My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 409


Northern Court.

The heavy snow constantly poured over this area, and thick white piles of snow surrounded the city. Yet, the magnificence of this city was still visible.

Northern Court Downtown.

On the last day of the stampede, Northern Court was one of the cities that did not suffer major damage. The downtown was still lined with tall and luxurious buildings. Of course, there were anti-aircraft missile launchers and mortars all around the area. However, the tense atmosphere created by these weapons couldn’t conceal the prosperity of this former international metropolis.

In just one city, The Northern Court has tens of millions of survivors, more than the entire Tiannan Province. —This was due to the fact that at the beginning of the stampede, the army of the Northern Court region reacted quickly and had the best cavalries in the entire world, quickly exterminating the demonic wave and suppressing several abyssal rifts.

Nowadays, with the Northern Court downtown as the core, the eight large shelters established some kind of a defensive perimeter encompassing territory comparable to the third of Tiannan province.

Unlike Tiannan Province, which was mostly deserted and hunter activities were limited to a small part of the area, the Northern Court defensive perimeter was a safe zone!

There were twenty-eight abyssal rifts of various sizes within the perimeter, all suppressed by the army and turned into resource points where source crystals could be extracted continuously.

The wandering demonized beasts had also been exterminated again and again.

Nowadays, within the defensive perimeter, even if ordinary people were to travel without any weapons or escort, no demonic beast would ever attack them as long as they stayed on the road inside the perimeter.

In Northern Court downtown, several railways connecting major satellite cities and transit stations have been established. Moreover, mankind no longer has to stay within the cramped city walls thanks to the defensive perimeter.

Outside the downtown, the vast wilderness was reclaimed to create a large number of fields. In addition to planting rice and potatoes and other conventional crops, there were many green fruit trees, ground dragon corn, and other post-apocalyptic mutations, high yield, the short growth cycle of crops.

Providing some sustainable resources and commodities to the people living inside the defensive perimeter.

The eight satellite cities, which were the first line of defence of this defensive perimeter, were filled with numbers of outposts and fortress where battle erupted every day, preventing the demonic beasts from entering the perimeter.

Every day, teams of hunters from the surrounding provinces and cities, and even large migration teams, arrived from out of town and entered the defensive perimeter to seek refuge.

The strength of the Northern Court, too, was growing.


“The Northern Court is worthy of being called the safest place in the world.

“If I hadn’t come here, I might be already dead.”

“That’s right, and there is still a Guardian God in the Northern Court, I heard that the Guardian God can shatter mountains with a single slap, a person who can easily destroy the demonic wave…… we came to the Northern Court, finally no longer have to worry about fear.”

The two young men carried a cart of building materials and walked away laughing and joking.

Hui Ren stood on a high tower, overlooking the busy figures below, and the mixed voices came into his ears. He frowned slightly.

Hui Ren was not from Daxia, but he did not want the Northern Court to be strong and stir some trouble.

“However, according to my speculation, the guardian gods of the Northern Court, 

the transcendent powerhouses, are at most only three people, and if less, there may only be one with the surname Meng, which is not much of a worry……”

The possibility of a conflict breaking out was unlikely. Still, as the head of intelligence, Hui Ren needed to think through any possible scenario.

“On the contrary, there are more and more territorial masters. If my strength is not improved, I may be left out… No, I must retreat after this mission to strive to breakthrough.”

Hui Ren was more or less anxious, looking at the big burly man next to him, “How is the recruitment going?”

“Currently, the 500 slots of our mercenary regiment are full, and those other ordinary people employees have also recruited five or six hundred people.” The big man scratched his head, “Big brother, we haven’t started this transit station yet. It’s a loss of money.”

“It’s okay; it’s just an investment. When we open this transit station, source crystal will pour in and cover all of our losses.” Yan Dazhuang scratched his head, not quite understand.

As a hunter who was convinced by Hui Ren with his prowess in the early days and joined the Intelligence Department, Yan Dazhuang could be considered a veteran, but he couldn’t disguise and work on a secret mission. He couldn’t scout and conceal his presence. He only knew one word, fight recklessly.


The new staging area was located about twenty kilometres southeast of Northern Court downtown.

The lord instructed to probe the intelligence of the Northern Court and find a place where a station could be established …… Hui Ren initially intended to buy a large piece of land within the Northern Court but later calculated that the price of land within the downtown was extremely high, not that it was unaffordable. Still, it was better to choose to build in the wild.

After the repossession policy, many of the shelter survivors migrated into the Northern Court. The rest were transformed into transit stations. The number is much less than before.

Some people saw the business opportunity and chose to build a transit station at a major transportation road entrance.

However, there were strict requirements for the establishment of transit stations. Theoretically, they belong to the government, so there was no private transit station. The procedures for applying for construction were also very complicated. It was just that Hui Ren uses some means to calculate the cost, and it was much cheaper than buying land.

There was no limit to the size of the transit station, and in the future, the owner could continue to expand if he feels it was too small.

Even if the labour costs, material costs, and other construction costs were to be borne by themselves, plus the application procedures cost source crystal.

It was still incredibly cheap.

Hui Ren packs this information and transmitted it to the distant Tree Shade through the contract.


The Tree Shade Main Office.

The information went through a delay of several hours before Tang Yu finally received it.

“The transit station is almost built, and the first batch of rune equipment to be shipped to the Northern Court needs to be prepared.”

In order to open the market as soon as possible and earn the source crystals from the pockets of the Northern Court hunters, the information from the investigation of the Hui Ren naturally also included the magical equipment market in the Northern Court.

Compared with the general large-scale shelters, it was quite luxurious.

There was D-level magical equipment in circulation on the market. According to the prediction of Hui Ren, Northern Market even has the ability to produce C-level magical equipment, although the output was bound to below.

“Although the magical equipment of the same level is more sophisticated, if you want to make a big hit, you must still consider the choice of product types.”

It was definitely impossible to establish an adventurer’s guild in Northern Court, so Tang Yu planned to add Class B equipment to the first batch of goods and even put one or two pieces of Class A magical equipment as a treasure of the shop to attract customers.

Knives, swords, firearms, armours, props…many weapons and equipment flashed through his mind.

Suddenly Tang Yu’s eyes lit up.

In the Northern Market that Hui Ren investigated, it seemed… there were no puppets that existed.

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