My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 47


Chapter 47 – Unarmed

Tang Yu had thought about giving up for a while now.

He had the system, strong followers, and puppet guards. Even if his strength was ordinary, he still could still survive in the doomsday.

However, he still clenched his teeth.

In the early days of the doomsday, he felt fears flowed in his heart when facing a demonic beast. Later, when demonic waves attacked the shelter, the fears grew into the feeling of powerlessness and despair.

He didn’t want to experience such a feeling again. Indeed, he’s now surrounded advantages, but they shouldn’t stop him from growing stronger. Since there’s a system, he should make good use of it.

Tang Yu didn’t want to be an obstacle in the upcoming trip to Lindong shelter. He might be a supporter after completing high-intensity training.

Standing on the pothole, Tang Yu carefully felt his strength.

In terms of combat experience, he’s far behind Roger. But he had improved a little bit. Not to mention now he gallantly stood against demonic beast. There was no longer any waver feeling in his heart.

Even the difficult quest he hadn’t completed yet was successfully trained him to withstand a huge pressure.

Suddenly, Tang Yu stopped walking and raised his eyebrows.

He felt a different sense of crisis after having experienced countless deaths and rebirths.

His eyes fell on the nearby mound on the ground. Two pair of red eyes and gray-brown body was seen.  Two creatures which seemed like magnified version of a lizard slithered out of the mound.

That was some kind of a hunting-type demonic beast. Although demonic beast had no intelligence, they had a high fighting instinct for survival. If survivors were clueless, those demonic beast would instinctively ambushed the moment survivors approached the mound. Crushing their skulls.

Obviously, the two demonic beasts wouldn’t understand the reason why Tang Yu approached. But their fighting instinct told them to fight for survival. The two demonic beasts leaped from the mound towards Tang Yu from both sides.

Tang Yu touched the hilt of his sword and suddenly smiled. He let go of the sword.

These were double awakened demonic beasts. When a triple-awakened hunter faced the two demonic beasts at once they could still win, but it wouldn’t be an easy battle.

The demonic beast on the left raised its front legs and slammed its hind legs.

A turbulent wind rushed, its pupils reflected the growing large gray-brown claws. Tang Yu’s expression remained calm but he stepped back a little and stood guard.

The claws swept across the side of Tang Yu’s chest and the wind blew over his collar. Tang Yu was still windless. At that distance and speed, he was already familiar with the demonic beast location and attack.

These experiences were all exchanged with his life. Even afterwards, he was no longer trying to escape but took the initiative to search and fight the demonic beast. He was fearless against a demonic wave, two demonic beasts were nothing. He had suffered enough in the spiritual space. Nothing mattered anymore.

Right now, there were only two demonic beasts which he could use to test his training results.

The other gray-brown lizard took a detour behind Tang Yu, it leaped to attack him.

The next moment, before the gray-brown demonic beast was about to hit him, he quickly squatted.

The leaping demonic lizard missed Tang Yu and hit the other giant lizard directly on its abdomen. In the blink of an eye, two lizard crumpled together and rolled out to the distance.


On the city wall, two survivors on duty swept outside the city wall. Although it was dark and they could hardly see, they still patrolled on their duty.

For Liang Hao, an early survivor who came to the shelter and witnessed its development, this job was a great honor. Although they had no idea that such a duty was actually useless.

“Today is the last time we perform our duty. Tomorrow, we will change shift with the patrols. Hey, even if I can’t awaken and I’m weak, I must apply to join the patrols.”

“I know right? There are still some hunters who were hesitating to join the patrols. They had no idea how powerful our shelter is. Just look at the patrols who went out for mission today. They all wearing excellent uniform with equipment. I bet those hunters who didn’t join feel regrets and envy.”

The two chatted while patrolling. Suddenly Liang Hao stood on the edge of the wall, his eyes looking at the distance, “Did you see that? There was a movement there.”

It was dark outside the city. They could only rely on moonlight to catch the scenery in the distance.

The other person took out telescope and looked to the movement in the distance, “I saw demonic beast! And there was someone fighting it!”

A human!

Liang Hao was shocked and was going to sound the alarm when he heard his companion exclaimed, “It’s Leader Tang! He’s fighting the demonic beast!”

Leader Tang?!

The survivors of the shelter had never doubted Leader Tang’s strength. However, aside from his ability in constructing arrow towers and cannons against the demonic wave, nobody had really seen Leader Tang in action. He seemed like the kind of person who relied on his ability to lay out the attack plan first, and then burst the attack.

Just like how Leader Tang needed to collect construction materials every time he constructed a building!

As an early survivor of the shelter, he had seen Leader Tang saved people more than once. Naturally, he had guessed with others. He guessed Leader Tang’s ability might be similar to raw violence like Captain Roger. Or the Ice Goddess with her ability to freeze demonic beast. Or…

He was going to ring for the alarm again but was stopped when his companion exclaimed.

“Leader Tang didn’t use his sword, did he bring other weapon? Oh no! The two demonic beast rushed to him. Leader Tang greeted the enemies with his bare hands!”


Liang Hao was shocked.

A hunter could only kill demonic beast when they were well equipped with good equipment. If they had no weapon, the hunter couldn’t kill the demonic beast. On the contrary, demonic beast had sharp claws and teeth. That was the fatal weapons of the demonic beast.

He was hesitating and wondered if it’s the right time to sound the alarm.

At this time, his companion shouted again, “Leader Tang avoided the attack! He threw a punch and the demonic beast was smashed and flew out. Nice!”

With a puzzled face, Liang Hao grabbed the telescope from his companion’s hand.

A figure moved gently to avoid the attack of the demonic beast came into his view. Liang Hao failed to see the demonic beast’s movement but he could catch the movement of Leader Tang. In fact, in facing these two demonic beast, Leader Tang didn’t do anything at all.

He swayed his upper body, sliding his feet and tilted his head. These actions aren’t fast even for an ordinary person, it’s considered a little bit slow. However, his slow movement successfully avoided the attack of the demonic beasts. In Liang Hao’s eyes, Leader Tang seemed like an animal trainer who teased fierce beasts.

He was fascinated by the scene, holding a telescope he grabbed from his companion, he narrated, “It’s indeed Leader Tang. He perfectly landed two stroke combos on the lizard’s vital point, causing a critical strike!”

“The lizards are angry, but Leader Tang had control of everything. He dodged and the lizard’s attack was failed. Strong wind blew on Leader Tang’s invincible lonely back.”

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