My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 407


Architecture spells were a research idea. However, once created, they could be modularized and quickly constructed in the future.

But it takes time. As Yi Lian said, the first step was to create the earth shield spell first, but the structure of the round shield was much more straightforward.

At this time, Tang Yu received good news, the technology of the ghost hand clan, the crystal ball of parent and child, had already been cracked!

Equipment area, Kevin’s studio.

When Tang Yu arrived, he saw Kevin shaking his beard in excitement. There was a set of parent and child crystal balls on the table.

The parent ball was placed in the centre and had the size of a basketball, the child ball a total of five, had the size of a human’s fist, Tang Yu eyes suddenly looked aside on the table, a few broken open crystal ball with some faintly engraved rune patterns on it, at the more distant laboratory table, there were some fingernail cover-sized fragments, by the looks of the material they were obviously knocked down from the broken crystal ball.

No wonder there were only five sub-spheres left. Most of them have been destroyed in the process of cracking the technology.

Glancing sideways, Kevin’s hand froze abruptly and laughed dryly to cover up his embarrassment. Tang Yu did not say anything. After all, Kevin came up with the results. If he didn’t destroy it, Tang Yu was afraid that he would not be able to crack the mystery of the crystal ball in a short time.

“This set of transmission crystal ball, the parent ball, is equivalent to the base station. When it is turned on, the bridge built between the parent ball and the child ball can be regarded as a kind of ‘spatial channel’. Of course, it is much simpler and can only be used for the transmission of mental particles. There are still many restrictions…”

Kevin said a bunch of complex words.

Tang Yu was overwhelmed. His brain slightly sorted out and could only summarize three points. The crystal ball technology was very high-end; There were restrictions in using the crystal ball; Kevin was a remarkable man.

The last point was that when Kevin was explaining, he bragged about himself from time to time.

“Tell me about the specific usage.”

Kevin paused for a moment. Not being able to tell all about his journey to crack the crystal ball, he was a little disappointed, but still said, “This set of child and parent crystal ball, the process of opening it is more complicated and requires a strong person to operate it with spiritual power ……”

He gestured while the spiritual power emanated out and covered the parent crystal ball.

But it was too weak.

So little spiritual power seeped into the crystal ball, like a basket of water into the sea, instantly disappeared without a trace…Kevin could not even recover this released spiritual power.

At that moment, his face was white for a few minutes, but fortunately, Kevin’s spiritual power was very weak. He could recover from this by sleeping.

After listening carefully, according to the opening method Kevin said, Tang Yu injected his spiritual energy into the parent crystal ball.

Instantly, it was as if a star map appeared in his mind.

The star map had complex patterns, and all the energy nodes on it that were like stars were dim at the moment.

The way to open the child-crystal ball was to inject spiritual power from the entrance, follow a certain route, walk from the beginning to the end of the star map, and light up all the nodes in turn.

Because it was the first time, even under Kevin’s guidance, Tang Yu had some difficulty, making several mistakes and starting over several times, taking most of the clock to finally light up the star map.

Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “If it weren’t for my absurd amount of spiritual power, I don’t think I can operate this. Only a few people can use this kind of technology.”

In front of him, a basketball-sized crystal ball and five fist-sized crystal balls flashed very regularly and then gradually faded away. However, one could still feel that this set of crystal balls had been indeed activated.

Kevin explained, “When this spiritual communication crystal ball is opened, the child ball and the parent ball must be kept within one meter. After being opened, the child ball can be carried with you, but the parent ball must be stored in place… once the parent ball is moved from its original location, the connection between the crystal ball of the child and parent will lose stability and break, it will not cause major consequences, but after the displacement, you need to get the child ball back and reactivate the parent ball.”

Tang Yu slightly understood.

Its activation was like turning on a mobile phone. When the spiritual bridge was constructed, the connection between the child ball and the parent ball was like making a call. The signal was transmitted along the line to the opposite side.

‘The question is, what was the point of activating the child and parent crystal spheres after I have wasted so much effort?’

‘When he took away the crystal ball, will he have to activate it again?’

‘Let someone else do this job.’

Kevin did not notice his somewhat darkened face and continued, “1 parent crystal ball, up to 9 child-ball to establish a connection, as for the distance of the spiritual transmission with the parent ball as the centre, it can reach the radius of five hundred kilometres.

Within five hundred kilometres, excluding some special regions, the spiritual transmission will not be disturbed, while beyond five hundred kilometres, the constructed bridge will become unstable, the spiritual particles escape faster, the signal will gradually become more and more distorted.

The maximum range is eight hundred kilometres, but I think the signal quality at seven hundred meters was already distorted enough to be used.”

The distance was really out of his expectation.

Not to mention eight hundred kilometres, five hundred kilometres, even if only two or three hundred kilometres, Tang Yu was satisfied.


The distance was not enough to make up for its quantity!

There was no way for a parent ball to establish a connection with another parent ball. Still, as long as the number of child balls was large enough, the communication range could cover each other. The information could quickly spread throughout the country. It was not a dream.

“The materials are not too hard to find, right?”

“It’s not difficult. I’ve seen it. They are all in stock in the warehouse.” Kevin brushed his beard, “but it’s very difficult to make.”

He reached out and brought the finished product drawing next to him.

A parent ball and a child ball.

The parent ball was at least the size of A2 paper, and the various overlapping three-dimensional graphics reminded Tang Yu of the days when he played in the Olympics.

Although, he still didn’t understand it.


“The person who invented the child-parent crystal ball is really a genius.”

“Especially the mother ball, very complex, a total of nine rune arrays were incorporated on it, each rune array have a high-level rune as the core, surrounded by six intermediate runes, twelve low-level runes …… These nine rune arrays also resonate with each other, quite mysterious. “

Tang Yu knew that the runes inside the crystal ball were no longer engraved but were drawn into the equipment or props.

This was a skill that could only be mastered by advanced rune experts.


Although there was no need for master runes, it was still not a super-level item, but the difficulty of manufacturing was evident.

“Even with the old man’s ability, maybe one year…no, five…ten years, it might not be possible to make it, so…” Kevin rubbed his hands and looked at Tang Yu.

He had already done it himself to make it easier, so why eagerly waiting for the master to come?

Seeing Tang Yu nodding, Kevin said curtly, “After you build it, show me the demo, I want to see your creation and the original and then compare them.”

Tang Yu nodded.

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