My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 413


Major shelters such as Northern Court has different rules regarding adventurer’s guild, which made Tang Yu unable to create a branch here. However, he managed to set up a high-end shopping mall where he sold multiple types of magical equipment from class D to A. Furthermore, he also created a membership card system.

Bronze membership, silver membership, gold membership, platinum membership, diamond membership, and so on…the upgrading of membership levels increases the number of high-level magical equipment that people could purchase, for people with gold membership and above could even customize their own magical equipment.

In addition to increasing the amount of purchase, selling rare minerals and materials to the shopping mall could also upgrade membership points.

In just three days, E-class and D-class magical equipment was sold out, and the C-class magical equipment would soon follow. The territory’s rare minerals inventory was almost full.

Tang Yu was really surprised by the enthusiasm of the hunters in the Northern Court.

And his business went smoothly. No hunter dared to make a ruckus.

The 800 hunters, with their black combat suits, patrolled the area. Their strong aura was overwhelming. Clearly, these black-suit hunters were above level five.  Any hunters trying to do some funny business will be punished and mught be killed on the spot.

The Northern Court also proud of their order. Within their perimeter, the order must always be enforced.

Many large shelters have a lot of nasty things going on in the dark corners, but the Northern Court, at least in the downtown, satellite cities, transit station, outposts, and even on the main roads within the defensive perimeter, was a place of order, and few hunters have the courage to trigger the laws of the Northern Court.

On the fourth day of Tang Yu’s arrival at the transit station, Hui Ren received a letter of invitation.

The letter simply said that he had heard a lot about him and had set up a banquet to get to know him along with some celebrities from the Northern Court. Interestingly, despite his great reputation, the invitation letter did not include his name.

Apparently, because he lived in seclusion (after building the sub-consortium, he returned to the territory through the teleportation array), the invitee tried to find out his name.

The letter was addressed to a person named Lu Changhong, whom Tang Yu did not recognize.

Hui Ren, who knew Northern Court better than Tang Yu, said

“He’s the president of Northern Court Equipment Manufacturing Company and the Northern Court Pharmaceutical Company, which belong to the Northern Court official, and are the two largest companies.”

“It’s finally here.”

Tang Yu closed the letter and smiled.

The magical equipment sold on this side of the mall only took up a small portion of the huge market of the Northern Court, but the quality of the rune equipment was evident to all, and there were more and more customers, so it would be strange if it didn’t attract the attention of the senior management of the Northern Court.

“Are you going to the banquet? I can feel something isn’t right.” Hui Ren inquired.

“I’ll go.”

Meeting famous people increase your connection, what a bullshit.

Tang Yu was not naive, and the upper echelons of the Northern Court were certainly not stupid either.

There were only two possibilities for the banquet. One was to take the opportunity to test the waters and then make plans later.

And the other one was to kill the 800 hunters and the shopping mall’s manager by poisoning their food to get rid of them directly.

But it was unlikely since the Northern Court would not dare to make their city to be the center of an all-out war, but if it were to happen, Tang Yu didn’t care.

With strength, you can do whatever you want!

“Let’s see what the other side intends to do first, after all, it’s the local snake of Northern Court, if it really wants to hinder our business, it’s more or less troublesome.”


Shanhai Pavilion.

Located in the most prosperous street within the Northern Court downtown, it was an industry under the name of a certain high ranking person, and it was also the highest grade banquet venue in Northern Court.

This day.

Tang Yu brought Hui Ren, Nancy, his personal guards, and some of his entourage.

They were invited to the Shanhai Pavilion.

The decoration here was classical and charming. It was low-key but luxurious. As soon as you walk into it, the air you breathe was obviously fresher.

Tang Yu narrowed his eyes and landed on the exotic plants planted in the pots on both sides. These plants swallowed the source energy and breathed out the source energy, making the surrounding source energy purer.

What a strange hobby, Tang Yu thought.

As soon as he walked into the main chamber, Tang Yu saw a middle-aged man in a suit greet him.

After a few pleasantries, Tang Yu ‘inadvertently’ revealed his surname.

“Boss Tang is really young and talented. I, Lu Changhong, is ashamed of myself.”

“You are very polite, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Changhong acted enthusiastically, and Tang Yu cooperated with the other party.

Then Lu Changhong introduced the other big names in the banquet.

“This is the boss of the pharmaceutical company, Mr. Kang Jiaming, this is Boss Jin, engaged in high-end clothing business, and this, Captain Zhao, engaged in hunting, acquiring and wholesaling high-end materials ……”

Tang Yu glanced over.

Some have a smile on their faces similar to Lu Changhong’s, some have expressionless faces, and some glance away and continue talking with the people around them.

Seems quite normal… But the guests here were “coincidentally” had the same business as him.

Potions and pharmaceutical items were also sold in the mall, and he was able to get plenty rare materials and hunting items from the hunters in exchange for membership points, so his business must also affected these people’s.

What a joke, this banquet was a ruse!

Lu Changhong and others were also observing the boss behind the funding of the transit station.

The young and mysterious Tang Yu!

In the intelligence report, this boss Tang only appeared once when the airplane landed, and then disappeared again.

They have more information about the ordinary-looking young man who was with Boss Tang.

He came to the Northern Court defensive perimeter from the outside world more than a month ago. In the beginning, the team consisted of only a dozen people, and all of them were quite strong. Their head, Hui Ren was even stronger. He grew from scratch in a short period of time and grew stronger. The mercenary group ranks at the forefront of the mercenary world.

His personal strength was still a mystery.

Boss Tang and the female companions around him should have reduced their auras. They couldn’t be sensed as strong people from the outside, but the eight guards who followed closely behind him were all first-class masters.

Watching vigilantly, not showing strength, demonstrating professionalism between demeanor…It was not something that can be trained casually.

Lu Changhong realized that these people were not weak. Their eyesight was first class. This group of people came out of nowhere and might threaten his city.

The information exchange between Northern Court and its surrounding cities and shelters was excellent, but even then, they could not find any information about Tang Yu and his entourage.

They could only speculate that Tang Yu was strong and cannot be underestimated!

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