips and rolls around her palm. Sometimes it turned into ice crystals, and sometimes it turned into a stream of water. Sometimes it turned into a long spear more than one meter long, held in her hand, and sometimes turned into an ice blue ice shield.

Anyone who sees this control would be amazed.

The employees of the logistics department were now staring wide-eyed, the powerful and beautiful sight captured their bodies and minds before them, and they have become little fans.

“But this isn’t a sorcery.”

Elaine’s eyes were fixed on her hands. Her hair draped on the sides of her neck. Her expression was focused and serious.

Not much later, a group of people walked in.

The first to arrive, summoned by the Institute of Sorcery, was the major corps, as well as the elemental earth user attached to the various departments, a total of 23 people.

Elaine dispersed the ice power that had coalesced in her palm, the corners of her mouth rose slightly. Her breath emanated in wisps, maintaining a friendly and somewhat distant majesty …… which she had learned from a book called “On the Self-Cultivation of Leaders” a few days ago.

Although Elaine was unaware that she had brought her own chilling aura, the elemental earth user who just arrived only felt a chill and could not help but shrink his neck.

“What a scary ability you have there, don’t kill me okay, I am still so handsome ……”

Elaine’s calm eyes were flooded with a bit of ripple.

The fat person who spoke to her had a scar on his face spread from the corner of his eye to his chin, looking distinctly horrible.

She recognized this person, Peng Bo, the peak of the ninth level of awakening, was one of the strongest of all earth elemental users who possessed the natural ability of rock armour……

Elaine gaze fell on Peng Bo.

Peng Bo shivered so much that three hundred pounds of fat on his body were about to fall off.


The special abilities of the first awakening can be regarded as the source of inspiration for their own spells.

Elaine’s spells were either comprehended from the magic book, or inherited, or… are extended from the spells she has mastered.

The latter has a certain degree of innovation, but it was still far from creating a sorcery spell. Her talent was not based on the earth element, and she didn’t know how to use the earth element spells. Still, she’s familiar with it…maybe it’s challenging to use it, but Elaine’s understanding of spells was the best in the realm.

By observing a large number of similar spells, looking for ideas to build new spells.

The first to cast was Peng Bo.

In order to facilitate the better performance of the earth element, a large number of earth stones were quickly brought in from the open space outside the building.

Peng Bo let out a low cry. Countless debris of earth flew and attached to his body. These earth and stone fused together, forming a yellow-brown rock armour.

The appearance was mediocre, but the defensive power could not be underestimated.

The captain of the guard regiment, who was called over to act as an assessor, stored his strength and blasted a “heavy cut” on the rock armour. Peng Bo retreated several steps, only to see a few cracks on the rock armour, but the main body was not damaged, “heavy cut” did not penetrate the defence of the rock armour, even the strong force was absorbed by the rock armour a lot.

Peng Bo’s ability quickly restored the cracks on the rock armour.

A very practical defence spell!

After that, Peng Bo showed other stunts, such as reaching out and throwing a handful of gravel at the enemy. The gravel turned into a hard object and stuck on the enemy’s joints when it came into contact with the enemy ……

Another example was the extension of spikes from the rock armour, turning him into a hedgehog and simply rampaging through to stab the enemy.

This kind of innovation belongs to the extension of the spell, from a defensive spell, into an armour of thorns that combines offence and defence.

The idea of transforming the armour was not unusual, but ……

Elaine instructed the other person present, an elemental earth user whose strength was second only to Peng Bo, to imitate the armour of thorns that Peng Bo had just used.

This person had very strong control of his ability. When he walks forward step by step, the soil on the ground automatically adheres to his body, forming a rock armour similar to Peng Bo just now.

The rock armour changes quickly, and sharp soil thorns grow on it.

This ability imitation was scored 82 points.


The young captain of the guard regiment swung a random punch at it, and his fist blasted the earth spikes and pierced through the armour, blasting the chest of the earth elemental user.

This punch was not the most powerful punch that he could muster.

The elemental earth user swayed and stabilized himself. However, the armour attached to his body shattered and turned into dust.

This armour was too brittle!

At best, it was only harder and thicker than ordinary rock. It was not comparable to Peng Bo’s natural spell “Rock Armor” at all.

It could only be regarded as an earth source power, manipulating the soil to shape.

The practicality was very low.

Elaine was not surprised, and while recording her thoughts, she let the elemental earth user continue to demonstrate.

This elemental earth user, who was only seconded by Peng Bo, took a deep breath and stretched out his hands. At once, the soil under the guard captain’s feet burst open, and countless clay boiled up like boiling water, forming an earth dragon that bound the captain in an instant.

Sorcery spell “Earth Spirit Binding”.

It was a control type of spell.

Next, the two dozen or so earth elemental user displayed their special abilities in turn.

Some abilities were earthquakes, which were not limited to the ground, but can make the matter that comes in contact with and contains the earth element vibrate, and were good at demolishing structures.

Others had the ability to drill the ground, vanish into the earth and move quickly but could not really blend into the dirt – elementalization was an ability only available at the Transcendental II stage.



A two-meter high sharp ground spike instantly shot from the soil. The sharpness of the ground spike was very high, D-class protective equipment was easily pierced; except Peng Bo, who always had his armour ready, everyone else was slightly worried that the spikes would hit them.

This was a technique that he had evolved through practice many times, “multiple ground spikes”.

If he could have the same level of strength as Peng Bo, these spikes would be no less formidable than rock armour.

The ability user took a few steps closer and formed his hand into a fist when the demonstration was finished. Then, with a clicking sound, all the ground spikes broke into pieces.

The earth and rocks piled up into a small mountain.

“The venue for experimenting with spells in the future is best to be in the open area. ” Elaine secretly said.

It was clear to her that as the two dozen or so earth elemental users demonstrated, the amount of dirt and rocks in the experimental area, instead of decreasing, it was increasing.

Like the ground thorn spell, it seems to be drilled out of the soil, but in reality, part of it was formed by the condensed gas in the air.

From energy to tangible matter.

Even if the Institute does not provide soil, most of the earth-based special abilities could still be cast.

“Rock Armor’, ‘Earth Spirit Binding’, and ‘Multiple Earth Spikes’ were all abilities that could be directly condensed from source energy, and the presence of soil speeds up the process.

“But if you put aside the natural ability and control the earth source power with your own power so as to coalesce it into soil, the difficulty factor was so great that it was almost impossible to do.”

Elaine pondered

“Although the fire and water elemental can do it, the flame itself is a kind of energy, and there is no transformation in the middle, and the water system, the air contains a lot of water molecules…molecules and elements…and gas, yes. It’s completely different. “

A whole day passed without much clue.

Elaine was not discouraged. After returning to the dean’s office, she would repeatedly watch the recorded material and analyzed it.


For several days in a row, the “Adventurer’s Guild” put up a mission to assist the Institute of Sorcery, and there was more and more earth elemental users who came to the Academy to demonstrate.

Peng Bo and others were also regular visitors.

The work was not only to demonstrate the sorcery spell. Some ideas were also presented and will be executed by the earth elemental user.

They also put forward a lot of views.

Personally, when it comes to the process of researching spells, everyone was excited, just like the people who were qualified to participate in the national space project. They didn’t just research spells but making history!

Many people said, even if there were no reward, they would gladly take this job!


After a few days in a row of training, Tang Yu finally came out from the spiritual space. His consciousness was in a bit of trance, but undoubtedly his understanding of combat techniques has deepened a lot.

After resting for a while, he went straight to the Institute of Sorcery.

It was late at night.

But inside the research institute, the lights were still on.

“Earth-based spells, one of the most common characteristics, is sturdiness.”

Tang Yu just pushed open the office door. He saw Elaine frowning. There was a pile of research papers on her tabletop. Tang Yu couldn’t help but feel distressed. He wanted to persuade her and looked at Elaine’s eyes. But, before he spoke, he heard her said, “I’m a Transcendence. I’m not tired of doing this.”

Transcendence certainly did not require sleep.

But Tang Yu glanced at the drawings, countless data, lines …… it was clear that Elaine pushed herself too hard to create earth spells.

But Tang Yu did not persuade her again.

Just as he hadn’t even opened his mouth, Elaine had already taken the first step to block out what he wanted to say. Whatever he said would be pointless.

He immediately sat down next to her, picked up the charts and data, and analyzed it.


Tang Yu sometimes frowned and sometimes stared in thought. These people not only practised their combat skills, but they were also constantly thinking about how to improve their spells. He was not as good as Elaine at researching, but the exchanges between the two might also give some inspiration.

“In other words, the easiest thing to create at the moment is a technique that makes the clay hard?”

“That’s right, most of the sorcery spells of the earth element ability have the characteristic of firmness. On the one hand, there are more data that can be analyzed, and on the other hand, it also illustrates the nature of the source force of the earth element. My idea is to make a circular soil shield. The shape of the soil shield does not require speed. The structure of the circular shield is simple, and it is easier to control when building the source force. Moreover, the practicality of the soil shield is relatively high. If it can be created, it belongs to Spells that can be widely promoted.”

Tang Yu understood.

Spells could be used as long as they have sufficient source power. Earth shield spells… other types of abilities, or hunters who have stepped into the condensed source realm and condensed the source of the other elements, could also learn it.

A formed spell couldn’t change form at will like a natural ability. But as long as it was easy to learn, it could be promoted and greatly enhance the strength of the army.

This was also the original purpose of creating spells.

Suddenly raising an eyebrow, Tang Yu spun the pen and said, “Not just earth shield, a spell that can be both shaped and strong can also be applied to buildings.”

“Buildings? You mean fortifying buildings?”

“No no.” Tang Yu stretched out a finger and waved it.

Elaine showed a puzzled look.

Tang Yu paused before saying, “As long as the degree of solidity is sufficient, then you can directly use the soil and shape it into a building. Even steel can be shaped.”

In the past, the elemental earth users were usually hired to help the construction of a house or similar buildings.

Now… Tang Yu imagined that when building defences in the future, a person with the earth element ability waved his hand. A tall building suddenly formed as if 3D printing.

Naturally, it would be more difficult to perform than only creating an earth shield.

“It may be difficult to cast a high-rise building at once, but if it is divided into several or a dozen fixed-shaped spells like building blocks, the difficulty will be much lower. For those with abilities, there is no need to worry about the firmness of the joints of the building blocks.”

“It should be possible, and soon the architectural spells would be the new hot things.”

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