My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 42


Chapter 42 – What happened in the end?

In the distance, several hunters with tattered clothes and messy hair looked at the well-equipped patrol members with puzzled expressions.

Some of them belonged to Ding Qiang’s gang who rebelled against the shelter. They refused to be a permanent residence of the shelter.

As a foreign survivor, they could freely receive the employment tasks issued by the shelter every day in exchange for various rewards.

They could continue to survive with filled stomach, their lives were pretty good.

That was before they saw the fully equipped patrol members. Instantly, they felt like living as a stray dogs.

“The patrols are treated too well, right? Normally you can get a weapon and pistol. But look at them with their uniforms and even a rifle. It’s so exaggerated!”

“I know right!” The other person replied, “Those clothes are way too flashy. It’s the doomsday for heaven’s sake. Who cares about uniforms? They think they are some kind of army of a large shelter or something? They even wear bulletproof vest and stab-resistant suits. Why would they even need that? Just look at them when they get back. They’ll get those flashy uniforms ragged and tattered.”

“That’s right. What’s the point of having equipment? The key to survive is not to join the patrol team because it’s too dangerous. We had to go out to search for materials and even hunt down demonic beasts. If we’re not careful, we’ll ended up being the hunted one instead. It’s better to stay as a hunter as we are now.”

Everyone was silent.

Knowing they could get stronger from killing a demonic beast, many people was as excited and impatient as when they were awakened. That was a great upgrade to their ordinary life. Even some youngsters who read online novels were well aware of the leading principle step by step. After the initial awakening, they wanted to quickly kill the demonic beast and walked among the frontline of the hunter army.

Then, those people realized.

Without excellent fighting skills or a good weapons, how could an ordinary hunter face a demonic beast?

They were aware of this and had seen countless hunters who were confident but soon died from the claws of the demonic beast. Now, they had lost the courage to even shoot a demonic beast. They still had the skill to run away, even they already mastered the art of running away from combat.

“Just wait and see. I don’t believe they can kill a demonic beast. Sure, Steel-faced Roger is powerful, but he’s just one person. It’s impossible to take care of everything. There are also some ordinary survivors, right? I want to see if somehow they managed to survive.”


Lu Xiaopeng held a long sword as he observed at the low buildings around him.

The team had arrived at the county town. The building around the town spread thin. This kind of environment was even more dangerous as demonic beast might suddenly approaching from any corner. Even the hunters could die if they’re late at sensing danger.


A soft sound came from a nearby shop. Soon, a fast moving black shadows rushed forward, in a short time they already crossed half of the distance.

Lu Xiaopeng was nervous. This was the first time he faced several demonic beast at once. Even if he was surrounded by his teammates, his instinct bested him. He didn’t know what to do.

“Raise your gun. Open fire.”

Captain Roger’s calm voice commanded. Lu Xiaopeng immediately snapped back into reality. He raised his gun. Its muzzle pointed forward to the approaching demonic beast, soon, bullets were fired from it.

The others were panicked at first, but soon they followed Lu Xiaopeng and started shooting.

Their marksmanships were terrible. Hunters like Lu Xiaopeng had never touched firearms before. With university military training as an exception.

Their marksmanships were indeed terrible, but they didn’t need to aim at such a close range. The bullets quickly found its way to the body of the demonic beast.

These demonic beasts looked like enlarged-mice, two-times larger than a demonic steel rat. But in the end, they’re just normal demonic beasts. They soon laid down dying under the rain of bullets.

The patrol team didn’t panic this time. They held their rifle, firmly aimed at the vital points of the beast and fired the final blow.

Soon the demonic beast lay dead on the ground.

Far away behind the patrol teams, the hunters who stalked them were all surprised.

Some people envied, “Of course they killed it. The lethality of a rifle gun is deadly.”

“I think they can also absorb spirit power from that distance.”

“Spirit power?! So after this hunt, the hunters in the patrol team would became stronger? What a waste. I don’t even know how to absorb spirit power. I should’ve joined the patrol team.”

“But look at the numbers of the bullets they wasted just to kill these demonic beast. They can’t always do that. “

The hunter said the patrol team’s weakness with disdain.

The patrol team members lacked of marksmanship skills. They could finish the demonic beast thanks to the large number of bullets wasted in their shots. Bullets were always scarce, so the firearms in most shelters were only good as a decoration. They wanted to see how long they could afford to waste such bullets.

After that, the patrol team continued moving forward. Under Roger’s guidance, the patrol team’s response was disciplined. Whenever a demonic beast approached, the patrol member had decent reaction time.

As they gained more experience, the hand holding of the rifle became more stable.

They automatically shot, changed the magazine and shot again.

Demonic beast fell down one after another.

The hunters who stalked them were speechless.

‘How do they always notice when the demonic beast approaching?’

‘How do they still have this many bullets?’

‘Why they look so cool and excited when absorbing spirit power?!’

Lu Xiaopeng and the remaining patrol team didn’t know the ill thoughts of the hunters who were stalking them.

After killing some demonic beasts and absorbing the escaping spirit powers, their courage had also improved greatly. Although these demonic beasts were terrifying, they were just normal demonic beasts. Nothing too powerful was on their way.

At another corner, a four-legged demonic beast with antlers was disturbed by the patrol team’s presence. It screamed and rush towards the team.

 Lu Xiaopeng looked at Roger. They weren’t asked to shoot this time, instead they heard him talking, “This demonic beast is almost awakened. It’s very suitable for your training. Who wants to try out?”

One-on-one combat with demonic beast as a training?

It turned out that this was the special training that Captain Roger had mentioned before!

“I will!”

When Lu Xiaopeng stepped forward, he saw other hunters were also opening their mouth to say yes. Obviously they were a few seconds too slow.


The hunters that were stalking them couldn’t figure it out.

“What are they doing?”

“It looks like they were going to do one-on-one combat with the demonic beast?”

The person who just said the words couldn’t even believe his words. One-on-one combat with demonic beast? That must be a joke!

ain’t that just pure stupid?

They observed attentively.

In the distance, the other members of the patrol team including Roger stepped back. Only one of them was standing alone in the front line. He was holding a long sword, it seemed that he wanted to face the demonic beast alone.

“Aren’t they being too arrogant? I know that person, his name is Lu Xiaopeng. All he does is bragging about his strength. In fact, he can’t even face an ordinary demonic beast. How could he face it alone?”

“I bet that Lu person will be killed in ten seconds.”

“Hey, come on. Ten second is too much. If he’s slow, it won’t even take three second. Even if Roger go to rescue him, he won’t…”

However, the man couldn’t finish his word as he was suddenly chocked. The scene in the distance was inexplicable to his eyes.

At first, Lu Xiaopeng moved with tentative attack. They saw that this moved successfully aroused the demonic beast’s rage.

The demonic beast pounced fiercely. Lu Xiaopeng quickly evaded in panic.

In only a few seconds it looked dangerous. It seemed like Lu Xiaopeng couldn’t evade any longer and was killed by the leaping demonic beast. But then…the demonic beast died.

They saw that there was a flash of sliver light that cut across the head of the demonic beast. Sliced it in half.

What just happened?!

They couldn’t understand what happened.

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