My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 411


Tang Yu immediately got up and prepared to take a trip to the warehouse to take a “magic wolf puppet” for study.

As soon as he walked out of the castle gate, he paused, thinking that the distance between the castle and the warehouse was much farther than the workshop, and then turned around and walked around the corridor to the workshop.

There were a lot of materials stored here, and Tang Yu immediately put in some iron materials and chose to make “magic wolf puppets.”

Soon, the unexpanded compressed orb was passed out.

Tang Yu took it in his hand and weighed it, just enough to hold it in one palm. When he stepped out of the workshop, he threw his hand, and the compression orb unfolded in mid-air, and a magic wolf with a metallic luster took shape not far away.

The magic wolf was nearly two meters high, the size of a small car, the dense hair on the body was composed of steel needles.

Tang Yu examined it left and right.

“Hmm… the Magic wolf’s back had too much sharp edges, although it could increase its lethality against the enemy, these razor sharp hair made riding it impossible.”

Tang Yu condensed the source qi on his palm and stroked one hand across the back of the magic wolf. At once, the hard steel needles shattered and crackled to the ground. His palm moved around a few times, and the magic wolf with dense hair instantly turned into a bald wolf.

Looking at the fractured part of the steel needle, the fracture was uneven, and Tang Yu extinguished his intention to try riding on it.

“Also, the back of the demon wolf should be widened and equipped with a set of saddle ropes. It is a strange beast mount… This is just a modification of the appearance. It is not difficult. Kevin should be able to complete the transformation of the blueprint.”

Since the second change in the sky, the electronic components have been damaged a lot more often. Even if they were repaired later, their stability was not as good as before. It’s hard to operate any kind of vehicle nowadays. On the contrary, the puppet has strong stability and could cooperate with the rider to fight, which was more difficult to do if you were to use any existing vehicle. There were so many advantages!

The more Tang Yu thought about it, the more feasible he felt.

“How come I didn’t think of mount puppets before!”

Of course, Tang Yu didn’t plan to replace the mounts of several cavalry regiments…Although the domestication of alien beasts was troublesome, it has potential. With the continuous provision of medicinal materials and potions in the territory, the strength of alien beasts such as fiery horses and wolves was also continuously improved… the power of the blood and energy of the alien beasts could also blend with the knights to increase the power of the combined combat skills.

If you could combine the energy and blood of a thousand cavalry to charge, not even a Transcendent could leave unscathed.

In short, the cavalry regiment needs to continue to expand…….

A week later.

The weather was clear, and the temperature was eight degrees below zero.

Many physically strong hunters have started to change into their autumn clothes.

Tang Yu, dressed in long-sleeved pants and wearing a tight-fitting combat suit inside, arrived at the back mountain airplane base early in the morning with eight members of his personal guard team who had not yet expanded in size.

At this moment, there were two airplanes parked in the base, one of which was the famous “Voyager”.

Chen Haiping was directing a number of survivors, cooperating with the puppets, carrying boxes of cargo into the cargo hold of the airplane.

With 300 members of the guard corps boarded the “Voyager”, as well as Xie Yi, who had also returned from the Yangtze Delta region and was preparing to go to the Northern Court together to manage the local industry.

Tang Yu swept his eyes and also boarded the airplane.

Behind him, in addition to the eight members of the bodyguard team, Nancy also followed closely, along with Xingyue, Zhu Shu Li, and two B-class qualified followers who had previously stayed in the Yangtze River Delta.

This was the high-end battle force brought on this trip.

Soon, the cargo handling was completed, along with a light buzzing sound, the airplane slowly lift off.


From the Tree Shade to the Northern Court, They had to pass through many hazardous areas along the way.

Fortunately, being at a high altitude, they weren’t affected by these dangerous environments.

Previously, the Voyager had sailed to the Northern Court.

Although there were two encounters with flying beasts of the Transcendent class, the airplane was calm with Nancy on board, and with the strength of the “Voyager” itself, there was no danger.

The floating boat did not fly at full speed, but after sailing for seven or eight hours, they finally arrived at the border of the Northern Court.

They gradually descended and removed their concealment magic.

Standing on the edge of the deck, Tang Yu saw a large and small outpost, fortress bases, and countless city walls stretching below, stopping the incoming tide of demons outside the defensive perimeter.

He could hear a vague sound of explosions below.

A huge city appeared at the end of the sky.

The city walls were towering, and there were many buildings.

This was not the Northern Court but a satellite city on the periphery of the defensive perimeter. It was larger than an ordinary shelter, inhabited by millions of survivors.

“Voyager” did not get close to this city. It flew past through it and entered the hinterland of the defensive perimeter.

There were almost no traces of demonic beasts on the ground. Instead, on the road below, you could see some survivor teams and a few convoys from time to time… These teams were not strong, and the hunter escort was only one person. This defensive perimeter was able to protect anyone who walked inside of it.

“This is what really opened up a territory where humans can survive, so that the space for human activities is no longer strained…”

As the “Voyager” slowed down its flight, Tang Yu continued to observe the appearance of the Northern Court defensive perimeter and had many development ideas that could be applied to his territory in the future.

This was also one of the purposes of his personal trip to the Northern Court.

The roads in the defensive perimeter were smooth, and some transit stations built from villages, towns, and high-speed rest areas can occasionally be seen.

Some areas were filled with red mist. Tang Yu knew precisely what that was, a suppressed abyssal cracks.

Some areas were very strange, such as a lake with white smoke, with restricted areas set up below, and military garrisons on the periphery. Tang Yu guessed that either the entrance to the secret realm was located or the environment was mutated, and the lake was very dangerous.

After a few more minutes of sailing, the “Voyager” was finally nearing the end of the line, and the altitude was getting lower and lower.

Ma Liguo, in the captain’s room, sent a query.

“Director, should we choose to find a deserted area to land, or land directly next to the staging area?”

Tang Yu pondered for a moment.

If he wanted to enter the magical equipment market in the Northern Court, he needed to show off his wealth.

Since that was the case….

“Remove the concealment formation and land directly next to the staging area.”

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