My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 414


“Boss Tang, please take a seat.”

After Lu Changhong’s eyes swept Tang Yu from tip to toe very meticulously, he smiled and invited Tang Yu to take a seat.

Nancy and Hui Ren all sat with him at the main table. The guards and several other entourages sat at another table… Lu Changhong and his several executives followed suit.

The dishes were served quickly, and they were all delicacies with superb workmanship. The quality of the exotic animal meat was excellent.

Tang Yu heard that in Shanhai Pavilion, a table of dishes would cost thousands of source crystals, and more expensive ones could cost thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands.

This kind of price, even with the hunter’s pay check after desperately earned as much money as he could, would still not be sufficient to pay for this type of meal.

Tang Yu first used the “Eye of Insight” to sweep through these dishes, and then ate a few bites. It tastes good.

It was worthy of the chef’s product, but moreover, he felt that Shanhai Pavilion was black-hearted.

His territory’s restaurants did not dare to charge higher than ordinary people’s weekly salary.

The others on the table took a few symbolic sips, and more of them were assaulting Tang Yu with questions from the side, trying to find out his details.

Tang Yu knew that if he showed his cowardice if his strength was insufficient, these people would pounce on him like a crocodile and swallow everything from the transit station, magical equipment, and so on.

But he didn’t want to waste time at the dinner table and immediately said, “I don’t want to beat around the bush, what is the purpose of this meeting?”

Several people across the table smiled. Their eyes flickered, not knowing whether the young man was direct or could not hold back his temperament.

After glancing at each other, it was Lu Changhong who spoke with a smile.

“Boss Tang is quick to speak, so Mister Lu will not beat around the bush.” He paused and said, “This time, i invited Boss Tang to cooperate and make money together.”

“Oh? Cooperation?”

“I see that the quality of the equipment of Boss Tang is very high, but the production efficiency is not very good, and will not be able to meet the demand of our huge market, I have a suggestion, why not Boss Tang sell the equipment blueprints to the Northern Court for free and we will manufacture all of your equipment, we will not let Boss Tang disappointed. In that way Boss Tang will earn a lot of money and the hunter in the Northern Court will surely be able to buy equipment without worrying about the stock.”

Tang Yu tried to hold back his laughter.

Just now, he called himself the boss of the equipment company, but now he was seemingly in control of the entire Northern Court.

Tang Yu’s stern face did not change. He lightly smiled and said, “It does not matter if the production capacity is insufficient improving it is certainly a good thing, but I believe that when our production line is expanded, we will meet the demand of the hunters in the Northern Court.”

Lu Changhong, still smiling and calmly replied, “How about this, I and several bosses here buy goods in bulk from Boss Tang, and then sell them through our channels in the Northern Court, we will be the one to distribute the items and sell the equipment after we jack up the price by 50%.”

He still wears a smile, but more or less with some dangerous implications.

Kang Jiaming and several people slightly raised their heads, gaze straight at Tang Yu.

It was clear that they want to have a hand in the business of equipment, pharmaceuticals, etc., and as the executives of the Northern Court, they have enough power and connection to sell these types of items efficiently.

Tang Yu seemed unfazed. He picked up a piece of tender fried exotic animal thigh meat and placing it in Nancy’s bowl. Nancy stared at the chopsticks in his hand with a look and successfully delivered the thigh meat into her mouth.

Lu Changhong’s smile tightened, and the wine glass in his hand was put down.

Just then, he heard Tang Yu said, “One. I’m not short of customers. Two, I also do not intend to sell at high prices, after all, we Tree Shade always consider our hunters livelihood, we sell our items at low prices to make sure that our hunter’s survival rates in the field are high, i cannot always focus on the profits, I must know how to benefit mankind, in that way they will put their trust in Tree Shade and become our loyal customer ……”

Tang Yu’s frivolous words made Lu Changhong’s face redden with anger.

Just as he wanted to open his mouth, he stopped.

Two words kept tumbling in his mind.

Tree Shade!

As a senior member of the Northern Court, Lu Changhong was qualified to access the information coming from the shelters outside the defensive perimeter circle, and as the boss of the equipment company, the focus of his attention was often the magical equipment.

Tree Shade shelter, with equipment manufacturing technology far from the other shelter, has long been the focus of his attention.

He has the intention to obtain the magical equipment of the Tree Shade, but the distance between his and their territory was too far. Even with the wealth that Northern Court possessed, there was no way to send people to and from the Northern Court to the Tree Shade.

Therefore, in the beginning, he never linked the identity of Tang Yu and others with Tree Shade.

He only guessed that they were from some shelter in the north.

He now realized that the Tree Shade possessed a technology to surpass the distance!

They came all the way from the south to the north

And the one in front of him was the director of the Tree Shade, Boss Tang Yu!

His awakening level was pale in comparison with Tang Yu.

Lu Changhong had now seen how powerful Tang Yu was.

Before he knew the fact that the one sat in front of him was the one regarded as a hero in the last demonic beast wave, he looked at the smiling Tang Yu like a normal person, but now he could only see a fierce beast!

At this time, at the one side of the table, a person whom Lu Changhong did not introduce and has not spoken a single word and looked like an ordinary middle-aged man accompanying the executives, suddenly opened his mouth, “Well said, we were ignorant, we must take a higher view of the world, instead of arguing for such a trivial matter!”

Lu Changhong and the other executives’ faces showed embarrassment, but no one dared to refute, so they lowered their heads and pretended to be serious about the food on the table.

The rough-looking middle-aged man extended his hand “I will introduce myself, my name is Yao Jun, the current director of Northern Court’ Demonic Beast Extermination Bureau’……”

Tang Yu shook hands with the other party.

The director ‘Demonic Beast Extermination Bureau’, should be the strongest person in the Northern Court.

Among the participant in this meeting, this person was the only one who made him feel the slightest danger.

Yao Jun continued, “I do not care about those profits and stuff, i just want to buy a batch of high-level magical equipment, we will also buy your minerals, but the equipment should be supplied to our bureau first, what does Boss Tang think?”

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