My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 415


When he returned from the banquet, Tang Yu played with the “Director of Anti-Demon Bureau” business card in his hand.

“I never thought there would be such a special department in the Northern Court.”

But when you think about it, it’s normal.

Other places, even large shelters, don’t have much energy to study demonized beasts… But Northern Court obviously has this ability, and those in power were less likely to be short-sighted…

Tang Yu was ready to lift the table, but in the second half of the banquet, a good negotiator presented himself in front of him, and the Anti-Demon Bureau negotiated the price.

Bulk purchase, a slightly lower price than a single piece, the most important thing was that you can buy a large number of high-level magical equipment at once.

The Anti-Demon Bureau has made a lot of money.

Tang Yu was also benefited from this. The Anti-Demon Bureau was a department that researched demonic beasts. This department should be able to procure a lot of materials for him.

These were discounted in the transaction price. Tang Yu will also get detailed information about the demonic beast he wanted.

It was a win-win.

“Although the interests involved are too great, and the old bosses of the equipment companies, including certain high levels of the Northern Court, may not be kind enough to rest, but at least, they cannot interfere too much with the business of the transit station.”


The next day.

The people from the Anti-Demon Bureau came to the transit station as promised.

A dozen new trucks powered by source crystal slowly drove into the transit station.

These new trucks did not have the roar of motors, and the noise was very low, but the sheer amount of the convoy and the number of hunters guarding those trucks were mind-boggling.

“It’s… it’s the people from the Anti-Demon Bureau! How did they appear here!”

Regular people seldom had dealings with the Anti-Demon Bureau, but every time an Anti-Demon Bureau warrior appeared, it was often a big deal.

For example, half a month ago, the demon incident that had caused a furore in Marina Satellite City was eventually dealt with by the Anti-Demon Bureau.

And, a month and a half ago, a new abyssal crack emerged in the defense circle, and people from the Demon Bureau quickly rushed over.

Will an abyssal crack appear near the transit station here?

Some hunters who thought of this felt anxious.

But more people found something different about the Anti-Demon Bureau today.

The convoy…it was all trucks, not chariots …… Wait, they were carrying a lot of big boxes off the trucks …… They were taking them inside the mall!

What are they up to?!

A few moments later, the members of the Anti-Demon Bureau, wearing red-brown combat uniforms, came out of the mall again, still carrying a large box …… except some sharp-eyed hunter noticed that the model of the box was different from just now.

The warriors of the Anti-Demon Bureau put down the boxes filled with source crystals and materials. They then left. They then left contentedly with countless high-level magical equipment.

The stern look of the captains before they entered has changed to a smile after they walked out of the mall.

With this equipmentthis equipment, the strength of the Anti-Demon Bureau would be increased two-fold, and it could prevent their combatant from suffering a lethal injury.


The Anti-Demon Bureau came and went in a hurry. Although the Hunter was curious about what was in the box, they didn’t have a strong, inquisitive mind.

The desire to live was stronger than their desire to know.

However, soon, some of the Hunter who walked into the mall, ready to buy rune equipment, were surprised to find that… the shelves of goods above the third floor… were empty!

Only the first and second floor was untouched, the third floor and above were all empty.

The third floor and above were full of expensive and high-end magical equipment. There was a certain requirement to buy this type of equipment, so the Hunter thought that they didn’t need to rush and buy them since it will sit on the shelf for a long time.

You have to think about it before you spend a lot of money!

But look at it now! The shelves are two-thirds empty. What the hell is happening?

Then someone associated with the Anti-Demon Bureau moved away from a box on the third floor……

At once, the Hunter’s face changed.

He gathered all of his source crystal and hurriedly went on a shopping spree. He was worried that the magical equipment that he had his eyes laid on was sold.

Tang Yu, who has not yet returned to the territory, was stunned when he heard the news.

“So the effect of hunger marketing was effective, all according to plan, I really am a genius!”

Tang Yu was the one that orchestrated the deal between him and the Anti-Demon Bureau.


The sub territories were established. With a teleportation array, transportation between Tree Shade and Northern Court no longer needs to rely on the airplane, it was much more convenient.

On the contrary, just as Lu Changhong and others had speculated, the production capacity of Tree Shade to produce magical equipment was limited.

The first and second floors of E-level and D-level equipment were cheap, and the number of hunters far exceeds those of the masters standing in the pyramid. Although some popular types of weapons have been sold out, the mall has replenished several times, but each time, the goods were restocked, the time it stayed on the shelf was also getting shorter and shorter, and it was quickly sold out.

The production capacity of advanced magical equipment was definitely lower. Some people even believe that the top equipment that far exceeds Northern Court’s production was derived from the secret realm, and the forces behind the transit station might not be able to produce it.

Buy as soon as possible!

Such news, somehow spread further and further.

As time passed, several days passed, and some of the top hunters who were originally fighting in the wilderness also learned about the news of the Tree Shade Mall and rushed here.

For a while, the newly established Tree Shade Transit Station was lively enough to rank in the top three of all transit stations in the entire defensive perimeter in terms of liveliness.


“Look, it’s “Cold Water Sword” Li Qing! I heard that he took out some foreign beast’s nest two days ago with one sword, surprisingly even he’s here!”

“And over there, ‘Barbarian King’ Zhu Gu.” Someone pointed to the distant, a naked upper body, thick chest hair, like the tower of a strong man, “it is said that he has led his 300 barbarians, head-on rushing hundreds of thousands of demonic tide!”

At this time, a person wearing full black body armor and helmet and could not be distinguished between men or women stepped forward. The compelling aura made the surrounding crowd avoid.

They were even more surprised!

The “Black Knight” was also present at the Tree Shade Transit Station.

“No one knows his real name, and no one has seen his real face under the helmet. He is a mysterious loner, but the few battles that have been witnessed so far, the Black Knight has crushed his enemies with unmatched strength.”

The three were the most famous unofficial Hunter. In addition to several well-known masters, many people feast their eyes on this array of famous hunters.

It turns out that the masters look…really distinct compared to the average person.

The “Black Knight” was the first to walk into the mall and went straight to the fourth floor, hoping to customize a weapon that he could use.

Other super experts, well-known experts, have also chopped their hands to buy their favorite equipment, like the “barbarian king” Zhu Gu, the most wealthy, quickly buy a hundred C1 level and two hundred D3 levels heavy armor, if it’s not for the fact that C1 level armor’s stock was only a hundred, Tang Yu even suspected that Zhu Gu might buy more than hundred.

Many hunters on the third floor stay away from Zhu Gu, they know their limit, and Zhu Gu’s wealth was above them.

At this moment, Tang Yu was staying at the fifth floor of the mall, under the “Eye of Insight”, his gaze almost penetrated through layers of barriers, sweeping past these top experts of the Northern Court, and had a clearer understanding of the strength of the potential customers of the Northern Court.

“Black Knight?”

His gaze fell on the awakened one wearing black armor and did not move away for a long time, “Never would have thought that the body of the “Black Knight” is really just a suit of armor, what a strange world.”

It was not a puppet that had developed autonomous intelligence.

In the “Eye of Insight” vision, the interior of the knight’s armor was a faint layer of fluorescence attached to the armor, “Black Knight” also emits the aura belonging to the Hunter and was able to move freely, at first glance, there was no difference with the Hunter wearing heavy armor,.

However, Tang Yu knew that the fluorescence was a “spirit”, left behind after the death of a strong person, or born naturally between the earth and heaven …… Tang Yu prefers the former.

The black knight armor belongs to the carrier of the “spirit”. The armor itself was not a mortal thing. Only when the spirit and the armor were fused together can they burst out with powerful strength. The only downside was his weapon, its grade was not high, and the “Black Knight” came to the Tree Shade Mall to customize his weapons.

Tang Yu looked at a few eyes and then moved his gaze away.

Although curious, it was not worth caring too much.


A deal was struck, and abruptly, an ear-piercing alarm sounded from the fourth floor of the mall.

A staff member pointed to a certain place and shrieked.

There, the dozen or so pieces of top-quality equipment originally stored in a transparent glass cabinet had been lost.

Only below the storage cabinet, a smiling face with slanted eyes and a curved mouth was clearly visible.

“It’s the “Trickster Bandit”, he still has his eye on this place!”

“With the skill of the “Trickster Bandit”, if he didn’t leave a mocking expression behind every time he stole, I’m afraid we wouldn’t even know of his existence!”

“It seems that this time the Tree Shade Mall has suffered heavy losses, and we haven’t even seen the shadow of the “Trickster Bandit”, so how can we catch him? Maybe this time the “Trickster Bandit” is mixing in the crowd and looking at all this with a mocking look!”

“That’s right, the Northern Court Security Bureau has not been able to catch the “Trickster”, I kind of worship him.”

In the crowd.

The ordinary-looking young man, with his head slightly lowered, the corners of his mouth curved invisibly.

The disguise was only a basic skill. He could repeatedly steal in succession, relying on his proficient illusion ability.

Even if he was found, he could always trick his capturer with his illusion and escaped with ease.

He didn’t do anything harmful, just occasionally steal something to survive, and no transcendents had time to deal with his puny crime.

No one has ever seen his true face.

After some time, the crowd gradually dispersed.

The youth walked calmly inside the flow of people walking down the stairs.

The thick soles of his shoes stepped on the stairs of the building and made a sound.

The youth was violently stunned.

How is it possible to hear clear footsteps in a crowded hallway?

He turned around again, and at some point, the dense flow of people around him disappeared, leaving him alone, walking in the empty hallway.

There was no end.

The white stairs led to nowhere.

The youth’s face changed greatly, frowning, the space around him shook, the white ladder broke, but under his feet suddenly turned into endless lava, rolling waves of heat made the corners of his clothes burned with sparks.


The fourth floor of the mall.

People are still discussing whether the “Trickster Bandit” is a man or a woman and whether he accepts disciples ……


A figure scurried out of the crowd and stumbled towards the outside.

A ping-pong sound shattered the hard reinforced glass window, but the soles of his feet stepped out of the way, and the whole person fell from the fourth-story window and hit the ground, smashing out cracks.

At this height, the youth was not injured. But, his eyes were tightly closed, his forehead sweat kept pouring, hand braced on the ground ready to get up, a petite figure fell from the sky, stepped on the youth’s head, with erosive nature of the source power penetrated into the body, breaking the youth’s last resistance.

For a long time…

The youth noticed that the illusion that affected his senses had been lifted before he opened his eyes, covering his forehead.

The sunlight was blinding.

And the youth saw not far in front of him, a small child with green curly hair, with his waist crossed, and a lollipop in his mouth.

The youth couldn’t accept it.

Was he defeated by a brat?

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