My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 417


The Three Armies Exercise was a regular exercise of the Northern Court, mainly to showcase the results of their training during this period and material exchanges. The army with outstanding performance could obtain more resource rewards.

After trimming, some of the materials recorded during the martial arts performance will be broadcast in Northern Court Downtown and the Eight Satellite Towns, demonstrating the powerful strength of the human army and relieving the people’s hearts.

On the side of the martial arts field, a high platform was built with some seats arranged on it…not too formal, the audience was only the high-level staff of the North Court and some of the capable staff.

Everyone who came here chose a place to sit down at will, and some stood there.

Many people looked at Tang Yu and his group with curious and scrutinizing gazes.

The performance of martial arts soon began.

There were two main parts: the corps demonstration and the other was the fight between masters.

In the army formation where Zhu Long was located, hundreds of hunters came out at once.

They were standing tall.

Their pace was consistent.

The momentum was compelling.

Five hundred hunters walk to the sand, a thousand meters away from a conspicuous target, the voice of the explanation sounded in due course.

“The …… metal plate is made of b-grade alloy, with a thickness of up to 25mm, and the Hunter Order Great Perfection cannot penetrate this metal plate with a single blow.”

Tang Yu had already predicted what was going to happen.

The five hundred hunters extended their right hands.

They wore thick gloves, with red gems embedded in the palm area, glittering in the sunlight.

The ruby lit up with red aura, the source qi around the square formation converged, and a cluster of fire steeply emerged overhead, then like a star fire, expanded hundreds and thousands of times in a moment, forming a huge fireball over two meters in diameter.

Flame-red fire pulsates, and the air was distorted by it.

Tang Yu’s eye of insight opened, concentrating on observation.

The leader of the formation has reached the tenth level of awakening. He was holding a strange weapon in his hands and then swung it down.

The large fireball over the formation shot out with a whoosh, hitting the huge target a thousand meters away.

The ground trembled, and smoke and dust filled the sky in the distance.

A few moments later, the b-grade alloy target has been melted into iron, and more than 10 meters in diameter pit created on the spot where the fireball hit.

The scene might not be comparable to high explosive bombs, but its killing power greatly surpassed that.

If this blow hit a catastrophe-level demonic beast, killing it instantly wasn’t impossible.

Tang Yu was envious.

Joint spells were not uncommon; he could also do it. The problem was that he couldn’t gather five hundred people with fire elemental ability!

Next was a demonstration of one joint spell.

There was the earth elemental ability squad that turned a soccer field-sized ground into a quicksand hell.

Wind and fire elementals were working together to form a fire tornado sweep.

There were also combined battle techniques that formed an almost brick wall-like battle formation.

There was also a display of some new equipment used by the Northern Court to deal with demonic beasts.

One had to admit that if the Tree Shade Corps was the elite, then the three armies of the Northern Court’s Ancestral Dragon were truly top-notch armies.

Tang Yu watched with great interest, opened his eye of insight, and even analyzed a lot of the spells, battle techniques, weapons, and equipment that had been displayed in the three armies’ exercises.

If the Northern Court knew that he had such a secret technique to analyze anything that he sees, it would not have been possible to invite him to watch this performance.

Tang Yu reluctantly closed the Eye of Insight until the source power was about to run out. He was embarrassed to take out the potion to restore the source power.

The runic formation of the magical operation of the ancestral dragon awakened completely fell in his eyes.

Tang Yu now had a deeper understanding of how they did it and the techniques they used.

“Perhaps in the future, when I have a more thorough understanding of the operation of the source force, and when the eye of insight is more proficient, I will be able to copy the combat skills/spells and use them by myself.”


The first stage of the Three Armies Exercise was mainly group combat, Hunters and technological weapons cooperating with each other, small units going deep behind enemy lines, etc.

It lasted for more than an hour and gradually came to an end.

And then began the second stage.

Zhu Long, Ying Long, and Qing Long each presented a master to fought with each other.

Before it started, a voice came from the back, and many people looked back and stood up to Yao Jun, the head of the Anti-Demon Bureau.

“Elder Meng you are here.”

“Welcome patron saint to come and guide.”

“Elder Meng, please have a seat.”

Tang Yu followed the sound and looked over.

Walking at the front was a young man in his early thirties but with a head full of silver hair.

His aura was utterly serene, his muscles were well-proportioned, and he was wearing a loose martial arts uniform. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary person, yet when he walked, he walked in rhythm, as if he was one with heaven and earth – only an expert could detect it.

Tang Yu knew that it was the hunter master of Northern Court, Meng Jingran, Grand Master Meng.

Looking young, he was actually more than ninety years old…but Yan Dingtian was still more than two hundred years old.

As if perceiving a different gaze, Meng Jingran looked over, nodded slightly, and then strode to the front of the stage.


The second stage of martial arts performance was the battlefield of top experts.

There was no red tape process, no fancy and flashy moves. It was simply the drilling to the depth of the combat skills.

“Zhu Long 14th brigade, Zhao Haibo, Awakening tenth level.”

“Ying Long 23rd brigade, Qian Dongming, Awakening tenth level.

The two men fought with real swords and guns, with metal sparks splashed and thudding sounds, near flickering residues in the footage recorded by several HD cameras.

Sometimes appear, weapons crossed, and sometimes disappear, revealing themselves in the distance.

But most of the spectators present weren’t half bad either. Their eyes could at least catch some of the residual shadows, not so much that they couldn’t see anything.

Real battles often do not last long.

A few moments later, the winner was decided.

“Zhu Long, Zhao Haibo wins.”


“Ying Long, Xing Feng wins.”


“Qing Long, Li Erdog wins.”


The three armies of experts who fought against each other all broke through to the condensed source realm, and the aftershocks of the battle could even change the terrain.

In short, after each master fought, there would always be a crater formed on the stage, making it look like the moon’s surface.

After recovering some source power, Tang Yu once again opened the Eye of Insight.

The combat skills of these hunters carried some of the quickness, accuracy, and ruthlessness of military moves, and some of the essences of Daxia martial arts, and traces of certain inheritance could be vaguely seen.

But very faint.

It was not known whether the Northern Court did not have advanced battle techniques or lost in times.

At the end of each sparring match, Meng Jingran commented on the podium…… he was introduced as Martial Arts Grand Master’s commentator, pointing out the many shortcomings in the Ancestral Dragon experts’ battles, which was also the purpose of the three military exercises, the Guardian God took time out of his busy schedule, not only to watch the battles but also to guide.

“What does Boss Tang think of our Northern Court’s warriors?”

Hearing the familiar voice, Tang Yu’s eyes narrowed.

Lu Changhong came with a smiling face, and those who didn’t know would think that the two had a deep friendship.

“Not bad.”

“That means it’s still far from catching up to Tree Shade, there is still a distance to go …… also, I heard that even the Trickster Bandit was easily caught, Boss Tang really has strong people under his hands.”

Lu Changhong’s voice was not small, and some people looked over.

The security bureau chief’s gaze was fixed on a young man in the green team, who hadn’t been able to catch the trickster thief, making him unable to lift his head in the northern court council every time.

I heard that it was caught by a young student instead of a master.

The head of the Security Bureau’s face was even as red as the burning steel ingot.

Other senior figures, with different eyes, there were seniors who choose to play nice with Tree Shade, and naturally, there were some who do not like it, primarily because of the conflict of interest.

But they kept their composure. No one said anything at the moment.

Lu Changhong, whose interests were most severely damaged, still wore a smile at this time.

He already had people secretly spread the news, or denigrate, or divert the mercenaries’ attention before curbing the spread of the Tree Shade Transit Station’s reputation, and many hunters were skeptical of the rune equipment.

But Lu Changhong felt that what really curbed Tree Shade from taking over the market was not his covert actions, but purely… it was the fact that Tree Shade was far from producing enough equipment.

Nonetheless, his benefits have been taken away by more than 10%, in the long run ……

“Since this is the case, why doesn’t Boss Tang let your men, instruct our warriors of the Northern Court.”

The word ‘instruct’, was emphasized heavily by Lu Changhong.

First, tear apart Tree Shade’s powerful disguise, and then unite a part of the top brass to completely expel Green Tree from the Northern Court market.

Others did not have as much interest as Lu Changhong, but this proposal suddenly got much approval.

There were many experts in Tree Shade, according to the intelligence.

And could easily catch the trickster bandit.

In a moment, more and more people opened their mouths, hoping that Tree Shade would become a participant in the martial arts show.

Yao Jun, who had just run to Meng Jingran’s side, looked embarrassed but could not open his mouth.

Tang Yu glanced at the smiling Lu Changhong, sensing that many people behind him seemed eager to try, so he nodded.

“Good, let us spar to improve each other’s technique!”

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