My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 41


Chapter 41 – Daily Training of the Patrol Team

In the open space, Roger’s demonstration still echoed in the mind of the patrol members. Their eyes were burning with excitement.

Just now, Roger with the power of an ordinary hunter, shattered a huge stone at once with a simple iron rod.

When could the hunters have such a tremendous destructive power?

They didn’t doubt Roger’s words. It’s just that the Steel-faced man also showed a full shot of his power. Compared with breaking a boulder, that power was really something. They had no idea how much power he had.

“A person can get full control of his fighting power through training, and mastering the skill of a better capacity could exert his strength far beyond their imagination.”

“We call this skill capacity as ‘combat skills’”.

The patrol members’ eyes were burning with determination.

They’ve never heard of skill capacity, combat skills, or everything else Roger had said. It seemed they had opened a door to a new world. Their breaths became heavy in an instant.

“The combat techniques I used just now was weight.”

Roger held the steel rod and replayed his movement just now. “Learning combat skills is not easy. The first thing you need to do is mastering the movements. Even when you could master the movements but haven’t learned the combat skill, it’ll still be a great move to your combat effectiveness.”

If he tore down the movement by steps, it looked a bit awkward. But once he completed the movements in a short time and connected all the movements together, there was an unspeakable beauty in those movements.

Smooth, natural, and powerful!

They began to imitate the movements. Although it was difficult, each person persisted to learn it.

They didn’t expect that they had the opportunity to know and learn combat skills. The welfare of joining the patrol team was beyond their expectations. They felt fortunate. If they hadn’t joined the patrol team, they would never get the chance to learn such skills. Those hunters who didn’t joined the patrol team would regret it if they knew about this.

Of course they wouldn’t say a thing about the secrets of the patrol team. But just the thought of it made them feel excited.

On the other side.

Roger observed as he gave them correction, then nodded.

Imitating the combat skill movement itself was the most basic combat skill. It’s a basic combat skill of the warrior job. It had a wide range of adaptability, including several actions before the combat skills. The movement was a requirement for every soldier in every city he had stayed in before.

Although these people didn’t have a good foundation, he already knew they had no combat experience from one single look. But they could learn it with if they worked hard.

In this case, Roger carefully thought about it and released his momentum and oppressed several people.

The patrol members who were just struggling with their movement almost fell. Under such a strong pressure, they did a lot of wrong movements.


After lunch, Peng Bo rubbed his now full belly and hiccupped with satisfaction. The intensity of the morning training was very high. Especially on him as the only person with an ability, Roger expected more from him. He got so much food from just one lunch.

Work hard? What was that? His only hobby was eating, and his biggest hobby was eating more.

After intensive amount of training in the morning, his appetite got boosted far beyond his limit. In the past, even if he was full or not full, he couldn’t eat much food. And the food portion was ordinary. During the lunch however, he did show his full ability.

The other members of the patrol team were no match to his appetite. Even the hunters.

As soon as he heard that there would be a special event in the afternoon, Peng Bo arrived early.

Obviously, he wasn’t the only one who thought so. Although Captain Roger had gave them some break time, all the members of the team came by to the open space one by one.

They started to practice the awkward movements when suddenly someone shouted, “Captain Roger is here!”

Peng Bo turned back from the awkward posture and saw Captain Roger was carrying a huge box.

The box was very large and seemed heavy. It made a big thud sound when it was placed on the ground.

“What is that?”

Roger opened the box.

Peng Bo’s eyes widened. The box contained a whole new set of equipment including sword, firearms and other weapons. As well as a full set of black stripped combat clothing.

Roger pointed to the equipment. “This is one of the patrol team’s benefits. A full set of equipment prepared for all of you.”

Peng Bo’s eyes lit up with excitement. He immediately picked up a long silver sword and stroked it with ease in the air.


When it sliced through the air, Peng Bo could hardly feel the resistance from the sword. He stumbled and fell down, the long sword he held sliced a large rock nearby. The sword cut though the rock, half of it was already submerged in the rock.

Peng Bo and the rest of the patrol team gasped, but they could see clearly that he didn’t use any strength at all. When he stood up, they were even more surprised. He didn’t use any strength, but more than half of the sword body had been inserted into the stone.

Someone tried to touch the hilt of the sword and pushed it a little harder. The entire sword body was completely submerged into the rock, only the hilt remained.

All the patrol members were left speechless at the scene.

That weapon was too wicked, they had never seen such a sharp weapon!

The reason why most hunters couldn’t match a demonic beast was insufficient combat skills. But the biggest factor was weapons! The weapons used by hunters were easily broken to pieces by demonic beast. They couldn’t even inflict a single cut, how could they take down one demonic beast?

Even if the weapons were forged in modern craftsmanship, the normal high-quality weapon was not this sharp. It’s effective enough to deal with normal demonic beast. But if it’s a double or triple awakened demonic beast, they would need more effort to break through the demonic beast’s defense.

They already knew that the shelter would provide them with weapons after they joined the patrol team. But no one expected that the weapon would be so sharp that they could even slay a God!

The patrol members were instantly daydreaming. With such weapons, they could easily break through the scaled armor or fur of the demonic beast and kill it. It’s really convenient!

Everyone looked excited.

No wonder Leader Tang wore a black combat suit, no wonder Captain Roger always donned in heavy armor. Before, they had no idea why. But now they understood that this equipment was a real fit for the doomsday. It’s really strong!

They felt glad.

The duty of the patrol team was to deal with demonic beast problem. At first, they were very nervous and worried. But now, equipped with such a good gear, they would no longer be the demonic beasts’ preys.

Instead, they became a real hunter!

Everyone picked up their equipment and changed into the combat gear. They were happy with how comfortable and lightweight the gear was.

They had no idea this was just the most basic equipment.

After they finished, Roger nodded, “I’ll give you ten minutes to get used to the equipment. We’ll go out and hunt some demonic beasts. This is our afternoon training subject. “


Outside the shelter, at the gate of the original resort villa.

All of the patrol team members wore black striped combat suits with swords on their waist and rifles hanging on their backs. This uniform equipment had increased the confidence of the patrol members by several levels.

At first, they were just at the level of an ordinary shelter patrols, then it was upgraded to the level of elite soldiers in large shelters.

Roger’s goal this time was a county town with a distance of more than ten kilometers away.

The town was not really small, but it had a lot of supplies. He had been there several times before but couldn’t carry much because the lack of manpower. The patrol team’s first combat training was also their first mission. Roger had asked for a minivan to load more things.

The team advanced slowly, they were all alerted and excited.

Every member of the patrol team had experienced survival in the wild after the doomsday. But now it’s different. Now they went to hunt demonic beast instead of being hunted down like before.

They felt both nervous and excited.

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