My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 408


Tang Yu did not bring the two drawings directly to the workshop but first went to the research institute. After all, the drawings that Kevin drew were only theoretically feasible…If Kevin tries to make them, and there were no accidents in the process, they would still encounter many difficulties. These must be overcome one by one in the manufacturing process and perfectly following the blueprints.

Only if the blueprints were perfect.

The two in front of him were at best only semi-finished products with a degree of completion of 90%, but for Tang Yu, they were enough.

He put the drawing into the scanner of the institute. After a while, several lines of information appeared on the screen.

[Parent and Child Crystal Ball (Parent): 93% blueprint completion. ] [Parent and Child Crystal Ball (Child): 96% blueprint completion. ]

There were also words such as whether it was refined/enhance and so on.

Tang Yu chose to refine the drawing, and the screen picture immediately changed.

[During the process, please inject the source crystal…] [During the process…] […]

…It kept demanding for source crystal.


After consuming more than 100,000 source crystals, the two blueprints were successfully perfected. They became standard blueprints that conformed to the workshop’s manufacturing.

Tang Yu again incidentally ordered to refine it and again consumed two or three hundred thousand source crystals. Tang Yu was slightly concerned …… this amount was roughly the territory’s income for a day or half a day.

After another trip to the workshop and scanning the blueprints, Tang Yu instructed his personal guard to have the logistics department brought in the materials.

The materials needed for the child crystal ball were not much but were relatively expensive, converted into source crystals. Tang Yu calculated about 180,000 to 190,000 … a set.

It wasn’t that expensive for him.

The only slight trouble was that some of these materials were scarce …… the available materials only allow him to produce five or six sets of parent and child crystal balls.

But that was just a trivial matter.

Sitting in a large territory.

Every day, members of the investigation corps brought back various types of materials, and he had a ‘friendly relationship with other shelters regarding material exchange.

At the beginning of the establishment of the territory, Tang Yu was worried about the scarcity of materials, but now, it was left to others to worry about.

This was the advantage of establishing a powerful shelter. If it were other people, even if they were transcendent, they might not be able to find all kinds of materials.

After the mother and child crystal balls were manufactured, three were immediately activated using the territory as the base station. In addition, two dozen child crystal balls were handed over to the Ministry of Intelligence and sent to major shelters in Tiannan Province.

After the blueprints have been refined, the crystal ball and the spiritual power transmission range were enough to cover the entire Tiannan Province and a little further. Currently, only two sets were arranged in the Luoxia and the Yangtze River Delta region.

Communication has become more convenient, and the work of major shelters has progressed more smoothly.

Adventurers’ guilds in various branches registered more and more adventurers, and the airplane operation was also on track. Every day, survivors from major shelters were transported to the Tree Shade by airplane.

Among them, the most talented people in the rune spell were also transported to Tree Shade.

The production plant of rune equipment has also been expanded steadily. Every ten days, a batch of goods worth millions of source crystals was transported to large shelters. Some goods will be sold by local agents, and some will be stored in the guild’s warehouse, waiting for adventurers to exchange them.

Construction, medicine, machinery, etc… all kinds of talented people have also been hired in the Tree Shade through negotiating deals with local forces.

The territory’s population keeps growing, from three to fifty thousand to seven to eighty thousand to ninety thousand.

One month later, the number of ordinary people living in the territory has exceeded 100,000, and the number of hunters living around the Tree Shade was as high as 50,000!

The ratio between ordinary people and hunters has reached 2:1, which was impossible in other places.

The Tree Shade Shelter was also constantly being expanded.

The area was not as vast as that of a large-scale shelter. But the most significant point was that there are no slums. The spatial layout of the street looks very planned. Standing on the top of the castle, the neatly arranged buildings look very good. Comfortable, there were also magnificent landmarks such as “Adventurer’s Guild”, “Extreme Martial Arts School”, “Tree Shade Auction” and so on.

Compared with other large-scale shelters, at the beginning of its establishment, in order to use the land and resources as much as possible, the buildings were densely built, but the Tree Shade was like a new and vibrant city.

It’s still a small town for the time being, but anyone who has just arrived here will fall in love with it at a glance.

There were too many people to avoid bumping.

Especially for hunters from other places, many people didn’t care much about Tree Shade’s rules and regulations until they got fined.

In other words, they never thought that they would have to pay so many source crystals when a fight broke a street lamp?

On average, at least three of the ten foreign hunters have been punished by the Tree Shade Garrison Corps. There were also more serious ones, such as killing people within the sanctuary, not to mention confiscating all property and pulling it to the mine for mining.

During this time, the members of the garrison corps suddenly realized why they were busier than the investigation corps?

Luo Zhe, who was in charge of the territory’s defence work, couldn’t take a moment to relax.


Inside the office.

Tang Yu was working carefully, dealing with a pile of documents that had accumulated on the table.

The company’s main business was to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The boot camp was a special regiment established a month or so ago. The purpose was not to fight but to screen.

The Hunter who signed up for each regiment needed to train in the boot camp for a period of time.

This was both an opportunity to get stronger and was also an assessment.

If you perform well, you could join a certain corps according to your own wishes in a short time. Those with poor performance need to be trained for a period in the new barracks and then assigned to the major corps by the upper level of the armed forces according to the individual situation of the recruits.

The others with worse performance would be rejected.

“Currently, there are 3,659 hunters in the new barracks. In addition to the air force and the flaming horse cavalry, the special corps is supported by the wolf cavalry and Chocobo. The special forces are also in the process of being formed, so when you count them, it’s a considerable force…”

“The remnants of the cult have disappeared. The people of the Ghost Hand Clan also vanished without a trace…”

“There are fewer and fewer people who have been awakened in the Quaternary Period. I am afraid they have been hiding. Since the last declaration of the city’s establishment, the ancient spirit dynasty has not done any major things. For the other two Quaternary powers, I haven’t heard any relevant news. I’m afraid it is active in Europe or America?”

Tang Yu’s thoughts gradually drifted away.

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