My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 48


Chapter 48 – Departure to Lindong

The next day, the weather was clear and sunny.

Tang Yu put a black backpack on the passenger seat and slowly drove in an off-road car.

Everything was ready for his departure to Lindong.

Tang Yu was looking forward to saw how the Lindong shelters with hundreds of thousands of survivors would look like.

He had heard a lot of news regarding Lindong.

The shelter was built in the early days of doomsday. When communication line was still working, there were broadcast calling for survivors to go to Lindong shelter on their own.

The army naturally had sent many rescue teams to bring survivors to the shelter in large batches. That made Lindong shelter held hundreds of thousands of people.

However, the army’s strength was also limited. They could only dispatch rescue teams to limited area. The survivor group which Tang Yu was in was too far away from the rescue team and failed to catch up. They retreated and went to the Tree Shade shelter instead.

These small shelters were ordered by the army to establish themselves in order to allow survivors who couldn’t catch up with the army’s rescue time, so that the survivors might have a safe place to stay in the doomsday. The army also invested supplies to small shelters for this very reason.

Unfortunately, the doomsday environment was getting worse every day until the army could no longer dispatch rescue teams. They couldn’t get them out safely in one trip. Even if they saved several survivors, it’d cost a lot of ammunition and supplies. Even if the army had a large stock of supplies, they should spend it more carefully.

Even the supply materials were getting less and less until it stopped. After he established his territory, Tang Yu had never seen the military aircraft that air-dropped supplies. He understood that demonic beast was growing in number, including flying demonic beast. The sky was no longer dominated by humans.

Perhaps in a few months, the wilderness outside the shelter would gradually lose all traces of the human’s prosperous civilization.

Small and medium shelters were also in trouble.

Only large-scale shelters like Lindong was able to retain human civilization and technology. Which was Tang Yu’s goal.

“And Lin Wei, the potential boss…”

There were no longer investigation teams that were caught in his territory. There were also no signs of their activities in the wild that made Tang Yu almost forgot about the other party.

With the territory’s current strength and defensive building, Tang Yu wasn’t worried. He just felt bad remembering it, which was not a good sign. He felt wrong and decided to bring these bad feelings to somewhere else.

The car slowly drove out of the territory.

On the road, all changes came into view.

The road in the villa area had been cleared off debris. Leaving only some dried bloods and cracked ground, marking everything that had happened on the scene.

Around the shelter, survivors were busy. They weren’t just gathering materials around, some survivors were also repairing the villas that were still relatively intact. The other badly damaged villas were demolished and from the empty place, some simple houses were erected. The rest of the space was reserved for future system building constructions.

After getting out of the resort, the road conditions gradually became worse and bumpy. Some traces of demonic beast activities was seen.

Fortunately, it’s a modified off-road car. The car was welded with a layer of steel plate. The appearance was bizarre but it improved the car’s defense ability against the demonic beast, which was good.

It’s worthy of Wang Tai’s top ten supplies delivery vehicle. Sending money and supplies back and forth. Even the off-road car he was using now was directly modified by Wang Tai.

The car he was using now moved loudly, attracting nearby demonic beast. It was ready to leap from its hind leg when suddenly a black hole in the rear window protruded.


The shot blew the entire skull of the demonic beast like a watermelon.

Tang Yu didn’t stopped and continued driving.

In the passenger seat, an ordinary-looking young man held a gun. Smoke was coming out of its muzzle.

This was the follower he had summoned with the Scroll to Increase the Summoning Rate this morning. A-rank Assassin, code name: Gray Blade.

He abandoned his real name and took a code name, Gray Blade, when he joined the Handicraft Assassination Party a few years ago. Like his kind, the code name had no characteristic.

Gray Blade’s aura was low. Normal people would totally ignore his existence if they didn’t pay enough attention. This was a killing method unique to the assassin job.

Gray Blade had the fifth awakening strength. He wasn’t the strongest among the assassin party, but his task completion rate was extremely high and he had first-class reputation. The assassin job’s main weapon was dagger, but Gray Blade could use other methods or weapons according to the task’s difficulty.

He’s proficient in poison, explosive, and firearms. Even though he didn’t have sniper job’s extra attributes on firearms, with a rune enhanced gun in his arm, he could also explode the head of a demonic beast.

 In the front seat, Elaine sat quietly.

Originally, he only wanted to bring Elaine on this trip.

A follower should stand by in the territory. So, if something went wrong, they could be notified through contract.

This way, Tang Yu had no worries.

Elaine often went out to hunt demonic beast. Her strength had just broken through the fifth awakening.

She advanced extremely fast. It was one of the advantages of A-ranked followers.

Although Tang Yu didn’t level up often, he also absorbed a lot of spirit power. His rank was linked to the territory level. If he had the A-rank’s spirit power cultivation speed and efficiency, then he would probably also be at the fifth awakened stage.

Elaine strength was, without a doubt, a master in the doomsday. But there could be potential enemies during their current trip to Lindong Shelter.

Just like Elaine, the newly summoned follower, Gray Blade, was equally impressive.

He mastered the art of assassination, intelligence and other aspect. He would be a great help in Lindong.

Although, what Tang Yu most looking forward to summon was a…no, there was no nurse job.


Although the distance between the territory and Lindong Shelter in a straight line was only 60 kilometers, in reality, it’s obviously more than 100 kilometers.

It’s not possible to drive with full speed. Along the way, they stopped and slowed down. Sometimes they encountered a completely blocked road. They needed to get down to clear the path so the car could pass through. Sometimes, some vegetation grew crazy and blocked the road. Tang Yu had no choice but to take a detour.

He had been driving for several hours before approaching the boundaries of Maple Leaf Town. He drove passed the town and was getting closer to Lindong Shelter.

No major dangers were encountered along their trip. Obviously, the road quality of the road pried from Wang Tai’s guaranteed population.

He wanted to go. Lin Wei’s team of hunters and ordinary people could arrive to the territory from Lindong. There’s no demonic beast that the three masters in the car couldn’t kill.

Near Maple Leaf Town, the building on both of the sides of the road gradually increased in number. The surrounding environment was even more dangerous.

From time to time, demonic beast approached the car. Elaine and Gray Blade took care of them.

Gunshots was shot endlessly and the ice spike blossomed.

Tang Yu frowned. More and more demonic beasts were approaching.

Along the way, they encountered several demonic beasts that appeared at the same time. But this time, it was different, these demonic beast were attracted by something. They approached one by one from the distance.

Something was wrong.

Lindong Shelter was nearby and every day, a team was dispatched to fight out the demonic beast. The number of demonic beast should be less and less as they were getting closer to Lindong. But they felt like hitting the den of demonic beast.

“Something isn’t right.”

There was a rough guess in his mind.

At that time, the strength of the approaching demonic beasts gradually became stronger as their pressure was suddenly much greater.

Tang Yu contemplated and saw a tall building in the distance.


Gray Blade descended from the car, made some movement and killed the approaching demonic beast.

The killing was endless. If it’s the normal situation, Tang Yu would be interested in hunting down demonic beast one by one to fill his dried up vault. However, something’s wrong here. He didn’t want to risk their life just for a small amount of money.

The killing was endless.

Tang Yu grabbed the handrail, leaped and flew like an agile monkey in the staircase. He soon ascended to the top of the building.

The three of them split up, looking for some information from the top floor in three direction so they wouldn’t miss anything.

“There’s someone over there.”

Tang Yu looked at Elaine’s direction and saw an exploding fire in the distance.

It was quite far, but a hunter’s eyes are superior. Tang Yu saw several figures was fleeing from around the explosion point.

Those people moved fast, clearly, all of them were hunters. They were obviously a very elite combat team. Tang Yu learned some information about Lindong Shelter. A general combat team only had one or two hunters at most, the rest of the team was ordinary survivors. Only an elite team whose member were all hunters, could travel at this distance from the shelter.

However, the team was in a very bad situation. It seemed some of the weaker team members were dead from the demonic beast’s claws. The remaining stronger hunters ran desperately for their lives.

The demonic beasts chasing down the team were very powerful. Just from the look of it, those were some double and triple awakened demonic beast.

Those people were dying.

Tang Yu made such a judgement. At the next moment, a fuzzy shadow flashed at his vision.

One by one, the hunters who were still running away fell to the ground. Some of them were torn apart by the demonic beast’s claws and teeth.

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