My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 410


Puppets were always the specialty of Tree Shade.

Every time an outsider came to Tree Shade, the first thing that amazes them were those steel monster-like contraptions that looked like small mechas…… These puppets have made many contributions to the history of the development of the territory.

Tang Yu came to the study room. He focused his spiritual energy and condensed it into the shape of a big hand to grab a thick book from a bookshelf more than ten meters high.

The Equipment Encyclopedia.

Written by: Tang Yu.

This was another magnificent masterpiece after his “Magical Beast Pictorial Guide”, “Foreign Beast Pictorial Guide”, “List of Hundred Herbs” and “List of Minerals”.

Tang Yu also intended to compile a long historical novel about that era, “The End Times”, based on the collected information of the Fourth Age, about the process of evolution when the source qi of heaven and earth was thin, and the supernatural power was not visible.

Of course, he didn’t know much about the Fourth Age, and Yan Dingtian, who was supposed to know better due to his age, only understands a small part of the early Fourth Age, especially about “The End Times”.

There was a secret organization recorded in this book, the Mage Alliance Division, said to have the most collection of books filled with information about the Fourth Age and a lot of its secret information.

However, the period between the late Third Age and the beginning of the Fourth Age was kept in the dark.

Shaking his head, Tang Yu turned over the “Equipment Encyclopedia”, weapons, defensive gear, props, puppets, carriers, etc., from D-class single magical equipment to A-class triple rune equipment. All the gears that the territory possessed were recorded inside the encyclopedia.

This includes equipment characteristics, sharpness, inscription runes, and manufacturing blueprints…all of them.

What an amazing book.

Tang Yu quickly skimmed through the weapons and defensive gear section and selected a few main commodities to be placed in the Northern Court, and then turned to the puppet section.

Selling puppets to build fame and then drive the sales of other products…This was Tang Yu’s plan. He believed that as long as the store’s reputation spreads, the entire hunter populations inside the Northern Court’s defensive perimeter would also hear about it, and he was confident that this adventurer would buy his product, as long as the production capacity of the Tree Shade can keep up with their demand. The source crystal would pour nonstop into his pocket.

And when the time comes to trade rare materials with high-end weapons, he’s ready.


The combat power of a basic puppet warrior was approximated to be equal to a single hunter.

The combat power of the basic warrior puppet (enhanced) and replaced with alloy materials was approximately equal to two hunters, and its energy core self-destructs system was very powerful. In close range, it could blow up four demonic beasts.

Fighter puppet (low version) combat power was about equal to two or three hunters.

Fighter puppet (medium version) combat power was about equal to five or six hunters.

The fighter puppet (high version) has the combat power of ten hunters.

This approximation was based on hunters without their magical equipment. These puppets had the advantage because they have built-in magical equipment with them and were programmed to use it perfectly without any flawed movement. For example, firearm puppet had a comparable accuracy to a veteran marksman.

That version of the puppet was currently the most used puppet in the territory.

Over the past few months, Tang Yu has also seen other puppet blueprints in the market, such as pikemen puppets, archer puppets, gunner puppets … these were the ordinary ones.

There were also some more advanced ones known as golems, such as ……

Guardian golems: two meters tall, humanoid, good at defense, a melee bodyguard type golem.

Destroyer Golem: loaded with lava cannons and other long-range bombardment weapons, used for bombardment.

Giant god soldier: super large golem …… its combat power was difficult to assess, but in terms of destructive power, it was stronger than the Transcendents.


These puppet drawings there were high and low value, some practical, and some were just a concept, but Tang Yu bought them all.

Even the most expensive blueprints of the Giant God Soldiers were only a mere 300,000 source crystals. The cheap ones were only a few thousand. He bought them for research purposes.

“But if these puppets were to be sold in the Northern Court, I need to re-evaluate their purpose.”

The cost of the Giant God Soldier golem was high, and only three have been built so far. Not many people in the entire territory know about these types of golems.

The Destroyer golem was a notch below the Giant God Soldier, but its destructive power was also too strong for the “Adventurer’s Guild” to exchange.

Guardian golem was cheap enough for four-star adventurers to exchange.

The fighter puppet (medium version), three-star adventurers were eligible to exchange. As for the low version, the purchase limit was two-star adventurers.

The basic fighter golem, which has been removed from the “Adventurer’s Guild” exchange list and instead placed for sale in the Tree Shade Supermarket, includes some low-level puppets, similar to many E-rank weapons, without any purchase restrictions.

“However, although there are quite a few types of puppets, not many of them are really desired by the market.”

The normal version of the basic fighter golem and the enhanced version (redeemed at the “Adventurer’s Guild”) were both selling well, and the low version of the fighter golem was one of the most commonly purchased items by three-star adventurers.

However, the medium version was rarely purchased.

The sales of other high-grade golems were far below C-grade and B-grade weapons.

“The cost is a problem, medium and high level puppet materials are more precious, resulting in a higher price. Puppets are dead objects. As the strength of the hunters increases, they will soon be replaced.”

Middle and high-level puppets did not appear to be cost-effective.

On the contrary, low-level puppets were cheap and helpful for the newcomers who have just entered the path of the hunter. Even if they were scrapped, they were cheap enough for this hunter to buy another one.

“The population of the Northern Court is high, the number of new hunter is also quite a lot, Many of them did not go out to fight with the demonic beasts directly after awakening. They preferred to hunt down demons first to upgrade their equipment.”

“Therefore, the survival rate of new hunter in the Northern Court is high and they have a lot of money , so the sales of basic warrior puppets should be good.”

Tang Yu included several hot-selling puppets in his list.

He also thought of forming a puppet legion, but the cost and the production difficulty were too high.

The cost of manufacturing puppets was much higher than training a hunter.

And imagining thousands of puppets destroyed during the war made him stressed even though he was wealthy.

“Unless… I can create a puppet similar to the No.1 and No.2 that can cultivate independently to become stronger.”

He shook his head.

Tang Yu flipped through the Equipment Encyclopedia page by page and suddenly saw a kind of puppet in the corner that he had ignored.

[Magic Wolf Puppet]

This was a rare beast-shaped puppet with combat power comparable to three hunters, but because the production cost was much higher than the lowly version of the fighter puppet, Tang Yu has always overlooked it.

Looking at the look of the puppet on the page again, a bold idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

Why not use the puppet as a mount?

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