My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 416


Zhu Shu-Li turned his spiritual power into a rope and carried the “trickster bandit” up to the mall’s fifth floor.

Oguri took the stairs, from the first floor to the fourth floor, countless onlookers of the crowd, stunned to look at the young man floating in the air, full of shriveled face, struggling but like being bound by countless chains.

Not the same as the imaginary handsome “trickster bandit”!

Nor is it a cute young lady!

“No strength, not even good-looking, how disappointing.”

“I’m disappointed that the ‘trickster bandit’ is a male.”

“That little girl is so cute, no, so strong!”

Pulling the youth all the way to the fifth floor, the awakened onlookers withdrew their gazes, but they burst into louder comments.

Among the crowd, the hunter working in a part-time newspaper office was so excited. Ignoring the noisy environment, they immediately picked up paper and brushes to write the manuscript.

[Unexpectedly, “The Trickster Bandit” turned out to be that kind of person! 】

When they started writing, they couldn’t stop at all.

With the reputation of “The Trickster Bandit”, it was enough to open a special column, and it would easily become a best seller.


Zhu Shu-Li removed the mental power it held, and the “Trickster Bandit” fell to the ground in a forward-throwing posture.

Then Xiaoli jumped forward.

“Report to the boss, the task is completed, there are no rewards, and if there are no rewards, I will ask again, squeak–“

Hum hum hum, she trots to the young man’s side, leaned out her short legs, and turned the young man over, and she saw the young man’s eyes were pale and godless, and he looked like a.jpg.

Xiaoli tilted her head, “Do you want me to use my mental power on him?” Her mental power spread out

“Why not? maybe it will be fine!”

The young man on the ground, like a dead fish, immediately jumped up and slammed down Tang Yu, “Great King!”



“Nicholas ……”

Tang Yu glanced coldly over.

“I really…no, wait, don’t–“

A moment later.


“Zhuang…Zhuang Lai Fu.” The youth hung his head in defeat.

“What is Chang Wei to you?”



The real name of “Trickster Bandit” was Zhuang Laifu, a native of Northern Court.

Calling himself Nicholas was not a lie, but after the youth made his debut, he felt his real name was too lame, thus giving himself the name of a grand thief.

According to his words, he robbed the rich to help the poor, chivalrous thief, but of course, was beaten up by Tang Yu again.

After the beating, Tang Yu was refreshed and peeled off the spatial ring on the youth’s finger and took out the stolen equipment.

The strength of Zhuang Laifu is at the tenth level of awakening, and Tang Yu observed with the “Eye of Insight” that the cultivation progress has already passed 90%, not far from the eleventh level.

Amazing qualifications.

It was already the top cluster of awakened people in the Northern Court.

No wonder he has acted so far and has not been caught.


The next few days, there was no more trouble in the mall.

It was convenient for Tang Yu to travel between the two places through the teleportation array.

Nancy practiced in the territory on weekdays. Only when he traveled far away, she worked as a personal guard part-time.

The safety of the Northern Court transit station was also safe.

Hui Ren, Xiaoli, Zhu Shu Li, and Sister Xingling Xingyue were also helping. There were many things that need to be maintained in the initial stage.

With the five masters, even if there was a hunter who was stronger than the “Trickster Bandit”, he would be no match against them.

And Tang Yu’s real trump card was the puppet guard number two.

After the sub-territory was established, the puppet guards could be reached through the teleportation array. With the strength of No. 2, if Lu Changhong and others secretly move, they will also be crushed under absolute strength.

But after waiting for a few days, Tang Yu didn’t wait to move secretly.

On the contrary, some high-level officials in the Northern Court frequently sent signs of goodwill.

Several first-class families have placed orders.

Every force hopes that they could get the equipment first.

During this period, Tang Yu often stayed in the workshop to make equipment. Now every time he sees the touch screen panel, his fingers have the urge to tap.

Including market refresh purchases, tavern summons, etc. Although followers could walk in, they have no authority to control them. Among the four core buildings, only the research institute could be controlled by others.

However, some core functions in the research institute still need to be operated by Tang Yu himself.

Tang Yu didn’t just make money by manufacturing equipment.

Source crystal is important, but strength, research on cutting-edge technologies, overall planning of territories, etc. were all indispensable.

The result is that high-end magical equipment was still scarce.

Low-end magical equipment, with the expansion of the production line, was transported to the Northern Court one batch at a time through the transfer array, including countless puppets.

Nowadays, the biggest feature of the Tree Shade transit station was that there were many hunters followed by golems.

The newcomers buy the basic puppets.

Senior hunter squads mostly buy two or three gunfighter golems for long-range support.

This was the best value for money.

Guardian puppets, generally only a senior hunter can afford to buy, but the sales were not low, mostly used to protect their loved ones.

A guardian puppet was equivalent to hiring a bodyguard who was tireless, has full loyalty, was not weak and good at protection.

Even if it was more expensive, it’s worth it.

What Tang Yu values was not the sales of the puppet, which was far less than conventional weaponry.

However, weapons and equipment are worn on the body, but the puppet was different!

It looks cool and eye-catching!

And only one place sold them!

Carrying puppets around was like a free advertisement for the Tree Shade Mall.


The tenth day of the mall’s opening.

Tang Yu’s focus has been put back on the main territory, established a small goal to spread the territory to the size of the northern court defensive perimeter.

Hui Ren once again applied for leave to close down. Seeing that there was no big problem over at the transit station. Tang Yu was also ready to approve.

At this time, the people from the Anti-Demon Bureau sent an invitation.

Not a meal, but an invitation to visit a military exercise, and the inviting party was the Northern Court Council.

“Three military exercises, what is that stuff?”


After Hui Ren’s detailed introduction, Tang Yu finally understood.

Three armies, not ordinary armies, but refers to the Ancestral Dragon.

Under the Ancestral Dragon, there were three special armies.

Zhu Long, Ying Long, and Qing Long.

The three legions brought together over 70% of the experts in the defensive perimeter.

This time, the Three Armies Exercise is a regular competition between the three major regions of the Ancestral Dragon.

Every once in a while, there were similar exercises, fighting, sparring, exchanging, learning, and taking out rewards to motivate the experts of the three legions.

Similar tactics have been implemented by Tang Yu in several major corps under his command, just not as formal as the Northern Court.

“However, the Three Armies Exercise is an internal matter of the Northern Court, how come we were invited?”

No matter how large the mercenary regiment and the chamber of commerce, no matter how large they are, he hasn’t heard of anyone who has visited the military exercises of the three armed forces.

The visit to the performance of martial arts was not decided by the director of the Anti-Demon Bureau. The person who signed the invitation was the Northern Court Council.

Among them, there might be other profound meanings.

Tang Yu thought of these calm days. Although there was no need to try to figure out others with the greatest malice, in Northern Court’s eyes, the Tree Shade was an unstable factor.

In peacetime, it was a thorn in their eyes.

But during the apocalypse, it was different, it was more about cooperation, but Northern Court might not show its strength.

Tang Yu was also curious about the military exercises of the three armed forces.

The performance date was set three days later.

As an invited guest, Tang Yu himself must go, with Nancy and the guards accompanying him.

In addition, Xie Yi and Xiaoli at the transfer station also clamored to accompany him. Tang Yu agreed, but he suffered a lot. He was ready to sign the original leave application. Now, he rejected it…

The look in Hui Ren’s eyes was very resentful, which made Tang Yu dare not appear in front of Hui Ren’s eyes recently.

Not only Xie Yi, but Tang Yu also planned to bring Luo Zhe, Kong, Yilian, and some high-level figures from several major corps under his command.

Tang Yu did not speculate about the purpose of the Northern Court invitation.

But visiting the Three Armies Exercise was good for him, for Luo Zhe and others!

Tang Yu hopes that his executives were able to absorb the Northern Court’s advanced management training concept.


Three days later.

The north wind was blowing.

A convoy of three rhinoceros chariots and two floating chariots drove out from the Tree Shade Transit Station.

Target, Ancestral Dragon Base.

Located in the southwest of Northern Court Downtown, about seventy to eighty kilometers away.

The convoy drove along the road for more than an hour and saw the outline of the base from afar, the towering steel city walls.

On the walls, as well as the surrounding peaks, there were numerous defense facilities erected.

In fact, a few kilometers down the road, it was designated as a restricted military zone, with soldiers standing guard and patrolling. As an invited guest, Tree Shade could naturally drive straight in, with vehicles from the Northern Court leading the way.

All other hunters, on the other hand, would be stopped outside. Even if the base was initially built to deal with demonized beasts, it was not for humans to sneak in.

The door of the Ancestral Dragon base was open, both sides of the stationed warriors Tang Yu perceived, now each has more than six strengths.

Yao Jun, the head of the Anti-Demon Bureau, was already waiting here, indicating the importance of the Northern Courtside.

“Old Brother Yao is full of energy lately.”

“Haha, that’s all thanks to old brother Tang, I’m thinking of ordering another batch of equipment.”

“Good point, I heard that Elder Brother Yao’s people often deal with demonic beasts, I recommend Purification Scrolls and Confinement Scrolls, they are definitely worth every penny.”

“Then… let’s start with five hundred of each.”


Inside the Ancestral Dragon Base, there was a guard at every three steps and a sentry at every five steps.

Tang Yu saw many weapons and equipment full of sci-fi atmosphere, his “Eye of Insight” swept through one by one, and after a moment withdrew his gaze contentedly.

“The abyssal rift is suppressed within the Ancestral Dragon base?”

Tang Yu saw a dense red mist filling the air over the distant mountain pass.

“That’s right.” Not confidential, Yao Jun did not conceal, in fact, people can see at a glance, “and the suppression is within the defensive perimeter of the Northern Court, one of the largest abyssal fissures, five hundred meters level!”

Tang Yu was surprised.

Five hundred meters level was the largest abyssal crack, perhaps the demonic beast that emerged, in other places were also different.

Along the way, from time to time, you could also see other people wearing non-Ancestral Dragon clothing.

The Three Armies Exercise, although it was an internal military exercise of the Northern Court, was not open to the public, but the people who came to visit were a lot more than what he had envisioned.

There were bigwigs of the Northern Court Security Bureau.

There were city defense force commanders, high officials from the city bureau, and special department ministers.

There were also senior officials from the eight satellite cities.

The satellite city did not have a city lord but was respected by guards. In this military exercise, four guards from all directions came.

There were more high-level figures. Whom Yao Jun didn’t introduce.

Tang Yu also saw Lu Changhong, Kang Jiaming and others.

After a short while, he came to the performance venue.

There was an open space with a huge area, and some training facilities could be seen.

In the distance, the hunter members of the three legions of Zhu Long,  Ying Long, and Qing Long have already assembled.

They were so powerful, they stood motionless, but the aura that they radiated caused the surrounding air to be distorted.

The guests gradually arrived, and there were only five minutes left before the performance began.

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