My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 418


Tang Yu agreed swiftly, which made Lu Changhong stunned for a moment.

Then Lu Changhong smiled and merrily walked back to his seat.

His eyes subtly swept to those people behind Tang Yu.

A total of twenty people and all of them were first-class masters……

There are tens of thousands of hunters in each of the three armies of the Ancestral Dragon. These tens of thousands were the chosen ones from the hundred thousand hunters inside the defensive perimeter.

And the warriors who were qualified to participate in the second stage of this competition were the best amongst all of those hunters.

Each and every one of them.

Top-notch qualifications!


And with a systematic training method and combat skills!

How can Tree Shade win?

The other senior members of the Northern Court had similar thoughts.

It was not that they despise Tree Shade. If they really did, they would not have invited Tree Shade to watch the three armies’ martial arts exercise.

However, Tree Shade has transcendents amongst them but that does not mean that their strength was enough to rival the Ancestral Dragon.

One was just a shelter with a hundred thousand or so in size.

The other one was a defensive perimeter with tens or even hundreds of millions of people.

Comparing the two together would be foolish.


The Three Armies Exercise.

There were no detailed rules, but time and time again, the martial arts exercises continue, the experts fought against each other, generally by default with the same level of combat.

The three legions of experts who fought before were ten masters against ten masters, eleven cavalries against eleven cavalries, and most of them were of the same level.

Only, in the end, the most top of a cluster of experts battled against each other, only then may appear twelve masters against thirteen masters situation.

The situation was different again after the Tree Shade joined and turned it into a four-way battle.

After deliberation, it was decided that the participants of the martial arts show would no longer be limited to the tenth level and above.


The first to take the stage was a member of Tang Yu’s personal guard.

Tang Yu remembered his name was Cheng Zhuangzhuang, he was fifteen years old kind with a seventh-level awakening.

His opponent was a squadron leader of the Qing Dragon, the peak of the seventh level.

When they got on the field, both of them didn’t talk nonsense. Cheng Zhuangzhuang held a B1 grade combat knife and whistled a slash down.

The hunter of the Qing Dragon growled, and suddenly thick skin grew from his chest. His limbs became thicker, and sharp claws emerged from the tip of his finger.

It was a werewolf!

Sands and rocks flew around the stage, the ground cracked.

Cheng Zhuangzhuang had the advantage of weapons.

But the hunter of the Qing Dragon Legion from the beginning had the physical advantage over him, and his transformation quickly widens the gap between them.

The two men were extremely experienced in combat and have learned several techniques of warfare.

Cheng Zhuangzhuang fought fiercely and didn’t give up because of serious injuries, but in the end, he was still slightly behind and defeated.

When the 1.9-meter tall child was rescued, his eyes were still red.


There were several more battles, two in seven, two in eight, and two in nine.

In the six games, members of the guard team played against two people, and some masters accompanied by several large corps played against four people.

Two wins, four losses.

Zhu Long, Ying Long, Qing Long. The three major corps, there were also sparring matches between them, playing all six games.

In terms of battle record, Tree Shade ranked the lowest.

Lu Changhong, however, could not smile.

It was completely different from his imagination that Tree Shade hadn’t lost six battles.

Even winning the four games against Tree Shade was an extremely tough fight…each game was evenly matched, and both fighters were indeed on the same level.


The top brass of the Northern Court has restlessly watched the match. Some appreciative, some gloomy.

On the contrary, it was the Tree Shade’s personal guard who was excited.

They did not care how big the Northern Court’s name was. If they win, they win. If they lose, they lose.

But still, they were full of energy!


Those of the same level in Tiannan Province, who were not Tree Shade hunters, could hardly find a fight. If you don’t say anything, you may not have noticed it, but the mentality of the hunters under his command is more or less swollen.

The horizon was too narrow, which was not conducive to growth.

The Daxia Kingdom, even if the earth is huge, is only a drop in the ocean.

Tang Yu learned that there were many geniuses in the different worlds, and today is the perfect opportunity for his hunters to experience more difficult combat.


The second stage of the battle should be a fight between tenth-level masters.

There were more than 60% masters in the Northern  Court, and all of those people were in the Ancestral Dragon Army.

But even so, the number of the three legion tenth-level experts combined was only two hundred, and in the entire Northern Court, there were roughly three hundred.

The Tree Shade didn’t have that many experts. That’s why the level requirement was adjusted so that the Tree Shade could compete in the second stage.

But the first match should be a good example of each side’s battle capability, so in the first match, both sides send their tenth-level awakening master.

The first match was between Tree Shade and Qing Long.

Tree Shade has fewer people, so Tree Shade will be the first to send players to the stage, and the Qing Long will then send awakened people of the same level.

Tang Yu swept his gaze from Xie Yi, Luo Zhe, Xiao Li, and others, and finally landed on a face whose face value could only be rated 59.

“Trickster, it’s decided to be you.”


Zhuang Lai Fu was confused, pointing his finger at himself, repeatedly stating that he could not fight and was weak.

“Lai Fu……” Tang Yu spoke in a serious manner, “Think about the fact that you have become famous in the Northern Court, you need to upheld your reputation, it’s time to prove that you’re worthy of your title.”

Zhuang Lai Fu pondered for a while.

These days, he heard many people gossiping about his failure in the Tree Shade mall heist and that he was actually weak and could only rely on trickery.

As the saying goes, the bigger the fame, the worse it is to be mocked.

Zhuang Lai Fu suddenly clenched his fist, “Boss you’re right, it’s time to tell the people of Nortrhern Court the real strength that I, Nicholas Trickster, possess!”

He shook his head and proudly walked onto the stage.

Seeing that Lai Fu was in full swing, Tang Yu couldn’t bear to tell him the truth. The military exercises of the three armed forces were not open to the public. No matter how mighty the winners were, no one would know.


A master of the Qing Long walked out of the battle, with a grim complexion and evil spirits lingering around him.

Zhuang Lai Fu paused, then stepped forward quickly, taking even greater steps.


The instructor next to him gave an order.

Zhuang Laifu and the Qing Long hunter moved at the same time.

His opponent was a water-elemental ability user, his hands and fingers crossed and changed, and a water dragon burst from the palm of his hand and rolled away toward Zhuang Lai Fu.

Zhuang Lai Fu used his best illusion ability to affect the opponent’s perception. At the same time, he held the dagger in his hand, his figure slumped, flashed past the water dragon, and swished closer.

The battle began.


Outside the field.

The Security Bureau director was concerned.

He hoped that the Qing Long would teach the “Trickster Bandit” a lesson so that he could take a breath, but he also did not want the “Trickster Bandit” to be defeated too badly…which would show the incompetence of the Security Bureau.

The exchange of their blows was splendid.

The elemental user was more profound in their move.

But the illusion user…invisible and untouchable, the Director of the security bureau originally thought that it would be a contrasting ability.

But the next moment, he was astonished.

He felt like the flow of the battle wasn’t supposed to be like this!


Tang Yu turned his face away and felt ashamed!

Zhuang Lai Fu was not defeated, and there was actually not even a single wound on his body.

However, the illusion user was jumping up and down, running and rolling all across the stage.

Tang Yu regretted sending Zhuang Lai Fu to the field.

Since the initial brief encounter, Zhuang Lai Fu’s illusion has affected his opponent greatly, but he was not confronting his opponent head-on. He was afraid, so he was evading his opponent as much as he could.

He did not dare to rush up to a duel but instead wielded his skillful evasive escape techniques, and through the illusion to affect the opponent’s perception ……

Thirty seconds passed.

Three minutes passed.

Ten minutes have passed.

The duel has turned into a chase war.

Drops of beads were seen across the Qing Long hunter’s forehead.

Zhuang Lai Fu was in an even more sorry state, breathing heavily, and shouted, “Let’s take a break for a second… how about a truce?”


Another ten minutes later

Zhuang Lai Fu was soaked through and limped back.


Tang Yu slanted eye glance over.

“I no longer know who Zhuang Lai Fu, why not change your name to Zhuang Run Run! or Nicholas Run Run is okay!”

Tang Yu didn’t know how he got to the 10th level of awakening!

Like Tang Yu, the Director of the Security Bureau also had mixed feelings.

His mouth opened and eventually turned into a despondent sigh.


Although Lai Fu acted a bit scum, but he was the people of the Northern Court, Tree Shade lost face, but the Northern Court suffered more damage, especially the Security Bureau and other departments that have hunted down the “trickster bandit”.

Self-damage eight hundred hurt the enemy a thousand.

The second game then began. This time it was Ying Long versus Zhu Long.

Each match lasts around 2-3 minutes. The game between Qing Long and Zhuang Lai Fu was an anomaly. It lasted 20 minutes.


In addition to Tang Yu himself, Nancy, Elaine, and Xingyue were not good at fighting.

Luo Zhe, Kong, Xie Yi, Xiao Li, and two b-level followers all took the field one by one.

The hunters who were forced to fight outside their comfort zone would gain more experience. This was a good opportunity.

The result of the battle once again surprised the Northern Court’s executives.

Except for one or two evenly matched games, in most cases, it was the Tree Shade players who had the absolute advantage.

With a heavy sword in hand, Luo Zhe slapped the hunter of the Ancestral Dragon into the ground with an overwhelming chopping blow.

The game lasted a full three minutes, but anyone with eyes can see that it was not an even match, it was just the man from Tree Shade, testing his moves.

Shay was armed with multifunctional guns, and countless shells blasted the vast expanse of martial arts stage into potholes, demonstrating the power of gunner to the world.

Even Oguri…learning that this was the expert who had rendered the “Trickster Bandit” defenseless, the gravity-elemental person from Zhu Long, did not dare to be careless.

The moment the battle had just begun, he manipulated the gravity field and covered down towards Oguri.

But he missed.

The audience outside the arena saw that Zhu Long’s elemental user covered the gravity field towards a no-man’s land, and after that, he himself fainted.

A duel between Tree Shade and the Ancestral Dragon.

Seven battles, six wins!

The only game lost was the one where Zhuang Run Run ended up unable to run.

The “Trickster Bandit” talent was obvious to all, and many of the top brass still felt quite sorry for Tree Shade to send him.

Now, however, what they were wondering was why Tree Shade was so strong.

It doesn’t make sense!

It’s not scientific!

We in the Northern Court clearly have martial arts masters that have created a complete cultivation system.

Our Northern Court has also collected a lot of warfare techniques, and it’s not a problem for the elites in the three armies to cross two or three levels to defeat the demonic beasts.

Our Northern Court has even built a gravity chamber, and now there was a secret realm with source qi in the cultivation sanctuary.

One hour inside of it could surpass training in the outside world for countless hours.

This was the pride of the Northern Court.

This was also their strength!

There was no reason to lose!


The Northern Court was not sore losers, and the three legion commanders said that they would have the opportunity to exchange ideas later.

The three originally intended to take the field, but after seeing the deputy commander, whose strength was not much weaker than their own, was slapped into the ground with a sword, they relinquished the idea.

At least save some face of the Northern Court.

If you have the opportunity, then privately find the experts of the Tree Shade to spar with each other.

As the master of martial arts, Meng Jingran is an expert, and he sees more than ordinary people.

The few people who played in the green shade earlier were still a little immature. Their physical fitness was not superior to the masters of the Ancestral Dragon. However, the few players on the back row had the same level and physical quality as the masters of Northern Court but could easily crush them.

Their combat skills … could no longer be described as pure. Meng Jingran felt that they were very used to their own way of fighting, belonging to the hunter way of battle, the combination of battle techniques, change of means, all at their fingertips.

It is a bit like the fourth era of the awakened but stronger.

But the one that was surprised the most was Lu Changhong.

This was still only an impromptu duel. The people brought by Tree Shade might not be their strongest player yet.

Lu Changhong felt like he was under illusion but still didn’t spare himself a slap to wake up.

Some of the other top brass, looking at Lu Changhong’s eyes angrily. They felt that he was the one that invited Tree Shade to join the training regiments, which made them suffer a great loss. Fortunately, this battle was not open to the public.


The end of the martial arts training regiments.

It was not the same as expected, but it was still satisfactory, and Tang Yu planned to return.

He had learned many things in the Northern Court, and he was ready to implement them in the territory.

Some of the other senior officials in Northern Court are chatting and talking, and some have already left.

At this moment, someone hurried to Meng Jingran’s side and said a few words in a low voice.

Tang Yu saw the appearance of many high-level Northern Court people around Master Meng, including Yao Jun.

He concentrated his ears.

The sound was not blocked by special means, and it was transmitted to his ears instantly.

“…The western front is in a mess. Many fortresses have been attacked by demonic tides of level 5 or higher. This time they might not hold, patron saint, please…”

Tang Yu was slightly stunned.

He thought the Northern Court’s defensive perimeter was safe.

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