My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 43


Chapter 43 – Awakening order, Foundation?

Time flew and now it’s afternoon already.

Tang Yu put down the books and moved to train his body. He never thought that he, who never liked reading book, was able to be absorbed in reading. He was completely immersed in the book of power source and didn’t notice that the time had passed.

The outcome was splendid! He had now realized what the power source was!

That was an indescribable force. It involved all aspects including the construction of runes. It’s also closely related to the understanding of power source.

“Value, huh?”

Tang Yu concentrated, he continued to explore inside his body and finally found a little light in an infinitely deep place.

That was the source.

The power source existed in every hunter, but only a person with ability could feel his own power source. Ordinary hunters couldn’t feel it.

At the beginning, Tang Yu had guessed that after awakening the special ability, he had the source ability in his body. He realized it wasn’t the case after reading this book.

Every hunter had a source power in their body.

However, the reason why ordinary hunters couldn’t feel the existence of the power source in their body was because the power source value was too small, so they didn’t realize its existence at all!

He finished reading the book and had a little understanding regarding the nature of power source. After searching thoroughly, he found the power source deep in the body.

He could even move it. Of course it wouldn’t move much. An ordinary hunter had much less power source than a person with ability. They couldn’t pry the power source from thin air. The power source inside the body was primary. They needed to practice hard before they could control it.

Tang Yu learned that even some skills from warrior job require the use of power source.

In the case of people without ability, they could exert more energy in their body only after reaching the third stage of the awakening stage.

Foundation of the awakening, shaping the body, and the condensation of the power source were the three realms in the awakening stage.

This also belonged in the basic common sense of cultivation.

Tang Yu learned from the book that laying the groundwork was one of the most important links for laying the foundation of the awakening.

Shaping the body was the sixth to ninth awakening stage. This stage mainly polished the body.

Condensation of the power source was the ten to twelve awakening stage. As the name suggest, it’s condensing the power source.

And the final weight of the awakening order, the 13th awakening.

This was the entire awakening order which seemed long. But in fact, it’s the stage to polishing the foundation of the awakening.

Tang Yu originally thought that he had the power of a triple awakened strength. He thought he was almost mastering it. He didn’t dare to think it that way anymore after reading the book.

There was a bottleneck in every level of ascension of the awakening level. It could be broken simply by absorbing spirit power.

It seemed that the division of each realms grew thinner from five, four then to three. But in fact, the higher the realm, the more difficult it was to awaken. The resources consumption also increased greatly.

According to the book, if you’re unlucky and the qualifications weren’t bad, it’s normal to stuck at small levels for two or three years.

The reason why these three realms were united into the awakening level was absolutely not just for mere numbers. The most important thing was that every time the lever arose, it had a chance to awaken a special ability. It’s the origin of the awakening level.

The entire awakening order was just the foundation for the real awakening!

Tang Yu felt a bit melancholy.

No wonder, in the early doomsday, he had heard that the modern armored army returns with heavy losses in facing the demonic beast. At that time, it was difficult to believe. Now that he thought about it, demonic beast in four-fold or five-fold awakening stages was already a great threat. What if they’re of higher awakening level?

Every awakening level was an improvement to humanity’s survival rate. Demonic beast in the second or third realm would be undoubtedly very terrifying. Let alone those beast beyond the awakening order!

Tang Yu hadn’t heard of it before, but he believed they did exist. Otherwise, the army wouldn’t suffer from such a heavy losses. How terrible was it to make such a huge army collapsed?

If such a beast were to attack a large shelter, they couldn’t possibly resist it.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of urgency in his heart. He didn’t know about his parent’s safety in another province.

“I can go to Lindong Shelter as soon as I have the town portal scroll. I hope I can get some information there. But first, I need to prepare a few more things.”

Yesterday, he had cultivated his spirit power and now at the triple awakening stage. He originally thought he could go to Lindong Shelter with this strength.

In fact, Han Jing’s group came here from Lindong easily. After Tang Yu had their road map, the journey to Lindong should be relatively safe.

But just in case something happens.

Now that he knew that triple awakening’s still weak, if he did encountered a demonic beast in the second, third or even beyond it, can he survive? Even if he had the town portal scroll, can he really use it?

Tang Yu felt doubtful.

He needed to improve his strength, not his raw power. But to improve his ability to respond to danger.

After hesitating for a little bit, Tang Yu observed the building list in the system panel.

Training Camp!

If he built the energy patio that provides energy from the building list in the system, he could supply the energy required for two arrow towers and one cannon. It’s more than enough even if he built ten times more.

In addition, there’re warehouses, spell factories, detection towers, altars, and several other buildings with special functions. He was greedy but they’re all expensive. After some consideration, Tang Yu decided to build Training Camp first.

He could be the world’s top ten richest men after the doomsday if he’s careful enough.


The training camp was different from the core buildings. It’s a building that the public could enjoy.

Tang Yu decided not to build the training camp behind the castle. After several magical things such as the construction of city wall and cannon, building a training camp was nothing.

Finally, he found the selected plan site on the open space in the middle of the villa area.

Originally, there were many trees planted in here. They grow exceptionally well after the doomsday. But now they had been cut down and became a barren land. Tang Yu valued his decisions to let the survivors cut down the trees. Where else he could find such a large open space for buildings?

It took some times for the survivors to porter the construction materials. They finished in the evening.

After choosing the location, a huge building appeared with loud noises.

This building occupied a large area. Even larger than the second-level castle. It looked like a spectacular pyramid.

This building consumed a lot of materials. The construction material’s almost depleted now. The destroyable damaged buildings in the entire resort villa had been demolished by now. Leaving only the villa area intact. Now the construction materials had to be gathered from the nearby villages and towns. The efficiency’s reduced a lot and the patrols were needed for protection.

Suddenly, the spirit stone crisis changed into construction material crisis.

Fortunately, he had no spare spirit stones in hand so he couldn’t build anything even if he wanted to build it. Wait, something’s wrong with it.

Tang Yu was lost in his thoughts.

Around him, the passing by survivors who had finished carrying the materials were all exclaimed to express their admiration.

This time no one was surprised. After experiencing bigger scene than this, they had all accustomed to Tang Yu’s ‘miracle’ from time to time.

One by one, they left to continue working.

There’s no such thing as onlookers. They’re better off doing some work now that their food’s linked to their workloads. Even if they could fill their stomach, they still wanted to eat better quality foods. Even if they already ate well, they could still improve their clothing.

They heard that the shelter’s planning to construct a bathhouse in the near future. Soon, they would be able to get rid of their messy appearances. But of course, it’d require work points as the payment.

The survivors were full of energy at the temptation of a better life.

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