My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 412


An unnamed transit station.

Ever since Hui Ren bought the construction rights and hired many construction workers, the place has become lively.

With zero cost to build, this transit station which covers an area of over 100,000 square meters, was quickly completed.

There were four or five-story buildings towering around the central square. There were bars, restaurants, hotels …… all kinds of living facilities and entertainment facilities in this complete package.

There wasn’t any wall in the transit station, the outermost periphery was surrounded by a three-meter-high iron fence, and some simple traps were arranged outside, enough to deal with the demonic beasts that escaped the sweep in the defensive perimeter.

Other staging areas were also the same. As long as the building was still inside the defensive perimeter, there was no need to build a wall.

It has been several days since the completion of the transit station, and from time to time, there were passers-by who stop here, but they all leave quickly.

For the new transit station suddenly built in this place, many people cannot help but talk about it.

“I heard it was built by a group of outsiders, what a very capable guys, able to complete that building quickly.”

“The one who can get the construction rights is at least the high-level team. It is far from the ordinary mercenary group we are staying with… However they were a bit ignorant building the transit station in this area.”

“How so?”

The two walked inside the transit station, looking around this newly opened transit station. There were already many deserters inside the building. Some were just passer-by stopping here to rest, but also some were vendors from the Northern Court, yelling to do some small business.

It was very lively.

The older hunter smiled and said, “This transit station is indeed at a major traffic route, and there are many hunters passing through here, but… it’s too close to the Northern Court downtown.”

“There are a lot of people, but at most, they will rest here for a few minutes, eat a meal, and then continue on the road. I’m afraid there are no hunters who stay here. After all, they were so close to the Northern Court downtown.

Not only that, a large part of the income of the transit station comes from selling supplies, but the hunters who pass by have either just departed or are preparing to return to the Northern Court from outside the perimeter… supplies, in this place is almost impossible to sell.

And furthermore, they need to add the cost of transportation when they sell their supplies here. The price is certainly higher than in the downtown.

Building a transit station here is possible, and in fact, it is an excellent place to build it, but from a business point of view, this place is terrible. The revenue is certainly not high, and there is a high probability to even lose money.”

The young hunter who listened nodded in agreement.

“This is an amazing transit station, but the location is not that good, what a shame.”

“Hey, after all, the one who built it was a foreigner.”

The two men bought the cheapest carbonated drinks at a beverage store in the transit station and sat for half an hour, talking in low voices.

Just as they were about to leave, the younger hunter suddenly looked up behind the older hunter and pointed at something with a shivering hand, “Look, there’s an airplane!”

“Come on man, we’re not even drinking an alcohol, don’t get drunk on me!”

The older awakened man put down his long-empty drink glanced back out of the corner of his eye, and his expression suddenly froze.

An airplane?

For real?


Above the sky.

First, a small dot appeared and then grew larger and larger.

At first, the hunters in the transit station thought it was a flying magical beast attack, many people stared at the small black dot in the sky, but it turned into a huge thing in the blink of an eye.

The ship-like body was suspended in the air, and the two wings attached to the main gun were slightly folded down, like arms carrying two gun ports.

The ship, flying in the sky, was slowly making its way to the staging area and

Its altitude was getting lower and lower.

“What is this?”

“A flying ship …… ship?”

“Eh, you guys see those people at the staging area going out!”

Hui Ren led more than two hundred hunters in combat suits out of the staging area.

Many hunters were surprised, nervous, and clutching their weapons tightly, thinking that after the demonized beasts, there was another attack, while these guards of the staging station, without hesitation, stepped forward to be on the front line of the fight against their opponent.

Good people!


The two Awakened Ones who ran out of the beverage store excitedly stepped out and saw more than two hundred hunters in their combat suit clearing an open space outside the staging area, and then the huge floating airplane slowly landed in the open space.

The hunters: “(⊙…⊙)?” [TL Note : I shit you not, they really wrote it like this]


The “Voyager” landed, and Tang Yu stood at the bow of the ship. His gaze swiftly scanned the entire staging area.

Most of the hunters were stunned and confused, and most of the manpower assembled by Hui Ren was both shocked and excited. There were a few core members who had followed Hui Ren to the Northern Court from Tree Shade, and they were all puffed up and full of pride at this point.

Tang Yu leaped gently and descended from the bow of the ship, taking one step to the ground.

Nancy appeared behind him with a whoosh, and the eight members of his personal guard also jumped off the prow of the ship and stood to the left and right.

The hunters behind him began to carry the cargo, leaving these chores to others to arrange. Tang Yu, led by Hui Ren, strolled around the transit station, and then, came to the secret base that Hui Ren had prepared long ago.


The underground space of the transit station.

This space was not as big as the natural cave under the ground of Lok Ha, but it was not small either. It was opened up by several earth elemental people under Hui Ren, working day and night.

The top was embedded with high-powered source power crystal lamps, illuminating the dark confined space.

Tang Yu intended to place two key structures, which were the main fortress and the transmission array, in the underground space.

Hui Ren has prepared the materials needed and piled them into a small mountain in the corner of this underground space.

Tang Yu walked a few steps closer, opened his personal domain, and when he reached out, countless materials floated in the air not far away.

With a soft “ding” in his mind, the source crystal in the far Tree Shade warehouse turned into majestic energy, which appeared here in an instant, shrouded in suspended materials in the air.

Clap, clap, clap.

Excess materials were rejected, the load-bearing fortress column was raised from the middle, the outer wall was formed, and the internal structure was continuously built visible to the naked eye, just like the construction of a building was recorded from the beginning to the end, and the cost was ten thousand source crystal. This scene was played out at a speed of two times faster and presented in front of people.

In just a few seconds, the top closed, and the steel fortress formed in front of his eyes.

“No matter how many times I have seen it, this kind of power is amazing.” Hui Ren whistled, then turned to look at Tang Yu, “Boss, since there is no use with me here, then I… first go back. Take a trip to—”

“No, wait until this is on the right track.”

Hui Ren: “…”


The transit station square was the most magnificent shopping mall.

Through the doors and windows, you could see the exquisite decoration of the building, but it looks very empty.

It changed today. The airplane landed outside the transit station, and numerous hunters in combat uniforms carried huge boxes and sent them to the warehouse behind the mall.

After a short while, the hunters who continued to stay because of the airplane found that there were items on the shelves of the mall.

Goods specially delivered by airplane?

Who is the Boss behind this transit station?

Finally, someone couldn’t restrain their curiosity and walked into the mall.

From the low-level to the high-level, the level of equipment was increased in turn. The first level was mostly E-class weapons and armors, which were not very eye-catching, but after the patient introduction by the staff, the hunters soon discovered The value of the equipment.

They didn’t understand what the classification of E-class equipment was, but with similar quality, the price of the equipment here was much lower than what was sold elsewhere in the Northern Court.

The second floor was D-class equipment, and the third floor was C-class …… The more they look, the more shocked the hunters were.

The mall’s equipment testing area was packed with people.

There were sceptical hunter wielding their own weapons at hand. They tried swinging their weapon against the weapons sold here and immediately broken into two.

The degree of sharpness was amazing!

There were also scrolls that could send out powerful spells, a puppet that could assist you in fighting with a simple command and also could be transformed into a magic wolf…… these dazzling goods, really shake the eyes of the Northern Court hunters.

It was hardly necessary for Hui Ren to prepare publicity. On the same day, the news about a certain transit station selling high-end equipment was quickly spread.

In just three days, it spread throughout the entire Northern Court downtown.

Countless hunters people came to visit!

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